Thursday, December 7, 2017

Do the splits - back, front, side

They say some people can't do the splits. Perhaps. But I can't believe there are any people with normally formed pelvis and legs, no injuries that have damaged this area of one's body, etc. who can't. I most certainly will be able to.

Let's see why I want to be able to do the splits.
1) it's sexy. Yeah... I have some problems with this area in life I need to fix, but - as it is now, being sexy is important to me. I don't think I will ever be, though, because I have Asperger's, but... well... so does Daryl Hannah, and she is sure seen as sexy. So, perhaps.
2) I love to the feeling of extending my body as far as it goes.
3) There are things on my list that are helped with this ability, like martial arts and using my feet as hands.

I will be able to do the book reading Lise part of this clip.

 It starts with some barre moves by the table, then she curls on the table and does the splits, one hand cartwheel and finishes in a split to the wall.

I don't know where and when I would do that... perhaps just because I can. :-D That's a very good reason to do things, actually :-D

- to be able to do the splits, one must do the splits. It won't happen at first, but with stretching and training, a little every day, it will happen. So the smallest thing to do is to stretch a little every day.

The smallest amount of stretching is to do this:
To begin, keep your lower leg bend.

If I feel like doing more, I can add the wide-leg hamstring stretch sitting down, the way Jane Fonda does it in her Aerobics book.
(Sit on the floor, legs stretch before you. Bend your chest to your knees. Try to get as far down as you comfortably can. Keep the stretch for 10 seconds. Spread your legs, as far as you comfortably can. Bend your chest to one knee, keep the stretch. Walk your chest to the other knee, on your arms, stretching down with every step. Bend your chest to the other knee, keep the stretch. Spread your legs a little bit more and repeat. Don't jerk. Do the stretching gently and comfortably. You can rock a little, but it's better to just rest in the stretch.)

And if I feel like doing more, there are several different stretches one can do.

Cue: As part of my morning exercise routine. I do a little stretching and yoga and core things. My routine is from Anita Colby's Beauty Book.

Reward? The feeling of having done something, and then the feeling of having a body that moves

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