Saturday, February 22, 2014

It is so easy...

So easy to tell others how they should do. So easy to say "well... just do it!"
I was wasting time at Bucketlist, once again, getting inspired and hoarding more dreams, and I saw this:

"Take a picture and write a caption everyday for 1 year and print it out as a photo book"

This goal was logged May 23rd, 2013. Almost a year ago...
I thought that was an easy goal, all it takes is basically a camera.
It doesn't take much time to snap a shot and write down a caption. Why did I take this photo? I mean... "done is better than perfect". It's not a question of writing a world class literature, just to stick to something for 365 days and get it done. And then one would have a photo book of one's own photos; one would have documented a whole year, one would have learn something from taking photos... and then when one flipped the book later, one would notice the mistakes one made, and learn more. Become a better photographer, and live better in the moment.

So, if I think this is a good idea, why aren't I out there taking photos right now? Why am I here trying to tell others how to do this?

1) I want to be better at taking photos.

Ok... so... what do I need to do to become better at taking photos? Take photos... >:->

2) My life is boring and there's nothing to take photos of.

Oh... So... what about going out? What about self portrait 365?

Eeh... going out? Nah... cold. And I would need to get dressed... and it's... *sigh* bothersome to do anything. I'm already sitting here, comfortably, with my laptop and writing, I don't need to stop anything or do anything to do that.
And I can't take self portraits, I'm not... presentable. I'm fat and haven't showered today, and... haven't got dressed and... Eeeeeh!
It's bothersome! One needs to DO something! I'd rather just sit here and yap, because that doesn't take any effort...

-Yeah. I want to be the kind of person who finds ways and does things.
-Oh? Do you? Really? Then why aren't you?
-Eeeh... uh... one would need to stop doing nothing and start doing something, and it's... bothersome to lift my fat ass from the sofa where I'm sitting comfortably and... Yep. 
(Don't you just hate yourself sometimes :-D F-ing smartass! I know myself too well... >:->)

I wish there was a possibility to go and do that and be there without actually bothering... I understand all the people who have a Second Life. I kind of have my second life at Pinterest :-D

I wouldn't want a Second Life, though. I want a First Life worth living.

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