Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Write the itinerary to your dream

When you set a date to a dream, it becomes a goal.
When you break the road that will take you to the goal into steps, it becomes a plan.
When you take the steps of the itinerary, you make your dreams come true...

"Goals give you passion, purpose, motivation, and drive. You wake up each day with intention: you have a plan and you have direction."

There is a lot of help on-line to help you reach the goals of your life.

1) think about it. Think about your priorities, your heart's desire, what you really want. Because if you don't really want to reach the goal, you won't take the steps either. This is why your core values are important. You need to know them, and do things remembering them, because of them, to express them, to change the world in accordance to them. Otherwise you won't be happy, you won't be working to reach the goal, because deep down you KNOW you don't really want to reach the goal...

Where do you want to be, what do you want to be, where do you want to have been, what do you want to have done in a year from now?

2) choose just a couple of goals to work on at a time.

Write them down, and be VERY SPECIFIC when you do that.

What do you want to accomplish?
Whom do you need to be able to accomplish it?
When do you want to accomplish it? What's the pace?
Where do you want to accomplish this? Where does it need to happen?
Why do you want to accomplish it? What are the reasons behind it, what is the purpose of this dream, what do you expect to reach, to get, what's the benefit of reaching this goal?
Which requirements, which tools, which constraints?
How do you plan to accomplish it?

This reminds me of the Celtic Cross tarot spread.
First you put down a card that stands for you. The core values. Who are you?
Then you put a card over you. This card stands for what covers you, what is going on in your mind, what is the theme of your life right now.
Next comes a card that crosses you, like a bond or a bar. This card symbolises the obstacles in the situation, contrary elements, source of resistance, balancing tendency, factor for change, unexpected events, what's rocking the boat, opposing factors.
Then comes four cards around this pile of cards in the middle.
One is beneath you, that is the ground that you stand on, the foundation of the situation. The hidden influences, the starting point, deeper meanings etc.
One is behind you; that the step you just took, your immediate past. All the factors that has to do with the situation, that have been resolved, all the concerns that lead to this point that are no longer of any concern, things that have been taken care of, things you don't need to think any more.
One crowns you. This card tells about the "birds that have built a nest over your head". It's a picture of the current situation.
One is before you. This card is about the very next step on your road, the immediate future, all the factors that have to do with the situation, that have not been resolved, concerns to be concerned, things to be taken care of, things you need to think next.
So create a "tarot spread" of your dream.

3) Time management

How much time you have to invest?
Just 20-30 minutes a day is enough to do SOMETHING.

4) Make yourself accountable.

It would be nice if you had a friend or anyone whom you could tell about your plan and ask him/her to keep track on your advancement. It is best if that someone is close enough to make you reward or punish yourself in the agreed manner, and do it in a supportive manner. :-D

Think about the things you appreciate in life, and reward yourself for each step you manage to take on the road to your goal.
You can either pamper yourself with a home spa night, or movie night, you can allow yourself to eat dessert, you can pay yourself for each step. What ever rocks your boat.

Think about the things you find hard to do, and use them to punish yourself for each step you fail to take.
You can for example deny yourself the dessert, put some penalty money in a jar, call your irritating aunt, clean something not urgent, but something that would be good to get cleaned. Or "give me twenty". :-D
That way there's some sense and reward even in the punishment.

5) Make your plan so visible you can't avoid seeing it.
Frame it over your bed so that it's the first thing you'll see in the morning and the last thing you'll see before falling to sleep.
Have a copy in your bathroom, so that you see it every time you use the bathroom.
Have it on the fridge door, or the door of the cupboard where you store your morning coffee. A place you can't avoid seeing several times a day.
Tape it on your television. In stead of zapping or watching that show you're really not interested in, do something to help you reach your goal.

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