Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Marriage, romance and sex

Marriage is an important event in a person's life - if one wishes to marry.
So plan it, make a wedding scrapbook or journal where you post all the ideas that you think are nice and all the photos you like, of wedding dresses and flower arrangements and wedding cakes.

There are two things to avoid:
- don't become a bridezilla. That's really awful.
- don't ruin anyone's economy with your wedding. A wedding shouldn't cost as much as a house and several thousand dollars' wedding dress or cake is, frankly, stupid. 

Try on a wedding dress / Find the Perfect Wedding Dress / Wear a beautiful, Belle inspired wedding dress
Get married / on a beach / outside in the country / in Vegas / unusually
Marry / Marry --- / someone swell / that person I can't live without / the love of my life / Get married to someone I'm truly in love with
Only get married once
Have the wedding of a lifetime
Throw petals at my wedding instead of rice
Have a small wedding / Have a tasteful Gothic/Rockabilly theme wedding
Have a wedding lit only by candle light
Have floating lanterns at my wedding
Bust out Gangnam Style on my wedding day / dance to ---- by --- on my wedding day / dance with my dad/mom/--- at my wedding /
Discover the perfect "Something blue" cocktail for my wedding reception
Shove cake in my partners face at our wedding

Make my fiancé / fiancée's wedding ring

Stay Married For 50 Years / For Life
Be married for longer than 20 years
Be married to the same person my whole life

Celebrate important anniversary milestones in your marriage.
Celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary / 50th Wedding Anniversary / in Paris, France

Renew your wedding vows after being married for ten years / in Las Vegas / every ten years / every year

25 Things You Must Include on Your Marriage Bucket List

10 Epic Ideas for Your Marriage Bucket List

Be kissed on top of a Ferris wheel
Be shut up with a kiss

Be someone’s wedding date

Dance in the rain with someone special somewhere special ;) and kiss

Experience my first open mouth kiss

Get a new year’s kiss at midnight
Get kissed when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve / get kissed in front of the ball dropping

Have an epic Hollywood worthy kiss
Have and experience my very first kiss

Kiss a celebrity / a cute --- at a party / a good looking Italian in Italy / a stranger / on NYE / someone that you think is out of your league / someone you've just met on a blind date
French kiss a French girl/boy in France
Kiss a dolphin / a sea lion / any animal you like
Kiss a frog in real life
Kiss / get kissed in the back of a limo / in the rain / on a beach near a sunset / near fireworks / on a double decker bus / passionately in the rain / under the mistletoe / under water / under the Eiffel tower / under waterfall
Kiss someone at midnight on new years eve / during a hockey game when the kiss cam points right at us / in a public crowd while everyone is watching

Wake someone up with kisses

Plan someone else's wedding

Plan a Date Night with my Spouse
Plan the most romantic evening/date for someone special and have it be the best date of their life

Stop putting yourself in situation where the attempt to date long distance it never works out

Bright together lovers who haven’t seen each other for a long time
Carve a heart with the name of the one I love into a tree - somewhere romantic
compose a song for your loved one
Divide my time with all who love me and whom I love; family, friends, my girlfriend/boyfriend
Experience love at first sight (mutual)

Fall in love / and not be afraid of getting heartbroken / with my soulmate / with someone who loves me back / as many times as i can / madly and deeply / recklessly / for the fourth time mutually
Fall in love with my husband again and again and again

Have a passionate love affair (your spouse counts! Don't cheat!)
Have someone fall in love with me so much they can’t live without me
If i am lucky marry my first love ;)
Love someone so much I can’t live without him

Make someone who hates me fall in love with me
Win over the heart of the person i am in love with now
Mortally fall in love
Be sensitive to his/her feelings
Not argue with my girl/boyfriend/spouse/lover
Put a Love Lock on Pont des Arts Bridge | France
Spend a Night Under The Stars With Someone I Love
To have someone I love love me back
To let my girlfriend/boyfriend take the lead sometimes
Wake up on January first next to the one I love
Dress in super sexy lingerie
Attend a wedding for someone I actually knowAttend my child’s wedding
Say my wedding vows
Give a speech at a good friend's wedding
Go to a destination wedding
Go to a Jewish / Catholic / Indian / united / mixed religions / gay / lesbian wedding
Witness a wedding proposal
Get proposed to
Have a holiday / summer romance
Have a Romantic Dinner on a Rooftop / a romantic getaway at an exotic location / a romantic picnic
Love someone more than my own life
Love someone with all my heart, then learn from the mistakes

The ultimate sex bucket list
11 things you should put on your sex bucket list
The Ultimate Sexual Bucket List: 75 Sex Acts to Try Before You Die
Your Ultimate Sex Bucket List
The Sexy Bucket List
Sex Bucket List: 243 Sexual Things To Do Before Your Die

Long-exposure shot of sex

Make love / in a cathedral / forest / pool / relative's house / in the middle of a street / on a football field / on a train / on a beach / in a tent / in a yurt/ in a cabin / in front of the fire / in an airplane / in every room of the house / on a beach / on a football field / on a forest floor / on a train / on a tropical beach etc. 

Listen to " I just had sex" after having sex

Make love in the back of a limo
Make love in the woods
Make love with my hubby on a nude beach
Tape myself making love.
Make a sexy home video
Have Adventurous Sex (in different places)
Go to a Sex Show (the trade fair kind)
Pose for a sexy calendar (for charity, of course)
Join the 16-Mile High Club
Join the Mile High club
- having a threesome, having sex mile high or in a specific car...
Have phone sex
Have sex on the beach
Have sex outside
Have sex to ‘Let’s get it on’ by Marvin Gaye
Try out S&M
Try out dominatrixing
Try all of the positions in the Kama Sutra
Tantric sex!
Take sexy photos of myself (keep them somewhere safe)

Enjoy some Afternoon Delight ;)

Well... er... none of these requires money.
It is highly possible someone would buy you a plane ticket just to have sex with you in the plane, or invite you to their private jet, but... hmm... I really think you should consider very carefully with whom you have sex, where and when, and not do it just to be able to check off a goal from your list. Especially if "losing my virginity" is on the list.
Frankly, you can pay with your virginity and sex a world around trip, it's just that the man (or woman) who pays for it might not be your dream man.
50 Shades of Grey doesn't happen, neither does Pretty Woman.

This also reminds me of a discussion... some guy was giving some gals his ideas about sex bucket list, and it included being f-d with a dick/dildo of ever growing proportions. I remember thinking that he should be subjected to the same... then he could have a say.

Nevertheless, THINK! 

I for one am really proud to only have had one man in my whole life.

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