Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be and Become III

Be a "one hit wonder"
Be a "regular" somewhere — a restaurant, a bar, a bookstore.
Be a bartender for only one night.
Be a BETA tester for a game/site
Be a clown for a day
Be a fashion critic
Be a FLYlady (or FLYguy) for at least a week
Be a foster parent
Be a godmother
Be an interior decorator
Be a leader in my field
Be a member of an exclusive club
Be a mentor
Be a part of an enormous family
Be a part of habitat for humanity
Be a part of something greater.
Be a pen pal
Be a pin-up model for a day!
Be a protector of the earth
Be a representative for what you stand for
Be a self-made millionaire
Be a shepherd for a day
Be a street performer
Be a tour guide
Be a tourist in your own town
Be a workaholic like my dad is
Be able to be on the actual bridge of the enterprise
Be able to cook and churn out delicious meals for the family.
Be able to identify 10+ birdcalls                  
Be able to identify more constellations     
Be able to play violin to an intermediate level'
Be able to stop a really good liar
Be acne free
Be an artist’s/art classes model
Be an inspiration to many people
Be as hard working as my mother is
Be awesome at Blitz (the card game)
Be blond for a day
Be chased by zombies
Be complaint-free for a period of 30 days
Be completely out of your comfort zone
Be creative
Be driven in an 18 wheeler
Be featured in media for my work
Be featured in my favorites singer’s songs
Be financially independent
Be friends with your ex
Be good at reading music (that’s not chords)
Be green
Be hugged from behind
Be in a dance battle
Be in a game of naked twister
Be in a LARP fight
Be in a mariachi band
Be in a parade
Be in a school play
Be in a waterless regatta
Be in an 8-man wheelchair race
Be in and participate in an instrumental band
Be in contact with people around the world
Be in my best friend’s wedding
Be in the hospital for a night
Be in times square for New Year’s Eve!
Be in two places at once
Be in Washington, DC during a presidential inauguration
Be intermediate in acoustic guitar
Be internationally recognized in my personal development work
Be interviewed by a national news publication or show
Be interviewed by Oprah
Be interviewed on video
Be invited to speak overseas
Be invited to talk or speak at ted
Be Japanese for a day
Be keynote speaker at a conference
Be kind to someone you dislike
Be kissed by a seal
Be kissed on top of a Ferris wheel / be kissed under mistletoe
Be known throughout the world
Be left-handed for an entire day
Be listed on a patent
Be locked in a haunted place for a night
Be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of dark watchers
Be made into a cartoon character for an animated film or comic book
Be mentioned in an interior design magazine
Be mentored by amazing individuals
Be more involves in club and events
Be more social in a relationship
Be naked in a rainforest
Be on a billboard
Be on a boat in a lake in the early morning covered by fog
Be on a Jumbotron at a stadium / "kiss cam" at a sporting event
Be on a panel at a convention
Be on a volleyball team
Be on an expedition with national geographic channel
Be on boat during the sunset
Be on ninja warrior
Be on the CN power and get over my height fear
Be on the cover of a magazine
Be on the New York Times bestsellers list
Be out on a lake in a boat in the early morning covered by fog
Be overcome by the beauty of the isle of Skye, Scotland
Be part of a candlelight vigil
Be part of a charity fundraiser
Be part of a disaster relief team
Be part of a flash mob
Be part of a lock-in a proper old pub
Be part of a protest that receives national coverage
Be part of a riot
Be part of an epic practical joke
Be passionate about a cause
Be passionate about a sports team
Be passionate about a worthy cause
Be polite to every single person I meet
Be prepared to survive zombies
Be present at a birth
Be present at a session of the us supreme court
Be present for someone's death
Be proposed to / in a unique way / overseas
Be proud of what I’ve accomplished in life
Be proud of yourself.
Be public relations representative
Be published
Be published
Be published in national geographic/traveler
Be recognized by lonely planet
Be recognized for a talent by a complete stranger
Be ridiculous
Be right-handed for an entire day
Be Santa Claus or one of Santas elves at the mall
Be scared during a car drive
Be served drinks by bar wizards
Be served ice cream in Istanbul by this amazing man
Be silly
Be smiling in a random person’s photo in the back
Be somebody’s secret Santa
Be somebody’s secret Santa
Be someone’s mentor
Be someone's best friend
Be someone's biggest fan
Be spoiled on valentine's day
Be sponsored by an outdoor gear company
Be spontaneous
Be stronger than I thought I was
Be successfully self-employed
Be the best wife I can be
Be the boss.
Be the executive director of a non-profit organization
Be the next "it" thing, everyone is talking about
Be the only one riding a rollercoaster
Be the star of a book signing
Be the star on a TV sitcom
Be the winner of a fan quiz competition at a convention
Be there for a baby’s first step
Be tied up during sex
Be told by a complete stranger that I'm pretty
Be true to yourself
Be unafraid to do whatever it takes to have full peace
Be very flexible
Be well thought of by family and friends
Be woken up by a rooster
Be woken up with a kiss
Become 125 lbs again
Become a badminton coach
Become a better listener
Become a better public speaker by joining toastmasters
Become a big4 holiday parks member
Become a cartoon character
Become a certified scuba diver.
Become a certified skydiver.
Become a child care worker
Become a citizen of another country and get a 2nd passport
Become a comedian
Become a composer
Become a costume attendant
Become a costume designer
Become a craft artist
Become a family life coach
Become a family parks tribal rewards member
Become a foster home for pets
Become a freelance writer
Become a godmother
Become a grandparent
Become a greeter in a church
Become a habits life coach
Become a hairdresser
Become a jeweler
Become a landscaper
Become a lifelong collector of something that fascinates you
Become a market research analyst
Become a marriage life coach
Become a master gardener
Become a member of an exclusive club
Become a member of everything I can
Become a mentor at a startup event
Become a mentor to someone
Become a millionaire
Become a minimalist and whittle my possessions down to only 100 things
Become a movie director
Become a mystery shopper
Become a newscaster
Become a parent
Become a permanent volunteer at a charity
Become a personal trainer
Become a poet
Become a published author
Become a publisher
Become a receptionist
Become a regular at a bar or a restaurant
Become a sculpturer
Become a shamanic practitioner
Become a singer
Become a snake expert
Become a spiritual help public speaker
Become a spiritual life coach
Become a stage designer
Become a stand-up comedian
Become a super hero
Become a survivalist
Become a vegan / vegetarian
Become a weather forecaster /weatherwoman
Become a well-known person
Become a zen master
Become an addition life coach
Become an animator
Become an art collector
Become an eagle scout
Become an early riser
Become an egg donor
Become an expert in ice skating, to the point where i can fast skating, skate backwards, and spin
Become an expert in something you’ve always found interesting
Become an expert in your favorite music genre
Become an expert roller booter
Become an extra in a movie
Become an ice cream connoisseur
Become an illustrator
Become an image consultant
Become an inspiration
Become an internationally known TV psychiatrist
Become an ordained minister
Become an ordained wiccan priestess
Become an organ donor
Become aware enough to effectively meditate
Become best friends with a guy
Become comfortable public speaking
Become completely immersed in a foreign culture
Become courageous
Become debt-free
Become fearless
Become financially independent
Become flexible again
Become flexible enough to do the splits
Become handy with some new dangerous tools              
Become healthier
Become intermediate at playing the clarinet
Become more assertive & stick up for myself  
Become more confident
Become more good at technical programs
Become multilingual
Become part of a monster hunting team
Become proficient at Adobe Photoshop
Become proficient with 3 weapons, one of which is unique
Become self-employed 
Become smarter mathematically
Become the president of a community organization
Become the president of something

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