Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be and Become

There's a lot of goals that start with words "be" or "become".

"Be a animal trainer for a day at ---" "jet fighter pilot / pin-up model / zoo keeper"

- any experience like this is readily available.

-- Find out what you wish to "be for a day".
-- Find out the criteria
-- Find out where you can do that. 
-- Find out how you can get there.
-- Find out how much the travel, living costs at site and the experience itself cost, and save the money.
-- Go for it.

Now, if you wish to be a marine mammal trainer at Sea World, you need to get yourself to Sea World. Sea World Resort is in Queensland, Australia.

There is a list of participation criteria you need to read and understand and fulfill before you can have this experience. For example:
- you have to be 14 or older
- you have to know how to swim
- you should know English
- you must be able to control your movements, be able to quickly get in and out the pool unassisted and be able to follow directions quickly and well.
- you may not wear any jewellery but you must wear closed in footwear.
(I can imagine you have to have your own wetsuit as well, but I can also imagine that they can provide you with one - find out about this. Might be that if you are unusually large or small, they don't have your size.)
- you may not be pregnant or have any open cuts or infections.

I'm sure there are such requirements about all the other stuff you'd like to do. Find out these requirements, and see that you fulfill them to your best ability.

"Be a cow / Playboy Bunny / Jessica Rabbit / Corpse Bride / or anything you like for Halloween"
- find photos of such costumes and create yourself one.

"Be a better friend" "Be a friend who listens" "be a good friend to all the women and men in my life who are so good to me" "Be someone's best friend"
- how do you define that? Create yourself an action plan, like "call my friends once a week" or what ever it is you consider being a better friend.

How to be a good friend

"Be a flower girl / bridesmaid / maid of honor"
For this you just need to have friend who plan to marry.
Flower girls are usually little girls, so if you are older than 10, it's probably not going to happen.
But - who knows. Never let things like that stop you from dreaming ;-)

Be an uncle/aunt to a nephew/niece
Technically you need to have siblings who want kids to achieve this goal, but it's possible that you could become a surrogate aunt/uncle to someone

Be a captain in marching band
Now, I don't remember there ever being any marching bands where I grew up.
Also, I thought the correct term is "drum major" or "field commander"...

Be a clothes designer / deacon / midwife / any other occupation
There are two roads to any occupation. You can be self-taught or get an education. 

Be a clown at the Manhattan clown parade

I don't have the slightest idea what "the Manhattan clown parade" is. But what ever it is, I'm sure there's a way.
Find out more about the event, contact the arranger/organizer and ask what's required, and get those requirements.

Be a contestant on a game show / reality show / Be a guest on a morning radio show / Be a member of the audience in a tv show / Be a seat-filler at the Oscars / Be an extra in a movie or television show / Be in a live studio audience while a show is being filmed / Be in a movie / Be in a music video / Be in a commercial
The requirements/application procedure is explained on the home page of the television channel that has the show you wish to participate in.
Or find out the movie company and apply as an extra.
It's actually easier than one could think, and less exciting. You probably won't meet any celebrities or talk to your idols, and quite possibly will be cut off the final product or not even recognize yourself, but - hey, you did it. And you can take photos of yourself and everything around you.

Be a Designated Driver
- get your driver's license and inform people of your intention. I'm sure you'll get a lot of offers.

Be a featured artist at a local gallery or business
- become an artist at a local gallery or business. You'll find the requirements at the gallery/business. Then you just need to find out how the featured artists are chosen at your local gallery/business and produce a good amount of work.

Be a flashmobber / Be part of a Flash Mob

Be a foreign exchange student

Be a foxy red-head
- dye your hair red
- get a costume that enhances your cleavage, waist and hips/bottom and shows a lot of skin
- get a strong makeup with red lips and dark lashes

You don't need to do anything else. You don't need to get bigger boobs or lose weight or have a perfect skin or be of any specific age. Makeup, hair color and revealing clothing, and you will be a foxy red-head.

To be a sex symbol, all you need to do is that except that you can have any color hair.
Or to be a pin-up. That and have someone take a photo of you. Or take your own photo. That will do as well.
You really don't need to be anything different from what you are right now, except show skin and wear makeup.

Be a human guinea pig

Find out about the medical research in your area and ask.

Be a loving and supporting wife to my husband / Be a role model
This is like being a better friend. Find out what this means, enhance those qualities in you, work with those you can get, try to get rid of the negative qualities or turn them into good qualities.

Be a photographer at a wedding / wildlife photography /
Learn photography

Be a polyglot
Learn languages

Be a secret helper - do a nice deed for someone, and don’t tell them about it!
Just do it!

Be A Spectator At ---
Find out what the -- is, how to become a spectator (most likely achievable with money), save the money and go.

Be a YouTube hit!
Create YouTube videos. You can start by copying, by having a vlog, by putting up some tutorials on things you know or want to learn, or product reviews - make videos. Sooner or later you'll create something interesting and original enough for people to get interested.

Be able to climb up a rope, the whole way
Be able to do a pull-up / 10 pull-ups / 30 consecutive pull ups
Be able to do 10 / 50 / 100 pushups at a time
Be able to do over 300 consecutive sit ups again
Be able to do a no hand cartwheel
Be Able to Do a Roundhouse Kick
Be Able to Do Half Moon Yoga Pose
Be able to do the splits
Be able to 'Starfish' and/or 'Iron X'
Be able to run a mile easily
Be able to swim 5K / without stopping / in one laps session / again
Be able to touch my toes without bending my knees

Be able to sing/rap/recite an entire song (by a certain artist) from memory
Start learning. Get the lyrics, read, read, read, until you remember, sing/rap along with the original artist until you learn to sing/rap/recite the song as you like, move on to a "karaoke" version - a music version without any singing - and there you are

Be able to drive / do what ever else you wish to be able to do
Learn. Simple as that.
Most skills are being taught. You just need to find out by whom and where and what are the requirements/cost/etc. and see that you have what it takes - the money or preliminary skills or what ever it is, like instruments or tools or materials or equipment.

Be able to fill a world map with pins of where I've been
1) Get a world map, attach it on a pinnable base like corkboard, and get a lot of pins
2) travel

Be able to tell if someone is lying
Frankly, you can't.
But you can learn body language and get observant and all that.

Be able to read and understand corporate balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents
Become financially literate

Be all the results on the 1st page when my name is typed into Google
1) Get a unique name
2) Get REALLY active on-line - blog, social medias, everywhere

Be at --- / at night / on ---
Some place or another at any time of the day, on any day of the year, during this event or that happening. Just write it down and make it happen.

Be awarded a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame
To be awarded a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you need to do something for the entertainment industry in USA. Best chances you have if you are a popular actor/actress. You need to work for five years at least and be known for "charitable contributions" and/or have received awards.

Be elected to political office / Become a senator / governor of your state / mayor / president of your country
Politics... just join a party and get active with the politics.
Study political sciences, human and civil rights, sociology, ecology, economics, law... It's easier if you do this at a University, but there are "layman" politicians, who have become professional politicians without "formal" education. You need to study these subjects in any case.

Be Interviewed as an "Expert" on something
Become an expert on something. The more rare, unusual, stupid or specific "something" you choose, the better chances you have on being interviewed.

The weirdest, funniest, most awesome job titles ever
You do WHAT for living?

Be a part of a huge revolution or activist event
I suppose this is one of these "I was there when that happened!" wish. The thing is that one never knows what will become a huge revolution or activist event...

Be as happy as I can be
- be content with what you have. Be content with what you are. Be content with what you know, who you are, the weather, everything.
- don't worry. Get a worry doll or worry stone or a worry Goddess that you will allow to worry for you, and every time you notice you are worrying, give the worries back to your worrying entity.
- don't stress. Write down the things you stress about, you dwell in, you sweat, and make an action plan, and then do something. Stop stressing, dwelling and sweating.
- care more about others than yourself. Care about the people you care about, not about the people you really don't even like.
- never blame anyone. Not even yourself. Things happen. If you are OK with the consequences, fine, if not, change something. "It" or your attitude. You are 100% in control.
- same thing, never complain. There are three things to do if you find something you want to complain about: change it, change your attitude or ignore it.
- be with people who make you happy. Don't spend time with people who make you miserable, more than necessary
- laugh every day. Find something to laugh at.
- be honest. Don't lie. Don't pretend.
- Smile often. Laugh often. Enjoy things.
- do what you love
- the cliches that unfortunately are true. Keep smiling. Turn negatives into positives. See challenges, risks, dangers, catastrophes, crises etc. as possibilities, and Death as New Beginning.
There is a Finnish poem that goes something like this "it's time to rip everything that is rotten, damaged, old, so that the new growth has space to expand".
- express your feelings.
- write, create, write a journal, diary, express your thoughts in some creative way every day
- be grateful
- focus on the present. Live in the moment. Practice mindfulness.
In Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time there was a monk who was "constantly amazed"... he lived in the moment in such a way that everything he saw was as if he saw it the first time... and in a way it is.
I also thought about the quote “If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
If you were dying, what would you miss... what would you mourn for never having seen? Or when someone you love dies, what do you miss? What will the raven's words, "nevermore", make you think?

Be called up onto stage at a concert / be in a front row at rock concert / be backstage at a major concert / be in a screamo moshpit / be in a VIP space
As far as I know, most of these experiences can be bought. Some of them are then a question of courage and "going for it". Go to the front row. Go in the moshpit.

Be bitten by a wild animal (and survive)
Frankly... an ant is a wild animal. Define better.
Also, being bitten by a wild animal usually signifies that you have been in wrong place at wrong time doing wrong things, and is nothing to brag about or an experience to desire... but you could become a wild life veterinarian or wild life conservator.
I suppose that one of the "safest" wild animals to go to just to be bitten are the big water birds, like geese and swans. Their bite will hurt, you will know you have been bitten; they will bite you if you go near their nests or young ones; and you most likely will survive the attack. (Or defense of their babies, to be correct...)
Nevertheless, I suppose you are talking about predators and venomous animals.

Become a 24 hour a day stoner
"I did not go through a phase in my youth where I was a totally irresponsible pot head.  I would like to take a month or two to get high continuously."
Frankly, I'm OK with this.

This, on the other hand, I am NOT OK with:
Be drunk at a zoo

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