Monday, September 19, 2016

Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, 19th of September

1) Dress like a pirate
So... boots... I have already nice boots. I just need to take them to the cobbler and get the heels fixed.
Tights... I wonder where I can get vertically striped tights. Perhaps I need to sew myself some pirate pants of striped fabric.
Skirt. When I was young I had a perfect skirt. Now I don't know where it is.
Belt sash and sword belt
Peasant shirt and corset
I think I want a Turkish coat, and Captain Sparrow inspired hairdo and hat.
Hairdo - unwashed, uncut, I think dreads might be a good idea. Or braids.
And an eye patch :-D
And a parrot... it would be wonderful to learn ventrilogism and make the parrot speak :-D

2) Learn to talk like a pirate - or Shakespeare with more growl :-D

3) Embrace your inner pirate by watching pirate movies and listening to piratecore. Aye, there is such a thing.
Eat pirate food. Like rum. Which basically was the only thing rationally edible in the pirate food... I mean, the water in ships got slimy, the hardtack was hard and full of weevils, the meat was black, salted and tough as wood, there was no fresh food at all, unless someone managed to catch some fish. There might have been some pickled veggies. Might. Most likely not. So, rum it is. But we don't live in the 16th century ships, so I think Caribbean food is probably great. Eat bread in chunks, not in slices. But don't forget the rum. :-D
Dance sailor dances and go wild with wenches.

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