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How to compose your list

A bucket list is a list of things YOU WANT TO DO.
The idea of having 10, 100 or 10.000 is that there are that much things to do, experience, live, learn, see, hear, taste, feel, smell in the world that are pleasurable, enjoyable, lovable, likable... worth to experience. 

Bucket List is not a competition. It's a promise. It's personal.  It's something that doesn't need to have any importance for anyone but you, or any meaning, but it should have both importance and meaning to you. There are no "places you must see, things you should do", just places and things. Totally yours to pick and choose from.

If there were no obstacles; you have all the money you need, all the equipment, all the health and energy and capacity, what would you do? If you weren't afraid of anything...

Think back to when you were a kid. What did you want to do when you grow up?

Whom do you envy?  Start carrying a small notebook with you where you write every time you feel the envy or longing inside you when you see, read or hear about someone doing something or getting something or experiencing something.

Look at these different areas of your life and imagine how a life would be, look, if it was "perfect". How do the people live you wish you were like? What do they do? What do they have in their lives?

Self improvement is often a big thing in bucket lists, even when it's really not part of this. It's kind of assumed that we all continue to grow and learn as long as we live.

Money, economy and financial goals and wishes.

Sensory experiences. Foods you'd like to taste, music you'd like to hear... 
Are there some concerts you'd like to attend?
Any shows / performances you'd like to see?
Any events you'd want to witness? From birth of a foal to space rocket launch.
Festivals and happenings? "I was there doing that then..."?

You win the lottery of the century and get so much money you can't even count that much. Money is NEVER EVER going to be any problem to you. What do you do?
What would you do if you won million dollars?

How about relationships? Family, parents, siblings, children; other relatives? Friends? Neighbors? Community? Colleagues? 
How about love and romance?

How do you want your home life to look? Where do you live? How is your home decorated? Do you live on the road?

Would you like to learn to cook or bake, or perhaps brew your own beer or something?

Do you want to simplify your life, organize and declutter? Or perhaps get a collection like Jay Walker or Alex Jordan?

You happen to rub something in an antique store, and a genie appears. The genie gives you three wishes. What do you wish?

Fun and games? Hobbies?

What would you create? Food? Art? Stories? Crafted items? 

What would be an adventure to you?
What would be an experience to be proud of?
What experience would be thrilling?
What would you want to experience if you knew no-one else would ever know...? (You don't even need to publish those wishes... just try to find a way to do it...)
Witnessing what would make you happy just remembering it?

Imagine you received an anonymous letter to your birthday.
You open the letter and read that you happen to share a birthday with an eccentric billionaire and have been chosen among all who were born the same day you were born to receive a gift, an amazing experience, mind-blowing, fantastic, a dream come true!
What is it?

Health and fitness?

Physical goals are also a biggie in the world of bucket lists. A lot of people would like to run a marathon, for example.

Travel is the #1 theme of bucket lists. Where would you travel, if money wasn't an issue? (Or anything, like the bother of traveling, hygiene, food, sickness, political situation...) What would you like to see? Which festivals and street parties would you like to have been part of?
Are there some historical places you'd want to see because the event was important to you?
Are there any places you'd like to see because of a family connection?

How about classes and courses, education, learning new things and skills?

Are there any animals or plants or geological formations or natural phenomenon you'd like to see?

Do you have any career wishes? Status wishes?
Highschool reunion. You are exactly what you want to be. What and who are you? Rich? Beautiful? Successful? In your dream profession? In a dream relationship? Good and kind? Active? Passive? What?

So - another visualizing exercise... Close your eyes and relax...
You are happy, relaxed, enthusiastic... you are smiling, and have no what so ever negative feelings or thoughts. It doesn't matter what others think. It doesn't matter if others like it. 
What are you doing? Reading? Painting? Gardening? Cooking? Playing with your pet?

How about spirituality?

What would be meaningful and important? Who are your heroes? Whom do you look up to? Gandhi? MLK? Princess Diana? Mother Theresa? Who in the world history has done something extraordinary, heroic, important, powerful and amazing, and what is that they did?

Would you like to donate and volunteer and share caring and kindness in your community or in the world?
Are there any injustices and problems you would like to straighten, and what could you do about them?

How do you see the future and what can you do today to prepare for that future?

Are there any sports you'd like to try?

Who are your ideals and role models? Whom would you like to meet? With whom would you like to talk?

What could you do to be more like them?

Imagine you are a grandparent and tell stories of your life to your grandchildren. They look up to you, expectant, excited, and they sure have reason to, because you have had some experiences... you have lived... you have stories to tell!
What are they?

So, what are you afraid of? Write down 10 things you consider would be the "worst things possible", and... face your fears. Create yourself a 12 steps' program to follow so that in a year you are less scared of those things. Think if you were participating in Fear Factory... what would you meet that would stop you? Don't let it...
What dreams would you like to see come true?
What skills would you like to acquire?
What hobbies would you like to pursue?
What accomplishments would you like to achieve?
What fantasies would you like to act out?
What things have you seen other people do or accomplish and you thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool! I’d love to do that!”?
What achieved challenges would give you the biggest confidence boost?
Are there things you would really, really like to be good at, but you doubt your capacity to do so? Go for it...
What if you were to die in a year? What would you do the last 12 months of your life?
If you have lost someone, what do you wish e had done before e died? How do you wish e had spend the last 12 months of e's life?

If you woke up tomorrow and didn't know anything about yourself, what would you like to find out?

What are you putting forward to tomorrow, or "when you have time" or "when you take the vacation" or "when you are retired"? Are you saving something for "that special day"? That special day is today. Perhaps tomorrow, if you are reading this on an afternoon or evening :-D

What do you regret? It's never too late. Not even if you regret not participating in the Olympics...

What would you want people to say at your funeral?

Read this article: How to Turn Goals into Strategies. It's actually wrongly named, as it's about the exact opposite - how to turn strategies into goals. It asks the very important question. What is it you wish to reach with the goal? How do you think you'd feel the day when you reach the goal?

"Get married" might actually mean "find someone who loves me for the rest of my life and share my life with him/her". Getting married is easy. Staying married and loving your spouse as your best friend, your confidant, your favorite companion, your support and comfort, that's difficult.

"Get fit" might actually mean "have energy to do all the things you want to do". Or "get sincere compliments for my looks and believe them", or "get small enough to buy the clothes I want".

I also recomment the following articles at DaVinci Dilemma - even if you don't consider yourself "multitalented"
How to take inventory of your talents
Stumped Talents - poll the audience
Make your mess your message

Have 100/1000/10000 goals on my list

This is also a goal that can be achieved quickly and right now, without any money, friends or special equipment.

There is an easy way of doing this (sort of cheating) and the proper way of doing this

The easy way:

- find as many lists you can and copy them

- find long lists, like 1000 movies to see in your lifetime or 1000 best books, and make each item an individual entry.

- There are tons of movie related lists online. 20 films of dogs, zombies, feminist movies, all the movies with "red" in the title, French movies, Spanish movies, Azerbaijani movies... and new ones are being made all the time

- post the same goal several times

- say it using different words and different spelling

- find lists with many shared items, so that you can check off an item from multiple lists

- try to find out as many possible "goals" you can from everything you do. Like "meet --- / have a photo taken with --- / shake ---'s hand / get ---'s autograph" That's already four goals. And you can multiply these four goals with as many people as you like. Celebrities, actors, authors, musicians, politicians, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny...

- Take a cook book and start from the beginning: "Cook ---" There is 4.500 recipes in Joy of Cooking. You can also add "cook every recipe from a cook book" to your list.

- Find out every food ingredient on earth and add it to your bucket list as "eat --- / try --- / taste ---"

- add all the possible surveys on-line. Write your own 5000 questions list.

- List things. "My favorite bands, books, movies, tv series, colors, hair ornaments, shoes, labels, foods..."

- collections. "Have 10/20/25/50/75/100/200/300 ---" and add any number

- own/have/buy/try/get (every item of a certain label / merchandise /what ever)

- use the same idea to generate goals when it comes to other things.
"See/watch/experience/be awake at sunrise /with ---(best friend, boyfriend, mother, cousin, namesake, whoever)/ in (all the places you wish to visit)/ on (rooftop, hill, tree, ocean, what ever) / naked, dressed in ---, dressed as ---"

- "celebrate ---" There's an ocean of "national day of ---" and other such observances and celebrations. Write each and every one on your list as a specific goal

- to get more, elaborate each of these. "Celebrate the pig in blanket day / wrapped in a blanket / eating pigs in blanket / you have made yourself / watching movies about pigs-in-blanket / in what ever place fits the idea."

- anniversaries - there are more themed wedding anniversaries than silver and gold wedding. There's a theme for every year from 1-50, 55th, 60th, 65th, 67th, 75th, 80th, 85th, 90th and 100th. And nothing stops you from creating anniversaries for ANYTHING that has happened or that you wish to happen to you and theme them accordingly, and celebrate them.

- drive (any vehicle/transportation method)

- ride (anything that can be ridden)

- visit all the amusement parks, carnivals, theme parks etc on earth and list every attraction as one goal.

- make a cover of all the songs / learn to play all the songs by any instrument invented

- learn to play any instrument

- play any game invented / invent a game - list them individually and in groups, as many as you can come up with

- visit every country, every continent, every capital

- write a list of all the restaurants in your home town, and the closest bigger cities, if you don't live in one with many restaurants

- learn every language / learn to say something in any language. There are as many words and sentences as you care to add to your bucket list...

- learn things by heart. 10 poems, 10 bible verses, 10 foreign words... and  variate the number.

- visit every lighthouse, hotel, restaurant, national park, temple and church...

- 1) get a camera
2) learn to use the camera
3) start taking photos
4) have a "photo album of ..." All blue things, purple things, white things, trees, hearts, stars, skulls, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, flowers, animals, pets, hands, numbers, letters, things that start with a letter, things in pairs, threes, fours, fives... just go to Pinterest to get ideas of what kind of "photo albums" you could have.
You can choose to have these photo albums on-line or print out the photos and have real photo albums.
This list is never-ending. There are all kinds of photography challenges and lists online. Fodder...

The proper way

Bucket list related goals

Create a bucket list, things to do list, things I want to experience list
Do everything on this list!

Have a "100 goals achieved" party

Get/Have 100 / 1000 / any number goals (items, things) on my bucketlist
make a bucketlist list that is 1,396
make a book bucketlist

Tag all of my BucketList.org goals

Make a bucket list of short and long term goals

Hand Write my Bucket List

Make enough money to complete my bucketlist items
Save up a lot of money so that you can get all of the things on your bucketlist done

See over a Million Bucketlist Items Added to Bucketlist.org by its Members

Complete 100 goals (items, things) / 500 / 1000 / any number from my bucketlist / by --- (date) / before my ---th birthday / in year ---- / during a certain time period
Have 90 percent of my bucket list done before I am 35

Complete half the items on my bucket list / Complete my bucket list / Never complete my bucket list

Have more completed goals than active goals

Complete 1/2/3/4/5 goals in a day / during one vacation
Complete 1 goal a day for a week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks / a month / 3 months / 4 months / 6 months / a year
Complete a goal a week for a year
Complete 1 goal every month / at least 1 goal every month
Complete at least 10 goals for every season for a whole year

Make a bucket list journal / scrapbook to document my bucketlist accomplishments
Blog about the Bucketlist / Have a successful bucketlist blog / create/maintain blog about all my bucketlist experiences / make a blog about every subject on the list
Take photos of your goals / get a camcorder to record me completing my goals / Add a picture or video to all my completed items
Buy a new booklet for my bucketlist

Be a ´featured list´ on Bucketlist / Become famous/well known for my bucketlist
Have someone follow me / Get/have 10 / 100 / 200 / 300 Followers on Bucketlist

Encourage/convince/make/inspire someone / 5 others to write their own bucketlist / Tell at least 10 people about your bucket list and encourage them to do the same
Create a family bucket list
Inform people about Bucketlist.org

Find someone else with the same bucket list item as me and complete it together / Complete at Least 10 Bucketlist Goals with Someone with the same Goals
Do A 365 Day Photo Project With Other Bucket List Members
Receive a letter from someone on bucketlist / Send a letter to someone on bucketlist / Send a postcard to ten different people on bucketlist
Buy a Christmas Present for / meet / date someone on Bucketlist
Fall in love with someone and complete your bucketlists together

Help someone else / a friend / a sibling / a parent with a goal / complete a goal / items on a bucket list / be there to see it / complete it together with them
Help a friend accomplish one of their life goals
Plan at least 5 bucket list adventures for others
Let someone else decide which bucket list item I do next
make a bucket list wish come true for each of my family
Help 101 Bucket List Wishes come true
Have a bucketlist get-together with a bunch of people from this site
Share my bucketlist with someone
Show my future kids my Bucketlist

Find someone willing and able to complete this list for me if I die before it's completed / pass down my Bucketlist to my descendants
Have my loved ones complete the items I never did when I'm gone
Have My Completed Bucketlist Read at My Funeral

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Take a shamanic drum journey

Shamanic journeys, drum trips, akashic record readings, out of body experience, astral travel, teleportation, lucid dreaming...

10 effective techniques for experiencing OBE

How to do shamanic journeying

Reading and accessing Akashic Records

How to have lucid dreams

Psychology wiki: Out-of-body experience (OBE)
In the end of the article, there's a list of other names to this experience or similar experiences.
 Just google, and you will find a LOT of information.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

30 things you can tick off your bucketlist right away

There are several free things people can do, right now, without needing to wait for anything, without needing to learn anything, without needing any equipment, friends or money.

1. You can start learning languages right now.

2. To learn to play an instrument, you'll need the instrument. Instruments are not especially cheap...

But you can make your own instrument.
Complete the DIY Instrument Maker challenge. Make simple kiddie instruments. Those things can be used to create surprisingly complex music... don't underestimate them.

Also, you can start training trumming using things like pots and pans and cardboard boxes and tabletops.

Learn to whistle. Learn to whistle really loud. Learn to whistle using fingers and without. All you need is lips. :-D

Learn to play a comb. Or a strip of paper. Or leaf of grass.

Make a willow whistle. Or a reed whistle. Or what ever.

Costs nothing, most people have already all the necessary equipment, doesn't require friends.

3. You want to learn to drive? Fly?

1) Find out where and how and how much will it cost. Start saving. Find out the requirements and start training to fill those requirements.

2) Start learning things like traffic rules and safety considerations and mechanics and maintenance of the vehicle you wish to learn to drive.
Know how a car engine looks.
Know how to change the tires.
Know how to fill the tank.
Go to the closest gas station and ask the people there if they could show you how that's done.
Learn the theory.
A lot of that information is freely available online, a lot of more information is in the library. Both free.

Also, think back in time when there were no aeroplanes and motorcycles - not even bicycles - and cars... someone invented all those things. It is fully possible to build your own car or airplane. Some people start with miniature versions, and build soapbox cars and bottle rockets and model airplanes. That's not a bad hobby for someone who wishes to learn to control motorized vehicles...
It also comes with other benefits, like making new friends, getting friends all over the planet, getting a reason to go to places and do things... and as you start small, the costs are pretty small as well.
Also, soapbox car derby is really fun.

Another thing to do:
Find out when the next classic car meeting is in your area or close-by.
Find out where the closest classic car owner in your area is.
Befriend him/her.
Ask how you could be part of the meeting, how you could pay for your part, like seeing that you are appropriately dressed. Like bringing the picnic.
Get the required skills to see that you can meet the demand. Anyone can learn to sew. Anyone can learn to make costumes. Anyone can learn to cook and prepare a great picnic basket.
Ask him/her to teach you about the car, mechanics, maintenance and other such things.
When the day arrives, go and enjoy your time.

5. Learn card games

6. Learn card tricks or coin tricks

7. Learn to use both your hands equally well. Or almost equally. Learn to use your feet as well as your hands.
During the previous centuries people believed that lefties were under devil's influence, and that's why people were forced to learn to use their non-dominant hand. And that's really all it takes.

8. Go out and speak with 10 strangers.
Go and talk with people who have it harder than you.
Do the 100 strangers project. All you need is a camera. Any camera will do. One can get pretty cheap digital ones. Frankly, the one in your mobile phone is good enough. You could also get "take a photo every day for a year" completed. Do a 365 strangers project :-D

9. Live, not just exist
Classical Hindu thought accepts four proper goals or aims of human life: dharma, artha, kama and moksha.
Dharma is righteousness, ethics.
Artha is livelihood, wealth
Kama is sensual pleasure.
Moksha is sort of nirvana. Liberation of the cycle of life. In the psychological sense, moksha connotes freedom, self-realization and self-knowledge.

Now... what could you do right now to take a step to these goals? None of them requires money, equipment, classes or friends.
Think about it.

For example, dharma could be RAK
Artha - create a budget and start saving
Kama - use your senses. Mindfulness. It's not just sex. It's all things that give us pleasure, like beauty, good food, poetry. Enjoy beauty and pleasures with all your senses. Get some Epicureanism in your life. Everyone feels better. And as we live in an amazingly beautiful world, there's free beauty available for everyone, all the time.

10. Learn to throw a ball really well. Costs only a tennis ball.
There's also a lot of ball games one can do alone, and require nothing but the ball. All the information needed is free on-line.
Make a sling and learn to use that really well.
What about learning to juggle? That's also almost free - you only need three oranges, or some balloons and rice, and you are good to go. You don't need any nice, professional juggling equipment to learn.

11. Learn parkour
Start with learning to fall safely.

12. Give to charity. Donate. Volunteer. 

13. Joining a gym is one of the most regretted things to put on your bucket list.  It's just waste of money, unless you have a training routine in place. It's better to get that training routine.
Do the 100 push-ups challenge. Totally free.
Do the C5K challenge. That only requires running shoes.
Do the 20 pull-ups challenge. Totally free that too.
Take any of the free fitness challenges online and stick to it for a month before even thinking about joining a gym. Better yet, stick to it for a year. 

14. Start walking

15. Take the 100 species challenge. Or any other of these dozens of free nature observation thingies. Learn to forage. Play in water, snow, leafs, sand... Learn to make dorodangos. Or just go out in the nature and enjoy it. Nature is beautiful. Wonderful. Delightful. Lovely. Peaceful, calming, serenity inducing.

16. Find about the free events in your town/neighborhood, and go.
Or even better, volunteer to work at an event. You'll get to the "backstage" and you might even get paid!
Anyone with money can go to a concert or a convent. Having actually WORKED on one is much cooler, rarer and cheaper.

18. Learn to sing.
Amira Willighagen went viral after singing opera in Holland's got talent, and she learned by imitating opera singers online, youtube videos. If she can, you can.
There are also a lot of "how to" videos on singing, like heavy metal screaming and using your falsetto voice. Or beatboxing. You could try to copy Michael Winslow.
Totally free.

19. Learn to dance anything you want. There's resources online, if you just bother finding them. Learn to dance samba and start saving for a ticket to Rio. Next Mardi Gras! Yay! Or dance tango in Argentina!

20. "see the sunrise and sunset of the same day"

21. Learn about your family tree.
Talk with your elder relatives. Record their stories. Check what things they have done you would like to add to your bucket list. Most of those were probably free.

22. Cook a new recipe.
Try a free recipe online. Most recipes are online.
If you want to cook a recipe from a cookbook, don't go and buy a new one, those are too main stream. Go to a used books store and buy yourself a cookbook from 70s or 40s or 19th century and try those recipes. Much more fun and original. And cheaper.
Or you could go to your closest relatives (older than 40) and ask them to teach you to cook.
Remember that both Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith are self-taught...

23. Climb rocks, trees and fences around you. Doesn't cost a thing, no equipment needed, and no rock-climbing wall needed. You know those don't grow in trees. Like climbing trees do... ;-)

24. Get a friend. Get a girl/boyfriend. Get married.
Get hobbies. Talk to people. Talk with people. Ask someone you like out for a real date. Really scary. You could also check out the "do something scary every day" from your list.
Learn to talk with people. Have a goal to talk to a stranger every day.

25. Get a tarot card reading
Go here: http://www.tarot-live.com/tarot_start.php (or any other free tarot reading online site. There's tons) and fill in the questionnaire, push a button, and, voilĂ , you're done!
Yes, it counts.
Yes, it's as much information as most tarot readings.
Yes, it's just as accurate.
Doesn't cost anything and you can do it every dang day if you want to.
There are also other oracles and divination methods available, if you want to check out some other ways of reading your future. There's even the magic 8 ball.

26. Write Out A Monthly Budget To Stick To - Start saving money
If you make a functional, realistic budget and stick to it, you will be able to check out "get debt free" from your list, too, and get all the money you'll need to complete all the other goals from your list, like traveling etc.
(The secret of getting rich is not the ability to make a lot of money, but the ability to NOT USE a lot of money. Most millionaires have very humble lifestyles. They also can afford to buy "real shit" and not the cheap stuff that doesn't last. So they can manage with one pair of shoes their whole life...)

27. Early to bed, early up.
Also, "stay awake 24 hours" is a goal quite a lot of people have on their bucket list.
"Sleep only 4-5 hours a night" is another one.
None of these goals require any specific equipment or money or friends to complete.

28. Read books. Libraries still exist.

29. Watch movies. Watch tv series.
I mean... come on. We all know you can watch movies and tv-series for free online if you just bother a bit. Sure, the copyright watchers are hunting and shutting down these sites as we speak, closing accounts, and such, but they always pop up somewhere else.

30. Week without television, mobile phone, internet, using only stairs... abstinence is great, because it's totally free!

*bonus :-)
Celebrate special days. Frankly, the only thing necessary is the intention.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reinventing the bucket list

I, like most other people, want to do BIG things; travel, hike, run marathons and climb Mount Everest.
I, unlike most other people, am sick.

So - how to create a bucket list when one is bedridden?

The important question is: "what CAN you do? How much is realistically possible?"

I will assume that a person is more or less confided in the apartment, bed and perhaps a little more movement on good days.

I. Traveling without ever leaving home

It is impossible to create the experience without physically being there. But it is possible to create a virtual reality experience.

Find travel documentaries on DVD or on-line about the place you wish to travel to.
Read travel guides.
Watch movies that are situated in the place in question. Read books about the place

Try to recreate the sensory experience.

Study the cuisine of the area and cook - or have someone cook for you, if you can't cook.
Try the specific spices, fruits and vegetables and drinks of the culture. Try the candy.
Now-a-days almost everything can be reached in most places.

Listen to a local radio channel.
Read about the animal life of the area, and try to find recordings of these animals' sounds.
Find out how the weather is, and try to recreate it.

Find out about the smells and scents of the place. That has a very strong impact.
I will always remember the air in Israel, fruity, spicy,  sweet and fragrant... I made Roly-Poly one Chanukkah, and that smelled exactly like the air of Israel...
If you can't find out about things like that, burn some incense or scented candles that strengthen the idea you have about the place.
Try to find flowers that grow naturally in the area, spices and fruits. Those are usually most pleasant scents of the area. You don't need to recreate the heavy smell of rottening vegetation before Monsoon... ;-)

Decorate your bedroom in a way that leads thought to the culture in question. It's not very expensive to have some fabrics, cushions and plaids, and pictures.

Learn the language. You can take any time you like, and you don't need to get more fluent than able to read and understand. Then you will have larger selection of reading material. You can read blogs, news, popular books and magazines from the area.

One thing to remember here is that it's totally OK to go overboard and create a false illusion of the country, the same way St.Patrick's Day celebration caricaturizates the Irish culture, or how Orientalism and Japonism presented an impression that made Princess Soraya of Persia to say that Yves Saint Laurent's fashion was "too oriental" for her... This is for your own pleasure and satisfaction.
You might not have walked the Great Wall of China, but you have experienced China as well as most people will ever do. You can also be proud of the fact that your traveling hasn't teared any resources...

You can order handmade items through internet from all over the world, to get "souvenirs", or learn to make these crafts yourself.

You can print t-shirts and make food gifts to give to your friends as memento from your trip. :-)

I also suggest you give yourself a nice, comfortable pajamas and/or robe, nightgown, lounge wear, with folklore embroidery or other decoration that makes you think of the country.

The wonderful thing about traveling without leaving your home, is that you can travel ANYWHERE and ANY TIME... you can go back in history or outside this galaxy on your travels...

And you can make scrapbooks of your travels.
Either as some sort of notebooks of what you learned and experienced, a bit like a geography lapbook, but you could also take the... illusion even further, and use photos other people have taken as if they were yours.  It's possible to Photoshop yourself anywhere with anyone at any point of time... and most people don't take photos of themselves anyway. They just photograph the environment, the sights, the nature and buildings and monuments. After you're gone, no-one will know who took the photos. No-one need to know you never left your home.

2. Physical achievements

Well... it might not be sensible to think about running a marathon, but there are things you can do.
There is exercise programs designed for people who can't move much. You exercise the part of you that you can move.

I have fibromyalgia, which is a sort of neural inflammation. It means I'm in pain most of the time, if not all of the time, I am tired and grumpy and feel sick. There are days I can't walk. There are days I can run. I can do yoga every day, even the days I'm aching. I'm not talking about power yoga, I'm talking about calm, gentle stretching. Maybe it would be better to call it that, as yoga has some negative connotations to some people. Most people can manage light stretching, even if they can't do it themselves. I do hope, that if you are in that situation, you have someone who can help you stretch a little.
Also, it would be good, if you could take a walk outside and get some sunlight in the middle of the day. Just take a calm stroll around the quarter or to the mailbox and back home. What you can do.
It is quite possible that 100 meters IS as demanding to you as a marathon is for someone who runs.
Remember to compare only to yourself and remember to be kind to yourself.

3. Be happy

Do every day something that makes you happy.

Start reducing your property. It's easier to keep your home tidy and comfortable when you have less to clean. The cleaner your home is, the easier it is to live in it.
You should really consider the 100 items challenge.
There are several suggestions to a capsule wardrobe that will take you through the year and keep you well dressed for any occasion.
Put the books you have to circulation and let others have as much joy of them as you did.
Reduce your things, decorations etc.
Keep only a mantelpiece or wall of photos of people who are important and dear to you.
Have one or two collections on show, if you like collections.
Other than that... the less you have, the more time you have to do things you enjoy doing.

Now, of course, if you find solace and comfort from things, you should keep things. I myself am in love with my library and I'm proud of it. I know nothing better than to cuddle in a comfy seat with a soft blankie, big cup of hot tea, a good book and a purring cat.
If you are that kind of a person, you should do more of that, and invest in "to read" bucket lists.
Perhaps "to write", as well.
People have written books slowly, just a couple of words at a time. Most people can do it.

Learn to know yourself if you don't know if you would feel better with less or in a burrow of your "things". (No, I'm not talking about hoarding. Hoarding is collecting things without even knowing what you have. Burrowing with "things" means you know exactly what you have, why and where, and are able to find any item at any moment, every thing has its place and every thing is in its place. Your "things" are not just any junk, they are important and meaningful frame to you and your life.)
Be satisfied with who you are. Love yourself. Be comfortable by yourself.

Drop all the "lose weight" "eat healthy" and "have a bikini body" from your list. Focus on joy and pleasure, and being satisfied with what you have.
Get a big mirror and sit in front of it and look at yourself. Really LOOK and SEE yourself. Go through your body and tell yourself what you would WANT to hear. Thank your body for having worked so hard to support you through all these years. Thank your skin for being there. Know that your skin is your body's biggest organ and it's working hard.
All the ideas of that you "should look" this or that to be good enough are pure bull. Every human being is different. Not even models and USonian actresses are alike. You are in perfect shape to be you. If you do what you love doings, live your life as YOU think it should be lived, enjoy life and all its treasures as you please, your body will be a perfect fit for such a life.

All people don't like exercise. Some people do. Why should every body look as if the person inside loved exercise?
Some people love to cook. Some people love to cook and eat and bake and feed others, and I think they should look like they love food, too. "Never trust a skinny cook" someone said.
Some people love to read and watch movies and stay inside 24/7. Why should they look like they love exercise?
And looking "healthy"? Why should I look healthy when I'm not? And whose idea of "healthy" is it? All the people in the world look different. Why is one look "better" and more desirable than another? I can understand that people look at looks when it comes to choosing a spouse. Most people choose a person who looks like their mother or father or a person who had that role in their lives. The beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. And it's not even very important. Choosing a spouse, things like preferences, opinions, values and attitudes mean so much more than looks. I would much rather have a kind husband who loves me, than a handsome husband who loves only himself. An ugly and loyal husband rather than a beautiful cheat. Besides, I'm not such a beauty myself... I would feel even uglier by a handsome man. Most people look plain.
So - forget the beauty ideals and numbers on scales, and focus on things that mean something.

In a dating book from 80s, the author gives some good advice.

1) People are what they see
- focus on the beautiful, the good, the valuable and the nice. How you see the world reflects from you. Happy people are prettier than angry people. People are nicer to smiling people who think nice things. That's why everyone loves lovers.

2) People are what they hear
- Only listen to nice things, praise, kind words, positive remarks, stories of joy and beauty. Listen to hopeful stories, stories that move you, stories that make you smile and laugh. Listen to truth and lovely dreams. Listen to encouragement, support, comfort and enthusiasm.

3) People are what they speak
Try not to add more ugliness and misery to the world. Let your every word be kind and positive.
Talk kindly to yourself and of yourself, too. There are no angels of modesty and hubris who will strike you down if you say "I'm feeling fine, thank you!""I'm doing fine!" "I'm happy!" "I love..."
"I want" in stead of "I would like", "I will" in stead of "I wish". "I'd love to!" in stead of "I have to", "I do" in stead of "I'll try..." "That sounds so interesting, exciting, lovely, wonderful!" "Perfect!"
Say "The food was delicious, the show was wonderful, I had such a lovely time!" Don't try to diminish the value of your pleasure by using words like "terribly" or "unbelievable".
Laugh as much as you can. Read funny books, watch funny movies, read jokes and cartoons, tell funny stories... learn to tell jokes well and practice often. Try to make someone else laugh every day, as well as yourself.

4) People are what they think
The kinder you think about people around you, the kinder you appear to be. Be kind, compassionate, loving and caring, and you attract kind, compassionate, loving and caring people around you, and you inspire the kindness, compassion, love and care of everyone you meet..

Surround yourself with all the beauty, goodness, loveliness and wonderfulness you only can must. Always choose pleasure.

Eat dessert if you like dessert. Eat food that is beautiful, smells delicious, tastes good and make you feel good. Eat as much as feels pleasurable. A lot of times we eat too much because we have decided to eat a lot, or "taste everything", or because we eat of habit. We eat candy and snacks as much as there is, because it's a habit to bring the tasty bit in your mouth and eat it. You could really have everything you want if you stopped when you are satisfied in stead of trying to "finish" or "empty your plate". I truly believe that if we eat what we want to eat, as much as we want to, when we want to, and stopped eating, in the middle of a spoonful or chew, when we don't really feel like eating anymore, we would feel a lot better.

Dress in clothes that are comfortable and pleasurable to wear. Don't give a damn about "rules"; how a person having your body type or build or size should be dressed and how to enhance your "good sides". The whole of you is good. You look exactly as you should.

Use the colors you love, don't bother finding out which colors "suit" you. Surround yourself with colors you love.

All the items in your home should be as beautiful and pleasing all senses as possible. Find the softest, smoothest sheets in colors you love and use linen scent that makes you smile when you put your head on the pillow. Choose a pillow that is perfect. Choose the softest, warmest duvets if that is what you like, or the heaviest cotton quilts. Have all the interior design elements of the most pleasing colors, shapes, sizes and materials you can find. Only have things you consider being beautiful AND useful in your home. Remember, soul food is also a use... :-)

Have pictures on your walls. Reproductions of your favorite paintings, or some new finds from some internet self promotion site, like Deviant Art or Etsy. Or learn to take photos and have them on your walls. Surround yourself with beauty. Especially places where you spend most of the time, like kitchen/dining space, bedroom and bathroom/toilet. Those places should be as perfect as you can create.

Remember to please all your senses. Make certain of that you will see something pleasurable, smell something pleasurable, taste something pleasurable, hear something pleasurable and feel something pleasurable. Especially people who can't move much need to create a haven and paradise on earth of their home or room in which they are confided.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Learn to use your both hands and feet (almost) as well as you use your dominant hand

During the previous centuries people believed that lefties were under devil's influence, and that's why people were forced to learn to use their non-dominant hand. And that's really all it takes.

So, how to do this?

Your feet are constructed practically the same way as your hands. You have the same muscles, bones and other things.
Now, your feet are made to carry you around and your hands to grip things, this is what we do naturally, but people can walk on their hands and people who have lost the ability to use their hands replace that function with their feet.

1.) you need to strengthen the non-dominant extremities and train the flexibility.
Do these exercises with all four extremities

2) Start using your NDEs. Look at how babies learn to use their hands. Do the easy things with the NDEs, like pushing the elevator button or opening doors.
Here's a lot of ideas and exercises, designed to teach babies and toddlers the fine motor skills. Things like these are also used with adults when they lose the use of their dominant hand.

3) Bind your dominant hand so that you can't use it, for an hour every day.
Bind your both arms so that you must use your feet to do all the things you want to do.

4) Practice each and every day.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Where to begin...

Oh, it's hard.
There are so many things I want to do.

And... I don't dare to start.

What if I don't like it?
What if I do like it?
What if I fail?
What if I succeed?
What if...


To live, not merely exist

So many people yearn for "something more", but what would that be?
This goal is easy to state, hard to define

Here's some things to do differently

Feel. Experience emotions. Do things that make you feel. Love. Hate. Cry. Laugh.

Get outside. Things happen outside your home.

Enjoy your senses. Look at beauty. Listen to beauty. Taste beauty. Smell beauty. Touch beauty.

Risk. Take chances. Say "yes!"

Follow your love, curiosity, excitement. When you see something that inspire you, when you read something that sounds interesting, go and do it. Do things you love doing. Do things that make you happy and glad and bursting of energy and joy. Try to think back to the time when you were a kid. What did you want to do when you grow up? What did you want to do, as often and as much as you could? You're adult now, do it. :-D

Leave the television and internet, and go out in to the real world.
Stop reading magazines and newspapers. Read books.
Don't follow the news. You won't miss anything.

Travel. Even if it is just to the next neighborhood.

Check your priorities. Find out what is important to YOU. Not what is expected of you, or what is supposed to be important. Think back to your choices and disappointments. If you get disappointed because something didn't happen, that's a sign of that it was important to you. Cut down the list to just a handful of things that are important to you, and build your activities around those things. And start to cut off the things that are not among those five Very Important Things.
If your family is important to you, spend time with your family, not doing some community chores you think you ought to be doing.
If books are important to you, spend time reading, not watching television or wasting time playing games on Facebook.
"write down the things that bring energy, enthusiasm, and a warm sense of well being to your life". Add things you love to your life, and reduce things you don't love.

Take care of yourself, body, soul and mind. Eat well. Breathe deep. Drink pure water. Sleep. Exercise. Keep yourself clean.

Do something silly every day.
Do something kind every day.
Do something romantic every day. If you have no-one special in your life, be that someone special to yourself. Hug yourself. Kiss the rain. Pick flowers to yourself. Send yourself a silly love message.
Do something you are afraid of every day.

Take your time doing things. Enjoy the moment. Stop to smell flowers. Stop to listen to the violinist. Smile to children and old people. And stop multitasking and performing and being effective.

Turn your can'ts to cans, your nos to yesses, your worries to trust, your fears to hopes, your hate to love, your irritation to curiosity. If something irks you, walk away and find something that makes you glad. You're not an idiot whisperer.

Give. Volunteer. Pay it forward and do random acts of kindness.

Declutter. Minimize. Clear out stuff. The more you own, the more bound you are. You live more if you can carry with you everything you own. Exchange your property to experiences. Buy experiences, not things.

Live in the moment. Practice mindfulness.

Spend time with people who are not like you.
Spend time with people you love and who love you, for being you.
Don't waste time to people who don't like you, who try to change you, who make you tired and angry, who exploit you and use you.

Be grateful. Be consciously grateful for everything you appreciate in your life, and not having things you don't appreciate in your life.

Learn something new every day.

Laugh every day.

Do something different every day.

Eat desserts. :-)
Enjoy things that have no other values except the sensation, something decadent and "sinful". Something that isn't "good for you" or that you "need". Like desserts. Like doing nothing. Like siesta. Like laying on the grass and watching clouds.

Create something.

Create a morning ritual.
Wake early, before most others. Wake with the sun.
Enjoy the amazing play of sunrise.
Enjoy the awakening world.
Enjoy the softness of your pajamas and dressing gown and slippers.
Enjoy your first cup of coffee. Or what ever you want to start your day with.
Stretch. Do a little yoga. Taichi. Meditate. Feel your body move and stretch.
Be aware of the amazing gift a new day is.
Promise yourself to be kind today, compassionate, tolerant, calm, and to learn something new today.

Create an evening ritual.
Enjoy the amazing play of sunset. Enjoy the stars as they appear one by one.
Enjoy the softness of your pajamas and dressing gown and slippers.
Enjoy your last cup of tea or what ever it is you end your day with.
Stretch a little. Do a little yoga. Taichi. Meditate. Relax. Feel your body rest.
Spend the rest of the evening doing calm, nice things.
Read a good book. Watch a good movie.
Go to bed and sleep well.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Paranormal Investigator

 I want you to start by reading this blog: Strange Occurrences Paranormal Investigators
and especially this blog entry: Becoming a Paranormal Investigator in NZ


Also, you need to be aware of that this is a HOBBY, not a serious job or science.

How to Become a Paranormal Investigator
Skills required by all members:

Observational skills

Observational skills are the cornerstone of paranormal research. The reason for this is that the scientific method is the process of making observations and asking questions based on those observations, and then forming theories for which we conduct experiments in an attempt to validate said theories. Observational skills are critical to forming theories; each team member will need to hone this skill due to the fact that many times the equipment used during investigations will not be in the right place to capture an anomaly that is witnessed.

Time management

Time management is a skill set that each team member must master. Most of us have room for improvement, and this skill is essential to producing consistent and well documented evidence. Paranormal research is all about observation, and as such, we need to be able to recreate the events of an investigation down to the minute. It is essential that all members of the investigation team are able to manage time as well as document proceedings of an investigation in the context of time as it is critical in reconstructing events after an investigation.

Communication skills

Communication skills are fundamental to every investigation as everyone involved must be able to convey what they have seen, heard or felt. Communication skills apply to both verbal and written communication, but are particularly important when it comes to documenting the details of a case, or recording the proceedings of the investigation, as well as conversing with your client.

Problem solving skills

Problem solving skills are important to paranormal research as one should always attempt to find a plausible explanation for any anomaly that is witnessed or experienced. Problem solving skills allow us to apply logic and reason during the validation phase of an investigation, which is the process of identifying possible explanations for what may have been witnessed or experienced, and then attempting to apply those explanations to the current situation.

Organizational skills

Organizational skills are the key factor for success in life as well as paranormal research. These skills can be thought of as the "glue" that holds everything together, and are considered necessary for each investigator to manage themselves effectively and efficiently during an investigation. Many times while reviewing evidence the situation will arise where everyone present during the investigation must be accounted for in order to rule out the possibility of contamination in an effort to validate the evidence.

- Ghost Hunting A to Z by Lowell Lindeman Jr and James Kroenig
Job Description for a Paranormal Investigator

How to become a psychic medium

Now... I'm not saying with this that these things are real. This blog exists to help people create steps of their goals, dreams and wishes, and there are many who wish to become mediums and paranormal investigators. Both mediums and paranormal investigators are real, existing things. It's your personal opinion whether these people are quacks or professionals.

Secondly, the list of skills is very open to interpretations, as everything connected with this subject. Nevertheless, all those skills are attainable and trainable and good to have for everyone.

Observational skills

How to Develop Sherlock Holmes-Like Powers of Observation and Deduction

Increase Your Powers of Observation

How to Sharpen Your Powers of Observation

How to Improve Hyper Observation Skills

7 questions to consider to help solve a problem

Problem solving and your career

10 ways to improve your observation skills (and your career)

Time management

6 tips to improve your time management skills

How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work

10 ways to improve your time management skills

Communication skills

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

How to Develop Good Communication Skills

Improving Communication - Developing Effective Communication Skills

Problem solving skills

6 Ways to Enhance Your Problem Solving Skills
How to develop and demonstrate your problem-solving skills

Organizational skills

How to Develop Organizational Skills

How to Develop & Understand Organizational Skills

How to Develop Your Organizational Skills

And, yes... there are some more skills I assume people who want to hunt ghosts would like to have...

The psychic skills

How to Develop Psychic Abilities

How to Develop Psychic Abilities
Easy Exercises You Can Do Today

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Here's some info on the scientific method

Overview of the Scientific Method

Also, read this and the comments.
Don't get offended by the snarkiness, because that is the general reaction to "paranormal investigations". Learn to just ignore that. It has nothing to do with you, and all to do with the people expressing those opinions.

Learn the science behind the "blinky lights" and "scientific equipment".
"Ability to operate EMF detectors, ION detectors, Geiger counters, IR cameras, Tri-Field meters, Gaussmasters and other ghost detection devices effectively"

Know the scientific theories and interpretations of the phenomena you are investigating.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Complete a goal every day for a year

"I'm trying to do this one but I'm low on money and have no friends.
I don't know how all those free-spirited women in movies do it. They make it look so easy to just walk out their door and have adventures. Maybe I just need to have a more positive aura. I'm probably blocking opportunities with my negativity. I've been trying hard lately to embrace life and do as many new things as possible but keep coming back to "need a better job" and "this would be fun or easier to do if I had at least one best friend""
said Niala on Bucketlist.

So, how to do this if you don't have any money or friends?
You know, most people don't have much money or many friends with whom to do things.
But most people's goals don't require money and friends to be completed.

Firstly, some goals cannot be completed in a day. Like "Watch the 250 best movies at IMDb". It would be better to change this goal into "complete 365 goals this year".

Secondly, Niala has listed over 400 goals. There's bound to be things you want to have done that can be completed without money (or with little money) and with no friends, or by making friends while completing it.
More about that later.

Thirdly, you can do this like Zombiegirl and write a precise list with dates, that will be easy to follow and complete, or you can have a "goal bowl" or "daily goal jar", and just pick up one and do it. To be able to do it this way, you need to choose goals from your list that you can do right now, without anything more than what you have right now.

Suggestions for goals that are completable in a day without money (or with little money) and with no friends

1) Divide your bigger goals into part goals that can be completed in a day.
Examples of this kind of goals are:
- lists of movies to see. Watch one movie a day. (remember to add "watched a movie a day for a week/a month/a year")
- lists of books to read. Read 1/7 of a book in a day. (remember to add "read a book a week for a year")
- if you plan to watch every episode of --- or listen every song on an album / by a certain artist, this can be achieved one piece/episode/album a day.

2) Go through your local events and see if you can participate in any for free, or if they need volunteers

3) Write a page / chapter / x number of pages / x number of words a day

4) Practice --- an hour (you will be able to learn anything if you practice one hour every day for a longer period of days.

5) Learn a new word every day / 10 new words (in a foreign language) / 10 new signs (sign language)
Very few people can learn a new language in a day, but you can learn a limited part of the language in a day. x number of words or sentences. Translate a sentence / x sentences / page of a book. Watch a movie / episode of a tv series. Read a comic book in target language.

6) Train a new habit every day. For example, there are already planned programs for a lot of physical challenges like "Couch to 5K" or "100 push-ups", and all you need to do is to transfer the program to your "goal a day" calender and make the partial goal; each step of the road your goal of the day.

7) Bake/cook a new recipe. Learn to bake/cook something. Bake/cook something and eat something you haven't eaten before. Eat something new.

Remember, unless you have defined that the result must be "perfect", look nice, taste wonderful, be made by all the rules of the book, you just need to bake/cook it to be able to say you have baked/cooked it.
You don't need to like it.
You don't need to make it ever again.
You don't need to save the recipe.
You just need to do it.

8) season related goals
- if there is snow in the area where you live, check off the "build a snowman", "make a snow angel", etc. goals, one each day.
- Go to a beach and build a sand castle. Heck, you don't need to build the sand castle on a beach. You can build in in kid's sand box. 2 years old kids know how to build a sand castle.

Yes, this is a sand castle.
Yes, it counts.
Yes, you pack a mold full of sand and turn it out of the mold.
VoilĂ . You're done.

Go read some season related "family bucket lists" or "(season) to do lists"
Get the "play in autumn leaves" and "go skinny-dipping" goals completed.

9) Kiddie-things
There are these "things kids should do before growing up" lists. Most of those are things that are quick, easy and free. You can use them to fill some "difficult days".

10) Climb a tree, a rock, a fence...

11)  be a moderator for a fan site, have a blog, etc. etc.
There really are no requirements. Anyone can create a Wiki for any subject or a bigtent group, or get themselves a blog, a twitter account, a tumblr account, Facebook account...

Now, if you want to get a SUCCESSFUL net endeavor, you need to work for it. Write into your daily calender weekly blog updates etc. There's a lot of free and good information and help about blogging and becoming a good blogger.
- be active, be reliable
- follow others, leave comments, likes, respond to tweets - be the kind of follower you'd want for yourself
- reblog, retweet
- be positive, polite and avoid irritating, flammable or sensitive topics. Be respectful, kind and generous.
- blog about things you are interested in
- create original content
- tag your posts
- have a common theme with your social media, connect the different accounts, and get active on Pinterest and Instagram (if you have a good smartphone)

12) Celebrate xxx
There are hundreds of different "national day of this and that" days. Every day is the day of something. If you find nothing interesting to celebrate, celebrate your unbirthday. That's 364 days a year.

13) start writing a journal
A dream journal, health journal, book journal, movie journal, what ever journal - get a cheap composition book, a pen and start writing. It really is as easy as that.
Now, if you want a fancy art journal kind of thing, or do Project Life, scrapbooking in a specific way, if you want to have a fine, expensive journal and a good, expensive pen - or a lot of them - that's going to cost a bit more. But you don't NEED them. All you need is pen and paper. And the most important, essential ingredient. YOU TAKING TIME AND SITTING DOWN TO DO IT.
Frankly, it's better if you start with a cheap composition book and a cheap rollerpoint, and save the expensive stuff to the day when you can trust that you will actually do the work, when you have got in the habit.

14) Answer this questionnaire or that.
Again, just do it.
- 50 questions that will free your mind
- 5000 questions survey

15) Learn to play ---
Just pick what you want to learn to play, divide the chore in pieces that you are comfortable completing in a day, and go for it. For example "learn to play guitar 1/30"
And, yes, you can learn to play a guitar in 30 days. But you won't learn to play guitar WELL in 30 days. You won't be able to play EVERYTHING with a guitar after 30 days. You won't be able to join a band as a guitarist. You are not a guitarist. But you know how to play a guitar. You are still a beginner, and you will need to practice a lot. Like 1/2-2 hours EVERY DAY to become GOOD. But you can play a guitar, and you know if you want to keep playing guitar and you know your way around the guitar so much that you can start experimenting with more advanced playing.

It's like knitting. You can learn to knit in a day. But you won't be able to buy any pattern and think you'll manage.

16) Learn a craft
As said, you can learn to knit in a day. Heck, it doesn't take more than some 15 minutes. It's not difficult. That's how Kaffe Fassett started :-D
Most crafts are easy to learn, difficult to get good at. ;-)

17) Memorize --- (song lyrics, poem, Bible verses...)

18) Have a picnic

19) Improve ---
That's a question of practicing. Anything practiced improves your skills in it.
You could for example choose to improve your signature. The way to do this is to write your signature over and over and over and over again...
Or "improve my British accent"

20) Random Act of Kindness

21) Roll a cherry stem with my tongue

22) Send a postcard to post secret

23) Sing karaoke in public. A lot of pubs and bars have karaoke. A lot of them have it free. All it takes is for you to find out where the closest one is and go on a karaoke night and do it.

24)  Sleep only 4-6 hours a night / Sleep under the stars / Watch the same day's sunrise and sunset / Be awake from sunset to sunrise

25) Spend the Day BLIND

26) Wear a bikini / wedding gown / what ever
- Go to a store and try on one. Done.

27) Write a letter to my future/past self  - Write a letter to ---

28) Write with a quill and ink - you'll need quill, ink and paper. Then it's just to write.

29) Write with my blood as ink
Probably easiest with an dip pen.

30) Donate money/time/extra items

31) Finance a kickstart project

32) Donate blood
(Find out the rules where you live. I can't donate blood because of my medication. It also takes about a month before the initial tests are done for a first time donator or someone with a longer pause.)

33) Plant a tree
I suggest you plant apple seeds from the next apple you eat, and cultivate them until they are about 10 inches. Then you take a pot and a garden trowel with you when taking a walk, and plant the sapling in a nice place, preferably in a place where the grass is not cut and where people don't walk a lot, so that the tree may grow. In some 10 years your apple tree will produce fruits.

34) send a message with a balloon / send a message in a bottle / hide a secret in a library book / hide a secret in a book in a book store

35) Be a Tourist in You Own Town

36) Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Perhaps not in a day...)

37) Finish a Crossword Puzzle

38) Have a Collection
Well... practically you would need more than one or two things to have a "collection", but let's say that you plan to start collecting turquoise jewelry. Then your first piece is the "starter piece of your collection"... and theoretically it IS a collection.

39) Invent something

40) Join a book club. (Or any other club)

41) Learn the Heimlich Maneuver

42) Learn to Juggle
It really takes just a couple of minutes to learn the actual technique, but getting good at it takes quite a bit longer :-D

45) Leave My Mark in Graffiti

46) Make a Balloon Animal

47) Own an Original Piece of Artwork
Take a piece of paper. Make art. Done. You now own an original piece of artwork.
Oh, you meant by some REAL artist? A piece that's actually GOOD?
Go to Etsy and buy one. Or any other art selling site.

48) Share Your Most Embarrassing Moment

49) Start Fire Without Matches. Yes, you can learn to do this right now, with what you have right now, and you'll learn this in a day. (Well... with certain reserves... if you are in prison, for example, you probably won't be able to do this. Right now...)

50) Surprise Someone