Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Decision making help tools

Now, the following is a bit of... well... hocuspocus or something... take it as you please.
If you don't "believe" in New Age spiritual ideas and magic and other such things and consider them bullshit, stop reading here, and move on, but I would like you to read on and make up your own mind of whether there is anything useful to you in what is said.
I am not saying you have to accept everything said in this blog as law or rule or fact, I'm not saying everything here works for everyone, but I expect you to be smart enough to at least read an article before deciding it's bullshit, and I expect you to be smart enough to adjust the suggestions to fit your values, lifestyle and methods you know work for you. 

After all, no-one needs to know, if you are afraid of being seen as "not serious" :-D

Nevertheless, you can go through your (or anyone else's) bucket list testing it according to these instructions, if you feel like it. 

Now, I came across this article today:
How to access intuition

I am a witch and I believe in things like intuition and qi and so on.

I don't "believe" in "ego" as the New Age circles define it, but I do acknowledge there's "something" in it, too.  I believe there's "something" in homeopathy and astrology as well. I don't know what it is, because there is no evidence to support the existing theories, and scientific evidence is rather important to me, but "something" makes it "work". It might be pure psychology and manipulation and placebo and "cold reading" in a way of saying things vaguely so that anything fits everyone, but psychology and placebo effect are real, scientific facts.

She mentioned "muscle testing". I didn't know what that is, so I went to find out what it is.
This is what I found.

Now, with me easy opening is "yes" and tight hold is "no". I am so surprised that it works. It might not be very easy to see the thing, but you will know what it is. When the hold is tight, it's like having an iron band supporting the link of your fingers. When the hold is loose, the fingers almost open by themselves.

You make the "question ring" with your less dominant hand, and test with the more dominant hand.

Test to see what your "yes/positive/good" and "no/negative/bad" are.

Firstly, you need to find out if your body "likes" the statements more than the questions. Which way do you get more clear answers? "Is my name ---?" or "My name is ---?"

                                YES                                                                                 NO
"My name is ---"                                                                   My name is [what ever it isn't, a name you
My name is [what ever it is, what ever you                     dislike, a name of a person/character you
have called yourself, what ever name you                       dislike]
associate yourself with].
With me it works with "Sanna" (my official name),
"Ketutar", "Anna" (a name I have used of my
 main characters), "Kate (or any form of Katherine)"
(One of my favorite names)

"I am a [woman/man - which ever you are]"                 "I am a [woman/man - which ever you aren't]"

"My birthday is in [which ever month it is]"                  "My birthday is in [which ever month it isn't]"

Think of something you like                                               Think of something you dislike

Think of something that has happened                            Think of something that has happened
that was good                                                                          that was bad

Think of someone you like/love                                         Think of someone you dislike/hate

As Cynthia Sue said, you can use this testing with about anything. You can for example check if you are allergic or oversensitive to some food, by holding a piece of the food in your dominant hand.

Another thing I have noticed is that it's better if you take your time and try to tune in the energy with your whole body.

You can also use the pendulum for muscle testing.

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