Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ideas, money and academic goals

Earn 6 Figures Per Year
Earn one billion dollars
Earn one million dollars
Earn more than my age
Earn over 40k a year

Have $10,000 emergency fund
Open a savings account
Learn how to balance your own accounts
Achieve 100% freedom from all debt.
Achieve financial freedom.
Achieve six-figure annual revenue for my business
Actually comprehend my finances and taxes.
Have a garage sale and earn up to 100 dollars
Save 50/200/250/300/350/400/500/600 dollars
Save up thoudands of dollars to get a eco carBecome financially self sufficient
Make micro-loans to the poor and provide financial assistance in setting up small businesses at Kiva.
Earn my Certified Financial Planner designation
Open my own Financial Planning firm
Reach financial independence
Create a college fund for my future children
Learn how to invest excess funds to improve your earnings yield.
Set up an emergency fund
Start a scholarship fund for my alma mater
Be debt free
Zero credit card debt
Build assets worth US$____ million.
Leave any wealth or assets I have when I go out to people who really deserve and need them.
Be a Self-Made Millionaire
Become a millionaire
Develop an online business that earns over $3000/month in passive income.
Hold $5,000 cash in my hand at one time
Make at least $200K in a given year.
Write an ebook that earns $6,000+
Launch a digital product that earns $6,000+
Invest a small amount of money in the stock market
Invest in gold
Invest in my children’s education
Invest In the Stock Market
Own multiple investment properties all over the world.
Take $1000 and invest it all by myself and track it and try to make it grow
What you spend your money on shows what kind of person you are, so make sure to spend money to show a person you want to be
Win money for your funny video
Achieve a “location independent” full-time income
Create a Source of Passive Income
Have Enough Money to Do All the Things on This List
Become a millionaire / billionaire
Pay off your debt / pay off your credit card debt / become debt free
Pay off your student loans / pay off your loans / pay off your mortcage
Negotiate for a raise annually
Start a business
Learn to invest wisely
Buy property
Build an emergency fund
Have an education fund
Fund a sabbatical
Retire early
Save money
Participate in lottery
Build a low-impact and sustainable business that generates an average monthly revenue of at least $1000.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree
Earn a college degree
Earn a graduate college degree
Earn a Master’s Degree
Earn a PhD
Earn my doctorate
Complete my Bachelor’s degree
Get a doctorate degree
Graduate from university with a degree
Graduate university
Graduate with a BA
Maybe even get a degree
Maybe even get a master's dergree
Maybe go to university
Obtain a university degree
Take 4 classes in subjects that interest me but are not for a degree
Put more effect into my grades and studying
Obtain a Ph.D

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