Friday, April 17, 2015

Importance of preparations

It's not enough to have a list.
It's not enough to SMART the list.
It's not enough to have the determination and will to get you through the list.
You need to prepare.

For example:

I have been trying to get myself out and walking for the last month.
There have been days when I think it would be nice, but decided not to, simply because the threshold was elevated by the fact that I hadn't prepared.
I am a lazy bum, so I need to have all the things I need in order.

I need to have my telephone and bluetooth unit charged.
I need to have my telephone, bluetooth unit and earphones ready.
I need to have the clothes I'm planning to use prepared, from sportsbra to good shoes.
Everything needs to be clean.
I also need to have something I can have over the clothes, if it's rainy or cold.
If it had been easy, just to get into the clothes, take my MP3 player and go, I would have gone.
When I needed to wait for the phone to charge and couldn't find my socks, I didn't go.

The same with everything else.
If you plan to yoga every morning, you need to have a place to yoga prepared, and the clothes you plan wearing.
If you plan to learn to play a guitar, you need a guitar that is stringed and tuned, and what ever material you plan to use to learn from, ready.
If you plan to watch a movie, you need to have a copy of that movie, and necessary equipment to watch that copy.
If you want to make a piece of art every day, you need your paper, pens, brushes, paint, what ever it is you plan to paint/draw and the necessary equipment.

It's much easier to get something done, when you have everything you need to do it with readily available.

These are Thirty-One organizing totes. 
The company creates them in different sizes, patterns and colors
and you can order them with embroidery.
I suggest you collect all the equipment, tools and materials for your project
in one box or bag or tote or caddy
to make it easier to get doing things.

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