Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be and Become II

Be an inspiration to many people
Who is an inspiration to you? Can you do what e does? Can you do something equivalent? How do you define "an inspiration"?
Here's some inspirational people to give you ideas... and inspiration ;-)

Be brave enough to wax my own legs
Now, that's all it takes, isn't it.
But the goal isn't really to be brave, but to wax my legs, is it.

Be buried up to my neck in sand
Go to some beach with a lot of sand, and ask someone to do this for you, if you have no friends. I would go with a friend, though...

"Be Completely Covered in Glow In The Dark Body Paint" is another example of this sort of a goal. Just get the material you want to be covered and cover yourself. Take a photo, shower, post the photo in your Bucket List Blog and be done with it.

Be centimeters away from a real Space Shuttle
I think the best place to do this is to go to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

Be Dipped Back and Kissed
Get a boyfriend and ask him. Frankly, you could go to any stranger and ask him to dip and kiss you.

This is not a photo of a consensual kiss by lovers... 
this is a photo of a sexual assault.
He just grabbed her, dipped her and kissed her. 
She wasn't asked. 
They didn't even know each others' names...

Be dunked in a dunking booth / Be in a dunk tank
I would assume people arranging feasts with dunk tanks would be grateful for getting someone to sit there.

Be Generous With Compliments
Easy. Just do it.

Be Given a Compliment by Someone Famous
Then you need to be in places or do things where someone famous can give you a compliment.

(I, BTW, have received this. Yeah, it feels good. I had to recheck several times that SHE was reading my posts and commented them! SHE! WOW!)

Be given a Street Sign
Excuse me? Is this about the honorary street signs?

Be given a Teddy bear Inside a Balloon / an edible arrangement / roses
Give hints to your friends...

Be good/fluent at --- 
practice, practice, practice

Be greeted with a lei in Hawaii = Get leid
Now, a lot of people have some... weird ideas about this. This is a pun, a word play with "get laid", which means to have sex. The verb is "to lei", and it's an invented word, not in any dictionary yet. The correct verb is "to be given a lei" or "to be greeted/welcomed with a lei".
Now, it is not to be written with an apostrophe (lei'd). There are no words or letters omitted and it's not in a possessive case. Marking the plurals is a rather stupid habit and completely unnecessary.

Leis are interesting things. There are several different methods of making leis and there are traditional beliefs associated with them, so if you are going to an Pacific island where you expect to be leid, know that you should accept it from the hands of the giver and put over your own head yourself. If you can't wear it, you need to display it in some respectful and honorable place, and it shouldn't be just tossed in the garbage, but returned back to the forest where the flowers or leafs were picked from. A forest near your home is acceptable. Nevertheless, find out about these practices where you are traveling BEFORE going there, so that you won't make a complete fool of yourself and insult people who don't deserve to be insulted.

Be healthy enough and content with my body to wear a bathing suit to the beach

Hmm... I assume that the originator meant "skinny and fit" with "healthy".
I also assume that "content with my body" has nothing to do with accepting your body as it is, but trying to form it into something one has seen in a magazine, an ad, or television and one has got the idea of that that is the only kind of body that one may be content with.
In reality this is an offensive, misleading (and mislead) goal that is not going to be beneficial to anyone.

There are enough people who have some sort of illness or medical condition that makes their lives more difficult, and for normal people - even overweight normal people - to talk about "being healthy enough to wear a bathing suit in public" is ignorant and offensive. If you are healthy enough to be able to wear a bathing suit and go to a beach, do so and be grateful for not being sick. A lot of people cannot stay in sun for longer times, a lot of people can't go to a public beach because of agoraphobia, social phobia, panic anxiety, BDD, or some other such condition.

I wouldn't be surprised if many of the lists sharing a goal like this there's also a wish or goal to become happier or to live and not just exist... For you to be content with your body, you don't need to be healthy or skinny or fit. You need to be content with your body as it is. Right now. Right here. The body as it is as you are sitting there reading these words.

Really, you want to experience things. You want to go to beach and swim. You want to enjoy the sun and water and sand and beach and summer and everything like that. Are you really going to let what others MIGHT think of you to stop you?
Are you REALLY going to allow people's preferences and opinions decide whether you "may" go to a beach?
This is not acceptable. No, not being on the beach wearing a swimsuit that makes you look something different than what some EXTREMELY OPINIONATED AND PREJUDICED A-HOLES WOULD LIKE, but telling people they are ugly and shouldn't. What the F does it have to do with you what other people are wearing and what they do? If you don't want to see a skinny elderly woman in a string bikini DON'T LOOK AT HER! If you don't want to see a fat man in speedos DON'T LOOK AT HIM!

Uh. Be content enough with your body to go to a public beach in a bikini AS YOUR BODY LOOKS NOW, WITHOUT LOSING ONE OUNCE OF WEIGHT, ONE INCH OF GIRTH, WITHOUT ANY EXTRA EXERCISE.

Be in a blizzard / dust storm / Go to a place where these things happen usually, at the time of the year when they happen, and be prepared to survive it as long as it lasts

Be in extremely good health and shape / excellent physical shape
Define "good health and shape", write it down in measurable steps and go for it.

Be invited to the Playboy Mansion’s annual Halloween Party

Uh... I can't understand why anyone would WANT to do that, unless one is a male who sees women as objects. But - it's possible. You can win tickets if you subscribe to Playboy; you can buy the tickets in an auction; you can get invited if you are a very sexy and beautiful woman or a man Hugh Hefner likes, like a rock star or actor or something like that.

"Lingerie or less dress code" - I don't think I have ever seen a fat woman there, so the physical requirements for women are quite high.

Also, I assume every man in Playboy Mansion sees every female as free game and will grope anything they want to. On the other hand, if you are a female and want to go to Playboy Mansion, you probably won't mind.

I really don't give a crap about "Halloween at the Playboy Mansion is the world's sexiest, scariest and most renowned Halloween party. With 5 acres of scare, three graveyards, two haunted forests, a 4,000 sq. ft freaky haunted house, a huge party pavilion and over 100 actors and performers to scare you…" "body painted Kandy Models & Playmates and of course over 1,000 of the world's most gorgeous women!" "Our monsters, professional scare actors, expert set designers and lavish haunted d├ęcor were unsurpassed anywhere in the nation…it scared your pants off…or lingerie as the case may be ;-)" "it is by far the most popular adult-only Halloween party in the nation."

Be in a Full Moon Party in Thailand
In a way this is a "drunken tourist" thing, but... there seems to be a bit more to that than that...

Be interviewed by Oprah / on the Today Show / by a national news publication or show
You should do something big and important, then. Or something stupid and showy. Or something. You could also give them a hint of that you'd like the opportunity...
One thing to do is to see who has been interviewed and what kind of deed usually gets you the interviews. Being an actor is usually a good start. ;-)

The same with these:
Be invited to a dinner party at the white house
Be Known Throughout The World 
Be listed as one of People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People"/ Time Magazine's Person of the Year
Be in the Newspaper / in a magazine
Become important and change the world
Become an A-list Hollywood actor
Be one of CNN's Heroes
Be on the cover of "Rolling Stone" Magazine
Be on the cover of a magazine
Be on TV
Be inducted into a Hall of Fame
Be made fun of on South Park
Be on Ellen

If you become a politician, it might be easier. Politician, actor, rock artist...

Be in a couch race
That sounds like fun :-D
Get a couch, put some wheels on it and roll...

Be in the stadium when --- beats --- in ---
Be in the stands when two rival South American club teams play each other in soccer
Get the tickets and go

Be important to someone / Be in a long lasting relationship / Be in a relationship on Valentine's Day
Most of us already are important to someone.
To be in a relationship on Valentine's Day and all that, start preparing a good time ahead and get yourself a beloved, to kiss on the New Year's Eve ;-)
Make sure that e knows to stay with you on Valentine's Day, and if e plans to leave you, to leave it AFTER February.

Be in a food fight
Well... I'm in principle against using food to anything else but feeding people, with all the hunger and famine in this world, but...  I can imagine using porridge or mashed potatoes or cream pies or puddings used in this purpose... perhaps like in Hook :-D

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