Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Have 100/1000/10000 goals on my list

This is also a goal that can be achieved quickly and right now, without any money, friends or special equipment.

There is an easy way of doing this (sort of cheating) and the proper way of doing this

The easy way:

- find as many lists you can and copy them

- find long lists, like 1000 movies to see in your lifetime or 1000 best books, and make each item an individual entry.

- There are tons of movie related lists online. 20 films of dogs, zombies, feminist movies, all the movies with "red" in the title, French movies, Spanish movies, Azerbaijani movies... and new ones are being made all the time

- post the same goal several times

- say it using different words and different spelling

- find lists with many shared items, so that you can check off an item from multiple lists

- try to find out as many possible "goals" you can from everything you do. Like "meet --- / have a photo taken with --- / shake ---'s hand / get ---'s autograph" That's already four goals. And you can multiply these four goals with as many people as you like. Celebrities, actors, authors, musicians, politicians, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny...

- Take a cook book and start from the beginning: "Cook ---" There is 4.500 recipes in Joy of Cooking. You can also add "cook every recipe from a cook book" to your list.

- Find out every food ingredient on earth and add it to your bucket list as "eat --- / try --- / taste ---"

- add all the possible surveys on-line. Write your own 5000 questions list.

- List things. "My favorite bands, books, movies, tv series, colors, hair ornaments, shoes, labels, foods..."

- collections. "Have 10/20/25/50/75/100/200/300 ---" and add any number

- own/have/buy/try/get (every item of a certain label / merchandise /what ever)

- use the same idea to generate goals when it comes to other things.
"See/watch/experience/be awake at sunrise /with ---(best friend, boyfriend, mother, cousin, namesake, whoever)/ in (all the places you wish to visit)/ on (rooftop, hill, tree, ocean, what ever) / naked, dressed in ---, dressed as ---"

- "celebrate ---" There's an ocean of "national day of ---" and other such observances and celebrations. Write each and every one on your list as a specific goal

- to get more, elaborate each of these. "Celebrate the pig in blanket day / wrapped in a blanket / eating pigs in blanket / you have made yourself / watching movies about pigs-in-blanket / in what ever place fits the idea."

- anniversaries - there are more themed wedding anniversaries than silver and gold wedding. There's a theme for every year from 1-50, 55th, 60th, 65th, 67th, 75th, 80th, 85th, 90th and 100th. And nothing stops you from creating anniversaries for ANYTHING that has happened or that you wish to happen to you and theme them accordingly, and celebrate them.

- drive (any vehicle/transportation method)

- ride (anything that can be ridden)

- visit all the amusement parks, carnivals, theme parks etc on earth and list every attraction as one goal.

- make a cover of all the songs / learn to play all the songs by any instrument invented

- learn to play any instrument

- play any game invented / invent a game - list them individually and in groups, as many as you can come up with

- visit every country, every continent, every capital

- write a list of all the restaurants in your home town, and the closest bigger cities, if you don't live in one with many restaurants

- learn every language / learn to say something in any language. There are as many words and sentences as you care to add to your bucket list...

- learn things by heart. 10 poems, 10 bible verses, 10 foreign words... and  variate the number.

- visit every lighthouse, hotel, restaurant, national park, temple and church...

- 1) get a camera
2) learn to use the camera
3) start taking photos
4) have a "photo album of ..." All blue things, purple things, white things, trees, hearts, stars, skulls, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, flowers, animals, pets, hands, numbers, letters, things that start with a letter, things in pairs, threes, fours, fives... just go to Pinterest to get ideas of what kind of "photo albums" you could have.
You can choose to have these photo albums on-line or print out the photos and have real photo albums.
This list is never-ending. There are all kinds of photography challenges and lists online. Fodder...

The proper way

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