Friday, January 10, 2014


“Accidently” knock the camera out of the hands of a paparazzi
Don't. They really are just trying to earn a living.
If you don't approve their occupation, stop giving them job. Stop buying any magazines and yellow press papers with celebrity photos. See that everyone you know won't buy them or read them. Burn every one you can find. Block every site on-line with photos of celebrities. See that there are no photos of celebrities around you.
Trashing their cameras is not going to change anything.

Buy/own a camera / good camera / professional quality camera / underwater camera / film camera / old fashioned camera / nice lens

Constantly improve my photography / Get better with photography
Learn new photographing techniques
Get into wildlife photography    
Master astrophotography
Learn HDR photography
Have a picture I have taken in a newspaper / magazine / National Geographic
Have an art exhibition of my photos
Have my photographs hung up in a public business
Have calendars containing my photographs sold in stores
Host a photography exhibition for charity
Learn Adobe Photoshop / Learn how to use Photoshop / Take a Photoshop class
Learn to develop photos in a dark room
Make money from my photography / Make over $100 on one of my photos
Sell my first photograph / my photography
Take a photography class / course / digital photography class
Create my own photography tutorial program and products

Take a photograph with a film camera / Polaroid camera
Take a picture through a telescope

Print and frame some of my best photos
Print out and make a framed photo collage of every country/trip i have been on
Take a great picture, print it, frame it and hang it on the wall
Take brilliant photographs that I can blow up and frame for my own house
Take the time to get a few special photos or prints professionally framed and matted
Create a photo calendar / with my favorite photos / with my own photos
Make a coffee table book with my favorite quotes and pictures I have taken

Transfer all photos to digital

Complete a 15 day / month / 365 Day Photography Challenge / photo a day of meaningful things  / 365 SELF photo project

Buy a photo album and fill it
Have a photo album with black and white photos / black / orange / pink / purple / red / blue / green / yellow / brown / grey / rainbow colored things / heart shaped things / star shaped things / skulls

Produce a photo in the same way many, many years later
Re-create ---‘s video
Reproduce an old photo / a family photo / a famous photo

Take a 360° panoramic photo from the top of a mountain
Take a panoramic photo from the highest observation deck of a tall building
Take a panoramic view of the ocean

Photograph a --- / 10 --- / 100 --- / in --- / with --- / during --- / a lightning / foreworks / a shooting star / a bubble popping / a natural phenomenon / something beautiful / something famous / the 12 things to photograph before you die / the most common thing/building/view photographed in your neighborhood / the coolest thing in your city / Northern Lights / a burning dandelion / bubblegum blowing /100 black and white photos / 1000 photos / 5 creepy photos / 5o things that make me happy /100 different sunsets / smoke / the same place every month and make a calendar of it / [some animal] / things I’m thankful for / my child every day for a year / my eye / the sunrise and sunset on same day / under water / from the tallest building you can find / at least 3 things related to a god(dess) in Greek mythology / night sky / of a graveyard at night / all the personalized number plates I see / 

Capture a funny picture that makes you laugh every time
Capture the moment in an award-winning photograph
Climb to the top of a tree and take a photo of the view
Document one month of my life in photographs
Go on a photo trip
Have boudoir photos taken
Have my picture in a newspaper
Have some professional looking photos taken
Have vintage-style pin-up photos taken
Photograph a beautiful sun rise
Photograph a clear shot of the moon
Portrait photography
Sit on Santa's lap and have a photo take
Spend a day photographing the countryside
Take dirty pictures
Take some beautiful pictures at a church
Watch sunsets, take pictures of them and then frame them

Do a perfect water hair flip photo

Photograph lemurs at Madagascar / breathtaking view at Antarctica / Kukenán, which inspired the movie “Up,” in Venezuela / lava flows after hiking up an active volcano / The Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel /

Do a time series photo shoot of the night sky in a Southwestern Desert
Hang out in Central Park and photograph a pigeon
Take an Orb Photography Tour in Cassadaga Florida
Take as many horribly stereotypical tourist pictures as possible

Be photographed in front of Mount Rushmore with a “this is colonialism” sign / with the giant “Amsterdam” sign / holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa / at Platform 9 ¾ / with the Area 51 no trespassing sign / beneath the Hollywood sign / with the Love sign at Love Park in Philadelphia / at the E=MC2 sign in Berlin / in a British phonebooth / on Kannesteinen Rock in Oppedal, Norway / outside of the Buckingham Palace / with the Berlin Wall / with the Yoda fountain in San Francisco California / with the caveman statue in grants pass Oregon / with the Big Pineapple / with a figure in a wax museum / with the bull at Wall Street / at The Devil's Den

Have a photoshoot / with my core family / with three generations (grandparent, parent, child) / with all my children together / extended family / professional photoshoot / with a friend

Have a photoshoot in an abandoned building / Steampunk themed / winter themed / old Western bar themed / bikini themed at beach / in a grave yard, at night, in the fog / in a field of wildflowers / black and white in an abandoned building / on train tracks /a beach photoshoot with a swimsuit model / photoshoot in rain

Be photographed with --- / with [some animal] / with a celebrity / with a guard / at Santa’s lap / with a llama / Lenin in Petrograd / with Shrek / with an Elvis impersonator / with a tiger / with the Naked Cowboy / with the President of the United States / with an interesting stranger / with a drag queen /

Be photographed at --- / when I’m --- / vintage pin-up style / sad faced / crying / sitting for a portrait / jumping / dressed up as a mermaid / carrying a photo of me carrying a photo of me carrying a photo of me carrying…. / feeling on top of the world / cat bearding / in front of a tourist attraction / with my husband every day for a year / sparkler writing / tangled in lights / / with an over-sized object / with balloons / with every gnome I see for a day / with my kids everyday / with strangers whole day long / under water / under water with friends / with a rainbow /"walking away from an explosion" / at the same place through the year / by a professional photographer / completing each item on my Bucketlist and post it in my blog/at / in boudoir style / naked when pregnant / by a windmill / playing with sparklers / naked / being silly (so that grandchildren have something to gawk at) / in the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's pose  / holding a ---

Take cute pictures / silly pictures / cute kissing pictures / pictures with my friends / with my spouse in a photo booth

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