Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What if you HATE someone's bucket list?

Huh? Why is this even a question?

You ignore it and move on to work on your own list.

That is, don't do as I do, do as I say :-D

There are, though, some exceptions to this rule.


Some examples of this are:

- owning a wild animal, having an exotic pet, having a wild animal as a pet.

Yeah, sure, I understand why someone would want to have a pet fox, hawk, raven or tiger, but these animals are not supposed to be domesticated, which means that they won't do well as pets. They most likely require more experience and knowledge than normal, ordinary human beings have, and suffer from lack of it. They are not as adaptable as dogs, cats and rats, which is WHY THEY HAVEN'T BEEN DOMESTICATED YET.
Your desire to be unique is not even on the list of reasons why you should have a pet and which pet you should have.

People who get a pet "because it's cute/cool/different/that other person had one, too, so I can! (especially when this other person is fictional)" 
are stupid, egoistic a-holes who shouldn't be allowed to be responsible for another life, 
not even a pet rock! 
Animals are not fashion accessories!

- learning to deform animals, deforming animals, allowing people to deform animals  or owning a deformed animal

Animals are not to be declawed, devocalized, earcropped, taildocked, -nicked or -blocked, descented, devoiced, detoed, dewinged, pinioned, dubbed, mulesed or in any other way mutilated.
- animal hoarding and puppy mills
 - owning a fighting animal, wanting to participate in animal fighting, seeing animal fighting. 
Anything from cock fights to dog fights to bull fights. Human animals have a choice, other animals don't. Go see a boxing match or UFC match if you want to see two animals hurt each other.

- sex without explicit consent AND both/all involved fully understanding of the concept and consequences of the act
Which means sex with children, animals, mentally handicapped people, intoxicated people, people coerced in any way, people in a submissive position, people depended on you, like patients, employees and people of lesser rank.

- enslaving people, participating in it, condoning it, supporting it or in any way making it possible
This refers primarily to trafficking, so most sex industry is "off limits", unless you can be sure all involved are adult, consenting human beings.
But this includes all sorts of slavery
Someone is in slavery if they are:
- forced to work - through mental or physical threat;
- owned or controlled by an 'employer', usually through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse;
- dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as 'property';
- physically constrained or has restrictions placed on his/her freedom of movement.
Go to Anti-Slavery and End Slavery Now and familiarise yourself with the situation, so that you learn to make educated choices and not cause other people harm through your ignorance. 

- any act threatening the existence of a species or ecosystem
I don't know enough to be able to give you an exhaustive answer to what kind of bucketlist goals this refers to, but some things are obvious.
- Big game hunting and trophy hunting.

- owning/wearing pieces of endangered species, like certain types of fur or feathers, like ocelot fur or egret feathers. Just read about "plume hunting". Beastly practice!
- owning things made of threatened trees, like mahogany or rosewood.
- eating threatened species. I mean, there are still species people eat, and some of these are on people's bucket list. Like primates, bluefin tuna and sharks. Salmon "factories" are threatening all the sealife species. In Norway they buy salmon food from Iceland, where they fish anything in the Atlantic to grind to salmon food... which makes fish like herring endangered! EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

- using certain minerals or products created using these minerals. Mining is a big threat to environment and thus species, diamond industry is notorious for its negative effects and coral reefs are threatened by people wanting coral jewelry and other items made of it.

- Certain travel goals

Some people SERIOUSLY want to destroy cultural and environmental monuments by scribbling their mark on them. People want to leave their mark in things like the Giant's Causeway or Sydney Opera House.
To me it's equal to f-ing Daish destroying the cultural heritage.

They are also planning on closing certain sites due to the tourism. EVERYONE wants to visit places like Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu, and even though the mere moving and breathing in the same place is wearing, some people have no scruples and leave their crap behind them. People take things with them as souvenirs, some even chiseling pieces off of buildings or rock paintings. People are touching and stroking and climbing on things. It's like people think they have to get the experience and everyone else can go F themselves.

I mean... how can people think it's OK to carve your mark in historical sites and buildings? Or there was this Finnish guy (Oh, the SHAME!!! I'm Finnish, too...) who actually cut off an earlobe on Easter Island! I agree with the mayor, he should have gotten his ear cut off too! 17.000 dollars as fine isn't enough!  And people are drawing on the stones in US national parks. Why? And TAKING PHOTOS OF THEIR VANDALISM, TOO!? Idiots!

Also, we are destroying Galapágos just by being human beings. They should empty the island from all human life, and allow visitors only on a sailboat. And they may not sleep on island, nor take with them anything but their camera, and they have to wash themselves and wear a protective suit to visit the island to avoid contamination, and if they want to use a toilet, they have to wait until they get back to the boat. We humans can live anywhere, even space. The unique species of Galapágos can't live anywhere but there.

*sigh* Reading things like this make me think the whole traveling business is evil and must stop. The cheap flying business is really ecologically destructive.

Uh. I get too depressed by all this. :-( So I'm going to stop.

But just think of the consequences of your actions.
 If you have a dream, you can be sure others have the same dream, and think what the consequences are if every person visiting Stonehenge wants a piece of it with them, or wants to write their mark on them? No Stonehenge left.
If every person wants a real cat fur coat. No cat fur left for cats. No leopards, ocelots, jaguars and lynxes left.
Some dreams are not made to be followed...

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