Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Make YouTube videos

"Make a once a month baking show on YouTube; Epic Baking á la boulangère nue, for a year :-D"

I have a dream... to make a baking show on YouTube. Because I am good at baking. But to make an EPIC baking show. I mean monumental, bigger than life, daring, mythological, undaunted, fantastic, awe-inspiring, life changing baking show. I don't have the slightest idea of how to do that, except that it must be bigger, better, harder, tastier, most amazing bakes ever in the history - or future - of mankind. Baking things most people haven't even seen, technically challenging, artistically inspiring, tempting with flavors and textures and smells and everything...

And just because Jamie Oliver wasn't naked and he was seriously surprised to hear that anyone thought he'd be, I'll do it naked. Or almost naked, because when it comes to sex, more is less. Just look at that girl up there. The fact that she is covered with the apron makes you wonder what you'll see when that apron comes off... doesn't it? And you might perhaps just see a glimpse... much more enticing than seeing it all.
And with the passion and sensuality of Nigella Lawson. Yeah... make fun of her, but you have to admit it, she is sexy.

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