Sunday, January 4, 2015


There's already tons of information on writing on-line. Just google the type of writing you wish to do, and you'll get hundreds of results.

There really is only two pieces of advice on writing, worth anything.
1. Read, read, read
2. Write, write, write

Everything else is commentary. Now, go and write.

* When it comes to writing a book, a comic book, a book series, anything you want to write - I want you to break this goal down into measurable things that can be achieved in a day. For example, you decide to write a book/play/script in a month.
Do it like NaNoWriMo. Count how many words/chapters/pages every piece of work consists of, and divide the number with 4 for weeks or 30 for days. Then set the goal to finish one part of the 30.

* Writing for a magazine or newspaper.
- Decide which magazine/newspaper you wish to write for
- Find out how people can submit their writing for that specific magazine/newspaper. Some choose their writers, and you cannot submit your work. Remove those from your list. You can write for those when you have got more fame as an author.
- Find out the requirements, subjects, etc.
Read that excellent article about how to write for a magazine and do it! No money or friends necessary!

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