Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dance, dance, dance...

Learn a dance
Lean a dance from every decade in the 1900s
Learn a Line Dance
Learn a local, traditional dance in a foreign country
Learn how to salsa dance
Bust out the Gentleman dance in a club
Create an optical illusion dance
Learn the art of Burlesque
Take a Salsa Dancing Class
Take Bellydancing Classes
Go dancing at a gay bar
Go out dancing at a different place every night for a week
Have a picture of myself dancing in the rain
Learn '40s-style dancing
Make a goofy video of yourself dancing

Dance "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" somewhere outside a house

Dance --- / with --- / with a stranger in a foreign country / on a table / naked / in the rain / in the middle of --- / in a --- / as a ---

Dance a Maypole
Dance around the fire like a gypsy
Dance at a Honky-Tonk
Dance at an American Indian Pow-Wow
Dance at Grizzly Rose
Dance dare
Dance in a flash mob
Dance in a fountain
Dance in a penguin suit in a populated city center
Dance in a room with 99 balloons on my birthday
Dance in the living room with my 3 boys
Dance in the mist of victoria falls
Dance in the moonlight
Dance in the pouring rain
Dance in the rain
Dance in the dark on Dancing In The Dark
Dance like a freak without caring who is watching!
Dance like no one is watching (sober, in public)
Dance naked in the rain
Dance on a bar
Dance on a giant floor piano
Dance on a table
Dance on Black & Gold by Sam Sparro
Dance on stage with my choreography
Dance on the clear floor at Ghostbar at Palms in Las Vegas
Dance on Vandaag by Bakermat
Dance Tango in Argentina
Dance the tango
Dance with Ellen Degeneres

Dance the "Macarena" in sync with dozens of other people

Dance the "Nutbush" with hundreds of other people

Dance the Hula with a Hula dancer in Hawaii
Tango in a red dress with my husband
Tango in a sexy dress
Learn how to Tango
Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home
Stay up all night dancing
Take a Ballroom Dancing Course
Try Square Dancing
Try Tap Dancing
Dance to Bakermat
Dance to Jazz on Bourbon Street
Dance to zydeco
Dance under a waterfall
Dance with a complete stranger
Dance with a complete stranger at a masquerade ball
Dance with an African tribe
Dance with Ellen DeGeneres
Dance With Gypsies
Do a proper Hula dance
Do a seductive dance to Godsmack's "Voodoo"
Do a strip tease on a pole
Do a strip tease to "Sexy and I know it"
Do a strip tease to Rihanna's S&M

Do the PSY "Gentleman" dance in public

Have a Christmas dance
Learn the Napoleon Dynamite Dance

Learn the Cha-cha
Learn this dance routine from the movie Burlesque 
(Now, I don't have the slightest idea which specific dance routine she's talking about, 
but this is one of them. As good as any other.)

Learn To Dance (Hip-Hop,Salsa,Jazz)
Learn to dance Bollywood-style
Learn to Dance Hula and Perform on Stage
Learn to dance in high heels
Learn to dance like Elvis

Learn to dance like this guy (which guy?)

Like this guy?

or like this guy?
Learn the whole evolution of dance

Or perhaps this guy?

Or perhaps this guy?

Learn to dance the tango
Learn to ballroom dance properly
Learn to belly dance
Learn to Breakdance
Learn to Lindy Hop
Learn to Line dance
Learn to booty shake!
Hold a battle of the robot dance moves
Learn to Swing Dance
Master one particular style of dance
Swing dance in an authentic 1950s style diner
Slow dance in the middle of a crowded city street
Slow dance in the rain
Slow Dance with my Husband
Slow dance with someone
Take Dance Classes

Learn how to do the Hoedown Throwdown from Hannah Montana The Movie

Learn people in a foreign country the kabouterdans

Learn the Gangnam style dance! =)

Learn the handshake from "the parent trap"

Learn the rockafella skank

Learn the time warp dance from rocky horror picture show

Learn to booty shake!

Learn to do the cup song

Learn to moonwalk

Learn steps to Thriller

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