Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Plan for a productive year

Make a 1 year plan.

Break it into 12 part plans and assign each for each month.

Break every month plan into 4 week plans.

Write them down in your calendar.

At the end of every week, review your progress, make a note of the weaknesses, mistakes etc. that made you not reach the goal, and make necessary corrections to the rest of the year's plan.

Do this at the end of every month as well.

Move the necessary steps to next month's plan.

Don't forget to have free days, when you are just to have fun and do nothing.

It's ok to change the plan as year passes.
Most people go through plans A-Z, and it's OK. There's an ocean of letters in the world :-D You might want to create plans alpha to omega next, and a to ja (Russian alphabet :-D). And if you run out of letters, you can always use numbers and signs. :-D

It's ok to change the goals, take on new one(s), ditch an old goal (or goals).

You will nevertheless have done more during the year than if you didn't have the plan and review meetings with yourself!

Reward yourself for excellent planning and work to fulfill your dreams at the end of the year by having the best New Year's Party you can imagine :-D

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