Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Oh, the brand new year! The 365 unspoiled days just waiting to be filled with amazing adventures!

What does those lines make you think? What was the first fleeing thought?
Write it down and do your best to make it happen.

It's not stupid or impossible. It is a true indication of that this is what you SHOULD be doing.

I have been saying it for years, and this year I say it once again. Perhaps one of these days someone will hear me. Perhaps one of these days that someone is me :-D
(No, joke aside, I have heard me and I KNOW this to be true. Which is why I keep saying it over and over again.)


There are people out there who share some of your dreams, but you are the only person who has ever existed on this planet with the exact wish combination you have!

And whether you believe it or not,

Where ever you were born, how ever you look, which ever culture you were born into and grew up in, what ever kind of childhood you had, who ever has been in your life, what ever horrible things and amazing things you have experienced, your talents, your interests, every little detail in your life was custom created to give you the best possible circumstances, options, resources to reach your dreams.

Now, this might be harder for you to believe, if you don't believe in gods, fate, or other such things, but, frankly, IF YOU DON'T, IT'S EVEN EASIER, BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE MAKER OF YOUR OWN LIFE.

Of course, you didn't have any choice in where you where born and to whom, and very little influence in your life when you were a child, but a lot of us stay in that childlike "powerlessness", the blessed freedom of not having any real responsibilities and obligations, and the wonderful option of always being able to blame someone else.
Unfortunately, that freedom ended when you got out of puberty.
Every adult person has chosen to stay in the situation they are in.

I'm not advocating you kill your family, change your identity and start a new life somewhere no-one knows you,
or refusing to follow the rules the society has agreed to follow, that is, things like laws, rules and regulations and common decency.

But no-one may try to force you to live anywhere you don't want to live. No-one may try to force you to do a work you don't want to do, have hobbies you don't want to do, read books you don't want to read, etc. etc. This goes for every aspect of your life.

People have been able to walk away from abusing family members and slavery, from cults and countries. People have been able to achieve amazing things without legs and arms, without seeing, hearing or being able to talk. People have been able to achieve things paralyzed from neck down and suffering from painful, incurable diseases. You really don't have any excuses.

Most of us aren't in situations like that, which makes the excuses even more stupid.
Either you admit that you don't really want to do "that", or you admit you are inventing excuses and avoiding doing "that". There really are no other options.

Of course, as I just said, the things that move your heart and awaken the desire, the things that make you go "I wish I'd..." or "I want to do that too!", ARE true indications of what is meant for you, and saying "I guess I don't really want to do that after all", is not what I am saying here. What I am saying is that you need to find the CORE of the dreams.
Like, I want to be Oprah. Or not, really. I don't want to have a talkshow in USA and DO all the things Oprah has done to make her Oprah. What I MEAN when I say "I want what Oprah has!", is that I want to be able to influence people to do good, to know their own power, I want to educate people, remove the ignorance and indifference, I want to be able to move people and make people engaged, and I want her money and resources to be able to help even more people.
And I also want a big, nice house, land property, servants to take care of the house, the gardens and the animals, all the books I can wish for, Loubotin shoes and spaniels. :-D

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