Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Meeting non-famous people

- going on a date
- getting a friend
- getting a BFF
- getting a girl friend
- getting a boy friend
- falling in love, having sex for the first time, getting married... if one wants to

Date a British / a French / an Italian

Date a foreign guy / ---an guy / guy with a beard or a mustache / a musician / a redhead

Date someone exciting but completely wrong for you

Go on a date with my significant other each month / take myself out on a date

Date a week / a month / a year / 15 months / 18 months / 21 months / 2 years / 3 years / 5 years

Date someone I meet at a wedding / at a bookstore / on match.com / on okcupid.com / on oneharmony.com

Date someone younger than me / someone older than me / someone completely wrong for me / my best friend / someone who says "I love you" first / someone I said "I love you" first / someone with whom I have a mutual, honest, mental connection

Go on 10 dates / a blind date / with someone from a dating website / with my first love / someone who is ---/ who isn’t --- (Christian…) / double date / with gay people /stargazing date / Valentine's Day date

Take risks and chances on love / relationships / dates

Going on a date is pretty free and harmless. You definitely should go.
You can find someone through internet dating or personal ads page, but I would recommend getting active in some fan activity in your town or neighborhood. I met my husband actually in Stockholm Tolkien Society, and I know there were a lot of couples who found each other that way. Not all of those relationships have lasted - or will last - but it will be fun as long as it lasts.

You should also study the art of conversation and cultivate it.
Give yourself a goal of talking to someone every day. Preferably someone unknown, but a neighbor is good, too. Or your family.
Talking to people and making friends is a skill like any, and it can be learned.
Flirting can be learned.
Keeping friends can be learned.

Also, get yourself hobbies.
You love reading, languages, writing, movies, certain tv series - you are not alone.
Go to http://www.meetup.com/ and find things you are interested in. Join a group. Go.
Give yourself a goal to join a new group every month and go at least once a month to a meeting, and talk to people.

Here's a couple of movies about finding good friends and creating a circle of best friends when adult.

Enchanted April
Jane Austen Book Club

The thing is that... let it go. Let it happen. Don't sweat.
Live and let the friends find themselves into your life.

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