Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Do yoga every day for a month

10 yoga poses you should do every day

More information about yoga

More about lotus position and how to master it - yeah... that's my primary goal.


So, why?
Flexibility, sexiness, I like the movement, it improves balance and reach, it's good for future endeavors.
And it might actually have some psychological effect as well... like spiritual, calming down etc.


I have already a morning exercise sequence. I have been doing that on and off since I was 10 or so.

1) rubberband - lying on my back on the bed I stretch first one side arm and leg as far as I can, then the other
2) Pilates pelvic clock
3) I roll over on my stomach and lift slightly my right arm and left leg, and then the opposite ones, and repeat this cross 10 times. I think it's called "swimming"
4) Cat stretches - I start with cobra, move on to child, chest on floor and bottom up, downward dog, cat and cow stretches, and finish with pushing my legs back one at a time, while pushing my chin to my chest. Yeah... I was copying our cats. I didn't know the names in yoga-talk or anything, I just copied the cats :-D
5) then I just get on my feet, hands still on the floor, and then I get up, rolling my back straight slowly and easily.

So, now I have added the split stretch to this - I do it after the pelvic clock. I lift my knees up, then take one leg and pull it bend to my chest, then I start straightening it, trying to get my leg to my face.

Now, I need to add a couple more things to this, even though this already is enough for me to say I do yoga :-D
1) lunges and pigeon
2) wide leg stretches

Monday, December 11, 2017

Run over 3 kilometers in Cooper test

When I was 15, I did 3200 meters in Cooper test... my physical condition was almost as good as it could be. (Yeah, almost... I was a bit rusty... I was better younger.)
That's a professional athlete level fitness, there...
(For Americans, that 2 miles in 12 minutes. To get perfect score in Army PFT Two Mile Run, you need to run 2 miles in less than 13 minutes.)

So - let's start with making me able to run a mile :-D (Yeah, that's how bad my condition is now)
I think C25K will take care of that.

Then let's work to get me to 6 minute mile.
The 6-Week Routine to Run a 6 Minute Mile
How to Train to Run a Mile in Under 6 Minutes
Tactical Fitness: Pushing a 7 Minute Mile to a 6 Minute Mile

Then just add the distance from 1 mile to 2 miles and get that to 12 minutes. Easy :-D 

Then I can start thinking about 3 miles under 20 minutes... :-D
Break 20 Minutes 5K Plan

Sunday, December 10, 2017

From Couch to 5 Kilometers

This is another program that is already made and ready for you. You just have to follow the plan and put in your work!

Now, my biggest problem is that my health isn't that good, and it has caused me to slack too much, so I'm practically a very very beginner. I can't run even 10 seconds, not to talk about 60! I can't do this program, so I need to start with something less demanding.

Here's C25K WALKING program. It takes you from walking 15 minutes a day to walking 5K in less than an hour in 8 weeks. 

You CAN do that, how ever bad your fitness is. Because it doesn't matter how far you walk during the 15 minutes.
Important thing to remember here is that you don't move on to week 2 after 7 days, you do that when you can comfortably do week 1 (you go out and walk 15 minutes 5 days a week Speed, distance doesn't matter, the first week is to get you out walking. If it's just around the house, that's good.), and so on. You don't have to move faster than you can, AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER.

Here's a Pinterest board about running with more information

There are some things you have to consider.
1) dynamic warm-up
2) stretching AFTER exercise - and do it well, to avoid exercise pains
3) good shoes

How to get started as a runner
It really is that way, you can ruin it for you, so take it easy.

Some tips:
- do it your way. Some people like company, some appreciate the solitude. Some like to listen to music while they run, some podcasts or audiobooks, some silence and their own thoughts. Some like to run in city, some in the countryside. Find your preferences. All is good.
- listen to your body. Aching muscles is OK, just stretch gently and take a warm bath after running, be nice to yourself. Pain is not OK. If running hurts, there's something wrong and you must stop immediately and take care of what ever it is. It can be something simple that can be dealt with by relacing your running shoes - or buying a new pair, because the old doesn't support any more or never supported your specific running style, but there are cases where you really need to go see a doctor and heal, because something is broken.
- get a substitute exercise for those days you can't run. You might be traveling, the weather might not work (don't go running in a hurricane, how ever much you "have decided", OK?), you might be sick or injured. Dancing is a good alternative if you are healthy, or a heavy aerobics session with jumping.

If you are sick, though, be careful.
If you have fever, don't exercise, because it will rise your body temperature even higher and that can damage your body.
If you have problems with breathing, your lungs hurt, you are coughing, don't run. It's ok to do things like yoga and lift weights, things that happen in slow, easy pace, that doesn't make you breathe harder. Pilates is a good alternative, because it is surprising hard for muscles without being hard on your breathing.
If you are injured, you should follow your physician's advice and let the injured part heal properly before you start expecting it to function as it used to.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Do 20 pullups challenge

This, too, has a training schedule made for you, what ever is your initial level

Here's more information, about how to do it easier, and how to do it harder, and what is the correct form and how to do it without hurting yourself or anyone else. Yes, there is that risk. Some people...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Do 100 pushup challenge

Why I want this? I have always had bad upper body strength, my strength has been my core and legs. Arms are like wet noodle or tights filled with porridge :-D Sort of there to keep balance :-D
Now, push-ups have always been some sort of fitness measure. I would like to have nice arms... less flab.
It is also necessary for further adventures I plan for me :-)

Visualising... now... I don't really now... all I can think of is to just do it.

Simplifying: Training program is already created! All you need to do is DO IT!

Now, here's some pre-training, to get you making it in good form. The form is really more important than if you can do it on one finger.
Keep your arms straight so that your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Tighten up the muscles of your body; especially tummy and bottom. Keep your body straight from top of your head to the lever point - feet or knees. Don't let your chest or tummy drop, don't push your buttocks up, don't swank or curve your back, don't tense your neck or shoulders, don't push your elbows out. If your core isn't strong enough, build your core, too, and do the push-ups against a wall to begin with.

Here's some more information, like what you can do AFTER you manage 100 regular pushups easily. :-)

So - you can make 10 pushups in a minute. SO that's that.

Cue: I'll do it in the morning on my way to the bathroom - or on my way from bathroom

Reward? Nah. Having done it and getting nice arms is reward enough. This isn't really hard to do, so I don't need more rewards. Besides, I like to reward myself with food... I really need to work on the reward system...

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Do the splits - back, front, side

They say some people can't do the splits. Perhaps. But I can't believe there are any people with normally formed pelvis and legs, no injuries that have damaged this area of one's body, etc. who can't. I most certainly will be able to.

Let's see why I want to be able to do the splits.
1) it's sexy. Yeah... I have some problems with this area in life I need to fix, but - as it is now, being sexy is important to me. I don't think I will ever be, though, because I have Asperger's, but... well... so does Daryl Hannah, and she is sure seen as sexy. So, perhaps.
2) I love to the feeling of extending my body as far as it goes.
3) There are things on my list that are helped with this ability, like martial arts and using my feet as hands.

I will be able to do the book reading Lise part of this clip.

 It starts with some barre moves by the table, then she curls on the table and does the splits, one hand cartwheel and finishes in a split to the wall.

I don't know where and when I would do that... perhaps just because I can. :-D That's a very good reason to do things, actually :-D

- to be able to do the splits, one must do the splits. It won't happen at first, but with stretching and training, a little every day, it will happen. So the smallest thing to do is to stretch a little every day.

The smallest amount of stretching is to do this:
To begin, keep your lower leg bend.

If I feel like doing more, I can add the wide-leg hamstring stretch sitting down, the way Jane Fonda does it in her Aerobics book.
(Sit on the floor, legs stretch before you. Bend your chest to your knees. Try to get as far down as you comfortably can. Keep the stretch for 10 seconds. Spread your legs, as far as you comfortably can. Bend your chest to one knee, keep the stretch. Walk your chest to the other knee, on your arms, stretching down with every step. Bend your chest to the other knee, keep the stretch. Spread your legs a little bit more and repeat. Don't jerk. Do the stretching gently and comfortably. You can rock a little, but it's better to just rest in the stretch.)

And if I feel like doing more, there are several different stretches one can do.

Cue: As part of my morning exercise routine. I do a little stretching and yoga and core things. My routine is from Anita Colby's Beauty Book.

Reward? The feeling of having done something, and then the feeling of having a body that moves

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

50 things in 500 days

So - as I have wasted the 501 days to make this "101 things in 1001 days", I'll do a semi-challenge. 50 things in 500 days. The timeline is still realistic and challenging, and if I just learn to do this, I will have learned a very good skill AND will be able to strike out a lot of things from my Bucket List.

101 things in 1001 days was a challenge created by some unknown person around 2000. From a mention on some blog somewhere it grew out to be a community of likeminded people, and now there's a site called Day Zero Project. (Now, if this blog post inspires you to go there, please tell me, so that I can add that goal ("inspire someone to take on 101 things in 1001 days") to my list... yeah... "got to collect them all", huh? Yes, I have a bit of an over-achiever in me. Hence this blog :-D)

The guidelines are:
The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past — frequently simple goals such as new year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

Goal Setting Tips

1. Be decisive. Know exactly what you want, why you want it, and how you plan to achieve it.
2. Stay focussed. Any goal requires sustained focus from beginning to end. Constantly evaluate your progress.
3. Welcome failure. Frequently, very little is learned from a venture that did not experience failure in some form. Failure presents the opportunity to learn and makes the success more worthy.
4. Write down your goals. It clarifies your thinking and reinforces your commitment.
5. Keep your goals in sight. Review them frequently, and ensure that they are always at the forefront of your thinking.
 Trent Hamm offers more advice on HOW to do this

* these are quite a big things, which cannot be done in a day or a week - which means that you need to plan; divide the goal into steps and then treat the steps as smaller goals. You can't learn this whole thing in one day, you can't finish this project in one day, but what can you do in one day?

It's like NaNoWriMo. The goal is to write 50.000 words. It's very hard to write 50.000 words in a day (possible, though. You just have to write 2350 words every hour for 21 hours. If you write as fast as I do, it takes you 50 minutes and you can use the 10 minutes to stretch and eat and go smoke a cigarette if you do things like that. Take a cup of coffee. I wouldn't recommend this, but it is possible.) but if you divide it into 1600 words a day bits, and then divide the 1600 words a day into 200 words in an hour, 8 hours, and suddenly you have a really easy goal in your hands. It's not even difficult to write 200 words, it takes five minutes! But if you do this 8 times a day, 30 days, you'll end up having a 50.000 words manuscript in your hands in a month! Wow! With not much work at all!

So - if the goal is to... grow your hair long... that's really easy, because you just have to do nothing. Don't cut your hair, and it will grow. :-D But also, you might need to take care of your hair while it grows, nourish your body to make your hair grow more, massage your scalp and oil your hair to keep it from splitting and so on and so forth. And this needs to become a daily routine. All in all it's a pretty simple thing to do, you just need to write in daily massage and weekly oiling in your calender, and then remember to do it.
If the goal is to learn a language, one way of doing it is to estimate the amount of words and phrases one needs to be able to use the language to the purpose why one wants to learn the language, and then divide that amount (let's say it's 20.000 words in 500 days - that's 40 words a day. That's not a problem. Now, if you put those words in sentences, and learn a block of text where 40 words are being used (you know, the first day it's "this is Jack and this is Jill, this is Ann and this is Bill" - quote from my first English lesson :-D Yeah, it was 41 years ago and I still remember it :-D The last day it might be "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though the sound of it Is something quite atrocious If you say it loud enough You'll always sound precocious". I dare to say you know your language by then well enough to read books written in the language and that's all anyone needs to master the language. And that by learning only 40 words!
If the goal is to be able to do 20 pullups - the program is built on the same principle. You start with what you have, learn the right technique, and then just add pullups according to your ability until you manage 20 pullups. If the goal is to be able to run 5K, you start with one step. Then you take two steps, and three and do more and more and faster and faster until you run your 5000-6000 steps. You can take that one step right now.
If the goal is to lose weight, you do that the same way. One kilo at a time. Now, losing weight is easy, keeping it off is not. You have to change your lifestyle, eating habits and mindset, stop seeing yourself as a fat person and start living like a skinny person. Nevertheless, that too is "one step at a time, one tiny change, 100 grams less every day". In 500 days that will amount to 50 kilos. (Frankly, that's the way you got the extraweight, too. Just a little every day.)
If the goal is to learn a new skill, the same principle applies. Learn how to hold the guitar properly so that you reach the strings and manage to put the fingers in right places to apply necessary amount of pressure. Then you will learn a note at a time, an accord at a time, until you know them all, and reach the necessary speed to be able to play the guitar. After that it's just practice, practice, practice...

The secret to success is TO DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY. The first sign of that you have problems is "uh, I don't feel like writing my 200 words, I don't feel like learning my 40 words today". If you decide to put it till tomorrow, you are failing. Yes, it is easy, and that's the thing with it. Just put in the fifteen minutes and get it done, and then you can do what ever you want for the rest of the day.

This is why "pomodoro" technique works. Just give it 15 minutes, then you can stop, and don't need to think about it. If you can't write 200 words in 15 minutes, then you write what you can write. If you can't learn your 40 words, you learn what you can. One sentence is enough. If you don't feel like running today, go for a shorter walk. BUT DO NOT SKIP IT, DON'T PUSH IT FORWARD, DON'T "DO IT LATER". If you don't feel like doing it, do it and get it done so that you can forget it.

"Be diligent. One big advantage of breaking it down into short term goals is to make sure you’re making progress all the way along. Don’t fluff it off because it seems far away – do whatever you need to do to keep the goal immediate."

Another thing to do to help yourself to success is to make it as automatic as you can. Make it a routine. Make it a habit.

Learn to compress your time. In Barry Farber's "How To Learn Any Language", he tells you to write your words into flashcards and have a pile of these with you all the time, so that you can take advantace of the waiting time etc. When you are standing in a queue - study the flashcards. When you are waiting for the traffic lights to turn, study the cards. When ever you can, study the cards.
In a yoga book I read once, the writer told us to do small yoga things like this. There is a posture called "lion", where the person stucks out one's tongue as much out as one can, and she suggested you do this while you wait for the lights to turn... :-D
In another language learning source they were talking about this man who taped Chinese signs on his mirror to learn them while he was brushing his teeth and shaving in the morning. I used to do my barre exercises while I was brushing my teeth.
A lot of people read something while they do their #2. I have a chart on the wall in front of the toilet seat so that I can memorize things, like numbers in Russian or morse code. People use the toilet several times a day, and do nothing that requires much use of brains. :-D
I read once a tip to SAHMs - to take the kids' things from where they don't belong to where they belong while one moves from one room to another doing other things. That is, your child forgot his notebook in the kitchen. You take it with you when you go from kitchen to the toilet, and leave it on the hallway table. Then you took it with you when you take the laundry up to his room.
Also, if you add cleaning the toilet to your #2 routines, and cleaning the sink to your teethbrushing habit, you won't need to clean the toilet often to have it clean. Just like washing dishes after you have eaten, cleaning the stove after you cooked, I mean... we did this in school in home economics class. We cleaned the work area so that it was clean for the next one who used it. I used to clean up my desk every night after work so that it was clean and tidy and nice for the next day. When I was little, we were to wash the bathtub after bath so that it was clean for the next user. We were 8 in the family. The "dirt" was "fresh", so it didn't take much, but the tub was always clean. It really is five more minutes here and there, and the only "cleaning" one must do is to vacuum the home every now and then. And that's also a breeze when the home is tidy and clean.
In another book I read they suggested that one exercises while cleaning, or cleans while exercising. Washing the floors crawling on the floor is excellent exercise for stomach and back.
I read while I eat. I read while I cook something I know how to cook, but that involves some waiting. Like frying pancakes. Yes, the books get grubby, but I read paperbacks and other such things that I don't mind getting greasy and stained.
I listened to music while I was running. One could listen to audiobooks, lectures, podcasts, a lot of things while running.
There are things where mindfulness is a great thing, and then there are things where one can easily do several things at the same time.

Also, mark your progression. Have a countdown calendar, tick off "to do list", record your steps and review your path.

1. Do the splits - back, front, side
2. Do 100 pushup challenge
3. Do 20 pullups challenge
4. Do C25K challenge
5. Run 3K in 12 minutes
6. Do yoga every day for a month
7. Do taichi every day for a month
8. Start Parkour
9. Weigh less than 70 kg on my 50th birthday
10. Learn to throw ball
11. Learn to use my feet as well as my hands
12. learn to dance 10 different dances and make a video of myself dancing them
13. Learn to juggle
14. Learn hulahoop

15. Do a 365 self portrait challenge
16. Do a glamour photoshoot for my husband
17. Make a movie
18. Make a complete wardrobe (clothes, accessories from shoes to hats, underwear) for both me and my husband
19. Make 12 DIY tutorials on YouTube
20. Make 1000 dollars at Etsy
21. Learn to do make-up and wear different make-up (normal and FX kind) in your 365 self portrait challenge photos
22. Have an arts and crafts exhibition
23.Make a BJD

24. write an erotic novel
25. write and illustrate 8 holiday books - one for each Pagan Sabbath
26. write a spiritual guide
27. translate Il Fiddien and have it published
28. translate and illustrate the Blue Fairy Book in Finnish

29. Learn to play a song with guitar and post it on YouTube
30. Learn to play a song with violin and post it on YouTube
31. Learn to play a song with piano and post it on YouTube
32. Learn to play a song with recorder and post it on YouTube
33. write a song and sing it in public

34. Read a book in French
35. Read a book in German

36. Make sausage and serve on a dinner 
37. Bake through the Daring Bakers' list
38. Learn to brew cider
39. Make 10 different kinds of jams and jellies summer-autumn 2018
40. Make a once a month baking show on YouTube; Epic Baking √† la boulang√®re nue, for a year :-D  
41. Make handpulled noodles for a dinner

42. replace all the houseplants I have killed in my life...
43. get debt free
44. Take Hanne and Emma for a roadtrip through Europe 
45. Live as fruitarian for a month
46. Learn to do 10 card tricks and 10 coin tricks
47. Learn CPR and first aid
48. Record all the books I have ever read in a reading journal
49. Become a mentalist
50. Celebrate your 50th birthday in a nice country place in style

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

500 days to my 50th birthday

I remember that day when I realized it was 100 months to my 50th birthday, and that would give me 2 months for each goal on my "50 before 50" list... Now it's 500 days. 10 days to each...

I don't think I have done anything :-D

No, it's not a laughing matter, but it's better to laugh than cry.

The Bucket List is there, not to create expectations and stress, but to give us the necessary structure to get things done.

I started this blog to help me help myself by helping others, because when I look at other people's lists, I can see how easily manageable they are! Yet my own...

One of my biggest obstacles is fear of success. What is going to happen if I succeed? What if what I expect to happen won't happen?

I mean... as long as I don't write the book, I don't need to care if it won't get published. Or it will get published but no-one buys it. Or everyone buys it, and then I have to write another book? What if I can't? Or what if I can and then I have to write a third book and fourth and there's always the seventh book that takes 10 times longer than everyone expects and everyone will hate me because of it? What if I get really rich and what then? What horrible things will happen because of that?
I know what it's like being poor and it's a handy excuse to not do things, I don't know what it's like to be rich and what will I use as an excuse then?

What if I don't like traveling? What if all I remember is the stink and heat and mosquitoes and bedbugs and that someone stole my bag? What if I get some disease that will change the rest of my life?

What if I get all fit and thin and beautiful and fashionable - and no-one treats me any different?
What if they do?



Yeah... it is silly. And paralyzing fear of unknown.
I mean... I'm still waiting for the outside reward, not the reward of actually doing things.
I ran when I was young because I loved running. I don't run any more, because my condition sucks, it hurts, I get all sweaty and tired and sick, it hurts several days after and doesn't make me any fitter. (Part of fibromyalgia - it's like having a light inflammation all the time, which means that the muscles won't heal and won't build up, so the physical condition won't improve. It's why people who are sick are told not to do any heavy exercises, because they just make things worse.)

Ah. Excuses, excuses.

What if... things change to better and I can handle what ever happens, AS I HAVE BEEN DOING MY WHOLE LIFE. Come on, that's what we do! Everyone alive today has been able to handle what happens. Or most of them. Some people just lie in bed apathetically, shut down, staring at the wall, or sleeping, or trying to sleep. But on the other hand, they are handling what happens, too. Some people go to jail, some people go insane, but they too are handling what happens. Might not be the best way of doing that, but they are handling it. Aren't they?

Most of us are "just living". Most of us don't do anything drastic or extreme.

I am 50 in two years. There's a lot of things that "should" have happened during the first 50 decades of my life that didn't happen. I have never been pregnant. I have never given birth to a child. I don't own a house. I haven't been able to hold a job for more than half a year. I don't speak 10 languages fluently. I am not rich and successful. I don't have a college education. I don't have a best friend with whom I have done a road trip through Europe. I didn't Interrail. I didn't go to space.

The thing is that I don't need to. There's millions of people in the world who didn't.
And the thing is that it's not too late to most of these things... as an author NOTHING is impossible to me. Tove Jansson was never pregnant nor did she give birth, but she created the ultimate mother to many Finnish kids. Moominmamma.:-D And Astrid Lindgren was "mother" to many children.

I think this is another big obstacle. I don't NEED to. I don't have the passion for these things.

I also don't have the focus, determination and tenacity to keep doing the same thing over and over for months, which is needed for mastery. One just needs to look at the regularity of posts in this blog :-D
(I'm sorry about that, but - hey, that's me. If you can't appreciate the gold nuggets I'm spreading because I do that irregularly and rarely, don't. Doesn't bother me at all. Your loss.)

So - the probability of me doing much anything the next 500 days is minimal. I have the potential, I have the knowhow, but I don't have the persistence.

But - I know the problem and I know how to solve it.
The trick of how to stop procrastinating is to stop procrastinating!
The trick of how to persist is to persist.

The trick of how to do anything is TO DO ANYTHING.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lack of willpower

decision fatigue

"Willpower" is basically BS, but it's BS most people believe in. Even people who have been studying these things.
So... what makes me think I know it better than people who have been studying it?
I am one of the people who has problems with "willpower" or the "lack of it", and I have overcome these problems, and I know it has nothing to do with any of that stuff people say. 
It really is just an excuse. You say it and your brain accepts it as a fact and makes your body obey. So you think it is a fact. Now, if you start telling yourself that you have all the willpower ever needed to do ANYTHING, your brain will accept that as a fact and will make your body obey. And suddenly you HAVE all the "willpower". It is because there is no such thing as willpower. It's all an illusion, an idea.
It's like "Do. Or do not. There is no try."
Do, or do not. You have already made the decision. Your brain is already preparing your body and mind to do what you decided.
So to overcome your "lack of willpower", you need to make the decision before you NEED to make the decision, and rob yourself any options.
Yes, you want to lose weight.
Yes, you want to nourish your body with nutritious, delicious food.
Yes, you want to go out for a run.
OK, so you don't want to go out today. You don't need to. After the run.
Because not going for a run is not an option. You don't have that choice. Don't start lying to yourself about that. You don't have that choice. You have already decided you want to go for a run. Sorry, you should have thought that when you made the decision, it's too late to change your mind now. When you have reached your goal, then you can make a new decision, but what is your goal? To get fit? To lose weight? To run every morning? If it's the last one... Oops.
No, you don't want that piece of cake. You have already decided that, when you decided to start eating well. You don't want to eat anything, because you are not hungry.

Now... it's totally OK to change your goals, but if you have decided for the last 20 years to lose that 20 pounds and you just keep changing your decision all the time, until next time you pick the same goal again.... it's time you stop lying to yourself. You don't want to lose that 20 pounds. You want something else. Find out what that is.

Perhaps you want to get nice clothes and they don't exist in your size? Then I suggest you learn to sew clothes. Perhaps you want to get a new bikini and go to a beach? You can. Right now. They make bikinis in many sizes.
You want to look nice? You do. There will always be people thinking you look horrible. But there will also always be people thinking you look nice. (You better be one of them.) And most people won't be thinking about your looks at all.
Besides, it doesn't matter.
It's not a beauty contest.
There are no laws against "ugly people in public", even though some a-holes would like that.
You have the same right to enjoy public places, beaches, restaurants and everything as everyone else.
Your looks are not your best quality any way, nor do they matter much. You have plenty of wonderful qualities, you don't need to look like a photoshopped teenager, too.
If someone says something nasty to you about how you look, you can always answer "If you don't like the look of me, don't look at me." Any further comment is to be brushed away with "not my problem". And then try to remember that yourself. It's not your problem if someone doesn't like the way you - or anyone - looks. You don't get to decide what they look at, and if someone wants to look at ugly things - it's their business. I'd much prefer to look at pretty things, but - who am I to judge? And who are they to judge your looks? If you were participating in some sort of beauty contest, then, yes, but you aren't. You are just participating in life, and looks are not even on the list of qualities to be judged. You don't owe anyone to look nice. You don't owe it to yourself nor to your lover, why would you owe it to a total stranger? On top of that, a stranger with no manners and nasty personality? Does anyone owe ANYTHING to people like that? I don't think so.
Maybe you want to have friends? Your weight is irrelevant.
Maybe you want certain hobbies? Your weight is irrelevant. Unless there is a weight limit. There is no weight limit to most sports or any other hobbies, so are you sure there is one in your chose one?
Maybe you want to not be teased, harassed, called names, bullied? That... unfortunately, no-one can avoid that. We live in a culture with very little compassion and kindness. People think they are entitled to criticize their fellow human beings, of any reason, and they do. It is seen as witty, and people who react are seen as weak and over-sensitive people, who "need to toughen up, get a thicker skin". Yep, more BS. Sensitivity is a beautiful quality. People who expect a silk dress to endure what a heavy-duty overall does, are idiots. Sensitive people are silk dresses or cashmere sweaters, hard people are heavy-duty overalls and firemen rocks. There is time and place for both of these, but they are not the same. Yet, when it comes to people, the culture somehow expects everyone to be Kevlar. And then they wonder why there is so little kindness, consideration, care and love in the society... 
There is only one thing you can do about bullying.
Remember that they don't define you, they define themselves. It is not so that people are kind to you, because you are kind to them. They are kind to you because they are kind people. Bullies bully because they are bullies, not because you deserve to be bullied. You don't get to choose how they react, what they do or say, you don't have that kind of control over them. They are not helpless victims of your magical influence that somehow forces them to bully you. Remember all those dog-owners who reacted on the "men can't help raping" BS? "If my dog won't touch a piece of meat on the floor in front of it, because I said "no", then a man should be able to not touch a woman because she said "no" - or didn't say "yes". A human being should be able to not bully a person they know they can bully. It's not the victim's fault he/she is bullied. It is 100% the bully's fault.
And remember that these people are doing the best they know how. Bullying is a reaction of fear. Yep...  people who bully you are afraid of you. Your mere existence is a threat to their status, their position. Just look at people who bully - there's always some sort of strength, power. Either they are popular, and their victim is not, which gives them the power of numbers and support, or they are physically strong, and their victim is not. The bullied ones, they are either the smart ones, the bookish boys, who aren't that strong and physically able to defend themselves, but everyone knows they are smarter than the bullies, and that is really scary. What if people start to appreciate smartness over muscles? What will these bullies have left? Nothing. Or the bullied ones are those who are different. In a society where the looks are everything, people being different are saying "I don't care about the limitations put on by the society, I look as I please, not to please you". And that is a challenge. These people have to be "put in their place", made to "realize how wrong it is to be different", because "different" people are not sheep. "Different" people are not followers. It's hard to control and manipulate "different" people. And this is also the reason to why so few adults support and protect the bullied ones. They are also just people, and think the same way. The age doesn't really matter, this happens everywhere, from kindergarten to old people's homes.
So - now that you know why these people are saying those nasty things to you, maybe you could have some pity to them. It's really hard to be afraid of someone you pity. It's also really hard to get hurt by what they say. You know their mouths are just moving and they are spouting their own fear and pain and anger, it just doesn't mean anything. They are just trying to deal with all those feelings and they do it the best they can. They haven't been taught to do it in any other way. They are being rewarded for doing it this way. They think it's right. Poor buggers.
And a fat woman comfortable with her weight and looks is really damn scary... she threatens the whole structure of the society! A woman who cannot be controlled, manipulated and diverted by making her ashamed of not looking "right", and focusing all her efforts to that! A woman who thinks she has other qualities than the patriarchal reproductive ones! (healthy, young, fertile, child-bearing hips, nursing breasts...). A person who says "I know what you think of me, but I don't care". That's about as scary as it gets!
I don't know why you want to lose weight. But you do. Find out, and maybe it's THAT what you want, and not the actual weightloss. (Also, you probably will lose weight when you get THAT. People are mysterious creatures...)

Also, if you want to, let's say, try bungee jumping, and there is a weight limit, then you either try to find a way to bungee jump without weight limit, or lose the weight, and if it doesn't matter how to lose weight, I sincerely suggest you stop eating unless you reach your goal weight.


One should not do this unless your BMI is over 30, or longer than a week if it's under 30. 

No need to think about what to eat, just eat nothing. The permanent damage caused by starving will start only after one's body has used all the fat there is, and reaching a normal adult weight limit will not get you there.
Just remember to drink, though. Water is absolutely necessary, but it would be good to drink milk, too. It is very nice package of nutrients body needs, like calcium for bones, lactose to keep your brain in working condition and many minerals and vitamins, but if you have problems with milk, try to replace it with something nutritionally equal.
Gurgle with sugar water (remember to spit it out) when you are hungry. 
You might get problems with your bowels, but this is not permanent. (It's very likely you have problems with your bowels if your BMI is over 30).You will be able to eat so that your bowels get in good shape pretty quickly after you stop your fasting (and I also suggest you do that.).
Also, you need to keep moving, to see that your body doesn't use the muscles to feed itself, but the fat.
Human beings are made to store fat to feed upon during starvation. Let your body do its thing.

It WILL fuck up your head.
You WILL have to fix the problems caused by it, and it WILL cause problems.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy, sane and permanent manner, there are ways to do that. Basically eat less, move more. If you just skip sugar (and sweeteners) and refined wheat, and add veggies, and take a walk every day, you will lose weight until you reach a healthy weight. You don't need to count calories or think what you eat, where, when, why or how much.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring bucket list

seasonal bucket lists are one way of getting things done, easily, with not much bother

Here's 100 things to do this spring

Take the next step and customize the list to your purposes.
For example, if you have things like "lose weight" on your list, put your diet and exercise plan into this Spring bucket list - playing hopscotch is exercise, guerilla gardening could be exercise, if you plan to walk a couple of Ks while doing it. You can plan in testing a new restaurant, and going to cherry blossom watching, walking a couple of hours around your city, play a tourist and end it with a nice dinner in a new restaurant where you try out something you have never eaten before. A couple of days like that, and you'll get to tick a lot of goals off your list!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Please, don't

"Touch all the 1,000 Buddhas in Hong Kong"
Er... I assume you mean 10.000 Buddhas
No. You do not go climbing over temples just because you got the idea.

"Travel to the center of all religion, Jerusalem"
Going to Jerusalem is OK, calling it "the center of all religion" is not.
Why not?
Because 1/3 of world religions have no connection to Jerusalem.

"Watch a super-nova explosion"
Er... as it is now, we don't know when these things are going to happen. And when it happens we will see it a few months. Are you going to be up 24/7 until this happens and during it happens?

"Try every kind of beer in Germany"
There are approximately 1,300 breweries in Germany producing over 5,000 brands of beer, and that's just the German beer. Which means that if you try out one beer every night, you will be drinking beer the next 14 years. And they come up with new things all the time. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life drinking beer in Germany?
Or perhaps limit it a little, and say "try 100 different German beers during the Oktoberfest in Germany"

"Testify before the UN"
OMG, why?! Only people who have witnessed horrible things testify before the UN! Why would you want to witness horrible things, like genocide, gross human rights violations and such? WHY?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's only impossible if you think it is...

The more Theremon thought about his chances of finding her, though, the less impossible the task seemed. And after a while it began to seem quite possible indeed.
As he endlessly reevaluated things, finding Siferra went from seeming impossible to merely unlikely, and from unlikely to difficult, and from difficult to challenging, and from challenging to feasible, and from feasible to readily achievable.
- Isaac Asimov; Nightfall