Thursday, December 21, 2017


What are affirmations? Things you tell yourself.
Your brain is very gullible. It will believe anything you tell it.
The problem is that it hears EVERYTHING you tell it. Most of us tell ourselves "bad" things. "that was stupid, I shouldn't have done that..." "this is not going to work..."
It also hears your tone... Your brain knows when you are being sarcastic and talking "backwards". "I'm SO rich, yeah, sure... SOOOO rich..."

So what does Abiola say on the video?

- emotion - infuse your affirmations with strong, positive emotions. The more joy, excitement, "this is going to be legendary, the BEST EVER!!!" emotion you had about Christmas when a kid or some party or trip with your friends when you were young adult, the more of this kind of positive energy you can pack into your affirmation, the stronger it gets. It's like pushing mints into diet soda.

- soften the affirmation. Your oh so realistic and sensible mind doesn't like all the hype and will try to keep you down, so that you won't get so disappointed. You can trick it by saying "wouldn't it be nice if..." Your sensible mind won't be able to say anything but "Yes, it would be nice."

- afformations - try to trick your brain by asking it "why am I..., why do I always feel so good, why is everything...?" Don't try to answer the question, just ask it. It works because your brain is really, really stupid.

- extended affirmations - affirmations are usually very short. The extended affirmations are several pages long. Read them three times a day; when you wake up, when you go to bed and in the middle of the day.
the 10 scrolls from Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman in the World

- EFT - emotional freedom technique

- NLP anchoring

- fight song - put your affirmation into a song and sing it

- take inspired action

- use affirmation tools, like affirmation cards, guided meditation etc.

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