Wednesday, March 25, 2015

30 things you can tick off your bucketlist right away

There are several free things people can do, right now, without needing to wait for anything, without needing to learn anything, without needing any equipment, friends or money.

1. You can start learning languages right now.

2. To learn to play an instrument, you'll need the instrument. Instruments are not especially cheap...

But you can make your own instrument.
Complete the DIY Instrument Maker challenge. Make simple kiddie instruments. Those things can be used to create surprisingly complex music... don't underestimate them.

Also, you can start training trumming using things like pots and pans and cardboard boxes and tabletops.

Learn to whistle. Learn to whistle really loud. Learn to whistle using fingers and without. All you need is lips. :-D

Learn to play a comb. Or a strip of paper. Or leaf of grass.

Make a willow whistle. Or a reed whistle. Or what ever.

Costs nothing, most people have already all the necessary equipment, doesn't require friends.

3. You want to learn to drive? Fly?

1) Find out where and how and how much will it cost. Start saving. Find out the requirements and start training to fill those requirements.

2) Start learning things like traffic rules and safety considerations and mechanics and maintenance of the vehicle you wish to learn to drive.
Know how a car engine looks.
Know how to change the tires.
Know how to fill the tank.
Go to the closest gas station and ask the people there if they could show you how that's done.
Learn the theory.
A lot of that information is freely available online, a lot of more information is in the library. Both free.

Also, think back in time when there were no aeroplanes and motorcycles - not even bicycles - and cars... someone invented all those things. It is fully possible to build your own car or airplane. Some people start with miniature versions, and build soapbox cars and bottle rockets and model airplanes. That's not a bad hobby for someone who wishes to learn to control motorized vehicles...
It also comes with other benefits, like making new friends, getting friends all over the planet, getting a reason to go to places and do things... and as you start small, the costs are pretty small as well.
Also, soapbox car derby is really fun.

Another thing to do:
Find out when the next classic car meeting is in your area or close-by.
Find out where the closest classic car owner in your area is.
Befriend him/her.
Ask how you could be part of the meeting, how you could pay for your part, like seeing that you are appropriately dressed. Like bringing the picnic.
Get the required skills to see that you can meet the demand. Anyone can learn to sew. Anyone can learn to make costumes. Anyone can learn to cook and prepare a great picnic basket.
Ask him/her to teach you about the car, mechanics, maintenance and other such things.
When the day arrives, go and enjoy your time.

5. Learn card games

6. Learn card tricks or coin tricks

7. Learn to use both your hands equally well. Or almost equally. Learn to use your feet as well as your hands.
During the previous centuries people believed that lefties were under devil's influence, and that's why people were forced to learn to use their non-dominant hand. And that's really all it takes.

8. Go out and speak with 10 strangers.
Go and talk with people who have it harder than you.
Do the 100 strangers project. All you need is a camera. Any camera will do. One can get pretty cheap digital ones. Frankly, the one in your mobile phone is good enough. You could also get "take a photo every day for a year" completed. Do a 365 strangers project :-D

9. Live, not just exist
Classical Hindu thought accepts four proper goals or aims of human life: dharma, artha, kama and moksha.
Dharma is righteousness, ethics.
Artha is livelihood, wealth
Kama is sensual pleasure.
Moksha is sort of nirvana. Liberation of the cycle of life. In the psychological sense, moksha connotes freedom, self-realization and self-knowledge.

Now... what could you do right now to take a step to these goals? None of them requires money, equipment, classes or friends.
Think about it.

For example, dharma could be RAK
Artha - create a budget and start saving
Kama - use your senses. Mindfulness. It's not just sex. It's all things that give us pleasure, like beauty, good food, poetry. Enjoy beauty and pleasures with all your senses. Get some Epicureanism in your life. Everyone feels better. And as we live in an amazingly beautiful world, there's free beauty available for everyone, all the time.

10. Learn to throw a ball really well. Costs only a tennis ball.
There's also a lot of ball games one can do alone, and require nothing but the ball. All the information needed is free on-line.
Make a sling and learn to use that really well.
What about learning to juggle? That's also almost free - you only need three oranges, or some balloons and rice, and you are good to go. You don't need any nice, professional juggling equipment to learn.

11. Learn parkour
Start with learning to fall safely.

12. Give to charity. Donate. Volunteer. 

13. Joining a gym is one of the most regretted things to put on your bucket list.  It's just waste of money, unless you have a training routine in place. It's better to get that training routine.
Do the 100 push-ups challenge. Totally free.
Do the C5K challenge. That only requires running shoes.
Do the 20 pull-ups challenge. Totally free that too.
Take any of the free fitness challenges online and stick to it for a month before even thinking about joining a gym. Better yet, stick to it for a year. 

14. Start walking

15. Take the 100 species challenge. Or any other of these dozens of free nature observation thingies. Learn to forage. Play in water, snow, leafs, sand... Learn to make dorodangos. Or just go out in the nature and enjoy it. Nature is beautiful. Wonderful. Delightful. Lovely. Peaceful, calming, serenity inducing.

16. Find about the free events in your town/neighborhood, and go.
Or even better, volunteer to work at an event. You'll get to the "backstage" and you might even get paid!
Anyone with money can go to a concert or a convent. Having actually WORKED on one is much cooler, rarer and cheaper.

18. Learn to sing.
Amira Willighagen went viral after singing opera in Holland's got talent, and she learned by imitating opera singers online, youtube videos. If she can, you can.
There are also a lot of "how to" videos on singing, like heavy metal screaming and using your falsetto voice. Or beatboxing. You could try to copy Michael Winslow.
Totally free.

19. Learn to dance anything you want. There's resources online, if you just bother finding them. Learn to dance samba and start saving for a ticket to Rio. Next Mardi Gras! Yay! Or dance tango in Argentina!

20. "see the sunrise and sunset of the same day"

21. Learn about your family tree.
Talk with your elder relatives. Record their stories. Check what things they have done you would like to add to your bucket list. Most of those were probably free.

22. Cook a new recipe.
Try a free recipe online. Most recipes are online.
If you want to cook a recipe from a cookbook, don't go and buy a new one, those are too main stream. Go to a used books store and buy yourself a cookbook from 70s or 40s or 19th century and try those recipes. Much more fun and original. And cheaper.
Or you could go to your closest relatives (older than 40) and ask them to teach you to cook.
Remember that both Nigella Lawson and Delia Smith are self-taught...

23. Climb rocks, trees and fences around you. Doesn't cost a thing, no equipment needed, and no rock-climbing wall needed. You know those don't grow in trees. Like climbing trees do... ;-)

24. Get a friend. Get a girl/boyfriend. Get married.
Get hobbies. Talk to people. Talk with people. Ask someone you like out for a real date. Really scary. You could also check out the "do something scary every day" from your list.
Learn to talk with people. Have a goal to talk to a stranger every day.

25. Get a tarot card reading
Go here: (or any other free tarot reading online site. There's tons) and fill in the questionnaire, push a button, and, voilĂ , you're done!
Yes, it counts.
Yes, it's as much information as most tarot readings.
Yes, it's just as accurate.
Doesn't cost anything and you can do it every dang day if you want to.
There are also other oracles and divination methods available, if you want to check out some other ways of reading your future. There's even the magic 8 ball.

26. Write Out A Monthly Budget To Stick To - Start saving money
If you make a functional, realistic budget and stick to it, you will be able to check out "get debt free" from your list, too, and get all the money you'll need to complete all the other goals from your list, like traveling etc.
(The secret of getting rich is not the ability to make a lot of money, but the ability to NOT USE a lot of money. Most millionaires have very humble lifestyles. They also can afford to buy "real shit" and not the cheap stuff that doesn't last. So they can manage with one pair of shoes their whole life...)

27. Early to bed, early up.
Also, "stay awake 24 hours" is a goal quite a lot of people have on their bucket list.
"Sleep only 4-5 hours a night" is another one.
None of these goals require any specific equipment or money or friends to complete.

28. Read books. Libraries still exist.

29. Watch movies. Watch tv series.
I mean... come on. We all know you can watch movies and tv-series for free online if you just bother a bit. Sure, the copyright watchers are hunting and shutting down these sites as we speak, closing accounts, and such, but they always pop up somewhere else.

30. Week without television, mobile phone, internet, using only stairs... abstinence is great, because it's totally free!

*bonus :-)
Celebrate special days. Frankly, the only thing necessary is the intention.

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