Friday, December 8, 2017

Do 100 pushup challenge

Why I want this? I have always had bad upper body strength, my strength has been my core and legs. Arms are like wet noodle or tights filled with porridge :-D Sort of there to keep balance :-D
Now, push-ups have always been some sort of fitness measure. I would like to have nice arms... less flab.
It is also necessary for further adventures I plan for me :-)

Visualising... now... I don't really now... all I can think of is to just do it.

Simplifying: Training program is already created! All you need to do is DO IT!

Now, here's some pre-training, to get you making it in good form. The form is really more important than if you can do it on one finger.
Keep your arms straight so that your hands are aligned with your shoulders. Tighten up the muscles of your body; especially tummy and bottom. Keep your body straight from top of your head to the lever point - feet or knees. Don't let your chest or tummy drop, don't push your buttocks up, don't swank or curve your back, don't tense your neck or shoulders, don't push your elbows out. If your core isn't strong enough, build your core, too, and do the push-ups against a wall to begin with.

Here's some more information, like what you can do AFTER you manage 100 regular pushups easily. :-)

So - you can make 10 pushups in a minute. SO that's that.

Cue: I'll do it in the morning on my way to the bathroom - or on my way from bathroom

Reward? Nah. Having done it and getting nice arms is reward enough. This isn't really hard to do, so I don't need more rewards. Besides, I like to reward myself with food... I really need to work on the reward system...

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