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26 collections to start for your daughter/son

Let's accept the fact that most parents are very gender oriented.

And let's accept the fact that there are some differences in the genders that are not due to genitals or upbringing. Some.

Anyway, I saw this "25 collections to start for your daughter" and was very interested.
 But the suggestions were a bit... weird.

So, when thinking about what kind of a collection to start for a child, think about these things:

Will e be able to use it even when an adult?
Will it give e benefit in e's future education and job?
Start a collection that isn't gender biased. After all, we cannot be sure of the gender of a baby (don't forget all the transgendered and agendered people of the world), or if the person is girly or boyly.
Will it be worth something if she wants to sell it one day?
Will it be easy to store, display and move?

1. Children's books. I personally love the vintage books, but it would be nice to get new books... and perhaps give them vintage style covers?

2. Teacups. Egg cups. Champagne glasses. Basically anything like this, that can be used mix-matched.

3. Watercolor tins? No.
Dolls? No. Well... perhaps. But not just any dolls.
Stuffies and plushies? Yes. Teddybears.
Antique dolls.
Well-made things the kid will be happy to save even when s/he's 50+.

4. Cameos. They are interesting, even for a boy.
5. Thimbles? No.
Clocks? Er... watches, perhaps. Ok, clocks, but good quality, please!
Cuckoo clocks? Sure... but how many are too many?
So perhaps some of the clock collection could be cuckoo clocks, and some watches, and so on.

6. insects. :-D
I really think girls should get over their insect phobia and start collecting insects. Perhaps starting with butterflies that are more pretty and cute than creepy six-legged things...
I can't stand them, but that's mostly because I didn't have an insect collection. When I was 7 I was still interested. When I was 17... not so much. Frankly, I get slightly hysterical if I need to deal with six-legged things.
All the other natural collections, like stones or pressed plants are good.

7) snow globes. Love those. But remember that a glass ball filled with water can act as a magnifier and start a fire...

8) Keys? KEYS?!?! What about coins?

9) and stamps. (Or matchboxes or any other such items.)

10. Owls? Ok... if s/he likes them. Otherwise start collecting a specific animal.

11. Purses? No. Hat collection is better.

Actually, a collection of accessories might be a good idea, even for boys. (Like belts, watches, ties, scarves...)

12. Charms for a charm bracelet? Yeah... but... boys don't use such things much.

Hair clips? :-( You should at least wait until you know if your child is of the kind that likes using hair clips!

One could start collection of jewelry. There's enough for both boys and girls, and if you collect quality items or jewelry with a theme, like turquoise jewelry, it can be a non-functional collection.

13. pins and/or brooches

14. Globes. I think all the kids love globes.

15. Buttons, dice, marbles...
Well... the kid probably loves all the different shapes and colors and so on, but... it doesn't really fulfill the criteria, does it? You can give these things to the kid as some extra surprise with the collection piece. But not as The Collection.

A better idea: art
Buy a print by an unknown artist. Start a silhouette collection. A collection of miniature portraits.

16. Cookie cutters? Perhaps.
Spice tins? A set of spice tin, especially painted by you, filled with spices, and then lessons to teach the child to use the spices in cooking and baking... that would be really nice. It doesn't need to be anything advanced and fancy. Simple decoration is usually the best.

17. Holiday ornaments and other holiday things, like towels, pillows etc.
18. Cameras

19. Rocks or shells or other "nature finds" - a cabinet of curiosities

20. Colored glass

21. Succulents

22. "Swatch portraits"? WTF? Excuse my language, but... huh?
I'd rather collect samplers, and use the meaningsful bits of fabric to make quilts. Quilt collection might be an idea, though...
Or any antique crafted items.

24. Old tools. Of any trade. Antique tools are beautiful.

25. Games and game pieces.

26. Autographs

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