Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The 100 items challenge

Reduce your property. Everything will be easier.
It will be easier to keep the household clean and tidy and reduce health risks
It will be easier to find the items one needs
Well... possessions ARE a burden. I invest a lot of time to take care of it, a lot of worries about what to do with it if something happens, like "what would you save if your home started burning?", and a lot of time, money and effort to WANT things, to OWN things, to HAVE and to HOLD... Things.

Reduce your property to 100 items.

Oh... this is hard.
I think if I counted everything that I own, the list goes way beyond 100. The books alone... I think I have some 1500+ books... and movies and games and things like that...

Books are not included to the list, neither are dishes and cleaning supplies and other household necessities.
That frees a LOT of space.

Also, collections count as 1 item.
That's even better.

So, what's left?

1. artist supplies
2. computer
3. bed and bed linen
4. nightstand
5. sleep apnea machine
6. my mobile phone and charger
7. ear phones
8. MP3 player
9. my dictaphone and empty cassettes
10. keys
11. wallet/card holder with the cards inside
12. underwear
13. sleepwear
14. bath robe
15. towels
16. - 51. a capsule wardrobe of some 35 items, shoes and accessories counted in
(3 short sleeve t-shirts, 3 long sleeve t-shirts, winter coat, trench, shawl, gloves, winter boots, sandals, walking shoes, short jacket, 3 tops/blouses, 3 skirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 3 dresses, 4 knits, clutch/purse, little handbag, messenger bag, pumps, LBD, hat)
52. CD collection
53. DVD collection
54. my jewelry collection
55. camera with lenses, charger, batteries, bag and memory cards
56. sportsgear; running shoes, clothes etc.
57. my figure skates
58. my long distance skates
59. Rötkö (my toy dog from my childhood)
60. My toiletry bag with what's inside ( toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, hair brush, comb, hair ties, bath brush, hand cream, body butter, small scissors, foot file, nail file, nail polisher - if every item is counted as one, this will take my list to 73)
61. important documents (passport etc.)
62. portable harddrive
63. a couple of extra memory sticks
64. my grandfather's violin
65. my guitar
66. my soprano recorder
67. my treble recorder
68. photos of my family
69. my great-grandmother's embroidery sample
70. my great-grandfather's handmade knife
71. all our magic cards
72. collection of games... (yes, I know, I know... but I call it a collection and that will do. My list.)
73. Canasta cards
74. my grandfather's candlesticks
75. my tarot cards
76. my witchy things (a collection)
77. reading glasses
78. work table and chair
79. kitchen table and chairs
80. books and book cases
81. my living room rug
82. paper drawer
83. a comfy chair

Right now it looks like it's not hard at all. Huh.

I will look to this deeper and try to diminish all my belongings to 100. Books not included. Nor art supplies and tools. Or furniture. Or kitchen things. Probably also not most of the interior decor, like rugs and artwork.

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