Friday, January 13, 2017


This came from a cover of "Je Suis Malade"

the original

Jacques Brel version
Dalida's version

Lara's version
then Elena, 12, who I think is way too young to be singing this song. What does she know about smoking and whisky? :-D Or the utter despair of your lover leaving you... But she does a good job.

But then comes Aida Nikolaychuk... it's not that she does a bad job. It's that Elena, 12, has more voice than Aida. Aida has a really beautiful voice, (the Lullaby is amazing) but she should stay away from songs like this. This reveals her weaknesses. She just doesn't have the range, she can't get low enough, nor high enough, and towards the end of the song, she loses even her pitch. There isn't much expression there, and her pronunciation is horrible. Half of the things she is singing doesn't even sound like bad pronunciation, it sounds like she forgot the words and improvises just something that sounds like French. And the variation of volume... not much of that there either.

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