Thursday, October 20, 2016

Think positively, act positively...

This is a lousy goal. Not that it is lousy to think and act positively, no, that is amazing and changes thing completely, no. But it is not a SMART goal.

It is not specific.
It is not measurable.
It's not timeable.

So it's a lousy goal.

How to make it SMART?

It is easy to make it measurable and timeable. Just add "for a week" or "for a day" or "three months".

But specific? You have to ask yourself what this means.

* You have to start monitoring your thoughts and your inner speech. It is important and you need to listen to it. Every derogative comment, on yourself and others, is an expression of fear and envy. Address that fear and that envy, and the voice will shut up.

* Have "the opposite" day.

Every time you think something tell yourself, "no, the opposite!"
"I'm so fat and ugly and unfit and everyone hates me."
"NO, the opposite. You body is OK, you look OK, you are fit enough and even when most of the people don't have an opinion on you, there's a lot of people who likes you."

"I'm gonna fail!"
"NO, the opposite! You are going to succeed, and learn a couple of ways how NOT to do it, too!"

"I hate my life"
"NO, the opposite! I don't feel so good right now, but this is temporary, and my life is going to be f-ing awesome soon, as it has mostly been! I love my life!"

* Replace the not nice things in your life with nice things.

Start by changing one thing to better in your life.
Change your wardrobe so that you will be wearing what ever you want to wear every day.

Change every item in your home, every detail, so that you will be coming home and everything you see is lovely.

Stop listening to someone else's playlists and start listening to your own.
Stop reading someone else's books and start reading and re-reading your own favorites.

Change your eating habits and eat what ever you LOVE as much as you want to for as long as it feels OK. Forget dietists and nutritionists and portions and daily recommendations. If you want to live of ice cream, do so.
(This part needs a warning, though! Don't eat things you think SHOULD be delicious. Don't eat candy until the bag is empty. Don''t empty the plate. Eat just as much as you really, seriously want to.
Enjoy everything you put in your mouth. If you are not enjoying it, don't eat it. Don't eat because you are tired or sad or bored or used to or conditioned to think something is good. TASTE the food. Feel the texture. Enjoy it. I promise you that when you eat EXACTLY what you want to eat, as much as you want, when you want, NOT MORE NOR LESS, you will not be overweight and you won't be suffering of malnutrition. It really is this simple, but the trick is to get over the "supposed to" and "used to".)

* Smile more. Have a goal to smile every day at least once. Then upgrade that to laughing every day at least once..

Now, the important thing here is that you need to select the thoughts and other things that make you smile and laugh carefully. It's bad for you to laugh at "stupid people doing stupid things".
Though I have to say I think Aristocats and the "dogs chasing Edgar" is hilarious.

But try to find good, clean jokes and kitten antics and other such "nice" things. Most practical jokes are not really funny. It isn't funny if someone gets hurt.
Though I have to admit I laugh at the cat who tried to jump from frozen car and slipped and just the sight of the cat floating so way past the intended goal all the paws stretched as if the jump had been successful... that is funny. Sorry cat! I'm glad you are OK and I hope nothing more than pride was hurt that day.

Not only think positively, act positively!
When you think "I can't", prove yourself wrong and show that you can! Might not happen immediately, might not happen exactly the way you thought, but if there's the will, there's a way.

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