Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Decision making help tools

Now, the following is a bit of... well... hocuspocus or something... take it as you please.
If you don't "believe" in New Age spiritual ideas and magic and other such things and consider them bullshit, stop reading here, and move on, but I would like you to read on and make up your own mind of whether there is anything useful to you in what is said.
I am not saying you have to accept everything said in this blog as law or rule or fact, I'm not saying everything here works for everyone, but I expect you to be smart enough to at least read an article before deciding it's bullshit, and I expect you to be smart enough to adjust the suggestions to fit your values, lifestyle and methods you know work for you. 

After all, no-one needs to know, if you are afraid of being seen as "not serious" :-D

Nevertheless, you can go through your (or anyone else's) bucket list testing it according to these instructions, if you feel like it. 

Now, I came across this article today:
How to access intuition

I am a witch and I believe in things like intuition and qi and so on.

I don't "believe" in "ego" as the New Age circles define it, but I do acknowledge there's "something" in it, too.  I believe there's "something" in homeopathy and astrology as well. I don't know what it is, because there is no evidence to support the existing theories, and scientific evidence is rather important to me, but "something" makes it "work". It might be pure psychology and manipulation and placebo and "cold reading" in a way of saying things vaguely so that anything fits everyone, but psychology and placebo effect are real, scientific facts.

She mentioned "muscle testing". I didn't know what that is, so I went to find out what it is.
This is what I found.

Now, with me easy opening is "yes" and tight hold is "no". I am so surprised that it works. It might not be very easy to see the thing, but you will know what it is. When the hold is tight, it's like having an iron band supporting the link of your fingers. When the hold is loose, the fingers almost open by themselves.

You make the "question ring" with your less dominant hand, and test with the more dominant hand.

Test to see what your "yes/positive/good" and "no/negative/bad" are.

Firstly, you need to find out if your body "likes" the statements more than the questions. Which way do you get more clear answers? "Is my name ---?" or "My name is ---?"

                                YES                                                                                 NO
"My name is ---"                                                                   My name is [what ever it isn't, a name you
My name is [what ever it is, what ever you                     dislike, a name of a person/character you
have called yourself, what ever name you                       dislike]
associate yourself with].
With me it works with "Sanna" (my official name),
"Ketutar", "Anna" (a name I have used of my
 main characters), "Kate (or any form of Katherine)"
(One of my favorite names)

"I am a [woman/man - which ever you are]"                 "I am a [woman/man - which ever you aren't]"

"My birthday is in [which ever month it is]"                  "My birthday is in [which ever month it isn't]"

Think of something you like                                               Think of something you dislike

Think of something that has happened                            Think of something that has happened
that was good                                                                          that was bad

Think of someone you like/love                                         Think of someone you dislike/hate

As Cynthia Sue said, you can use this testing with about anything. You can for example check if you are allergic or oversensitive to some food, by holding a piece of the food in your dominant hand.

Another thing I have noticed is that it's better if you take your time and try to tune in the energy with your whole body.

You can also use the pendulum for muscle testing.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bucket List Journal

I have this household binder, with all kinds of printable factsheets and fillable lists and such. I have a Sabbath binder with "holiday grand plan" printed, so that I just need to follow a ready-made, reasonable and manageable list to get the dream holidays I want.

I think I need a List binder,  with a page (or more) for each entry on the list I want to do, with a reasonable and manageable list of steps to take to reach the goal, and a deadline. A place to record the journey and see my progress.

I want to do it this way, because then I have something tangible, instead of just words on the screen. [I mean, sites are closed, computers break, data is lost - a binder is harder to lose and easier to access at any time, without electricity, even when a site is down for maintenance, and so on. ;-)] Having printed something on paper makes it somehow more important, more real. I think. But I'm a book lover, so I would think so :-D

There's also another thing... if those "The Secret" -people are right, creating a "dream board" creates a force that helps you reach the dream.

Also, there's statistics (the legendary "they" say) that shows that people have better chances of losing weight if they keep a journal. Those same "they" also say that "if you write down your goals you are more apt to complete them. Set a realistic weight loss goal and the date that you want to achieve this goal. Write down everything you need to do to achieve your goal. Then it becomes a plan and not just a goal."

So - let's have a dream journal. Or The List Journal.

Write a page in your Dream Binder for every dream you have, how ever big or small, how ever reasonable and rational, how ever possible.

Then you need to cut it into steps and put a date on it.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.
A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.
A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

How to create S.M.A.R.T. goals:

SMART goals

To be able to keep a book on your achievements, you need to define your dreams and wishes. Make your wishes, goals SPECIFIC.
Write down
- what do I want to accomplish?
- why do I want to accomplish it?
- where do I want to accomplish it?
- when do I want to accomplish it?
- with whom do I want to accomplish it?
- with which limitations, requirements, equipment etc. do I need to accomplish it?

Make your goals MEASURABLE
- "get fit" is fine, but what does it mean? How do you measure fitness? Perhaps you wish to be able to perform certain fitness goals or get a certain result in a fitness test. Make it measurable, so you'll know when you have reached your goal.

Make your goals ATTAINABLE

Dreaming about impossible things is all nice and so, but feel unattainable and thus you won't even go for it. Sure, you might want to braid a mermaid's hair, but if you mean a real being that is half woman and half fish, that is probably not going to happen. Unless dreams count. So make your goal attainable.
What would be something real, attainable, possible, realistic, existing in this world that's close to this dream? Do you wish to braid Ariel's hair in Disney Land? Or perhaps go to some woman playing a mermaid? Or make a mermaid doll?

Or perhaps you think this isn't such a good idea after all, and decide to pursue something else in stead, something that is more realistic, more useful for your wellbeing and happiness, more useful for you to reach your other goals. But what do I know. One thing is for sure, it's only you who can say how serious your goals are. Something that might seem silly or stupid to me, might be the most important thing to you, and vice versa.

Also, some things are impossible TODAY TO YOU AS YOU ARE NOW, but you can learn, develop, evolve, grow, become more and better and adjust yourself to the requirements of the dream. Map your road in achievable steps. What is it you need to be able to do to be able to do something else?
For example, if I want to learn to drive a car, I get an instructor, sit in the car and drive slowly, slowly, in an area where I can't damage anyone nor the car. I get more and more used to driving, and soon I will be able to start driving among obstacles, then in slow traffic, then in heavy traffic, and while I get used to driving, I'm learning the traffic rules and training to control the car under difficult conditions, like ice on the road or rain or snow, and some basic car maintenance like filling the tank, changing the oil and tyres.
Now, I could start training to become a rally driver. Or start training driving lorries and buses and 18-wheelers and what ever there is.
So start small, take baby steps and take you to your goal step by step. Just like kids learn to run.

Make your goal RELEVANT

Do things that count. Do things that matter.

Bind your goal in TIME. Put a date on it. "Some day" never comes, neither does "tomorrow", "in the future", "one day" or "when I'm ..."
Another thing with TIME is that you can do anything 15 minutes a day. Do it for 15 minutes and then you can forget all about it until the next day and the next 15 minutes.
Or use the NaNoWriMo method and reach any goal working for it just one hour a day.

Some people add E.R. to this list. SMARTER. The E is ENJOYABLE and the R is REWARD or RE-EVALUATE (Practically the same thing. Keep an eye on what you have actually DONE and achieved. That in itself is a reward, it tells you you are not a lazy bum, you DO things, you REACH goals, YOU ARE MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!)

This is from TipJunkie

There are free printable project planner pages. I'm not too fond of them, just because they are printable, and full of prewritten text that is not relevant to me. I would like you to take a look at them and write down questions that are important to you, and then write each project page for itself, not fill in some form.

Important things to me are:
- what is it
- due date / schedule
- steps
- necessary equipment, tools, materials
- necessary contacts, people
- ideas, inspiration (sort of dream board)
- notes (things to remember, to consider, to check, to plan)

Create an Ice cream flavor

1) Think about your favorite ice cream flavors, desserts, candy, cocktails, fruits, spices...

2) Think about how those would be as ice cream and write a list; like "violet ice cream with candied violets and dried strawberries, striped with violet syrup"

3) Get a list of all existing ice cream flavors

4) Remove from your list all the existing ice creams

5) start experimenting.
Take some good vanilla ice cream and let it soften so that you can mix in different flavors.
You can get quite a lot of different flavors with essences, spices etc.
You can create ripple with sauces, syrups, jams and jellies.
You can make sorbet and mix with ice cream.
You can mix in pieces of fruit, cookies, candy. Dried edible flowers, nuts and almonds..

More ideas for flavor experimenting
What would your favorite flower be if it was ice cream?
What would your favorite animal be if it was ice cream?
How could you change your favorite ice cream to make it even better?

You could get ideas from this list: You Will Not Believe These Weird Ice Cream Flavors From All Over The World!

Or you could go all Japanese and create ice cream flavor no-one would ever eat - except the Japanese...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Importance of preparations

It's not enough to have a list.
It's not enough to SMART the list.
It's not enough to have the determination and will to get you through the list.
You need to prepare.

For example:

I have been trying to get myself out and walking for the last month.
There have been days when I think it would be nice, but decided not to, simply because the threshold was elevated by the fact that I hadn't prepared.
I am a lazy bum, so I need to have all the things I need in order.

I need to have my telephone and bluetooth unit charged.
I need to have my telephone, bluetooth unit and earphones ready.
I need to have the clothes I'm planning to use prepared, from sportsbra to good shoes.
Everything needs to be clean.
I also need to have something I can have over the clothes, if it's rainy or cold.
If it had been easy, just to get into the clothes, take my MP3 player and go, I would have gone.
When I needed to wait for the phone to charge and couldn't find my socks, I didn't go.

The same with everything else.
If you plan to yoga every morning, you need to have a place to yoga prepared, and the clothes you plan wearing.
If you plan to learn to play a guitar, you need a guitar that is stringed and tuned, and what ever material you plan to use to learn from, ready.
If you plan to watch a movie, you need to have a copy of that movie, and necessary equipment to watch that copy.
If you want to make a piece of art every day, you need your paper, pens, brushes, paint, what ever it is you plan to paint/draw and the necessary equipment.

It's much easier to get something done, when you have everything you need to do it with readily available.

These are Thirty-One organizing totes. 
The company creates them in different sizes, patterns and colors
and you can order them with embroidery.
I suggest you collect all the equipment, tools and materials for your project
in one box or bag or tote or caddy
to make it easier to get doing things.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The 100 items challenge

Reduce your property. Everything will be easier.
It will be easier to keep the household clean and tidy and reduce health risks
It will be easier to find the items one needs
Well... possessions ARE a burden. I invest a lot of time to take care of it, a lot of worries about what to do with it if something happens, like "what would you save if your home started burning?", and a lot of time, money and effort to WANT things, to OWN things, to HAVE and to HOLD... Things.

Reduce your property to 100 items.

Oh... this is hard.
I think if I counted everything that I own, the list goes way beyond 100. The books alone... I think I have some 1500+ books... and movies and games and things like that...

Books are not included to the list, neither are dishes and cleaning supplies and other household necessities.
That frees a LOT of space.

Also, collections count as 1 item.
That's even better.

So, what's left?

1. artist supplies
2. computer
3. bed and bed linen
4. nightstand
5. sleep apnea machine
6. my mobile phone and charger
7. ear phones
8. MP3 player
9. my dictaphone and empty cassettes
10. keys
11. wallet/card holder with the cards inside
12. underwear
13. sleepwear
14. bath robe
15. towels
16. - 51. a capsule wardrobe of some 35 items, shoes and accessories counted in
(3 short sleeve t-shirts, 3 long sleeve t-shirts, winter coat, trench, shawl, gloves, winter boots, sandals, walking shoes, short jacket, 3 tops/blouses, 3 skirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 3 dresses, 4 knits, clutch/purse, little handbag, messenger bag, pumps, LBD, hat)
52. CD collection
53. DVD collection
54. my jewelry collection
55. camera with lenses, charger, batteries, bag and memory cards
56. sportsgear; running shoes, clothes etc.
57. my figure skates
58. my long distance skates
59. Rötkö (my toy dog from my childhood)
60. My toiletry bag with what's inside ( toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, hair brush, comb, hair ties, bath brush, hand cream, body butter, small scissors, foot file, nail file, nail polisher - if every item is counted as one, this will take my list to 73)
61. important documents (passport etc.)
62. portable harddrive
63. a couple of extra memory sticks
64. my grandfather's violin
65. my guitar
66. my soprano recorder
67. my treble recorder
68. photos of my family
69. my great-grandmother's embroidery sample
70. my great-grandfather's handmade knife
71. all our magic cards
72. collection of games... (yes, I know, I know... but I call it a collection and that will do. My list.)
73. Canasta cards
74. my grandfather's candlesticks
75. my tarot cards
76. my witchy things (a collection)
77. reading glasses
78. work table and chair
79. kitchen table and chairs
80. books and book cases
81. my living room rug
82. paper drawer
83. a comfy chair

Right now it looks like it's not hard at all. Huh.

I will look to this deeper and try to diminish all my belongings to 100. Books not included. Nor art supplies and tools. Or furniture. Or kitchen things. Probably also not most of the interior decor, like rugs and artwork.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Be Debt Free

1) Go through your economy and finances.Write very clearly, using any aids that helps you to understand what's going on, how much income do you have and how much expenses do you have.

This is an image from a Swedish tv show called "Lyxfällan" (Luxury trap) 
- about people living over their resources and how they manage to get their economy in order.
The economical helpers have a pile of bills respective to the income of the person,
and they divide the money to the different categories;
living; food; transport; clothes; savings; others; loans
to show the situation in an easily understandable manner
You could do the same.

Do the envelope budgeting. Divide your incomes in as many envelopes as you need; living; food; saving; paying off debt; other. As you will be using real money and cash for as long as you are in debt, this will work. When the envelope is empty, there is no more money. No credit, no loans, no living on someone else's money or your own future money. So plan.

2) Find out to the pennies and cents how much EXACTLY do you have debt

3) Go through your property and sell anything that isn't necessary for your living and wellbeing.
You do not need luxury items.
You do not need brand items. You do not need collections. (Now, this is not a straight forward question, some collections are harder to recollect than others. Do not sell the rarities of your collection, sell just the collections that can relatively easily be collected again. Like stamps or dolls or malachite items or some specific China pattern. Chanel bags and Hermés scarves. Those things can be found again. Don't sell the knife your great-grandfather made himself or your grandmother's china, if you are collecting that china pattern. Also, if it breaks your heart to sell something, don't.)

4) Downsize. Get a car - if you must have a car - that uses very little fuel.You don't need the latest model of iPhone. You don't need several computers, laptops, pads etc. You don't need a fancy coffee machine or dryer or tens of kitchen gadgets.

5) Cut all the expenses that aren't necessary. Get rid of the television all together and all possible cable costs etc. You don't need Netflix etc.
Renegotiate all deals like telephone, electricity, water etc. that you can, and try to find the most economical solution. Cut your water and electricity use to minimum.

6) Find free entertainment. Things like board games, reading books out loud etc.
Don't go to movies unless someone pays for you. Drop your magazine subscriptions and go read them at a library.

7) Minimize your wardrobe. Learn to mend your clothes. Get rid of all the "dry cleaning only" clothes. Get a working capsule wardrobe you renew with 5 new pieces twice a year.

8) Go through your food budget.
Learn cooking.
Make food plans and menus.
Cook big portions and freeze what's left over if you don't eat it the next day.
See if it works better for you to buy for the day or to buy in big packs and fill the freezer.
Veggies are cheaper than meat, so try to replace as much meat as you can with vegetable proteins, eggs and dairy.
Stop eating store bought snacks, candy, cereals and ready-made food, frozen meals etc.
Learn to make these things yourself, from scratch, and replace candy with fruits.
Start having a "Sunday dinner" with dessert once a week (any day of the week is fine).
Plant a kitchen garden. You can grow tomatoes on a windowsill, if you don't have any land. You can grow a lot of edible things in pots. Everything you grow is practically free food.
Go foraging. Learn to eat mushrooms and other wild veggies. 
(Now, in Sweden and Finland there's something called "Everyman's Right" or "Freedom to Roam", which states that mushrooms and berries that grow in a forest are free to all. One may not harm trees, but most of the herbs are free to be picked and eaten, like nettles etc. There's a lot of "free salad" and greens in the forest to give flavor to your food. Find out what your rights are in your country, what is free to be picked and also find out if some of the edible plants are endangered or protected etc.)
Don't eat out.
Make your lunch for your job, and get a coffee cup that can be refilled and fill it at home. You can be without some brand coffee drinks for the time it takes to get you debt free, and THEN you can start enjoying your favorite "drugs". Frankly, there are copycat recipes for most if not all brand name coffee house and restaurant dishes.
Don't buy bottled water or soda or any drinks, basically. Get a water bottle you fill at home. Learn to drink water in stead of anything else. You can enjoy good wines when it's served free or when you are debt free. Not before.
And every time you think
"I'm going to buy one cup, it's not that much and I deserve it! It can't be that I'm supposed to give up ALL my pleasures!"
tell yourself that
it's just that attitude that got you in debt.
You want to be debt free more than you want that cup of coffee.
It might not feel that way right now, right now I KNOW you want nothing as much as that cup of coffee, but trust me. The feeling is LYING. You want to have a debt free cup of coffee in the future.
You don't want to steal from yourself.
You will go home and get yourself a cheaper but as good cup of coffee at home, and you will feel good about yourself and put the difference in your piggybank and thank God, the Universe, Fate, what ever, that you can save and you can pay off your debt.
And apologise to yourself that you used the money in the past to buy some unnecessary gidgetamathingy so that you can't go and buy yourself that cup of coffee.
And remind yourself of that the world is full of free and cheap pleasures, you are not giving up anything that's not worth giving up, and you will be able to enjoy the non-free pleasures in the future if you choose something cheaper or free this time.
 You can't afford it, get over it.

9) Get frugal with EVERYTHING. Try to see how little you can use of things like tooth paste and toilet paper.

10) cut all your credit cards. Don't buy anything on credit. Pay everything straight, in cash. Even debit cards make you use more money that you need to!

11) try to get more incomes. If you can't it's OK because the trick is to minimize the expenses, not to maximize the income.

12) Start paying your debt.
Start with the money you have borrowed from family and friends.
Then pay off the ones with highest interest. If the interest is the same, pay the smallest ones first. If the amount is the same, pay the ones that will cost more in the future first. If the development is the same, pay the oldest ones first.
Try to consolidate your debt.  

13) Every month, put at least 10% in a savings account first, before paying or buying anything else.
Whenever you get even a cent extra money, use it to pay off your debts. (Or put it on the saving account, to be able to pay off bigger chunks at once.)
Everything you don't spend, save. (We get our "salary" twice a month. Every time the new "salary" comes to our account, we save what's left of the previous "salary".)
Empty your pockets of coins and bills when you come home at night and save that cash.

14) Change your words.
Instead of thinking "that's so cheap, it only costs ---" think "I don't need to buy that, I'll save an extra --- and can pay off my debt earlier!"
Learn to think "what can I do without that?"
If the word "budget" sounds like a "diet" and reminds you only of things you can't have and you have to be without and you have to give up, change it. Use "spending plan" in stead. Or "Roadmap to economical freedom and independence".
The same with "debt".
Use words that make the saving and paying off your debts look exciting, interesting, positive, empowering - after all, you CAN get debt free! You can pay off your loans! You can pay your bills! You can!
Rename bill paying. Rename everything! :-D

15) Start respecting money.
Now, this might be a lot of hoohaa, but it might also work. Treat every coin and bill in your wallet as if it was an irreplacable piece of a collection. Smooth the bills gently and put them in neat order in your wallet, all facing the same way, from the smallest to the biggest. Always have a little money in your wallet. You can even polish your coins if you want to. Scrooge McDuck might be onto something ;-) :-D

16) cut the stimulants. Cut the coffee, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, candy... None of that is necessary. All of that costs more than useful substances. Something like tea or chewing gum might have a positive health effect or a psychological effect that makes it worth the money to keep using, but potato chips, coca cola and cocktails don't. It might be hard to get over the addiction, but it's definitely worth it, in every way.
Also, it's easier to cut an addiction if you get a fun and enjoyable life. People happily in love can quit anything.

17) Cut out the gym, hair dresser, spa and beauty treatments, tanning and salon visits. Start growing your hair long, stop shaving.

18) cut vacations and traveling for as long as it takes you to pay off your debt. You will have time and money for both AFTER.
(Remember, YOU created your debt. No-one forced it on you. YOU are 100% responsible for it. YOU spend your vacation money on something else before you even got the chance to travel. YOU did. This is just a reasonable and deserved consequence of YOUR OWN ACTIONS.)

Find out how much will it cost to repair or replace something that is essential for your life. For us it's the internet. We will always have enough money saved to buy a new computer at any time. That money will not be used to anything else, and not be counted as backup plan or something like that, because we need the computer at all times. You might need to have saved as much as it takes to repair your car, or to pay medical bills or to travel to see your dying parent the last time. What ever it is, you know what you need.

20. You also need some plan for "I want to quit, I can't do this!" moments. You need to plan some sort of mini vacation during which everything is "normal" and you don't need to save money and think about your debt and try to figure out how to earn more money... For example, visit a museum or art gallery you have been interested in for a long time and treat yourself with a nice lunch out. Take a mini beauty treatment at a spa. Something like this. Go have a picnic. Have a candlelight dinner. Go to movies and eat trash food after. I mean... something that to you means carefree and luxurious, but that is still relatively cheap so that it won't crash your plan for economical freedom.

21. Pay your bills in time. Pay your bills as soon as you get them. If you can't, call the company and tell them you'll be paying a little late. Some times that is enough for them not to whack any late payment fees on you.

Social Media

The main thing about social media is GET ACTIVE!
You really don't need to care much about what you post, just as long as you post.

To get more influential, you should be reliable and interesting.
Post about things you are interested in. A lot of people are interested in the same things.
Learn something new every day. Read a lot.
Follow the trends. Get involved in the trending things, like tv shows or books or movies. 
(This is not so that you could follow the trends and post what everyone else posts, but to get an idea how trending works and how to create original content by the trends, perhaps even creating trends...)
Learn from others. Create content SIMILAR to others (Don't steal, don't copy!)
Get social, interact. Go to meetings, chat with people, always leave "likes" and "comments", follow people. Treat your readers as real people, and present yourself as a real person as well. Post enough details about your life that makes people remember that you are a real person.
Post pictures. Preferably your own. Get a camera and get used to it. Get Photoshop and get used to it. It's not difficult to get share-worthy photos or to create infographics.

Spread yourself to all social medias you can find and crosspost. Right now you should have
- Twitter
- Tumblr (for sharing photos, interesting pictures, infographics etc.)
- Instagram
- Facebook
- Pinterest
- blog on some free blogging site unless you can create a passive income through a blog to pay for a unique URL. I like Blogger. My husband likes Wordpress.

Examples of Social Media goals:

Be influential on Social Media
Achieve 1 million / 2 million / 5 million page views per month
Achieve 10 million page views per month
Achieve 10,000/20,000 subscribers

Delete your social media profiles for at least a week

Get a YouTube account
Get 10 / 20 / 100 / 1000 followers on YouTube
Start a vlog on YouTube
Make a YouTube video / make a YouTube craft video
Share my DVD collection on YouTube
Cover --- by --- / and put it on YouTube
Make a YouTube jam cover with a friend
Make a YouTube friend
Get 10 / 100 / 10.000/ millions of views to your YouTube video
Have at least 1000 hits / get millions of hits / that goes viral
Have a highest rated comment on a YouTube video
Get a reaction on a comment on YouTube from someone I find really cool
See one of my favourite youtubers in real

Get Facebook
Post something on Facebook and get 25 / 100 likes
Have 50 people like my Facebook page
Have over 1,000 friends on Facebook / Make a Facebook friend in every country of the world
Stay off Facebook for 2 weeks / Delete Facebook forever
Have a Facebook bingo
Have a Facebook profile picture wearing no make up
Start a postcrossing Facebook page for all my postcards
Suggest a trip/ activity on Facebook and see who's interested

Get twitter account / Have a verified Twitter accountHave over 100 / 1000 / 4000 / 50,000 followers on Twitter
Get a celebrity to follow me on twitter / Get Followed on Twitter by Someone FamousGet a twitter RT or reply from fave celebs
Have a celebrity reply to me on Twitter
Have one of my tweets retweeted
Be a trending topic on Twitter

Start a blog
Start and keep a blog
Write a blog and publish 101 posts
Start a blog / about one specific thing I love / Develop Blog / keep a blog
Publish a blog post every day for a year
Get your blog into the Technorati top 1000 / listed in Time Magazine's Best Blogs List
Have one of your blog posts get to the front page of one of the social media sites
Have one-thousand raving fans who buy everything that you create and sell from your blog
Add a video podcast to your blog
Build a blog with 10,000+ subscribers.
Design and build a blog template
Go away for a writing week, and live to blog about it
Leverage my blog audience to make a major positive impact in at least 10 people’s lives
Make a blog called "the critic inside you" #every one's a critic

Get 40 Likes in a single Post/Photo

Have a Wikipedia Page About Myself

Start a website

Get a Tumblr account

Have over one million pages read on my profile

Build A Passive Income Business Online
Meet an online friend / person I met online / from Bucket List / gaming
Place a small free ad online saying something nice

Social Media bucket list
Social media bucket list - 50 things to do before you die

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be and Become III

Be a "one hit wonder"
Be a "regular" somewhere — a restaurant, a bar, a bookstore.
Be a bartender for only one night.
Be a BETA tester for a game/site
Be a clown for a day
Be a fashion critic
Be a FLYlady (or FLYguy) for at least a week
Be a foster parent
Be a godmother
Be an interior decorator
Be a leader in my field
Be a member of an exclusive club
Be a mentor
Be a part of an enormous family
Be a part of habitat for humanity
Be a part of something greater.
Be a pen pal
Be a pin-up model for a day!
Be a protector of the earth
Be a representative for what you stand for
Be a self-made millionaire
Be a shepherd for a day
Be a street performer
Be a tour guide
Be a tourist in your own town
Be a workaholic like my dad is
Be able to be on the actual bridge of the enterprise
Be able to cook and churn out delicious meals for the family.
Be able to identify 10+ birdcalls                  
Be able to identify more constellations     
Be able to play violin to an intermediate level'
Be able to stop a really good liar
Be acne free
Be an artist’s/art classes model
Be an inspiration to many people
Be as hard working as my mother is
Be awesome at Blitz (the card game)
Be blond for a day
Be chased by zombies
Be complaint-free for a period of 30 days
Be completely out of your comfort zone
Be creative
Be driven in an 18 wheeler
Be featured in media for my work
Be featured in my favorites singer’s songs
Be financially independent
Be friends with your ex
Be good at reading music (that’s not chords)
Be green
Be hugged from behind
Be in a dance battle
Be in a game of naked twister
Be in a LARP fight
Be in a mariachi band
Be in a parade
Be in a school play
Be in a waterless regatta
Be in an 8-man wheelchair race
Be in and participate in an instrumental band
Be in contact with people around the world
Be in my best friend’s wedding
Be in the hospital for a night
Be in times square for New Year’s Eve!
Be in two places at once
Be in Washington, DC during a presidential inauguration
Be intermediate in acoustic guitar
Be internationally recognized in my personal development work
Be interviewed by a national news publication or show
Be interviewed by Oprah
Be interviewed on video
Be invited to speak overseas
Be invited to talk or speak at ted
Be Japanese for a day
Be keynote speaker at a conference
Be kind to someone you dislike
Be kissed by a seal
Be kissed on top of a Ferris wheel / be kissed under mistletoe
Be known throughout the world
Be left-handed for an entire day
Be listed on a patent
Be locked in a haunted place for a night
Be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of dark watchers
Be made into a cartoon character for an animated film or comic book
Be mentioned in an interior design magazine
Be mentored by amazing individuals
Be more involves in club and events
Be more social in a relationship
Be naked in a rainforest
Be on a billboard
Be on a boat in a lake in the early morning covered by fog
Be on a Jumbotron at a stadium / "kiss cam" at a sporting event
Be on a panel at a convention
Be on a volleyball team
Be on an expedition with national geographic channel
Be on boat during the sunset
Be on ninja warrior
Be on the CN power and get over my height fear
Be on the cover of a magazine
Be on the New York Times bestsellers list
Be out on a lake in a boat in the early morning covered by fog
Be overcome by the beauty of the isle of Skye, Scotland
Be part of a candlelight vigil
Be part of a charity fundraiser
Be part of a disaster relief team
Be part of a flash mob
Be part of a lock-in a proper old pub
Be part of a protest that receives national coverage
Be part of a riot
Be part of an epic practical joke
Be passionate about a cause
Be passionate about a sports team
Be passionate about a worthy cause
Be polite to every single person I meet
Be prepared to survive zombies
Be present at a birth
Be present at a session of the us supreme court
Be present for someone's death
Be proposed to / in a unique way / overseas
Be proud of what I’ve accomplished in life
Be proud of yourself.
Be public relations representative
Be published
Be published
Be published in national geographic/traveler
Be recognized by lonely planet
Be recognized for a talent by a complete stranger
Be ridiculous
Be right-handed for an entire day
Be Santa Claus or one of Santas elves at the mall
Be scared during a car drive
Be served drinks by bar wizards
Be served ice cream in Istanbul by this amazing man
Be silly
Be smiling in a random person’s photo in the back
Be somebody’s secret Santa
Be somebody’s secret Santa
Be someone’s mentor
Be someone's best friend
Be someone's biggest fan
Be spoiled on valentine's day
Be sponsored by an outdoor gear company
Be spontaneous
Be stronger than I thought I was
Be successfully self-employed
Be the best wife I can be
Be the boss.
Be the executive director of a non-profit organization
Be the next "it" thing, everyone is talking about
Be the only one riding a rollercoaster
Be the star of a book signing
Be the star on a TV sitcom
Be the winner of a fan quiz competition at a convention
Be there for a baby’s first step
Be tied up during sex
Be told by a complete stranger that I'm pretty
Be true to yourself
Be unafraid to do whatever it takes to have full peace
Be very flexible
Be well thought of by family and friends
Be woken up by a rooster
Be woken up with a kiss
Become 125 lbs again
Become a badminton coach
Become a better listener
Become a better public speaker by joining toastmasters
Become a big4 holiday parks member
Become a cartoon character
Become a certified scuba diver.
Become a certified skydiver.
Become a child care worker
Become a citizen of another country and get a 2nd passport
Become a comedian
Become a composer
Become a costume attendant
Become a costume designer
Become a craft artist
Become a family life coach
Become a family parks tribal rewards member
Become a foster home for pets
Become a freelance writer
Become a godmother
Become a grandparent
Become a greeter in a church
Become a habits life coach
Become a hairdresser
Become a jeweler
Become a landscaper
Become a lifelong collector of something that fascinates you
Become a market research analyst
Become a marriage life coach
Become a master gardener
Become a member of an exclusive club
Become a member of everything I can
Become a mentor at a startup event
Become a mentor to someone
Become a millionaire
Become a minimalist and whittle my possessions down to only 100 things
Become a movie director
Become a mystery shopper
Become a newscaster
Become a parent
Become a permanent volunteer at a charity
Become a personal trainer
Become a poet
Become a published author
Become a publisher
Become a receptionist
Become a regular at a bar or a restaurant
Become a sculpturer
Become a shamanic practitioner
Become a singer
Become a snake expert
Become a spiritual help public speaker
Become a spiritual life coach
Become a stage designer
Become a stand-up comedian
Become a super hero
Become a survivalist
Become a vegan / vegetarian
Become a weather forecaster /weatherwoman
Become a well-known person
Become a zen master
Become an addition life coach
Become an animator
Become an art collector
Become an eagle scout
Become an early riser
Become an egg donor
Become an expert in ice skating, to the point where i can fast skating, skate backwards, and spin
Become an expert in something you’ve always found interesting
Become an expert in your favorite music genre
Become an expert roller booter
Become an extra in a movie
Become an ice cream connoisseur
Become an illustrator
Become an image consultant
Become an inspiration
Become an internationally known TV psychiatrist
Become an ordained minister
Become an ordained wiccan priestess
Become an organ donor
Become aware enough to effectively meditate
Become best friends with a guy
Become comfortable public speaking
Become completely immersed in a foreign culture
Become courageous
Become debt-free
Become fearless
Become financially independent
Become flexible again
Become flexible enough to do the splits
Become handy with some new dangerous tools              
Become healthier
Become intermediate at playing the clarinet
Become more assertive & stick up for myself  
Become more confident
Become more good at technical programs
Become multilingual
Become part of a monster hunting team
Become proficient at Adobe Photoshop
Become proficient with 3 weapons, one of which is unique
Become self-employed 
Become smarter mathematically
Become the president of a community organization
Become the president of something