Wednesday, September 17, 2014

List of "everyone should know" skills for manly men and womanly women

100 Skills Every Man Should Know
25 Skills Every Man Should Know
What the young man should know, Harper's Magazine 1933
50 things every modern man should know
10 skills that impress women (as a woman, I say, yes, having those skills impress me. I married a man with 9/10)

49 Life Skills Every Modern Woman Should Have
50 Things Every Woman (or man, for that matter) Should Be Able to Do
8 skills every girls should acquire
17 Life Skills Every Woman Should Know How to Do by 30
75 skills every woman should master
Being a Lady

So - what skills in women impress men?
- self defense, martial arts
- public speaking
- cooking and baking
- dancing
- gymnastics
- athleticism
- interest and knowledge of spectator sports
- singing, playing a musical instrument
- kid handling
- animal handling
- bar-tending
- joke telling
- listening
- driving and car maintenance

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