Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ideas 22

"Unplug" for 48 hours

Airboat across an alligator infested swamp

Always use the stairs instead of elevators or electrical stairs

Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"

Apologize to 3 people I have hurt, thank 3 people who helped me most, and reconnect with 3 people I never thought I would see again

Ask a famous person for their signature

Ask for a raise

Ask my spouse 20 questions that I don't know about him

Assemble an emergency kit for the house

Attempt the milk challenge (you have one hour to drink a gallon of milk)

Attend a Baby Shower

Attend a Baby's First Birthday

Attend a funeral

Attend a random free seminar

Attend a rugby game

Attend a wedding

Attend an air show

Attend senior prom
In the United States, and increasingly in the United Kingdom and Canada, prom is a semi-formal (black tie) dance or gathering of high school students. This event is typically held near the end of the senior year (the last year of high school).

Awake to the sounds of the rain forest

Be able to do a pull up
Be able to do 10 pushups at a time
Be able to do the splits
Be able to touch my toes without bending my knees

Balance a bucket of water on my head

Bathe an elephant

Be a bridesmaid/maid of honor
Be a flower girl at a wedding

Be a contestant on 'The price is right'

Be a good friend to all the women and men in my life who are so good to me

Be a playboy bunny for Halloween

Be a role model

Be able to rap an entire Eminem song from memory

Be able to tell if someone is lying

Be an extra in a movie

Be an inspiration to many people

Be buried up to my neck in sand

Be chased by zombies

Be covered by bees

Be given roses

Be in a blizzard

Be in a couch race

Be in a relationship on Valentine's Day

Be in a school play

Be in a submersible cage as Great Whites swim around

Be in contact with people around the world

Be in the newspaper

Be in two places at once

Be left-handed for an entire day
(With other words, don’t use your dominant hand. If you ARE left-handed, this isn’t anything to brag about.)

Be on a Volleyball Team

Be on boat during the sunset

Be part of a lock-in in a proper old pub
A "lock-in" is when a pub owner lets drinkers stay in the pub after the legal closing time, on the theory that once the doors are locked, it becomes a private party rather than a pub. Patrons may put money behind the bar before official closing time, and redeem their drinks during the lock-in so no drinks are technically sold after closing time.

Be part of a studio audience

Be prepared to survive zombies

Be present at someone's death

Be recognized for a talent by a complete stranger

Be smiling in a random person’s photo in the back

Be somebody’s Secret Santa

Be someone's best friend

Be spoiled on Valentine's day

Be told by a complete stranger that I’m pretty
Be woken up with a kiss

Beat my boyfriend at pool

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ideas 20

Have pastel hair
Have two toned hair
Have a fringe

Have 5 pen pal friends
Have 20 pen pals
Have a pen pal & meet them in their country/state/province/etc.
Have a pen pal from 5 different countries
Have a pen pal from another country

Have a "Wish Upon a Shooting Star" Come TrueHave a "wreck this journal"
Have a "yes man" month
Have a “board” day - play board games all day!
Have a 10ft snake wrapped around my neck
Have a 1700 themed masquerade party and watch the sunrise in powdered wigs

Have a animal for its whole life
Hang out with a chimpanzee
Hand raise a cockatiel
Have a bird of prey sitting on my arm
Have a dog for it’s entire life
Have at least a dog & a cat
Have a pet
Have a pet lemur and name it King Julian
Have a pet rock
Have a pet starfish
Have a plant named Robert Plant
Have a turtle called Annie
Have a well trained rat that I can take to university
Hatch my own chickens
Have a wild deer eat out of my hand

Have a spooky/offbeat adventure in New Orleans

Have my picture in a newspaper

Have a black Christmas tree
Have a pink Christmas tree
Have a real Christmas tree
Have a white Christmas tree
Have an upside down Christmas Tree
Have An Australian Christmas On The Beach
Have A Very White Christmas in Yosemite Valley
Have a Christmas without gift-giving and not feel awkward or guilty about it

Have a collection of --- / 10 ---/ 50 ---/ 100 ---
Have a collection of postcards from different country's/places
Have a animal printed clothing collection
Have a classy box full of watches
Have a hot sauce collection from different countries
Have a shotglasses collection

Have a personal outing with my child once a month
Have children
Have enough money left for the grandchildren to enjoy
Have great-grandchildren
Have a healthy daughter
Have a healthy son
Have a daughter and name her after my mom

Have a large family
Have a family board game night
Have a family portrait dressed as superheroes
Have all my family together at least once a year
Have dinner with a family from a different culture
Have family rituals and traditions to celebrate holidays and important life events
Have my own family

Have fantastic sex
Have morning sex
Have sex / in a car / in a field / field of wild flowers / foreign country / park / public place / public place without getting caught / in a sex swing / in a twin bed / in my parents’ bed / in my parents-in-law’s bed / in the back of a van / in a lake / in rain / in the shower / on a pool table / on a ship / on a vibrating bed / on a water bed… you get the idea.
Have an orgasm
Have a quickie in a skirt

Have a computer games room/study in my house
Have a canopy bed
Have a valentine on valentine's day
Have a neon wall somewhere in my house
Have a one night stand
 Have a relationship longer than a year
Have a relationship which lasts over 5 years
Have a room in my house for relaxation/meditation
Have a room just for my high heels
Have a room with a world map wall
Have a skylight in my bedroom
Have a walk-in closet
Have a wardrobe like Mr. Big gives Carrie in Sex and the City
Have a well stocked pantry
Have a fan in my room
Have a fully glittered out floor in one of my rooms
Have a games room (sofa, pool table, air hockey, etc.)
Have a secret room in my house behind a bookcase
Have an epic room all to myself
Have a rose covered gazebo in my backyard
Have a round bed
Have an amazingly landscaped backyard
Have an aquarium coffee table
Have an authentic cheesesteak in Philadelphi
Have an epic vegetable garden
Have an amazingly landscaped backyard
Have an aquarium coffee table
Have an authentic cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Have an epic vegetable garden
Have a trailer covered in fairy lights
Have a trampoline in my yard
Have a full bar in my house
Have a hand painted mural in my house
Have a home gym
Have a home office
Have a huge wardrobe
Have a wood-burning fireplace
Have a glow-in-the-dark wall somewhere in my house
Hang beautiful fairy lights around my bath
Hang my own artwork in my house
Have a wild black cherry tree on my property
Have a weeping willow in my yard

Have a boys vs. girls water balloon fight
Have a flour fight
Have a food fight
Have a mud fight
Have a paint fight
Have a pillow fight
Have a pillow fight again
Have a pillow fight with feathers
Have a shaving cream fight
Have a silly string fight
Have a snow fight
Have a snowball fight with someone who has never seen snow
Have a snowball fight!
Have a water balloon fight as an adult
Have a water gun fight

Have a barbie BBQ with friends on the beach
Have a BBQ
Have a beachside candle light dinner
Have dinner with candlelight
Have dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the entire city
Have dinner at 'medieval times'
Have dinner in the sky
Have 'dinner in the sky'
Have dinner outside while watching the sunset
Have dinner overlooking the water
Have dinner with a celebrity
Have fancy dress Friday dinners every Friday
Have breakfast in a diner in my PJs
Have a picnic
Have a picnic on a cliff
Have a picnic on the beach
Have a piece of chocolate while visiting the chocolate hills in the Philippines
Have an elaborate picnic from a wicker basket
Have an old fashioned picnic
Have an Oreo milkshake
Have the perfect milkshake
Have gelato for breakfast
Have high tea - with a twist
Have ice cream sundaes
Have tea with an English person
Have afternoon tea
Have afternoon tea at a posh restaurant
Have afternoon tea in an expensive hotel
Have a Japanese tea ceremony
Have a crawfish boil
Have a clambake on the ocean

Have a hangover
Have a beer on a bicycle bar
Have a beer on Tap at Home
Have a beer with somebody I consider a hero
Have a Buttery Nipple shot
Have a cocktail named after me
Have a couple of drinks before watching a sports match where I don't know any of the rules
Have a drink at a hidden bar
Have a drink at a swim-up bar
Have a drink in a pub
Have a drink in an ice bar
Have a drink in the beer garden at Aussie world
Have a drink taped to my hand so I can’t put it down
Have a random guy buy me a drink
Have a shot-for-shot drinking contest
Have an all-night drinking session
Have an orgasm drink
Have cocktail drinks in a limo with friends
Have drinks at an ice bar
Have guy buy me drink
Have my first Jägerbomb

Have $10K in the bank
Have 1000 dollars in cash
Have 5 figure savings
Have a 3-Month Emergency Fund

Finish my tattooed sleeves
Get a half-sleeve tattoo
Get a manual needle tattoo
Get a tattoo by Cory Miller
Get an Avenged Sevenfold Death Bat Tattoo
Get my knuckles tattooed
Get my side(s) tattooed
Get tattooed by Kat Von D
Get the top of my hand(s) tattooed
Have the dark mark tattooed somewhere
Kiss a guy with a tattoo or piercing
See someone get a tattoo

Create a web site
Do a handbrake turn a car while traveling over 30 mph (50km/h)
Do a handstand pushup
Hand out $100 bills to total strangers
Hang a spoon off my nose
Hang my bare feet over the deck a sailboat
Hang out of a sunroof while someone is driving
Hang out with a rock band
Hang out with a shaman
Hang out with someone famous
Hang shoes from a telephone line
Harvest sea salt
Have 15 minutes of fame
Have a bake sale
Have a bar or cafe at which my friends and I are regulars
Have a Barbie cake for my birthday
Have a bonfire
Have a boy sing to me
Have a bra that is made out of only a chain and sparkling rhinestones or diamonds
Have a bubble bath by candlelight
Have a building named after me
Have a campfire on the beach
Have a candle-lit bath
Have a cast member scare me from behind on the haunted mansion
Have a contributor rank better than #500 on www.shelfari.com
Have a conversation in only candlelight
Have a conversation with a criminal (real one)
Have a cool nickname
Have a fake id
Have a favourite joke
Have a friend for at least 20 years
Have a friend for life
Have a friend on every continent
Have a full lazy weekend
Have a gallery exhibition
Have a game night
Have a gay friend
Have a girls weekend away with my mum
Have a go at paint drumming
Have a group hug with more than 50 people
Have a Halloween bonfire with hot apple cider
Have a headbanging competition
Have a holiday with friends from all over the world
Have a hot stone massage
Have a job that travels
Have a kiki (A party including good music and good friends, held for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress and generally fighting ennui.)
Have a lemonade stand
Have a library in my home
Have a local restaurant deliver breakfast in bed for two
Have a lolita closet
Have a lolly buffet at my next party
Have a longer marriage than Kim Kardashian did
Have a map of the world on the wall
Have a marshmallow mouth stuffing contest
Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
Have a meaningful conversation with at least one person from every country on earth
Have a moment with someone while The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" plays
Have a mud bath
Have a mushroom log
Have a Nyotaimori Experience, eat sushi from a naked person
Have a parade
Have a paranormal experience
Have a party where everyone I would ever like to meet is
Have a past life regression
Have a perfect sight (10/10)
Have a poker party. Use chips, candy and pretzels instead of money
Have a positive net worth
Have a positive outlook on life
Have a poster of Marilyn Monroe
Have a puppet show
Have a Red Dwarf marathon, while we eat vindaloo & drink larger
Have a roomie
Have a royal flush
Have a sculpture by a famous artist, such as Fernando Botero, in my backyard
Have a séance
Have a signature bear at a party that every one signs
Have a signature dish
Have a six foot long sub
Have a snow day in the summer
Have a solo trip and rent a cabin on a lake
Have a song written about me
Have a specialist read my aura
Have a star officially named for me as a gift
Have a stranger secretly pay for my meal
Have a street named after me
Have a summer Olympic Games Day
Have a tearful goodbye with somebody I’m not dating or related to
Have a tennis ball signed by my favourite tennis player
Have a toned tummy
Have a two finger ring
Have a vacation in a cottage or villa overlooking the sea
Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
Have all of the insurance that I need to protect myself from risk
Have an amazing night I can't remember
Have an article published in a magazine
Have an aura reading
Have an entire wardrobe that I actually like
Have an estate plan
Have an hourglass figure
Have an ice cream cake on my birthday
Have an indoor fireworks party
Have an insane impromptu night that becomes a great story
Have an item inspire many people and be on a featured list
Have an out-of-body experience
Have an RV of my very own
Have an unbirthday party
Have at least 5 real friends
Have buns of steel
Have clear porcelain skin
Have cosmetic surgery
Have deep dish pizza
Have dreads
Have eggs benedict
Have enough money to have a comfortable life style
Have fun at an indoor water park
Have fun at the batting cages
Have my “fifteen minutes of fame”
Have my 11:11 wish come true
Have my adventures read at my funeral
Have my dad walk me down the aisle
Have my fifteen minutes of fame
Have my first kiss
Have my heart broken
Have my home featured on architectural digest
Have my husband kiss my pregnant belly
Have my idea standing at great idea
Have my name in the credits of a movie/animation
Have my name on Wikipedia
Have my name printed on the front of my marathon shirt so people in the crowd can cheer for me
Have my name standing in a 3JS album
Have my name/picture on a billboard in Times Square
Have my own famous quote
Have my own greenhouse
Have my own home office
Have my own radio channel
Have my paintings exhibited in a gallery
Have my performance make someone cry
Have my picture in the newspaper
Have my portrait painted
Have my portrait painted
Have my portrait painted by a street artist
Have my song on the radio
Have my teeth whitened
Have my toes kissed
Have no enemies at time of death
Have no white walls in my home
Have one last adventure before I kick the bucket
Have one of my paintings hanging in a museum
Have one of the biggest parties of the year
Have popcorn movie day on a rainy day
Have random strangers write down what they wish for on a white board for a day
Have season tickets to the theater
Have sexy legs
Have somebody make up "Chuck Norris facts" about me
Have someone come dressed up as the grim reaper to my funeral
Have someone contact me to tell me that I’ve made a difference in their life
Have someone do one of those Rorschach tests done on me and see how crazy I really am
Have someone famous sign my breasts XD
Have someone give me flowers
Have someone paint my nude portrait
Have someone send me a post-a-plate postcard plate
Have someone send me a postcup
Have someone win me a giant stuffed animal
Have surgery
Have that moment that makes me feel infinite
Have the boss of my factory/store/park/job tell me I are the best at something
Have the guts to go through with major jaw surgery
Have the nerve to tell someone being noisy behind me to shut up
Have the whole movie theater to ourselves so we can make stupid comments throughout the movie :)
Have theme music follow me for a day like in a movie
Have unique signature items that will pass on to my kids and/or grandkids when I die

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ideas, 15 T

take 365 day challenge (journal, workout, be good to myself, read for 30 minutes)
take a bartending class
take a belfast black taxi tour
take a big trip on my own
take a bikram yoga class
take a bubblebath by candlelight with champagne, wine or sparkling cider
take a class on assertiveness
take a class on craftsy
take a class on negotiating
take a class to learn arabic
take a concealed weapon class
take a cooking class
take a cooking class w/my daughter
take a cooking lesson
take a cpr class
take a crocheting workshop
take a cross-stitch workshop
take a cruise
take a cruise of alaska
take a cruise somewhere tropical
take a day trip someplace new
take a euro-trip just to visit castles & cathedrals
take a falconry class
take a family cruise to europe
take a fencing class
take a figure drawing class
take a first aid course
take a flying lesson
take a french course in college or online
take a gondola along the venice canals in italy.
take a gondola ride in venice, italy
take a gun safety class
take a hairdressing class
take a helicopter flying lesson
take a helicopter ride
take a hike
take a hula hoop class
take a jewelry workshop
take a knitting workshop
take a krump class
take a leap of faith
take a lesson to play a musical instrument
take a long road trip with friends.
take a makeup lesson
take a massage class
take a morning jog
take a mud bath
take a new route to work
take a painting class
take a painting workshop
take a penalty on a professional football pitch
take a photocopy of my bum with a copy machine
take a photoshop class
take a pole dance workout class
take a pole dancing class
take a pottery class
take a professional pastry course
take a proper cabin/lodge/ski vacation
take a ride on the maid of the mist at niagara falls
take a road trip and go to all the chapters, indigos and coles and buy one thing from each store
take a road trip with my sisters
take a round-the-world trip
take a segway tour
take a self defense class
take a self-defense class
take a self-improvement retreat
take a serengeti safari in tanzania and kenya.
take a shot of tequila
take a sibling sojourn to the homeland
take a soulcycle class
take a stripper class
take a suicide prevention course
take a tennis lesson
take a tour of a brewery
take a tour of a concentration camp
take a tour of one of the federal reserves
take a tour of zappos in nv
take a train cross country
take a train somewhere
take a trapeze class
take a trip on a hot air balloon
take a trip with mom
take a us roadtrip from coast to coast
take a vacation alone with my husband
take a vow of silence (for at least an hour)
take a walk in the rain, without an umbrella. don’t resist the urge to jump in puddles
take a walk in the woods at night when it's snowing
take a wine tour of italy
take a yoga class
take a zumba class
take action to reduce global warming
take all of my children to disney
take an acting class
take an aerobatics lesson in a stunt plane
take an art class
take an art class where i learn how to draw, paint, create visual junk
take an improv class
take batting practice with an mlb team
take belly dancing classes
take dancing lessons
take flying lessons
take my children indoor rock climbing
take my dad to eat real kobe beef at wolfgang puck’s restaurant cut in los angeles.
take my family to disney land
take my kids to grand canyon
take my mom on vacation for mother’s day
take my mom to scotland
take myself out on a saturday night date
take part in a flash mob
take part in a focus group
take part in a police line-up
take part in a protest i really believe in
take piano lessons
take pictures in a photo booth
take public transportation
take rishs and chance with and on adventure
take risks and chance on and with my passions
take risks and chances on your dreams
take risks and chances on your hobbies even if your not very good at them
take risks and chances when it comes to education
take risks when it comes to a job
take singing lessons
take someone i love to a spiritual retreat
take the glacier epress
take the iq test before the mind starts going
take the kids to disney world
take the kids to waikiki
take the lead with my girlfriend/boyfriend sometimes
take the online mohokk college course for being an information librarian technician
take the scenic route
take the walk of faith, tianmen mountain | china
take up a make up lessen
take up archery
take up belly dancing
take up martial arts / kickboxing
take up mindfulness meditation
take up yoga
take voice lessons
take weekly drama lessons
take women on a life changing adventure
take yoga class
take ballet dance classes
taking a personal defense class
taking sailing lessons
taking salsa lessons
taking singing lessons
tam ting caves | laos
tandem jump skydive
tap dance
teach a class
teach a college course
teach a dog a new trick
teach a kid how to play an instrument
teach a parrot to talk like me
teach a third world country how to fish (world vision )
teach an adult how to read
teach in a traditional classroom setting
teach in a workshop on something i am good at
teach my children something they don’t know about me
teach other people how to get over theeir fear of public speaking
teach someone a new skill
teach someone something they will never forget
teach something to someone
teach something you love
telekinetically move a large object
tell a joke on open mic night
tell dad i love him
tend a garden
tequila worm
tessellated pavement | tasmania
test drive a sleek sportscar
text a random mobile number and wish them a good day
thank a veteran
thank my parents for everything they have done for me (2009)
thank your police / fire department / your parents / your mail carrier / your teachers
the bramptpn square beautifaction centre
the glastonbury festival of contemporary performing arts
the sand castle festival in coburg
think of phrases to say before i die
think of something you are grateful for every morning when you wake up for at least a week
through hike the appalachian trail
throw a "destination party"
throw a amazing huge baby shower for when i am older
throw a big party inviting everyone i know and everyone they know
throw a block party
throw a boomerang and catch it
throw a bucket of water on someone
throw a cake in someone's face
throw a clay pot that doesn't fall over
throw a cocktail party for my birtday
throw a coin in the trevi fountain
throw a coin in trevi fountain
throw a coin in trevi fountain in rome
throw a dart at a map and go to that place
throw a dart at a map and just go
throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands
throw a dart on a map and travel to wherever it lands
throw a dinner party
throw a drink on someone's face
throw a fistfull of glitter in the air
throw a football in a spiral
throw a full bottle of coke over someone's head
throw a giant wild party
throw a hand grenade
throw a house party when your parents are out
throw a huge party / hillbilly theme party
throw a hula hoop around a giraffe's neck
throw a large rock into quick sand and see it sink
throw a paper airplane off a tall building
throw a party on a yacht
throw a party with "clean" drinks and see how many people act drunk
throw a pizza through the air like a frisbee
throw a pool party
throw a shelter co. experience
throw a snowball at someone /someone famous
throw a stink bomb
throw a street party!
throw a super bowl party
throw a surprise party
throw a themed party
throw beads at mardi gras
throw down 1000 dollars on a single bet
throw out a first pitch at an mlb game
throw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game
throw out the first pitch at major league baseball came
throw paint filled eggs/balloons at a canvas
throw really messy food into a fan
throw someone a surprise party
throw water balloons at someone off of a building
throw water into the air and watch it freeze
throwing myself a fun-filled birthday party
tiawan lantern festival
tibetan bridge in claviere | italy
tie a message to a balloon and let it go
tie a secret to a balloon and let it fly
tie a tie
tie dye t-shirts /something
times square | new york
tin tian, big buddha | hong kong
tip 100 dollars
tip a server 100% of the bill
to be able to be confiident enough to dance like beyonce
to be amazing at rapping
to be on a figure skating team
to begin to have an adiction when it comes to working
to feed seals
to get over my fear of wearing contacts
to give a sheep to a third world country family
to give one piglet and baby chick to a third world country
to have pariodic table shower curtins
to live as if i am limitless
to not entertain stupid convosations
to own alot of bbcanada merch
to play gutiar infront of of a crowd and not suck at it
to recieve books to review from peguin publishers
to skate with someone famous
to to the top of the empire state building
to use the logic side of my brain more often
to watch the news more often and write down that is happening
toast to something with champagne or sparkling cider
toronto international film festivial
toronto just for laughs festival
toronto's icefest
toss a coin into a fountain
toss pizza dough in the air
touch a famous piece of art
touch a pyramid
touch a rock from the moon
touch a zebra / tiger / sting ray / sphinx cat / sloth / snake / jellyfish / dolphin / crocodile / endangered animal
touch all 1000 buddhas in hong kong
touch an iceberg
touch my toes
touch snow
touch the belfast peace wall
touch the clouds
touch the inside of a kangaroo's pouch
touch the statue of liberty
touch the stone henge stones
tour (a tourist attraction)
tour a big city all by myself
tour a chocolate factory
tour a factory
tour a mayan ruin
tour a mission
tour a vineyard
tour a windmill | holland
tour a working farm
tour europe
tour the bureau of printing and engraving (the u.s. mint)
tow a boat up a mountain
trace my family tree
track wild animals
trade a pin with a disney cast memebr
trade ipods with someone for a day
train a horse / a dog / a cat
train as an opera singer
train for a marathon / with a friend / with a family member
trash a hotel room
travel  first class
travel 10 km by train / 100 km / 1000 km / a distance
travel a day / a week / a month / two months
travel by dog sled
travel by train across the us    / through mountains
travel down a river
travel from coast to coast
travel in 80 vehicles/ways (dog sled, train, big ship, submarine…)
travel on the trans-siberian railway / orient express
travel one month solely on website income
travel round the world.
travel route 66
travel solo / with your best friend / partner/lover/spouse
travel somewhere by ship / river boat
travel somewhere exotic
travel the country/world to see gravestones of ancestors/relatives
travel the silk route
travel when i'm sick
travel with a single suitcase for a month and see how much you can truly live without
travel with someone you don't know / someone you just met
treat every day like it's your last
trespass somewhere and go swimming
trick or treat
troll someone
try a new board game
try a new hairstyle
try a new sport
try a pole dancing class
try a stratosphere ride
try acupuncture
try again if you get a “no” and train more
try animation
try archery
try belly dancing
try bikram yoga
try brow threading
try crossfit
try curling
try dye a cake
try fencing
try fishing for a marlin
try golfing
try hot yoga or bikram yoga
try indoor sky diving / rock climbing / climbing
try inline skating
try kiteboarding
try mud wrestling
try ocean kayaking
try on expensive designer dresses i can't afford / a wedding dress /
try osteopathy
try out a chiropractor
try out a professional massage
try out cosplay
try out for a reality show
try out for wheel of fortune
try paddle boarding
try pigs head
try pole dancing
try riding a unicycle
try rock climbing
try skiing or snowboarding
try snowboarding
try spear fishing
try square dancing / tap dancing
try stand-up paddle boarding
try street luge
try surfing
try surfing at least once
try suspended capsule biking
try teeth whitening strips
try the whistle challenge
try tight rope walking
try to balance the lightswitch between on and off
try to break a world record
try to follow a squirrel up a tree
try to juggle
try to touch your tongue to your nose
try training in boxing
try underwater rugby/ polo
try vert skating
try weed / viagra / hookah
try wind surfing
try zumba
tuck a $100 in an envelope and put it in the mailbox of a family that you know is struggling
turn a failure into a success
turn a hobby you love into a profitable business
turn a passion into a way to make money
turn an old house into a restaurant / old pool into a tilapia / koi pond / a property into a wedding venue
turn every guy’s head when i walk into a place
tutor a mentally challenged student.
tutor someone
twirl a basketball on one finger
type a letter out on a typewriter

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ideas, 14 S

Sail a boat
Sail out in the sea for a week
Salsa dance with a stranger
Save a life
Save a species from extinction
Save someone’s life
Save someone’s life, in a spiritual sense
Save the rain forest
Say good bye to someone I love
Say I do
Say no more often
Say yes more often
Say yes to everything for a whole day
Scale a mountain
Score the game winning shot
Score the winning goal/try/basket
Scuba dive
Scuba dive to a shipwreck
Sea slug
Sea urchin
Secret garden party
See --- in person
See [---] in concert
See a Christian philosopher speak at a university
See a Cirque Du Soleil show
See a double rainbow
See a foreign film at the theater
See a geyser
See a glacier
See a meteor shower
See a play/musical
See a Ted Talk live
See a tornado
See a total lunar / solar eclipse
See a volcano erupt
See a waterfall
See fireflies
See lenticular clouds
See movies, read books – there’s tons of lists on-line
See speed skating live
See stalagmites and stalactites
See the original Mona Lisa
See the Nutcracker
See the planets through a telescope
See whirling dervishes
See your name in the film credits
Sell a house for a profit
Sell all your junk on eBay and make a profit
Sell at least 100 copies of my book
Sell Avon
Sell my own jewelry on Etsy
Sell something on amazon
Sell something on eBay
Sell something on the internet
Sell something that i have made
Sell stuff at the market
Send a care package
Send a care package to a soldier
Send a message in a bottle
Send a question out to a TV show and have an actor or whatever read it
Send a secret to postsecret
Send flowers to myself
Send food baskets to third world countries from plan Canada
Send postcards from your home city
Send someone a singing telegram
Send someone an edible arrangement
Send someone flowers
Send someone flowers, just because
Serve food at a soup kitchen
Serve in a soup kitchen
Set a Guinness world record
Set free a Chinese lantern
Set off a domino line of more than 200 pieces
Set up a Hong Kong corporation.
Settle abroad for at least 3 months elsewhere in Asia, in Central and South America, Europe, and more.
Sew a memory quilt
Sew a quilt
Sew an outfit for myself
Sew something wearable
Sew something you can wear
Shake ---’s hand
Share a cab with a stranger
Share a ridiculously fancy bottle of wine with someone
Share your most embarrassing moment
Share your wisdom with someone
Shave a coconut
Shave with a cut throat
Shave your head for a good cause.
Shear a sheep
Churn your own butter and make buttermilk
Shoot a bow and arrow
Shoot a flare gun
Shoot a gun
Shoot a machine gun
Shoot an arrow
Shoot dead on target
Shoot guns on a shooting range
Shoot sporting clays
Shop at --- (on someone else's dime)
Shop at a flea market, swap meet or garage sale
Shop at the --- / on --- / on the day of --- / in ---
Shout ‘drinks are on me!’ in a pub or bar
Shower in a waterfall
Shower in the rain with clothing on
Shower in the rain.
Shuck oysters
Sign a petition
Sign up for the big sister program
Sign-up to the bone marrow register
Sing “what about love” total karaoke style, complete with dramactions.
Sing a duet with ---
Sing a karaoke duet
Sing at karaoke night
Sing in Danish / German / Greek / Hebrew / Russian / Yiddish
Sing in front of thousands of people
Sing in the new life church band
Sing karaoke / enthusiastically /jukebox hero karaoke /in a bar / with my spouse / my child / my children
Sing karaoke in a bar
Sing karaoke in public
Sing with grace at the youth group band
Sit by a real fire and read
Sit down to a real family dinner in Italy
Sit front row at a basketball game
Sit front row at a fashion show
Sit front row in a real fashion show
Sit in a chair underwater
Sit in a sauna
Sit in the MTV audience
Sit on the grass on strawberry fields
Skate with Disney On Ice
Skateboard on a ramp
Skeet shoot
Ski a black diamond trail
Skinny dip
Skinny dip at midnight
Sky dive
Sky diving
Sleep a night in a snow fort i built.
Sleep at a four-star hotel
Sleep in a capsule hotel
Sleep in a castle
Sleep in a hammock
Sleep in a haunted house
Sleep in a houseboat
Sleep in a stable singing ”Away In A Manger”
Sleep in a stable on a haystack
Sleep in a teepee
Sleep in a tent
Sleep in a tree house
Sleep in a treehouse
Sleep in a yurt
Sleep in an igloo
Sleep in an overnight train
Sleep in an overwater bungalow | bora bora
Sleep in the true wild
Sleep on a beach/with your loved one/ under the stars/on a field
Sleep on a boat
Sleep on a satin pillowcase
Sleep on a trampoline
Sleep on satin sheets
Sleep on silk sheets at least once
Sleep under the stars
Sleep without a light for good
Slide a paint slip and side with white clothing on
Slide down a fire pole
Slide down a firehouse pole
Slide down a slide in the rain
Slide down a waterslide
Slowly get yourself off the internet
Smash a guitar on stage
Smash a pile of whip cream in someone 's face
Smile at 100 strangers
Smoke a cigar / Cuban cigar / fancy cigar / fine cigar
Smoke a hookah
Snorkel a reef
Snorkel at the great barrier reef
Snorkel on a reef
Snow boarding.
Snow ski
Snuggle in a hammock
Snuggle with that special someone is an igloo
Soak in the beauty of a sunset
Spend a 1,000 at (shop)
Solve a Rubik's Cube
Solve the Bedlam cube
Sort out the front garden
Spar with a professional boxer
Speak about my extraordinary life to inspire others to live their own dream life
Speak fluent French
Speak fluent Russian
Speak in a foreign accent for a whole day
Speak in front of a large audience (500+)
Speak Pig Latin
Speak to an international audience of thousands of people
Speak to over 1,000 people
Speak to over 10,000 people
Speak to over 3,000 people
Speak to over 5,000 people
Spend $1,000 on ---
Spend $1,000 on your learning and mind
Spend $100/ $1,000 / $2,000 at ---
Spend 24 hours naked
Spend a day at a spa
Spend a day giving high fives to everyone you see
Spend a day helping at a children’s hospital
Spend a day wearing something you don’t usually wear, like * something lady gaga ( or your favorite artist/actor/character from a book, series, movie…) would wear * dressed as your favorite cartoon character * dressed in a Japanese clothing style * punk * goth * masquerade costume * mascot costume * fantasy creature, like a fairy or a troll * as an animal * as food * wearing something edible * wearing flowers and leaves
Spend a month at sea
Spend a night in a haunted house
Spend a summer at a lake home
Spend a week at a silent retreat
Spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods
Spend a whole day floating on a lake in a small paddle boat
Spend a whole day hiking
Spend a whole lot more time with my grandfather and learn about his life before he leaves us.
Spend an entire thunderstorm outside
Spend an hour in a lift
Spend Christmas eve in front of the fire place with my family
Spend Christmas on the beach
Spend new year’s in a foreign country
Spend new year's in another time zone
Spend some time working for tips
Spend the day as a different person
Spend the day at a resort spa
Spend the day at a spa
Spend the day at the beach or lake
Spend the day watching cartoons
Spend the entire day by myself
Spend the entire day by yourself
Spend the night in a houseboat
Spend the night in an igloo
Spend the whole day answering other people's question with more questions
Spin a ball on my finger for 1 minute
Spin a basketball on my finger
Spin around in a chair and look at the person and say “I was expecting you (insert name here)”
Spin around on an escalator
Spin records like a DJ for a birthday part
Sponsor someone from World Vision
Sponsor four children in my life
Sponsor a child
Sponsor a child’s wish through the make-a-wish foundation
Spy on someone wearing a disguise
Squash wine grapes with my feet
Stage dive or crowd surf
Stage dive/crowd surf
Stain a piece of furniture
Stand at the top of a mountain and scream
Stand on an ocean cliff and let the water spray my face
Stand under a waterfall
Stand up for a friend
Stand up paddle board
Star gaze
Start a blog
Start a book club
Start a budget & stick to it
Start a business
Start a business.
Start a campfire
Start a charity
Start a charity for autistic children
Start a collection
Start a company
Start a family tradition
Start a fan page for someone or something
Start a gratitude journal
Start a magazine
Start a new tradition
Start a petition
Start a red hat society
Start a retirement fund
Start a scholarship or bursary
Start a scrapbook with mementos and souvenirs
Start a tradition (cookie making)
Start a travel blog
Start a vintage skeleton key collection
Start an art journal
Start an herb garden
Start and successfully run an NPO
Start collecting china dolls again
Start fire without matches
Start having grapeseed oil more often
Start learning how to sew with a sewing machine
Start mountain biking
Start my --- program training book for me to train to be on that TV show
Start my talk show on living your best life
Start pickling vegetables and canning them
Start some family traditions
Start taking fish oil easy to swallow pills
Start the business of your dreams.
Start to enjoy being in the light
Start using almond oil
Start using dumbbells more often
Start watching a TV show you've never seen before
Stay at ---
Stay at a bed & breakfast
Stay at a boutique hotel
Stay at a ridiculously fancy hotel
Stay at an all inclusive resort
Stay at the ice hotel
Stay awake for 24 hours
Stay awake for 48 hours straight
Stay in a 5-star resort
Stay in a beach house on the beach
Stay in a bed and breakfast
Stay in a cabin on a lake
Stay in a hostel
Stay in a hotel room with a Jacuzzi
Stay in a mountain cabin
Stay in a treehouse hotel
Stay in an underwater hotel
Stay in the best suite in a five-star hotel
Stay up 50 hours straight
Stay up all night dancing
Stay up the whole the night till sunrise conversing and relishing in the company of a good friend
Spend 400 on studying supplies
Step on a fake city like on the King of Nerds show
Stick my foot in every ocean in the world
Stomp grapes
Stomp grapes to make wine
Stop apologizing all the time
Stop being sneaky
Stop being too assertive and blunt with men
Stop blaming people for your habits
Stop blaming your emotions for your habits
Stop blaming your family for your habits
Stop constant, self-interrupting (difficulty focusing)
Stop feeling bad that you gave up on your first love when he didn’t give up on you
Stop not sleeping at night time
Stop procrastinating
Stop slouching
Stop telling my opinion if hurtful because some people don’t want to hear the truth
Stop using your laptop
Stop watching TV
Stop writing e-mails to people & mail heartfelt, handwritten letters instead
Storm chase a tornado
Swim at night
Swim across a large lake
Straighten my hair more often
Stroke a croc/alligator
Study a martial art
Study a Monet
Study abroad in Italy
Study astronomy
Study computer stuff so when i get into the librarian program i will not be confused ;)
Study disorders, things that make people difficult
Study economics
Study human codependency
Study Judaism
Study something you are interested in for months
Study the Kama Sutra and put theory into practice
Subscribe to a music service
Subscribe to ---
Summit a mountain
Sunbathe on a yacht with a cocktail
Support "the bully project (to help kids not get bullied )
Support a cause by not eating for two days
Support my children’s positive interests
Support operation conservation
Surprise my kids
Surprise someone
Survival: make fire the hard way
Survive a mortal danger
Survive an endurance camp
Survive at paintball
Swim a mile / 2 miles / 5 miles
Swim in bio-luminescent algae
Swim in the world’s largest pool
Swim under a giant waterfall
Swim while it rains
Swim with a school of fish / dolphins / manatees / pink dolphins / sea turtles / sharks / stingrays / manta rays / whale sharks / whales
Swing from a rope into a lake
Swing on a porch swing with my man

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ideas, 13

Paddle a canoe
Paddle Boarding
Paddle through Katherine gorge
Paint a Mural
Paint a picture
Paint a Picture and Give it to Someone
Paint A Picture Of a Sunset
Paint a Room
Paint a room purple, hot pink or neon green
Paint over graffiti
Paint pictures of each other
Paint Something at a Ceramic Store
Paint something on a really big canvas
Paint With Bubbles
Pan for gold
Partake in a Spanish bull run.
Partake in Afternoon Tea
Particapate in a irish st. patties 5 k run
Particapate in a zombie 5k
Particapate in Nanowrimo
Participate in a 200 mile relay run
Participate in a 5k Race
Participate in a bike race
Participate in a carnival.
Participate in a Flash Mob
Participate in a Food Fight
Participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony
Participate in a Pride March
Participate in a Private Wine Tasting
Participate in a street parade
Participate in a Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony
Participate in Free Hugs
Participate in La Tomatina
Participate in NaNoWriMo
Participate in Race for the Cure
Participate in Ramadan
Participate in the Brazilian Carnaval celebration.
Participate in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen
Participate in the making of a documentary
Participate in the Rickshaw Run | India
Participate in the world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s New Year’s festivities (Songkran).
Participate in Voluntary work abroad for a 3rd world country
Participate in…
Particpate in a science fair
Partner with some of the travel industry's biggest companies
Party at the Playboy Mansion | California
Party at the Rio Carnival
Party hardy alot
Party in a Private Booth at a Nightclub
Party like a rock star in Dubai
Party on Ibiza for New Year’s Eve in Spain’s Ballearic Islands.
Pass the Calisthenics Kings challenge in under 3 minutes (    10 x pull-ups, 20 x dips, 20 x push-ups, 30 second hand-stand hold, 5 x muscle-ups,     6 x front levers)
Pay a stranger's tab at a restaurant
Pay for a 3nd world country family to get a chicken
Pay for a child's cleft lip or palet surgery
Pay off my credit card
Pay off my mortgage by age 50
Pay off your debt
Pay the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind Me
Pay the toll for the car behind you
Peel an orange in one piece
Perfect a Karate Kick
Perform a full set of my own music
Perform a Magic Trick
Perform a marriage
Perform the aforementioned sketches with friends in an improvised version of SNL and videotape it
Pet a dolphin / giraffe / reindeer / toad / wallaby / turtle
Pet a dolpin
Pet an Elephant
Photobomb Someone
Photobomb someone not on purpose / accidentally
Pick two friends to go traveling with
Pick up a Coqui Coqui perfume in Tulum
Pick up litter
Pick your own fruit
Picnic in the park
Picnic under the Eiffel Tower
Pingxi Lantern Festival | Taiwan
Place an item in a random stranger's shopping cart
Plan your own funeral
Plant a fruit fruit tree in a third world country
Plant a garden
Plant a pumpkin
Plant a tree
Plant A Tree & Watch It Grow
Plant a tree and name it after you
Plant a vegetable garden
Plant and harvest a vegetable garden
Play a game of golf on a majors course
Play a Game of Pool Bowling
Play a Part in Your Favorite TV Show
Play a Pinball Machine
Play a prank on someone
Play a Round of Golf
Play a round of golf at Bethpage Black
Play a Song on a Harmonica
Play a Tennis Match
Play an April Fool’s joke on someone
Play at Coney Island | New York
Play Badminton
play board games
Play card games a whole alot more often
Play charades
Play chess
Play darts
Play golf
Play golf in the best spots around the world.
Play golf with my High School golf coach
Play guitar in a working band
Play hide and go seek in a mall with my friends
Play Hot Potato with a Real Hot Potato
Play in the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas
Play manhunt with waterguns
Play matchmaker
Play matchmaker for as many friends a s i can and be sucessful at it
Play on a championship team
Play piant messy twister
Play poker
Play pool/billiards
Play Racquetball
Play raquet ball
Play relaxing sounds or music as you sleep
Play Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Band Hero
Play spin the bottle
Play tennis on an actual tennis court
Play the harmonica
Play the lotto
Play the lotto with the number from a fortune cookie
Play the Old Course at St. Andrews
Play the Piano By Ear
Play the piano with some mastery
Play the same numbers in the lottery every week for a year
Play the Stock Market
Play truth or dare
Play truth or dare with my boyfriend
Play video games in my backyard
Polar bear dip!
Pole dance for my man…to his liking
Police Ride Along
Pose with a Figure at a Wax Museum
Pose With the Leaning Tower of Pisa | Italy
Post a video on youtube
Power fan plummet
Practice 10 minutes of aerobics exsersise dancing , walking , runnung and jumping jacks
Practice an irish accent
Practice gratitude for 21 days
Practice indeign and photoshop
Practice meditation.
Practice my leprechaun
Practice yoga in India
Practice yoga on a beach
Practice Yoga Regularly
Prank someone sucessfully
Pray in the Sistine Chapel
Perform stand up comedy
Perform a magic trick
Perform as a street musician
Prepare a will
Protect the bobolink bird
Protect the dolphins
Protect the eastern wolf
Protect the swift fox
Proudly wear a bikini
Prove people wrong that " fairy tales and prince charming is out there and they do exist
Prove to them that you’re not everyone
Provide the police with an anonymous tip.
Public speaking
Publish a book / Self-publish a book
Publish a Children's Book
Publish a Cult Website
Publish a physical book
Publish at least one book
Publish at least one song
Pull an epic prank
Pull the biggest all nighter with friends ever
Purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka
Pursue all of my passions in my life time
Pursue my passion and turn it into a career
Push yourself when it comes to confidence level
Put a message in a bottle and float it out to sea
Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean
Put A Secret In A Balloon & Let It Go
Put Change into Someones Expired Meter
Put ginger in everything you eat
Put more effect into my interests
Put more effect think my music talents
Put my children in lessons or classes of sometime (due to their interests )
Put on a peter pan play in tribute to robin williams
Put on and act in a stage performance.
Put on sunglasses when it’s raining
Put soap in a Public water fountain
Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle
Putting Fun on my Agenda
Queensday in Holland
Quit a bad habit in 21 days
Quit a job you hate
Quit caffeine
Quit that one thing you don’t think you can quit'
Quit your job to chase a passion
Quite a bad habbit that you love to do
Race a car around a race track
Race a Go Kart
Race cars on a track
Race in a Sedway Rally
Raft through the Grand Canyon
Raise £1,000,000 for charity
Raise a wonderful child to an amazing adult times three
Raise another dog.
Raise butterflies, tadpoles, praying mantii or  have an ant farm
Raise children who are happy and healthy
Raise money for a charity
Raising Happy, Healthy, Confident, Cooperative, Responsible, and Faithful children
random act of kindness
Rap in hebrew
Rap in latin
Rappel into a cave
Rappel into Moaning Caverns | California
Rappel off an Arch at Arches National Park
Rate 100 different beers.
Raw Oysters
Ray Mears it for a night.
Reach 100 Years of Age
Reach my goal weight
Reach out to millions around the world and help them to grow and achieve their highest potential
Reach the top of your profession.
Reactivate my French and achieve fluency.
Read 30 minutes a day for a year
Read 52 books in one year
Read a Banned Book
Read a book on a topic that never interested you
Read a book that is over 1000 pages
Read a book while underneath a willow tree
Read a book written in French
Read a good book in the hammock
Read at least 1 book about each religion / Read Religious Texts of All Major Religions & Take Religion Classes
Read every book I own (I have a habit of buying without reading)
Read in the New York City Library
Read other people’s minds
Read the Book Before the Movie
Realize how beautiful/attractive you are
Realize whether or not you really want to audition for the big brother canada show
Realize Your Childhood Dream
Receive a bouquet of daisies from someone special or lilies
Receive a Fan Letter
Receive a standing ovation
Receive an award
Receive an infinity ring
Reconcile science and faith
Reconnect with an Old Friend
Reconnect with past friends
Record a one of my songs at trent radio
Record a semi-pro album
Record a Song
record a song with me playing an instrument
Record oral histories of my family
Recreate a Childhood Recipe
Recreate a Classic Dish
Red Paperclip Challenge
Redecorate my bedroom
Reduce sugar intake.
Regain my 6-pack
Register as an organ donor
Register for bethematch.org
Relax in a hot spring
Relax in a Natural Hot Spring
Relax in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
Relax in Icelandic hot springs
Release A Message In a Bottle In the Ocean
Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean
Release sky lanterns
Release the Past
Rent a beach house
Rent a cabin
Rent a houseboat
Rent a villa on Lake Como or Lake Lugano with friends.
Repaint my room
Repair an appliance
Replace my morning coffee with Yerba Maté for at least a week.
Replace our boiler system.
Research my Family Tree
Research the histor of my hometown
Research your family tree
Resiceve an oscar
Restore a classic car
Retaking Belly Dance
Retire at age 50
Revisit places that made you who you are
Revisit the Sidetrack Bar and watch a Husker game
Ring a Big Bell (Church)
Ring the opening or closing bell of the NYSE
Rio Tinto River | Spain
Road trip 360 around Australia
Road trip with a sports team
Roam a medieval castle
Roast the perfect Thanksgiving turkey
Rock climb
Rock Islands Southern Lagoon | Palau
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Roll in a Huge Pile of Leaves
Roller blade
Rollerblade backwards
Rope Climbing
Rope swing into water
Row and be good at it
Run 1 Mile / 2 Miles /3K / 5K / 10K / a half marathon / a full marathon / big race / Spartan race / triathlon / adventure marathon / ultra-marathon
Run 8 mile cross country
Run a fun-run in fancy-dress / with my family
Run a marathon in under 5 hours / without stopping
Run a mile backwards
Run an 8 minute mile / 5 minute mile / 4 ½ minutes mile
Run around the block with 3 of my friends dressed up in superhero costume
Run barefoot
Run for 30 minutes straight on the treadmill
Run for my life (Zombie Race)
Run free (Parkour)
Run in the Olympic Stadium
Run nude through a public place.
Run on every continent
Run through a field of sunflowers or other flowers
Run with the bulls in Spain

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ideas, 12

macy’s thanksgiving day parade | new york
made a cd at trent radio
magic a coin from behind my children’s ears
make 10 new recipes in a month
make a balloon animal
make a basket (shooting hoops ) over your shoulders
make a blessings jar
make a book with my 101 favorite quotes
make a candlemake a canvas picture with buttons
make a cartoon flip book
make a cd of my original written songs
make a coloring book
make a cooking tutorial on youtube
make a cover of ---
make a cross bow
make a dance to the song tell me why and video tape it
make a deal that youd regret
make a dealine for something and keep it and finish something in time
make a difference in the lives of others
make a difference in the world
make a discovery
make a dream board
make a flip book cartoon
make a giant rubber band ball
make a gingerbread house
make a great looking music video
make a habit for going outside
make a handmade gift
make a handmade greeting card
make a hole in one
make a homemade beauty product
make a house of cards
make a jewlry line that gives back
make a kiva.com loan
make a lego chair
make a list of 100 songs i could never get tired of listening to
make a living out of the things i love to do the most
make a memory jar for 2015
make a model airplane,
make a model car
make a music playlist for halloween
make a once-in-a-lifetime basketball shot.
make a paper diommand
make a perfect meatloaf
make a quilt
make a rainbow rose
make a scrapbook
make a scripted home movie with a story line
make a secret door bookselve
make a shcolarship program
make a shutterfly book
make a significant change in someones life
make a snowman
make a soap opera
make a soft chocolate chip cookie
make a souffle
make a successful apple swan
make a tent like the one in the movie, “the holiday”
make a tie dye shirt
make a travel map of all the places i've been
make a traveling documenatary
make a tutorial
make a tv show
make a video documentary about a roadtrip though the southern united states
make a website
make a website for list for what people would do if they won the lottery
make a wish in cinderalla's wishing well
make a wish in the trevi fountain | italy
make a wish on a shooting star
make a wooden frame
make a zombie movie
make acorn jewelrymake an advice website
make an apple pie from scratch
make an autobiography and publish it
make an omelet
make an origami animal
make an origami crane
make and bury a time capsule
make and decorate gingerbread men
make art and show it at the market (and see if people are stupid enough to buy it )
make aspraragus fries
make at least one huge purchase you can’t afford
make boeuf bourguignon
make brekfast for my mom and dad
make broccoli cheese soup
make buns using my grandmother’s recipe
make butter
make candles
make cheese
make cheese fondue
make chocolate easter eggs with my children
make corn dogs
make creme fraiche flambe
make crustacean's garlic noodles
make dried banana snacks
make eggplant lasagna
make feta cheese from buffalo the old fashioned way
make fire in a fireplace
make fire without matches
make flourless cookies
make fresh pasta
make fresh squeezed juice
make gifts for people for Christmas one year
make gummy bears popsicle
make home accent and decor and sell it
make home made bread
make homemade croutons
make homemade hummus
make homemade ice cream
make homemade marshmallows
make homemade pasta
make homemade pickles
make homemade root beer
make homemade sangria
make hummus
make ice cream
make jambalaya
make lemonade out of lemons
Have a lemonade stand
make lifelong friends on the road
make makeup the old fashioned way
make meatloaf cupcakes
make melted crayon art
make monthly documentaries about my progress for achieving my dreams
make mosaic art
make mummy dogs
make my home 100% green and sustainable
make my living doing work i love
make my own alcoholic beverage and name is after myself
make my own bruschetta
make my own cheesecake
make my own clothing brand
make my own combination of ice cream
make my own decor and interior design brand
make my own gluten free bread from scratch
make my own homemade beauty product
make my own jam
make my own jewelry
make my own lollipops
make my own make up
make my own make up product line
make my own milkshake
make my own perfume
make my own pickles
make my own pizza from scratch
make my own purse
make my own reth that doesn't fall apart
make my own skateboard
make my own tiramisu
make my own webpage using html code, by myself!
make my personal recipe book a reality
make nut butter
make out for hours ;) without going any farther
make out in a photobooth
make out inn a library
make out with my boyfriend at my house
make paint the old fashioned way
make paper
make parody of a song
make peanut butter from scratch
make reservations
make rock candy/crystals
make s'mores over a campfire
make soap
make sock monkeys and put on a puppet show with them and put it on youtube (do this with friends )
make something out of clay
make something out of duct tape
make something out of paper mache
make spaghetti sauce from scratch
make spambalaya
make split pea soup
make stuffed shells
make sure if i have teenager when i am older make sure they get to go to prom
make sure your home is properly insulated and weatherproofed
make thai ice tea popsicles
make the front page of a national newspaper
make the news
make time to mediate more often
make vegan cake pops
make your mental fitness be stronger
make your own dressings
make zucchini fries
mardi gras
marvel at plitvice lakes | croatia
master a video game
master a workflow system, like gtd
master all of the minute to win it games
master boiling and poaching eggs
master controlling my thought make my negatives on into positive
master my leprechaun accent
master poker and win big in a casino
master the art of kung fu
master the art of making cinnamon rolls
master the art of self confidence
master the hula hoop
mastering a few signature dishes
maximize your passiveness
meet ---
meet (your favorite celebrity/idol)
meet 3 of your heroes
meet a blog reader in person
meet a childhood hero
meet a fellow life lister and completing an item together
meet a parrot that can talk
meet my grandchildren
meet someone famous / randomly
meet someone i met on the internet in real life
meet someone with your own name
memorize "who's on first"
memorize a favorite poem
memorize a great joke
memorize all the books of the bible
memorize at least three poems
memorize the periodic table of elements
mentally push yourself when it comes to emotional endurance
migrate to a country of choice
milk a goat / cow / sheep / yak / horse
milk a snake of its venom
mountain bike
move back to my hometown
move in together with my future husband
move out of the house i live in now
move to new york
mud wrestle
mush a dog sled
name a star / name a star after someone i love / name a star for my spouse and kids
nap in a hammock
new year’s eve in time’s squareno cussing for 1 month
not be as picky with what i eat
not let my girlfriend/boyfriend make me passive
not let my my girlfriend/boyfriend control me
not use my laptop for 364 days
only wear clothing that express who i am
open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever it is on
open my own bar
open my own candy shop
open several small businesses
open the time capsule after 5 years
open your chakras
or do i want to wait for guy #2 and see if we has what i need and if he has his life togther
orbit the earth in a spaceship
organize a family portrait
organize a lifestyle business summit (march 2014 in costa rica! – now for one in se asia)
organize and host a family reunion
orlando prize for short fiction
oruro carnival – oruro, bolivia
overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back
overnight marathon/ marathon / half-marathon / walk a marathon / barefoot
own [something seen in a music video/tv show/movie/]
own 100 pairs of shoes
own 15 snow globes
own 4 walk in closets
own a --- poster
own a --- perfume
own a beach home
own a big case for my china dolls
own a brtia filter/ machine
own a bunny / a cat / a dog / a golden retriever
own a candy floss machine
own a canopy bed
own a car
own [designer items] / [luxury items] / [fashion classics]
own a Chinese / Danish / Finnish / German / Hebrew / Italian / Japanese / Latin / Modern Greek / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish / Yiddish dictionary
own a convertible car
own a crocheting kit
own a dart board
own a dot.com
own a fitness tracker
own a fold up treadmill
own a fortnum and mason hamper then have a picnic
own a fountain pen
own a good quality tripod
own a hammock
own a home
own a house
own a knitting kit
own a paper shredder
own a pearl strand necklace
own a pointless collection
own a scanner
own a sketching kit
own a small bar or restaurant with live music.
own a smart phone
own a suit i feel great in
own a torpedo ball game
own a watercolour set
own a whole shelve full of hvs movies
own all of the disney movies
own all seasons of --- series
own an award winning restaurant
own an old volkswagon campervan – and paint it
own an oragomi kit
own an original piece of artwork
own an original work of art
own electronic drums sometime in my life
own investment real estate
own my own bakery shop
own my own business - be self employed
own my own place
own my own trampoline park
own my very own printer
own pink shoes
own something that makes you feel like a millionaire
own the belgian linen curtains
own the best claw foot tub
own the perfect black suit
own the perfect little black dress
own your dream car
own your dream home

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ideas N

Name a pet after a cartoon character
Name a star
Natural bridge and glow worm night tour
Navigate a personal submarine
Navigate by the stars
Nearly die, then don't.
Never become a desperate housewife
Never become a materialistic person!
Never belong to an organized religion
Never change myself for anyone
Never get divorced
Never get plastic surgery to enhance my looks
Never smoke cigarettes
Never stop exploring
Never stop learning
Never stop traveling the world
Never use a tanning bed!
Never use the following again: not now, I'm too busy, maybe, some other time, later etc
New year’s eve in NYC
New year’s eve kiss in an incredible location
Niagara falls lit up at night
Noah’s ark
Not eat any take away for 7 days
Not eat anything with added sugar for 7 days
Not fall off a t-bar for an entire snow season
Not get sick for 6 months
Not stack an unload from a ski lift for an entire snow season
Not waste a single grocery item for at least 3 months

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ideas, M

Made homemade cookies from scratch
Mail a painted coconut to someone
Mail a secret to postsecret
Maintain a positive attitude
Make --- (food)
Make --- / in ---
Make $1,000,000
Make $10 all in a day, just from recycling cans and bottles
Make $5 all in a day, just from recycling cans and bottles
Make 10 crazy pictures and keep them forever
Make 10 different types of dip
Make 10 different types of grilled cheese sandwiches
Make 10 different types of pasta
Make 10 fall themed recipes
Make 10 new recipes in a month
Make 10 spring themed recipes
Make 10 summer themed recipes
Make 10 vegan recipes
Make 10 winter themed recipes
Make 100 different flavors of popsicles
Make 1000 paper cranes and send them down a river
Make 12 different shots recipes
Make 20 different crock pot recipes
Make 20 new recipes in a month
Make 25 different christmas recipes
Make 25 different thanksgiving recipes
Make 25 new dessert recipes
Make 50 dishes from middle-earth
Make 50 new recipes
Make 7 layer bean dip
Make a --- cocktail
Make a "above all that is random" kind of vid with ming!
Make a "wall of inspiration" in my room
Make a 7lb cheese burger
Make a balloon animal
Make a balloon dress
Make a band
Make a bird feeder
Make a 'bird is the word' shirt
Make a bonsai tree
Make a book with my 101 favorite quotes
Make a bow back top
Make a braid style scarf
Make a bread from 50 different countries
Make a 'breakfast with charlie' video of me eating dim sum
Make a bucket list
Make a bucket list journal!
Make a bullroarer of my own and use it
Make a candle
Make a canvas of mine and my kids footprints and our hands
Make a canvas picture with buttons
Make a cardboard cut out of a car and go through a drive thru
Make a celtic song
Make a checkerboard cake
Make a child laugh uncontrollably
Make a coffee table book
Make a coffee table book with my favorite quotes and pictures I have taken
Make a collage
Make a collective haul
Make a coloring book
Make a comic book
Make a complete and utter fool of yourself.
Make a complete meal over a fire
Make a complete stranger laugh at my joke
Make a continuous action sequence
Make a cosmic shirt
Make a costume mask
Make a cut of unusual hair for me
Make a cute picture with a boy
Make a daisy chain
Make a daisy chain crown
Make a difference in at least one person's life
Make a difference to the world
Make a diorama
Make a dish which involves setting something on fire
Make a dish you’ve never made before
Make a documentary film
Make a donation
Make a donation to http://www.gofundme.com/hopeforkeeley to help a little girl walk
Make a drawing course
Make a dreamcatcher
Make a duct tape dress
Make a duct tape vest
Make a dugout canoe
Make a family flag
Make a fire circle in the back yard
Make a fishing themed birthday cake for a friends birthday
Make a flower headband
Make a font of my handwriting
Make a fool of yourself.
Make a fort
Make a friend at a sports stadium
Make a friendship bracelet
Make a galaxy shirt
Make a gigantic snowball
Make a gingerbread house
Make a goofy video of yourself dancing
Make a grass trumpet
Make a half-court shot
Make a hand heart with my lover
Make a handmade gift
Make a handmade greeting card
Make a hole in one
Make a hole-in-one
Make a hole-in-one.
Make a hollow book
Make a home for a wild animal
Make a home made porn video
Make a homemade beauty product
Make a house of cards
Make a huge elastic band ball
Make a human ring around a redwood tree
Make a kite and fly it
Make a kiva.com loan
Make a lifelong friend in another country
Make a list "100 facts about me"
Make a list of 100 songs I could never get tired of listening to
Make a list of every book I read from now on
Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and then write them a letter
Make a list with more than 100 original band names
Make a massive scrap book
Make a maze
Make a memory jar for when i’m 55
Make a memory quilt
Make a message in the sand
Make a model car
Make a molotov cocktail
Make a mosaic picture
Make a movie
Make a mud pie
Make a new recipe once a day for a month
Make a night bike that glows in the dark with phosphorescent paint
Make a parody of justin bieber’s baby
Make a peach cobbler
Make a personal cookbook with 50 recipes
Make a piece of clothing
Make a pilgrimage to bonneville salt flats, site of land-speed-record attempts for more than fifty years and a big piece of gorgeous nowhere. Go there to drive very faSt. Go there to camp. Go there for the sunrises and the sunsets and the stars at night. Go there to be alone.
Make a pin hole box viewer and watch a solar eclipse
Make a pinata cake
Make a pizza totally from scratch
Make a playlist of my favorite songs
Make a pleasant instrumental backing track
Make a plushie
Make a posh occasion cake
Make a pumpkin pie
Make a putt putt golf hole in one
Make a quilt
Make a quilt out of t-shirts of all 50 states
Make a quilt out of your old t-shirts and blankets
Make a rainbow rose
Make a really catchy dance song
Make a recipe book of my favorite recipes
Make a reportage
Make a sandcastle... Out of graham crackers!
Make a sandwich at three in the morning.
Make a sandwich cake
Make a scrapbook full of memories
Make a secret stash of inappropriate pictures of your child and compile for their 18th birthday and graduation
Make a significant change in someone’s life
Make a skittles dress
Make a skull tee
Make a smore
Make a snow angel
Make a snow angel in antarctica
Make a snowman
Make a 'soundtrack of my life'
Make a southwestern skillet
Make a story in the newspaper
Make a strawberry almond layer cake
Make a subliminal seduction cocktail
Make a summer playlist
Make a surfboard
Make a tardis book case
Make a tie dye shirt
Make a tie-dye shirt
Make a topsy turvy cake
Make a trail with sticks
Make a transposed cover of 'song of the rain'
Make a travel playlist
Make a treasure hunt
Make a tutu
Make a two-colored drink
Make a vegetable man
Make a video about my closet
Make a video about my jewelry collection
Make a video about my shoe collection
Make a video and put it online
Make a video for dumb ways to die
Make a video for the dumb ways to die parody
Make a vision board
Make a vlog
Make a volcano with my daughter
Make a water balloon piñata
Make a website
Make a whole cake for no reason other than to sit there and attack it with forks alone/with your roommate/boyfriend.
Make a wish at rome's trevi fountain
Make a wish at the fontana di trevi
Make a wish on a dandelion
Make a wish on a shooting star
Make a yarn balloon
Make acorn doughnut holes
Make amigurumi
Make an acapella video
Make an adventure book
Make an aging video~for my funeral (for when I am old;)
Make an eggnog pie
Make an everbuying unboxing video
Make an important decision with a coin toss
Make an incredibly important decision very quickly.
Make an inspirational video
Make an item of jewellery
Make an omelette
Make an origami animal
Make an ugly painting and sell it for more than a 50 dollars
Make an unboxing video
Make anchovy and parmesan wedges
Make anchovy crackers
Make and drink jell-o shooters
Make and fly a kite
Make and give out care packages to the homeless
Make and smoke a cross joint
Make armadillo eggs
Make at least $200k in a given year.
Make at least $50 a day doing something other than my job
Make avocado chicken parmigiana
Make avocado cupcakes
Make avocado mac and cheese
Make avocado, cream cheese, and salsa pockets
Make bacon cheddar deviled eggs
Make bacon cups
Make bacon wrapped smokies with brown sugar and butter
Make bacon-wrapped potato bites
Make baileys marshmallows
Make big homemade bubbles with my kids
Make billionaire bars
Make blankets for the homeless
Make blonde brownies on national blonde brownie day,january 22
Make broccoli cheddar chicken braid
Make broccoli cheese twice baked potatoes
Make brownie batter dip
Make brownie mosaic cheesecake
Make butterfinger puppy chow
Make butterscotch from scratch
Make cake pops
Make candy sleighs for christmas
Make 'canon rock' with qian
Make caramel apple cupcakes
Make cards (birthday, thank you, etc)
Make cement
Make cheese
Make cheesy bacon oven chips with chipotle ranch sauce
Make chicken avocado soup
Make chicken cordon bleu casserole
Make chicken enchilada roll ups
Make chicken yakisoba
Make chinese soup by myself
Make chocolate chip cookie dough fudge
Make chocolate-vanilla swirl cookies
Make christmas dinner for my family
Make cider battered oysters
Make coffee art
Make colorful bubble snakes
Make compost
Make cookie dough cupcakes
Make cookie dough ice cream pizza
Make cookies 'n'cream cookies
Make cowboy casserole
Make cream cheese pound cake
Make creamsicle cake
Make creme brulee with a blow torch
Make cups out of cans
Make enemies!
Make enough money to stop living paycheck to paycheck
Make every recipe in --- cookbook
Make fire by rubbing to sticks together
Make fire without matches
Make french dip crescent rolls
Make french toast with cream cheese
Make fresh pasta
Make friends all over the world
Make friends in 10 different countries
Make friends with a criminal
Make friends with a foreign person
Make friends with a local on public transport while travelling over seas
Make friends with people at a bar for one night
Make friendship bracelets
Make fruit kebabs
Make fudge oreo brownies
Make funny pictures in a library
Make galaxy shoes
Make glow in the dark bubbles / drink / flowers / ice / jello / paint /plants / powder / slime
Make glowing celestial mason jars
Make grilled coconut kale
Make hersheys kiss acorns
Make homemade au gratin potatoes
Make homemade glow sticks
Make homemade ice cream
Make homemade jam
Make homemade nutter butter cookies
Make homemade tamales
Make homemade waffle cones
Make honey mustard pretzel chicken
Make honeymoon reservations
Make ice cream
Make it into first place / top 10 / top 20 / top 50 / top 100 on the leader board at ---
Make it through a whole lollypop without biting
Make jack-o'-lantern cookies
Make jewelry
Make lasagna cups
Make leaf prints
Make loaded baked potato salad
Make loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through www.kiva.com
Make love / in a tent / in a yurt/ in a cabin / in front of the fire / in an airplane / in every room of the house / on a beach / on a football field / on a forest floor / on a train / on a tropical beach etc. Etc.
Make love in the back of a limo
Make love in the woods
Make love on a forest floor.
Make love on a train.
Make love on the kitchen floor.
Make love outside
Make mars bar vodka
Make meditation courses
Make melted crayon art
Make mini caramel apples
Make mini ice boats and sail them down the river
Make money from a website or web business
Make money from being a landlord
Make money from bitcoin mining
Make money from your own entrepreneurial project/business
Make more time for family and friends.
Make mosaic art
Make music like two steps from hell
Make my decisions by a coin for a day
Make my first animation
Make my first guitar solo
Make my own bow
Make my own cheesecake
Make my own christmas cards
Make my own christmas mince pie
Make my own face mask
Make my own fudge
Make my own lip balm
Make my own makeup foundation
Make my own melted crayon art
Make my own milkshake
Make my own patchwork quilt
Make my own perfume
Make my own piano cover for httyd2's 'flying with mother'
Make my own piñata
Make my own pottery
Make my own pouch
Make my own shoes
Make my own toothpaste
Make my own vest
Make my way through a funhouse
Make new friends
Make oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread
Make oreo pops
Make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth
Make owl cookies
Make paper
Make passable macaroons
Make peach cobbler
Make peanut butter from scratch
Make pirate cupcakes
Make play dough
Make pottery
Make prank phone calls
Make pumpkin bread
Make rainbow pancakes
Make rainbow roses
Make rattlesnake bites
Make red, white and blue cheesecake for 4th of july
Make rubbings of my ancestor's names at ellis island
Make shampoo
Make shower gel
Make snickers fudge
Make snow angels in alaska
Make snow angels naked
Make snow cones in your blender
Make soap
Make someone laugh
Make someone less fortunate smile on christmas
Make someone special a CD full of songs
Make someone speechless
Make something completely out of duct tape
Make something on a stick day on national something on a stick day,march 28
Make something with glow-in-the-dark graffiti
Make something with water light graffiti
Make something with your hands.
Make sour patch kid cupcakes
Make spinach lasagna roll ups
Make stained glass
Make stink bombs
Make stuffed tilapia fillets
Make sure my kids have a childhood filled with laughter, fun and amazing memories
Make the front page of a newspaper
Make the songs I've written come alive
Make time for family and friends
Make tuxedo strawberries
Make up a funny skit and perform it for your friends
Make up a testament
Make wine
Make yarn balloons
Make yeast bread
Make your best friend’s dream come true.
Make your own bread
Make your own jam
Make your own movie
Make your own pajama’s
Make your own skincare range
Make yourself spend a half-day at a concentration camp and swear never to forget.
Make yourself spend a half-day at a concentration camp and swear never to forget
Manage a staff
Manaka tapping treatment
Mardi gras in new orleans
Marry the love of my life
Master a flip turn in a pool
Master a free-standing handstand
Master a headstand
Master a new language
Master a skill with your nondominant hand.
Master a video game
Master archery
Master boiling and poaching eggs
Master lucid dreaming
Master pouching eggs
Master public speaking
Master studio-ing
Master the hula hoop
Master the scorpion yoga pose
Matagorda beach, texas
Matakauri lodge, queenstown, new zealand
Matekane air strip lesotho
Mattress hop
Maverick cedar point amusement park sandusky, ohio
Me 1084 points #465
Meditate every day for two weeks
Meditate for 20 minutes a day, every day for a year
Meditate in a buddhist temple
Meditate in a tranquil place
Meditate in india
Meditate in the wilderness
Meditate with a monk in tibet
Meet ¬¬¬---
Meet a blog reader in person
Meet a celebrity /and ask them a tons of crazy questions
Meet a childhood hero
Meet a drag queen
Meet a famous band
Meet a famous writer
Meet a friend for life in a foreign country
Meet a gypsy
Meet a hollywood a-lister
Meet a jew
Meet a lot of bands
Meet a monk
Meet a parrot that can talk
Meet a person born on the same day as me
Meet a real cowboy
Meet a real live leprechaun
Meet a rus
Meet a sasquatch
Meet a transgender
Meet a vampire
Meet a voodoo priest
Meet a war veteran / listen to there story / thank him or her
Meet a war veteran and listen to their story
Meet a war veteran and thank him or her
Meet a world leader
Meet adam young and thank him personally
Meet an alien
Meet an astronaut
Meet an author of one of my favourite books
Meet an eskimo
Meet an inspiring person and thank him/her
Meet and befriend a complete stranger
Meet and talk with your favorite designer
Meet at least one great-grandchild
Meet eskimos and sit in their igloo
Meet merida in Disneyland
Meet my grandchildren
Meet my pen pals
Meet oprah
Meet real gypsies
Meet relatives you’ve never met
Meet someone famous
Meet someone famous for doing something intelligent
Meet someone who has changed your life
Meet someone who has had a near death experience
Meet someone with the initials pbj and make a sandwich for them
Meet the dalai lama
Meet the double rainbow guy
Meet the president
Meet triplets
Meet villagers and watch ceremonies in papua new guinea
Meet your grandchildren
Meet your hero.
Melbourne zoo
Melbourne, victoria, au
Melt crayons onto a canvas
Memorize a poem and pass it on
Memorize a shakespeare soliloquy
Memorize at least three poems
Memorize every line in fight club
Memorize the name of every president of the u.s
Memorize the prime ministers in order
Menopause the musical las vegas
Mentor an at-risk child or teen
Mentor somebody
Mentor someone at work
Microwave a CD
Microwave a marshmallow
Microwave soap
Midnight stroll in paris
Milk a cow
Milk a dangerous snake
Milk a goat / cow / sheep / yak / horse
Miss my plane
Mix random things and drink
Mock the many naked statues in europe
Model for something well known
Moo at a cow
Moon a entire audience
Moonlight on the mountain alabama
Most important, I think, is to see the sites and locations that are personally important to you. The places that inspired your favorite books, the places where your favorite movies were filmed, not the birth places and cemeteries, but the places where your favorite authors, musicians, artists, actors and other celebrities lived and worked. What kind of sights influenced your heroes and ideals.
Motorcycle across nevada's desert flats
Motorcycle in isle of man
Motorcycle through the desert
Move away from home to an unfamiliar place
Move back to montana
Move back to my hometown
Move into a house with a garden
Move out
Move out of my parents' house
Move to a big city
Move to a different country.
Move to New York
Move to the beach and start a boat rental
Moved to a new city to start over
Mud festival
Mud wrestle
Mud wrestle someone
Mush a dog sled
My portrait done by callowlily
My very own horse!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ideas L

Land a flip on a wakeboard
Land a no footer on a dirt bike
Land on and take off from an aircraft carrier
Laser tagging
Lasso the moon
Laugh so hard I cry
Laugh until I cry
Launch a pumpkin from a cannon
Launch a sky lantern
Lay down in a field of daises
Lay down on a railroad track
Lay flowers on a lonely grave
Lay flowers on a random roadside memorial
Lay flowers on a roadside memorial
Lay in a hammock
Lay in a hammock and enjoy the moment.
Lay in a rowing boat with someone I love and just look into the sky in silence
Lay in the road in the middle of the night
Lay on a nail bed
Lay on the grass and make pictures out of the clouds
Lay on the grass and watch the clouds
Lay under a starlit sky and pick out the constellations with your lover
Lead an extraordinarily creative life
Lean into the wind
Learn 10 constellations, their names and stories
Learn 10 rap songs
Learn 101 card tricks
Learn 20 new things by clicking the random articles button on wikipedia
Learn 5 different tricks on a dirtbike
Learn 50 new things by clicking the random articles button on wikipedia
Learn a burlesque routine
Learn a flair bartending trick
Learn a form of martial arts
Learn a line dance
Learn a new card game
Learn a new extreme sport
Learn a new instrument
Learn a new language
Learn a new language.
Learn a new software program
Learn a new song
Learn a new word - try to use it as much as you can!
Learn a new word every day, for a year
Learn a new word everyday
Learn a swimming stroke
Learn about 10 new urban legends
Learn about an animal I know nothing about
Learn about my family history
Learn about the night sky and find constellations
Learn about your family history
Learn aerial silks
Learn all moons of all planets in our solar system
Learn all the rules to ---
Learn all the words to ---
Learn an instrument
Learn archery
Learn astronomy
Learn calligraphy
Learn capoeira
Learn car driving
Learn chi running
Learn Classical Chinese
Learn coin tricks
Learn CPR
Learn dutch
Learn fire poi and perform infront of my friends
Learn first aid
Learn five songs on the guitar
Learn fly fishing
Learn graffiti art
Learn how liqueurs, beer and wine are made
Learn how to bike on ramps
Learn how to blow smoke rings
Learn how to burnout
Learn how to can and preserve food
Learn how to clean and fillet fish
Learn how to complain effectively -- and do it!
Learn how to cook a 4 course italian meal
Learn how to crack an egg with one hand
Learn how to create the perfect "smokey eye"
Learn how to create the perfect “smokey eye”
Learn how to darn socks
Learn how to dive off a diving board
Learn how to do a back handspring
Learn how to do a backflip
Learn how to do a backflip.
Learn how to do the hoedown throwdown
Learn how to double dutch rope
Learn how to drive
Learn how to fold origami
Learn how to forage for mushrooms
Learn how to hack
Learn how to headspin
Learn how to ice skate
Learn how to ice-skate backwards
Learn how to ice-skate/rollerblade backwards
Learn how to identify edible, poisonous, helpful plants and herbs
Learn how to joint a chicken
Learn how to knit/crochet
Learn how to lucid dream
Learn how to make a national dish
Learn how to make an old-fashioned at the drop of a hat.
Learn how to make an omelet
Learn how to make cranes from origami
Learn how to make exotic cocktails
Learn how to make hair bows
Learn how to make origami birds
Learn how to meditate
Learn how to navigate using the stars
Learn how to ollie on a skateboard
Learn how to pitch a tent
Learn how to play a taylor swift song on guitar
Learn how to play chess
Learn how to play first person shooter games - beat a game
Learn how to play the guitar
Learn how to play the guitar.
Learn how to play the harmonica
Learn how to pole dance
Learn how to properly do make up
Learn how to reproduce a historic costume
Learn how to say "hello" in 50 languages
Learn how to sew a button or do small mending
Learn how to shoulder hoop
Learn how to shuffle
Learn how to sing within my octave
Learn how to skateboard
Learn how to snowboard
Learn how to speak and listen cantonese
Learn how to square dance
Learn how to surf
Learn how to take a compliment.
Learn how to take compliments
Learn how to take criticism
Learn how to tie all sorts of knots and use them
Learn how to trade currency
Learn how to use a butterfly knife
Learn how to use a fire stick
Learn how to use a kayak
Learn how to use a pogo stick
Learn how to use all the functions on my camera
Learn how to use chopsticks
Learn how to water ski
Learn how to waterfall braid
Learn how to whistle loud using my fingers
Learn how to whistle real loud with my fingers
Learn how to write my name in japanese
Learn how to write with both hands
Learn karate
Learn kungfu
Learn latin
Learn material arts / karate
Learn more about africa / australia / france / india
Learn more about australian aboriginal dream time
Learn more about butterflies / dolphins / koalas / sharks / snails / snakes
Learn more about me and my family tree
Learn more about my family history
Learn more about the 1940's-1950's of america
Learn muay thai/mma
Learn not to say yes when you really mean no
Learn not to say yes when you really mean no.
Learn not to take what others do or say personally
Learn one thing about your favorite actor/actress that you didn't already know
Learn origami
Learn parkour/freerunning
Learn people in a foreign country the kabouterdans
Learn pirate history!
Learn pottery
Learn programming
Learn proper power batting mechanics
Learn public speaking and enroll yourself as a guest speaker at a conference/event
Learn shakespeare’s to be how to be out of my head
Learn sign language
Learn some thieving skills (woah there, it's for emergencies.)
Learn something unique about the history of your state/country
Learn srv's pride and joy on guitar
Learn sweet child o'mine by guns n roses on guitar
Learn tap dance
Learn the 50 us states in alphabetical order
Learn the alphabet backwards
Learn the alphabet in sign language
Learn the art of fire dancing
Learn the basics of tree and bird identification
Learn the capitals of all the countries in the world
Learn the cha cha
Learn the command line
Learn the heimlich maneuver
Learn the janitor's name at your work
Learn the kickapoo song on guitar by tenacious d
Learn the lyrics to ---
Learn the myths and legends of your home town
Learn the national anthem of the USA
Learn the origins of 10 famous urban legends
Learn the origins of every major holiday we celebrate
Learn the proper running technique so I don’t get injured on runs
Learn the rockafella skank
Learn the rules of baseball
Learn the sweet transvestite song from rocky horror picture show!
Learn the throw a knuckle curveball
Learn the time warp dance from rocky horror picture show
Learn the us presidents in order
Learn time management
Learn to "sing" screamo
Learn to act within your sphere of influence and stop worrying about things which are not within your control
Learn to allow yourself to make mistakes
Learn to bake bread
Learn to ballroom dance properly.
Learn to bartend
Learn to bartend
Learn to bartend.
Learn to become an expert in something you’ve always found interesting
Learn to booty shake!
Learn to breathe in and out at the same time
Learn to brew beer
Learn to can food
Learn to cartwheel and handstand
Learn to communicate with animals
Learn to confidently drive a manual car
Learn to cook
Learn to cook at least three items of food from at least ten different cultures
Learn to curl
Learn to dance well
Learn to distinguish the many accents of britain and australia
Learn to dive.
Learn to dj or mix electronic music.
Learn to do a “tree flip.”
Learn to do a 360 spin on a snowboard
Learn to do a back flip
Learn to do a halo braid
Learn to do a handstand
Learn to do a penny drop
Learn to do a proper dive into the pool
Learn to do a proper handstand
Learn to do a sleight-of-hand magic trick and get good at it
Learn to do a split
Learn to do a standing somersault
Learn to do a wall flip
Learn to do a wheelie on your skateboard
Learn to do my own party makeup
Learn to do the hula hoop
Learn to do the rubik's cube
Learn to do three bike tricks
Learn to draw
Learn to drift
Learn to drive
Learn to drive a motorcycle, really well
Learn to drive a stick shift
Learn to establish rapport with others
Learn to fence
Learn to figure skate
Learn to fingerpick real fast
Learn to fingerstyle real awesomely
Learn to flip pancakes with only the pan
Learn to fly a plane
Learn to forgive
Learn to glass blow
Learn to handle jehovah’s witnesses
Learn to handle telephone solicitors
Learn to handle your banker
Learn to handle your tax forms
Learn to horse ride
Learn to hula hoop
Learn to hunt with a spear
Learn to ice skate
Learn to ice skate backwards
Learn to identify constellations on sight
Learn to identify dog breeds
Learn to identify every country on a map
Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants in the wild
Learn to interpret body language
Learn to juggle
Learn to juggle with 3 balls
Learn to juggle with three balls.
Learn to jump and run on power stilts
Learn to jump on a horse
Learn to jump start a car
Learn to knit
Learn to knit something other than a scarf
Learn to lampwork
Learn to like some stuff you're pretty sure you didn't.
Learn to live in the now
Learn to lockpick
Learn to love the reflection that you see in the mirror
Learn to make a 360
Learn to make a good mixed drink
Learn to make a national dish from the country you are from
Learn to make balloon animals / make a balloon animal
Learn to make candles
Learn to make my gannys cheese scones
Learn to make natural beauty products
Learn to make one full meal.
Learn to make one mixed cocktail like a pro bartender
Learn to make pizza crust
Learn to make pottery
Learn to make shoes
Learn to make soap
Learn to make the best long island tea ever
Learn to master face reading
Learn to master survival skills
Learn to meditate
Learn to meditate.
Learn to moonwalk
Learn to name all countries without using a map.
Learn to paint
Learn to pick locks
Learn to pickpocket
Learn to planche
Learn to play --- on guitar / piano
Learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill.
Learn to play a song on an instrument
Learn to play a song on the piano
Learn to play an instrument / blues piano / drums /guitar / jew harp / piano / harmonica / saxophone / theremin / ukulele / giolin
Learn to play at least 10 popular card games
Learn to play at least 10 popular card games / backgammon / bridge / chess / gin rummy / poker / spades /
Learn to play badminton / golf  / ping pong / table tennis / racquet ball / pool / squash / tennis /
Learn to play guitar.
Learn to prepare and to serve at least three alcoholic drinks
Learn to read tarot cards
Learn to ride a bike efficiently and safely
Learn to ride a dirtbike
Learn to ride a horse
Learn to ride a motorcycle
Learn to ride a skateboard
Learn to ride and care for horses
Learn to ride your bike hands free
Learn to rollerblade
Learn to rollerblade.
Learn to saddle and ride a horse
Learn to sail
Learn to sail.
Learn to salsa
Learn to salsa dance
Learn to say "hello and thank you" in 10 languages
Learn to say "no" without feeling guilty
Learn to say “hello” in 100 languages
Learn to say exactly what I mean
Learn to say hello in 50 different languages
Learn to say the alphabet backwards really, really fast
Learn to shave with a straight razor
Learn to shoot a gun
Learn to shuck oysters
Learn to sing
Learn to skateboard on ramps
Learn to skimboard
Learn to skip rocks
Learn to slide into base
Learn to snowboard
Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it.
Learn to speak a new language fluently
Learn to speak conversational spanish. (half-way there in colombia 2014)
Learn to stand up paddle board
Learn to stay underwater for more than 5 minutes
Learn to surf
Learn to surf (took lessons in bali 2010). Learn to surf properly!
Learn to survive in the wilderness
Learn to swim
Learn to swim properly
Learn to tell a joke.
Learn to tell time by looking at the skies or paying attention to tides
Learn to throw a boomerang
Learn to throw a curveball
Learn to throw a fastball
Learn to throw a slider
Learn to throw knives
Learn to tie a tie
Learn to tie sailors’ knots
Learn to use a microphone and give a speech in public.
Learn to use a pogo stick
Learn to use a sewing machine
Learn to use a sword, katana, etc
Learn to use chopsticks
Learn to vogue
Learn to wakeboard
Learn to walk on your hands
Learn to whistle with two fingers
Learn to windmill in breakdancing
Learn to work a bull whip
Learn to write with my foot
Learn to write with my left hand
Learn to yodel
Learn ultimate frisbee
Learn which bridges to cross and which to burn
Learn windsurfing
Learn yoga and meditation
Learning ioaga outdoors and or tai chi
Learning survival skills in scottsdale, az
Leave $50 in a blind's person cup
Leave 100 roses on 100 random windshields
Leave 20 inspirational notes in random places
Leave a 100% tip for a server
Leave a candy with my tip at the restaurant
Leave a nice note on somebody's car window
Leave a note in a library book
Leave a note on a windshield
Leave a note on someones car window
Leave a rose on a random cars windscreen
Leave a shoe at a ball
Leave a stranger a book to read
Leave a tip big enough to upset you.
Leave a valuable contribution in your area of expertise
Leave all financial matters in great shape for family members upon passing on
Leave an inspirational note in a book that I leave behind for a stranger to find
Leave any wealth or assets I have when I go out to people who really deserve and need them.
Leave flowers on someone's doorstep
Leave flowers on the grave of someone I don't know
Leave inspirational notes for strangers to find
Leave little inspirational notes for strangers to find
Leave my email address in 50 different places and see if anyone emails
Leave my mark in graffiti
Leave my mark on one of my trains
Leave notes for strangers to find
Leave this town
Let a homeless person stay at my place for a night
Let a marshmallow explode
Let a waiter order a meal for me
Let go of 100 balloons at one time
Let go of 100 balloons at one time.
Let go of 99 red balloons
Let go of helium balloons with notes attached
Let go of your past
Let someone cut my hair however they want
Let someone else have the chance I missed
Let someone feed you peeled, seedless grapes.
Let someone go in line in front of you
Let someone take a shot off of my belly
Let your hair grow down to your waist
Leverage my blog audience to make a major positive impact in at least 10 peoples lives (we’ve already helped my friend ryan, and tim & rodrigo (two scholarship awardees at digital nomad academy).
Lick an iceberg
Lick the beaters
Lick the liberty bell
Lie naked on a mountain top one summer's night and look at the stars
Lie on the ground in a grove of giant sequoias
Lie on the ground in a grove of giant sequoias, the largest living things on earth, and look up
Lifeguard certification
Light a candle for a past loved one at the christ redeemer in brazil
Light fireworks
List 10 things I am grateful for each day
List 10 things you are grateful for every day for 1 month
List 10 things you are grateful/thankful for every day for 1 month
List 20 things you like about someone. Now give the list to that person and make their day
List 5 things things that made me happy every day for 1 month
List 50 things that have happened to me to shape who I am today
Listen to " I just had sex" after having sex
Listen to 10 albums by artists I've not listened to before
Listen to 26 bands i’ve never heard of, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
Listen to 26 songs I've never listened to starting with each letter of the alphabet
Listen to every song from the 100 greatest rock songs of the 1990s
Listen to someone worse off than you
Listen to the owls in the forest at night
Listen to the red hot chili peppers for 10 hours straight
Listen to the top 100 best albums of all time
Listen to the wind howl on a chilly winter night
Listen to your favorite band/singer play in concert
Live alone. Be naked in your kitchen for no reason. Make a huge mess. Have your own glorious closet. Come home at 5 a.m. And make a hot pocket in the microwave. Go to bed at 8 on a Tuesday without interruption.
Live for (at least) 1 year in a warm climate
Live in --- (place) / --- (country) / with --- / for a week/month/year
Live in a buddhist temple for a period of time
Live in a cabin in the woods, cut off from the rest of society
Live in a foreign country
Live in a foreign country for at least 3 months
Live in a foreign country for six months
Live in a gothic victorian style house
Live in a hotel suite for a week
Live in a house with a fireplace
Live in a house with a spiral staircase
Live in a house with a turret
Live in a house with secret doors, rooms, or passages
Live in a houseboat
Live in a hut on the beach for several months
Live in a room with a walk in wardrobe
Live in a shack by the sea
Live in a small town - population less than 1000
Live in an alternate society
Live in an rv
Live in the middle of nowhere
Live in the wild for 2 weeks
Live in the wild for a short amount of time with nothing but basic survival tools
Live in the wilderness for a month
Live like a local for a month
Live like it's 1600 for a day
Live long enough to see marijuana legalized in america
Live long enough to see the first person on another planet
Live near the beach.
Live next to the water
Live on a boat
Live out of a backpack for a week in nature (or catch my own food)
Live somewhere exotic
Live somewhere with a balcony
Live through 4 seasons of the year – spring, summer, autumn, winter
Live to meet my grandchildren
Live to see an openly gay president
Live with my best friends
Live with my bestfriend
Live without electronics for a week
Live your nightmare.
Lived through a parent's death
Load and fire a musket
Locate a lost relative
Lock a love lock somewhere
Lock my heart-lock somewhere amazing!
Long-exposure shot of sex
Look at Jupiter through a telescope
Look at your baby pictures and reflect on where you've been since they were taken
Look for bigfoot
Look great in a bathing suit
Look into your child's eyes, see yourself, and smile.
Look to see what we can find in a rock pool
Loose a stone in weight
Lose --- kilos / pounds / stones
Lose 15 pounds without talking about it.
Lose my voice at a concert
Love land
Love myself, who I am and how I look
Love someone more than my own life
Love someone with all my heart, then learn from the mistakes
Love something other than yourself.