Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SERIOUSLY epic bucketlist - the next step

It's funny, I don't remember having read Steve Kamb's blog earlier, even though it's straight to my alley, my cup of tea...
(BTW, Steve Kamb is not a selfish, egocentric a-hole, he just keeps the humanist part for himself, which I think is a pity. Just saying that what follows has not much to do with Steve, and all to do with me. A lot of Bucketlist people are actually very generous and considerate people, and Steve is one of them. SO no hate on him!)

In the end of the list he is asking for suggestions on how to make his epic adventure even more epic.
I know how.

All of this is so focused on ME, and gathering experiences and doing epic stuff and the physical part of the life; being fit and having traveled the world and done all this high adrenaline adventure stuff.
What about the rest of the world?

Becoming a human and civil rights advocate. Working for peace and conflict resolution. Taking clean water to people. Saving rainforest, one tree at a time. Reforesting USA. Working to reverse extinction of species. Cleaning the ocean. Saving the Coral Reef and Arctic for future generations.

8 great heroes of human rights
14 Real Life Heroes Who Have Changed The World

National Geographic has "The Adventurer of the Year" award

There's Right Livelihood Award
Real Heroes
RFK Human Rights Award
UNEP Champion of the Earth

And there are so many little things one could do straight in one's own neighborhood.

Sharing Kindness

I mean... why not make the bucket list TRULY EPIC!

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