Tuesday, December 15, 2015

From rapping to campaigning, Barbie has done it all

So I got the crazy idea of that I want to "have done it all", too!

But what is "it all"? 

This list is compiled of several I found online.

aerobics instructor
air force thunderbird
ambassador for world peace
american beauty pageant girl
animal trainer
arctic rescuer
army medic
art teacher
baby doctor
baby photographer
bakery chef
ballet teacher
ballroom dancer
baseball player
boutique owner
business executive
canadian mountie
cat burglar
chef doctor
children’s doctor
computer engineer
concert pianist
dance teacher
dc comics superheroines and villainesses
doctor army officer
dog washer
dog park sitter
dog trainer/competitor
dolphin trainer
downhill skier
dress designer
elementary teacher
executive (career girl)
fashion designer
fashion editor
fashion magazine intern
fashion model
figure skater
flight attendant
football coach
formula 1 driver
guest editor of international fashion magazine
gymnastics coach
hair dresser
ice capades star
ice skater
junior designer
kid doctor
major league baseball player
make-up artist
marine corps sergeant
marvel comics superheroines
mcdonald's cashier
miss america
movie actress
movie star
music video star
nascar driver
naval petty officer
nba player
newborn baby doctor
news anchor
ocean treasure explorer
olympic athlete
olympic gymnast
olympic ice skater
olympic skater
olympic swimmer
owner of willow's cafe
pan am flight attendant
pet doctor barbie
pet sitter
pet stylist
pet vet
pizza chef
police officer
pop singer
preschool teacher
presidential candidate
professional wnba basketball player
race car driver
radio city music hall rockette
rap musician
rock star
scuba diver
seaworld trainer
see's candy cashier
sign language teacher
soccer coach
soda fountain waitress
space camp
space explorer
spanish language teacher
special education teacher
squadron leader
street rapper
student teacher
summit diplomat
sweets chef
swim instructor
swim teacher
teacher barbie
teenage fashion model
tennis pro
tour guides
tv chef
tv news reporter
us air force pilot
unicef ambassador
united airlines flight attendant
united states air force jet pilot
united states air force thunderbirds
united states army officer
united states marine corps officer
united states navy petty officer
united states president
wedding stylist
women’s world cup soccer player
yoga teacher
zoo doctor

There's over 160 "careers" on this list.
What do we say about people who have had over 160 "careers" in 50 years? ;-)
I really don't think you can call any of those "a career"... Maybe being a model, as that she has been through all these years. 

Now... are all of these "careers"?

Firstly, are superheroines "careers"? I don't think so. Unless you're Black Widow, perhaps. >:->
But - I would say she is DRESSED UP AS a superheroine. "Barbie AS Catwoman"
So - those can be counted as acting.

"Actress", "Movie Actress" and "Movie Star" are basically the same thing.

 "Model", "Miss America" and "Beauty Pageant Girl"... Kind of the same thing.

Stewardess and Flight Attendant - the same thing

Pediatrician, Baby Doctor, Kid Doctor - same thing

The first Ballerina outfit wasn't a "career" choice but a hobby.
So was the tennis outfit and the ice skating outfit

I always thought that babysitting was something she did to earn some money when she was a teenager, not a career. Like cheerleading and marching band majoring.

"Ambassador for World Peace" and "Unicef Good Will Ambassador" are not careers. You do that on top of your occupation.

Running for President is not a career. Though considering that Barbie does that every fourth year she might qualify :-D
No, the career is "politician".
And because her "political career" consists solely of running for President every 4 years, I don't think that counts either.

"Pet Doctor", "Pet Vet" and "Veterinarian" are basically the same thing.
Also, a "Zoo doctor" is a veterinarian, unless she is working on the people working at the zoo... that might be possible, too.

Musician, singer, rapper, rock star, yadayada... 

"I can be... space camp"? I don't think so, Barbie.
I don't know what the camp instructors, leaders, guides or what ever they are called, are called, but I suppose that's what's meant with that.
Considering that she is an astronaut, I think she's more than qualified to lead space camp.

And "Concert pianist"? Because she has a grand piano? X-[ Come on!

It really starts to feel a bit like this famous person, who lists as hobbies, talents, careers, whatnots anything this person has ever tried, practiced, been interested in or read about.

Or the list of Polymaths that counts George Foreman as a polymath because he was a boxer and then gave his name to be used to sell grills. Oh, and he's an ordained minister, too. And a father.

I really don't want to diss Barbie, because she is supposed to be every woman - or every girl's dream of womanhood, which makes her by necessity a polymath having hundreds of "careers", but... there are people out there who actually have made a career of sports, arts, etc.

Also, there's no shame in being a homemaker and a mother. How about that as a career for Barbie? Can feminists take that?

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