Thursday, October 6, 2016

Being a Godmother/Godfather

1) Be a great aunt

2) Make the child feel special. 
If your godchild is a sibling, see that you give e presents that are bigger, better and/or more than to the other siblings. (Don't forget the other siblings either. They might not have as good godparents, and that will come out as envy or sibling rivalry, which is a horrible thing.)
Send him/her snailmail. Write letters, send packages, write postcards.
Remember name days. After all, you were made officially the godparent by the name giving ceremony.

3) Take some economical responsibility.
Start a saving account the moment you know you are going to become a godparent and save a small sum of money every month, so that you have money to give when the child is 18 or needs or wants some extra. 10 dollars a month for 18 years makes over 2000 dollars. The more you can save, the more money there is. It could pay for the first car, an education, travel or something else like that.

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