Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ideas 27

Ice Climb in Greenland
Ice skate at the Rockefeller Center during Christmas time
Ice skate in the Medibank Icehouse Melbourne
Ice skate Paterswoldse meer lake,Netherlands
Identify 10 words I consistently miss spell, and learn them
Identify all constellations in the sky
Improve Digi Skills
Improve my History skills
In a single sentence, shut the mouths of many
In the middle of a serious conversation, announce what color my toothbrush is
In winter put snowballs in my freezer, then in summer throw them at people who are sunbathing
Include a charitable foundation in my will
Increase my Flexibility
Indoor Rockclimb
Indoor skydive
Indoor skydive
Indulge in a two-hour body massage
Inherit something
Inherit something
Innertube down an old sugar plantation irrigation system in Kauai Hawaii
Inspire someone to make a big positive change
Interact with locals
Interrail across Europe
Interview a killer
Interview my favourite bands
Interview someone who claims to have been abducted by aliens
Invent a board game
Invent a new drink
Invent my own candy
Invent something
Invent something (help make life easier for my fellow man)
Invest in a sophisticated "gin wheel"
Invest in a Swiss Army knife
Invest in an original idea
Invest in commodities, such as gold and silver
Invest in real estate
Invest in the stock market
Invite a homeless person over for Christmas
Invite someone new to the pub with my mates
Invite someone with no family to join us for a holiday dinner

Japanese Sake Bath

Jetski in the Ocean
Join a baseball team
Join a basketball team
Join a Big Brother, Big Sister Program
Join a caravan in the Sahara
Join a cattle drive in The Outback
Join a cheerleading team
Join a Choir
Join a cricket team
Join a cycling club
Join a disaster relief effort
Join a field hockey team
Join a football team
Join a group/class and make new friends
Join a gym
Join a ice hokey team
Join a lacrosse team
Join a lipdub
Join a Modelling website just to see how I would go
Join a online dating site
Join a peaceful protest for something I believe in
Join a philosophy club
Join a polo team
Join a protest to legalize weed
Join a reading group
Join a relay race team
Join a row team
Join a rugby team
Join a running group (roadrunners)
Join a soccer team
Join a social etiquette class
Join a social etiquette class and do the opposite of everything that's been said
Join a softball team
Join a tennis club
Join a volleyball team
Join a water polo team
Join in the National pillow fight Day in L.A
Join the 50 states marathon club and run a marathon in all 50 states of the US
Join the Audubon Society
Join the dawn service at the Australian War Memorial
Join The Gym
Join the mile high club :)
Join The Mile-High Club
Join the Peace Corps
Join the Sourtoe Cocktail Club
Join the Traveler's Century Club
Join the Zeitgeist Movement
Journey to the Center of the Universe
Judge a competition
Judge a contest of some sort
Jump at the House of Air
Jump backwards into a pool
Jump backwards into a pool
Jump from a helicopter
Jump from a moving train
Jump from a tall building onto a stuntmatress
Jump from a tall building onto a stuntmatress
Jump in a pool fully clothed
Jump in a taxi and yell, “Follow that car!”
Jump in lake fully clothed
Jump in lake fully clothed
Jump into a ball pit
Jump into a fountain fully clothed
Jump into a fountain fully clothed
Jump into a pool fully clothed
Jump into the sea with clothes on
Jump into water off a much taller than me cliff
Jump off a bridge
Jump Off a Bridge Into Water
Jump off a cliff in Greece
Jump off a cliff into a natural body of water in an exotic location
Jump off a high cliff into the Ocean
Jump off a roof into a pool
Jump off a tall ships yard arm into the ocean
Jump off a waterfall
Jump off of a rope swing into the water
Jump off roof onto trampoline
Jump off Stratosphere tower
Jump on a random bus and take it to the very last stop
Jump on a train without a destination in mind
Jump on a trampoline
Jump on a Trampoline in the Rain
Jump on the bed at a fancy hotel
Jump on the hood of a car
Jump on the hood of a car
Jump on the Trampoline Bridge in Seine
Jump out of a cake
Jump over waves
Jump through a burning hoop

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