Sunday, December 10, 2017

From Couch to 5 Kilometers

This is another program that is already made and ready for you. You just have to follow the plan and put in your work!

Now, my biggest problem is that my health isn't that good, and it has caused me to slack too much, so I'm practically a very very beginner. I can't run even 10 seconds, not to talk about 60! I can't do this program, so I need to start with something less demanding.

Here's C25K WALKING program. It takes you from walking 15 minutes a day to walking 5K in less than an hour in 8 weeks. 

You CAN do that, how ever bad your fitness is. Because it doesn't matter how far you walk during the 15 minutes.
Important thing to remember here is that you don't move on to week 2 after 7 days, you do that when you can comfortably do week 1 (you go out and walk 15 minutes 5 days a week Speed, distance doesn't matter, the first week is to get you out walking. If it's just around the house, that's good.), and so on. You don't have to move faster than you can, AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER.

Here's a Pinterest board about running with more information

There are some things you have to consider.
1) dynamic warm-up
2) stretching AFTER exercise - and do it well, to avoid exercise pains
3) good shoes

How to get started as a runner
It really is that way, you can ruin it for you, so take it easy.

Some tips:
- do it your way. Some people like company, some appreciate the solitude. Some like to listen to music while they run, some podcasts or audiobooks, some silence and their own thoughts. Some like to run in city, some in the countryside. Find your preferences. All is good.
- listen to your body. Aching muscles is OK, just stretch gently and take a warm bath after running, be nice to yourself. Pain is not OK. If running hurts, there's something wrong and you must stop immediately and take care of what ever it is. It can be something simple that can be dealt with by relacing your running shoes - or buying a new pair, because the old doesn't support any more or never supported your specific running style, but there are cases where you really need to go see a doctor and heal, because something is broken.
- get a substitute exercise for those days you can't run. You might be traveling, the weather might not work (don't go running in a hurricane, how ever much you "have decided", OK?), you might be sick or injured. Dancing is a good alternative if you are healthy, or a heavy aerobics session with jumping.

If you are sick, though, be careful.
If you have fever, don't exercise, because it will rise your body temperature even higher and that can damage your body.
If you have problems with breathing, your lungs hurt, you are coughing, don't run. It's ok to do things like yoga and lift weights, things that happen in slow, easy pace, that doesn't make you breathe harder. Pilates is a good alternative, because it is surprising hard for muscles without being hard on your breathing.
If you are injured, you should follow your physician's advice and let the injured part heal properly before you start expecting it to function as it used to.

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