Thursday, March 19, 2015

To live, not merely exist

So many people yearn for "something more", but what would that be?
This goal is easy to state, hard to define

Here's some things to do differently

Feel. Experience emotions. Do things that make you feel. Love. Hate. Cry. Laugh.

Get outside. Things happen outside your home.

Enjoy your senses. Look at beauty. Listen to beauty. Taste beauty. Smell beauty. Touch beauty.

Risk. Take chances. Say "yes!"

Follow your love, curiosity, excitement. When you see something that inspire you, when you read something that sounds interesting, go and do it. Do things you love doing. Do things that make you happy and glad and bursting of energy and joy. Try to think back to the time when you were a kid. What did you want to do when you grow up? What did you want to do, as often and as much as you could? You're adult now, do it. :-D

Leave the television and internet, and go out in to the real world.
Stop reading magazines and newspapers. Read books.
Don't follow the news. You won't miss anything.

Travel. Even if it is just to the next neighborhood.

Check your priorities. Find out what is important to YOU. Not what is expected of you, or what is supposed to be important. Think back to your choices and disappointments. If you get disappointed because something didn't happen, that's a sign of that it was important to you. Cut down the list to just a handful of things that are important to you, and build your activities around those things. And start to cut off the things that are not among those five Very Important Things.
If your family is important to you, spend time with your family, not doing some community chores you think you ought to be doing.
If books are important to you, spend time reading, not watching television or wasting time playing games on Facebook.
"write down the things that bring energy, enthusiasm, and a warm sense of well being to your life". Add things you love to your life, and reduce things you don't love.

Take care of yourself, body, soul and mind. Eat well. Breathe deep. Drink pure water. Sleep. Exercise. Keep yourself clean.

Do something silly every day.
Do something kind every day.
Do something romantic every day. If you have no-one special in your life, be that someone special to yourself. Hug yourself. Kiss the rain. Pick flowers to yourself. Send yourself a silly love message.
Do something you are afraid of every day.

Take your time doing things. Enjoy the moment. Stop to smell flowers. Stop to listen to the violinist. Smile to children and old people. And stop multitasking and performing and being effective.

Turn your can'ts to cans, your nos to yesses, your worries to trust, your fears to hopes, your hate to love, your irritation to curiosity. If something irks you, walk away and find something that makes you glad. You're not an idiot whisperer.

Give. Volunteer. Pay it forward and do random acts of kindness.

Declutter. Minimize. Clear out stuff. The more you own, the more bound you are. You live more if you can carry with you everything you own. Exchange your property to experiences. Buy experiences, not things.

Live in the moment. Practice mindfulness.

Spend time with people who are not like you.
Spend time with people you love and who love you, for being you.
Don't waste time to people who don't like you, who try to change you, who make you tired and angry, who exploit you and use you.

Be grateful. Be consciously grateful for everything you appreciate in your life, and not having things you don't appreciate in your life.

Learn something new every day.

Laugh every day.

Do something different every day.

Eat desserts. :-)
Enjoy things that have no other values except the sensation, something decadent and "sinful". Something that isn't "good for you" or that you "need". Like desserts. Like doing nothing. Like siesta. Like laying on the grass and watching clouds.

Create something.

Create a morning ritual.
Wake early, before most others. Wake with the sun.
Enjoy the amazing play of sunrise.
Enjoy the awakening world.
Enjoy the softness of your pajamas and dressing gown and slippers.
Enjoy your first cup of coffee. Or what ever you want to start your day with.
Stretch. Do a little yoga. Taichi. Meditate. Feel your body move and stretch.
Be aware of the amazing gift a new day is.
Promise yourself to be kind today, compassionate, tolerant, calm, and to learn something new today.

Create an evening ritual.
Enjoy the amazing play of sunset. Enjoy the stars as they appear one by one.
Enjoy the softness of your pajamas and dressing gown and slippers.
Enjoy your last cup of tea or what ever it is you end your day with.
Stretch a little. Do a little yoga. Taichi. Meditate. Relax. Feel your body rest.
Spend the rest of the evening doing calm, nice things.
Read a good book. Watch a good movie.
Go to bed and sleep well.

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