Wednesday, August 19, 2015

National Potato Day

Decorate with potato theme - color brown in all its varieties, from gold and beige to chocolate - have a rustic, autumnal theme, like potato sacks and crates, and potato harvest - don't think "Irish", think earth, soil, dirt, think potato flowers, think Peru

* Play Hot Potato with an actual hot potato

There are other games with potatoes as well. Like spoon race using potatoes in stead of eggs and pantyhose bowling/golf with potatoes

Learn to prepare potatoes

* How to boil potatoes
* How to oven bake potatoes
* Mashed potatoes
* Potato tart
* Potato gratin
* Hasselback potatoes
* Potato hash
* Potato latkes
* Potato sallad

There are dozens of other recipes using potatoes. There are tons of way of using potatoes.

Don't forget these:
Irish potato candy
mashed potato candy
potato cake (made with mashed potatoes - doesn't taste like mashed potatoes)
In Sweden they make these cute little "potato cakes" - with ordinary cake layer, topped with creme patisserie and formed to resemble potatoes, then covered with marzipane, shaped to look like potato, and dusted with cocoa powder to look like dirt on potatoes. Delicious.
In Finland they make these cute little potato balls, it's basically mashed potatoes mixed with cake crumbs and sugar, rolled into potato like shapes and rolled in cocoa or covered with chocolate.
Potato petit fours

They have identified over 100 different varieties of potatoes in Peru. There are cultivated and wild varieties. The wild potatoes are usually much more irregular in shape, have often very deep "eyes" and sometimes look like they are made of a bunch of tiny potatoes.

* potato is related to nightshades. The potato fruit (the tomato like berries that develop from the flowers if allowed) are poisonous. This same poison, solanum, exists in green potatoes.
(Dorothy L. Sayers wrote a short story "Leopard Lady" about a murder committed using this poison.)

* Potatoes have fascinating use as traditional medicine.
For example, potato tea (tea made of raw potato, potato peels, dried flowers and leaves of potato) is said to have a soothing effect to ingestion problems and help bile, liver etc. I wouldn't know.
Also, raw potato supposedly has anti-inflammatory and  qualities, so you can put a slice of raw potato on top of wounds, bruises and swelling.

* potatoes have more potassium than bananas, more vitamin C than oranges and more fiber than apples. In fact, potatoes have enough nutrients so that a human being can survive with only potatoes and dairy. (Milk fat (cream) has everything the potatoes lack concerning human essential nutrients, that is, fat soluble vitamins,)

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