Thursday, January 2, 2014

Money, money, money...

That's one of the main concerns when it comes to bucket list. In the movie, one of they guys was very, very rich, and that's how they could do the things on the bucket list.
For me, half of the things I haven't done because of lack of money.

So - how to get the money?

1) There is a lot you can do without money.
Try to find the alternative, cheaper or free ways of doing things.
There is tons of tutorials and instructional videos on-line. Quite a lot of things can be self-taught. There are people who have taught themselves to sing and dance ballet. So "anyone" can do it.

This is Amira Willighagen. 
She is 9 years old and she taught herself to sing opera, by watching YouTube videos.

"Sylvia Townsend spent her childhood practicing the dance routines of some of her favorite ballet dancers. At the age of 7, Sylvia began to search for all of the ballet books she could find on the Bookmobile. Townsend taught herself ballet, even going so far as to creating a barre from two chairs and a broomstick."
- Art of Ballet School Thrives in Richmond

But be aware of the risk.
On their toes and asking for trouble

Also, don't think you can teach yourself as well as a trained teacher would. There will be some holes in your knowledge, and you might not even be doing what ever it is you're doing right, but for most people being able to do something is good enough. One doesn't need to be GOOD at what one is doing.

That is one thing that I have noticed. I just assume that to be able to say I can do something, I must be good at it.
But I can read. I could read already when I was 6.
Was I "good" at it? I doubt that.
Right now I read in about 300 words a minute. It's a nice, average speed. Am I "good" at it? I don't know. And, frankly, I don't care.
I still think I can read, and so does everyone else, because I CAN read.
I can write.
I know English. Well enough to be here yapping in English. Am I good at it? Good enough. Confident enough to be yapping in public in English :-D I'm sure there's a lot room for improvement, but I have never claimed I'm expert in English language, or good at spelling and grammar. But I do know English, and I say I'm fluent in English.
I know Swedish. My Swedish is worse than my English, but I'm still fluent in Swedish, too.
I can walk, I can run, I can dance, I can cook and bake, I can... a lot of things. I don't put myself as an example, I don't claim I'm good at any of that (except baking. I am really good at baking :-D), I wouldn't teach any of that to anyone. But I can do all those things.
So - lower your standards.

2) Benny the Irish Polyglot has written a lot about how to travel cheap.

3) It's not a question of how much money you earn, it's how little you use, that makes you rich. Rich people don't waste their money on things and services they don't need. Quite a lot of the expenses of average people are such that could be cut out. We buy a lot of stuff to satisfy the "got to have" addiction. We live in a consumption society, where we are bombarded with the "got to have" everywhere. 
Stop watching television for a month. You'll be surprised of how much time you get and how little you want and need.

Have a "need only" month. Every penny not used is a penny saved.

And start saving the pennies. 
Start using real money, in stead of cards. Then you'll get change, which you can put in a jar, and in the end of the month, put that money in an account, and you'll be surprised of how much money has passed through your fingers you haven't even noticed!

There are lots of blogs, sites and articles online to help you saving more. Use them.
Like Get Rich Slowly

Like 52 weeks money challenge.
It's not too late to take that. It's only week 4.

 4) But it doesn't hurt to increase your income as well.
- ask a raise
-- could you increase your value as resource? Could you get better education, study, read, get skills and/or knowledge that would make you more valuable for your employer?
- consider changing work
- consider getting extra work
- do you have property you can sell?
- do you have skills you can turn into an income?

You could take the 52 weeks money challenge with EARNED money. First week earn 1 dollar, next 2 dollars and so on... How would you get the money if you HAD to find 1000 dollars in a month?

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