Sunday, March 18, 2018

I hate Woody Allen, but there are things to be learned

9 things I learned from Woody Allen

Now, I haven't seen that many Woody Allen movies.
I have seen Annie Hall. Hate it.
I have seen Zelig, but I was really young, so I don't remember much of it. I think I thought it was fascinating and weird.
Hannah and Her Sisters. Hate it.
Radio Days. I liked that one.
Everyone Says I Love You. Blah.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Hate it.
I mean, it's not many, but I expect his movies to be the same old same old.
Oh, I have seen Manhattan Murder Mystery, too, and I don't hate it.
Nevertheless, as three of the movies I absolutely hate are on his "best movies" lists everywhere, I have no reason to assume I will miss anything worthwhile if I never see another Woody Allen movie.

So when he left his wife for her daughter, a girl he first met as a 9 years old, in the role as her dad, and Dylan Farrow's story emerged... that was just more reason to not watch his movies.
Yes, I am seriously worried about their two adopted kids.

Nevertheless, there are things to be learned.

P.S. Cinecast: Woody and Woody talks about Woody Allen's movies, and they say one thing that makes sense. "Woody Allen's movies register as short stories" (or something like that). Yes. They do. 

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