Sunday, January 5, 2014

Food and drink related ideas

Try all the foods on Omnivore's Top 100
The Big Veg - 50 vegetarian things to eat before you die
100 Classic Cocktails Bobby Heugel Says You Should Try

Try different foods- different fauna and flora people eat, like squirrel and zucchini flowers
- unusual things, like insects
- different fruits
- different national dishes around the world
- different beverages, like yuanyang (half coffee, half tea, Hong Kong style) or Yerba Mate
- different flavors of a popular commercial product, like green tea kit kat or vanilla coke
- sweet dishes made of things we associate with savory, savory dishes made of things we associate with sweet; like tomatoes with sugar and cream and black bean brownies
- “nature’s pantry” – all the edible things growing wild in the local wilderness, foraged food, mushrooms, wild herbs, survival food
- food bucketlists

Avoid fast food

Be a vegan
Be a vegetarian for a week
Become / live a week / month / summer / year as vegetarian / vegan / pescetarian / fruitarian
Become vegetarian / vegan / pescetarian / fruitarian
Become vegetarian after I have tried all kinds of meat there is

Eat only organic / raw / fresh for a month
Eat better / healthier

Become a food critic
Build up a one-month food stockpile

Create food art
Create latte art
Create your own cocktail

Do a man vs food eating challenge
Drink a $1000 bottle of champagne / Dom Perignon with a bendy straw / a bottle of trendy champagne / a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne
Drink a cocktail out of a coconut on a beach
Drink a vintage wine
Drink a yard of ale
Drink absinthe
Drink apple cider
Drink at a distillery
Drink at a dive bar
Drink at an ice bar
Drink from a coconut
Drink hot chocolate with true love
Drink milk from a fresh coconut
Drink moonshine
Drink only water for a week
Drink tea at a tea house
Drink vodka in an icebar

Eat Raclette
Eat 100% local for 1 month
Eat a cake without using my hands
Eat a candle lit meal
Eat a different breakfast for 7 days in a row
Eat a fish you caught yourself: get out your fishing pole, and go catch your lunch
Eat a food that I grew
Eat a fresh catch that I reeled in
Eat a hot dog from a street stand in New York
Eat a huge piece of cake (or candy bar or ice cream cone or whatever your favorite dessert is) and feel wonderful about it.
Eat a meal cooked by a celebrity chef
Eat a meal cooked by a famous chef
Eat a meal good enough to be my last
Eat a meal in a blanket fort
Eat a meal on a rooftop
Eat a meal overlooking the colosseum
Eat a molecular gastronomy dinner
Eat a pig in blanket wrapped in a blanket (on the national pig-in-blanket day, 24th of april)
Eat a raw diet for a day
Eat a scooby doo size burger
Eat a six-course meal that you prepared
Eat a slice of authentic New York pizza
Eat a traditional food from every country
Eat ahi poke
Eat all major ethnic cuisines
Eat all meals outside for one day
Eat alligator
Eat alone at a restaurant
Eat an apple straight from a tree
Eat an authentic --- meal with a --- family
Eat an authentic italian meal with an italian family
Eat an insect
Eat ants
Eat astronaut food
Eat at ---
Eat at a food truck
Eat at a mc donalds overpass (vinita, USA)
Eat at a michelin 3-star restaurant
Eat at a michelin star restaurant
Eat at a random place you come across
Eat at a vegetarian restaurant
Eat at alcatraz e.r. In tokyo (medical prison)
Eat at buns and guns in beirut
Eat at cannibalistic sushi in tokyo
Eat at different places one can eat, restaurant, food van, street café etc.
Eat at eternity in ukraina (coffin restaurant)
Eat at fortezza medicea in italy (prison)
Eat at giraffe manor, nairobi, kenya
Eat at 'marton' bathroom themed restaurant - taiwan
Eat at modern toilet restaurant in taiwan
Eat at naha harbor diner in okinawa, japan
Eat at ninja akasaka in tokyo
Eat at 'ninja New York restaurant'
Eat at opaque restaurant (United States) (dine in the dark)
Eat at 'signs' deaf restaurant (toronto)eat at the alice in wonderland restaurant in tokyo
Eat at the french laundry in california
Eat at the tree house restaurant (new zealand)
Eat at the waterfall restaurant in san pablo city, philippines
Eat baby eel
Eat beef tongue
Eat bird nest soup
Eat blood sausage
Eat bone marrow
Eat breakfast in bed
Eat cactus
Eat casu marzu
Eat caviar
Eat century egg
Eat cheeks
Eat chicken feet
Eat chips on the beach
Eat conch
Eat crickets
Eat crocodile meat
Eat dessert in the middle of a desert
Eat dim sum
Eat durian
Eat eel
Eat elk
Eat emu meat
Eat escargot
Eat every flavor of ice cream (even the nasty ones)
Eat fire
Eat FireEdge Walk at Toronto’s CN Tower
Eat flowers
Eat foie gras
Eat fondue
Eat fresh fruit straight from the tree
Eat frickles
Eat frog legs
Eat fugu
Eat gizzards
Eat green tuna fruit
Eat haggis
Eat head cheese
Eat healthier / become vegetarian or vegan
Eat heart
Eat herring
Eat in a pitch black restaurant
Eat in a revolving restaurant
Eat in the underwater hotel in maldives
Eat insects
Eat inside pirates of the caribbean ride (blue bayou)
Eat jelly fish
Eat jellyfish
Eat kim chee
Eat lamb tongue / brain / rump
Eat liver
Eat mealworm
Eat mochi
Eat mushy peas
Eat octopus
Eat ostrich
Eat outside your comfort zone.
Eat peni at guo-li-zhuang in chinaeat southern BBQ in the south
Eat pigeon
Eat pigs ear / feet (trotters) / head / tail
Eat rabbit
Eat raw oysters
Eat reindeer
Eat rocky mountain oysters
Eat sashimi
Eat scorpion
Eat scrapple
Eat sea slug
Eat sea urchin
Eat snails
Eat snake
Eat something extremely interesting and strange
Eat something really crazy
Eat spaghetti like lady and the tramp
Eat sushi
Eat tarantula
Eat tequila worm
Eat tripe
Eat ugli fruit
Eat wild boar
Eat with chopsticks
Eat worm cakes
Eat yak
Eat/dine at a specific restaurant
Enjoy a candle lit dinner with a loved one
Enjoy a Kahlua coffee drink
Enjoy an edible balloon
Enter something in a food competition

Fast for 72 hours/ three days / at least 2 days / one day / at Ramadan / a few days
Find out how many maltesers can fit into my mouth
Find real fritos & make frito pie

Toss pizza dough in the air
Tropical fruit world

Try 10 different honey
Try 10 new fruits/berries/veggies
Try 10 new local restaurants
Try 10 new restaurants
Try 15 types of ethnic cuisine
Try 25 different smoothie recipes
Try 25 new recipes
Try a different type of coffee, tea, soft drink, beer, or mixed drink
Try a food that I can’t pronounce
Try a food you can't pronounce
Try a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Try a Krispy Kreme Donut
Try a MRE meal
Try a really, really good bottle of wine.
Try a reindeer burger
Try a vegan diet for 30 days
Try a weird flavor of Kit-Kat
Try alcoholic egg nog
Try all types of food
Try an avocado black bean omelet
Try an unknown meal in a restaurant
Try astronaut food
Try at least 5 different kinds of egg
Try bubble tea
Try caribou meat
Try chicken and waffles

Try Danica cafe's color changing tea
Try deep fried cookie dough
Try deep fried cookie dough
Try deep-fried Twinkies
Try each type of pickled food
Try escargot
Try every --- flavor /at ---
Try every kind of vitamin water
Try everything on a single menu
Try everything on the McDonald’s menu once
Try food eaten by astronauts
Try food from all over the world
Try food from another planet
Try food from every country and region for which you can find a restaurant within 25 miles of my home
Try foods I normally wouldn't
Try fried mac & cheese
Try frozen yogurt with fresh fruits
Try hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps
Try hot soup in bread bowls
Try Indian food in India
Try juicing or make smoothies
Try kombucha tea or kefir
Try Korean BBQ
Try more than 300 different kinds of candy
Try mulberries
Try mulled wine
Try new food every day for a month
Try new food every month
Try new foods. Especially ones you thought you'd hate.
Try not eating meat on Mondays
Try one exotic food a day for a month / new food every month / every day for a month
Try peanut oil and make a stir fry
Try pickled food. Every last one
Try rattlesnake in Texas
Try raw veganism
Try savory oatmeal recipe
Try something different from the grocery store every time I go
Try tang
Try the raw food diet for two weeks
Try two new cookie recipes this Christmas
Try vegetarian haggis
Turn vegetarian

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