Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ideas 34

Safe a life
Sail Across the World
Sail at Sunset on the shores of Ancient Greece
Sail from one country to another
Sail in a Yacht Race
Sail in Grand Canal (Venice)
Sail in the coral sea
Sail on a freight ship or yacht
Sail on a tallship
Sail on a yacht
Sail on an airboat in the Everglades
Sail on the Nile River
Sail one of the 7 seas
Sail out in the sea for a week
Sail the Great Bear Rain forest British Columbia, Canada
Sail the Whitsundays
Sail through Alaska’s Prince William Sound when the orcas are there
Sail under The Bridge Of Sighs
Sailing on a sailboat
Sample cuisine from 25 different countries
Sample the USA's many different styles of barbecue
Sand surf
Sandboarding/ Dune buggies in Peru
Sang loudly in the car, and didn’t stop when you knew someone was looking with the windows open
Sang loudly in the car, and didn’t stop when you knew someone was looking with the windows open
Save $2,000
Save a million dollars
Save a species from extinction
Save a starving child
Save an animal
Save enough money to buy a diamond
Save money for a spontaneous trip
Save someone's life
Save something from the dump
Save the Beach Hotel
Save wildlife around the world
Say "no" and don't feel bad about it
Say "no" and don't feel bad about it
Say "only on tuesdays" to every question someone asks you
Say "that's what he/she said!" knowing I would sound immature
Say "that's what he/she said!" knowing I would sound immature
Say ´I love you´ while really meaning it and looking someone in the eyes
Say ´I love you´ while really meaning it and looking someone in the eyes
Say “I Love You”
Say hello to a nun
Say hello to a priest
Say hello to somebody with a red bike
Say nothing a whole day long
Say to someone Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. (Gone With the Wind)
Say to someone Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. (Gone With the Wind)
Say yes to a spontaneous adventure
Say yes to everything and everyone for one whole day
Say Yes To Everything For A Day
Say Yes To Everything For A Day
Say yes to everything for a whole day
Say yes to everything for a year
Scare a fainting goat
Scare a huge group of pigeons
Scare a Huge Group of Pigeons
Scare a huge group of pigeons
Scare kids on Halloween
Scare the hell out of someone
Scare the hell out of someone
Scare the shit out of an emu in Australia
Scare the shit out of teenagers partying in the woods
Scare Myself At The Salem Witch Museum
Scare/prank people and film them unaware
Scavenger hunt
Score 180 Points with 3 Darts
Score more than 200 points at bowling
Score more than 200 points at bowling on the Wii
Score the winning points in a game
Score the winning points in a game
Scottish Golf
Scream as loudly as you possibly can
Scream as loudly as you possibly can
Scream at the top of my lungs on a Mountain
Scream from the top of a Mountain
Scream in the middle of a huge field
Scream in the middle of a huge field
Scream inside of a cave
Scream inside of a cave
Screen print something
Scuba Dive
Scuba dive a shipwreck
Scuba dive an underwater volcano
Scuba Dive During a Full Moon
Scuba dive in a cave
Scuba dive with whale sharks
Scuba dive with whale sharks somewhere hot and exotic
Sea Dive
Sea Kayak with wild Orcas in British Columbia
Sea Kayaking and snorkeling off the coast of Baja
See 10 Mesmerizing Cloud Patterns in the Sky
See 75 different Aquatic Animals
See 75 different Land Animals
See a Bald Eagle in the wild
See a Bigfoot Crossing sign
See a burling mud pool
See a cactus in the desert
See a Capybara
See a Cirque du Soleil show
See a Cirque Du Soleil show
See a Comet
See a corps
See a Coyote in real life
See a crater
See a crop circle
See a dead body
See a dead body
See a double rainbow
See a falling star
See a Flying Squirrel
See a fox in the wild
See a frozen waterfall
See a frozen wave
See a full moon over the ocean
See a geyser
See a glacier
See a green iceberg
See a Jellyfish washed up on a beach
See a killer whale in its natural habitat
See a lantern festival
See a live Metal Mulisha (clothes label) show
See a lunar eclipse
See a maverick wave
See a meteor shower
See a mirage in a desert
See a Monster Truck Rally
See a moose
See a new critter in nature
See a peacock
See a place where time stood still
See a place where time stood still
See a Polar Bear
See a real geisha
See a real human skeleton
See a real Platypus
See a real tornado
See a shooting star
See a sight that takes my breath away
See a speed sign that doesn't end in a 0 or 5
See a speed sign that doesn't end in a 0 or 5
See a squirrel
See a stage show
See a sun rise in the east
See a sun set in the west
See a sun set in the west
See a sunrise from on top of a Mountain
See a sunset from on top of a Mountain
See a tornado
See a tornado touch ground
See a traveling circus
See a tsunami or storm surge
See a tumble weed cross the road
See a tumble weed cross the road
See a tumble weed in a ghost town
See a UFO
See a volcano erupt
See a whirlpool from a safe distance
See a wild alligator
See a wild animals den in the forest
See all "100 Places to See Before You Die"
See All "101 Places to See Before You Die" (List Included)
See all animated Disney Movies
See an animal beginning with each letter of the alphabet
See an Aurora Borealis dance
See an extinct species brought back to life
See an octopus while scuba diving or snorkeling
See an old copper pit mine
See an old mine
See an upside down Rainbow
See an upside down Rainbow
See an upside down Rainbow
See and play in the snow
See country music played live
See dolphins perform
See fireflies
See fireworks from the sky
See Halley's Comet
See heat lightning
See hummingbird eggs in their nest
See Ice Canyon
See if I can survive on an island for a week
See lava flow from a volcano
See Lucy (the oldest skeleton in the world)
See lunar rainbow over Victoria Falls
See more than 2 colours of the Northern Lights
See my daughter cheering or being in the band at a highschool football game
See my Grandma's hometown in Maine
See my spirit animal in the wild
See myself as someone beautiful, interesting and worthy
See myself as someone beautiful, interesting and worthy
See one of my favourite bands perform while overseas
See Oregon legalize Marijuana!
See people moshing in a pit
See rare animals in wild, see rare geological formations and plants. See weather phenomenon. Experience different living circumstances and all the landscapes of this amazing, beautiful planet.
See Snow in Autumn
See somebody wrestle an alligator
See someone get tazed
See someone raised from the dead
See something that is the "World's Largest"
See sunrises, and sunsets in 10+ countries
See the Blue Man Group
See the Coca Cola truck at Christmas
See the end of ---
See the fastest land mammal in the Western Hemisphere in the wild, the Pronghorn
See the green flash of a sunset
See the human brain in real life
See the inside of a lighthouse
See the 'Lords of Lightning'
See the meeting point of two oceans
See the midnight sun
See the Milky Way
See the monarch butterflies at Ardenwood as they migrate through the Bay area,California
See the most critically endangered animal in the wild before it goes extinct
See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
See the Olympic Torch Relay
See the play Wicked
See the staircase to the moon
See the stars through a telescope
See the sun rise from an ocean's horizon
See the sun rise out of the ocean on the East coast
See the Sunrise/Sunset on all 7 Continents
See the sunset at the desert
See this parade or that, see this concert, that fair, this show, that festival… his birthplace and her funeral site, the biggest, longest, highest, shortest, smallest…
See two Total Solar Eclipses from one location
See velvet worms hunting in the wild
See Voodoo donuts and try a crazy flavour
See wallabies in the wild
See whales in the wild
See where the Amazon drains into the Atlantic
See where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic in Eleuthera, Bahamas
See where the rainforest meets the sea in the Daintree
See Wild Horses
See wild horses on Wild Horse Island Montana
See Wild Horses/ponies
See Yellowstone nat'l park in all 4 seasons
See My Favorite Sports Event, Live!
Segway Through a Cemetery
Select one “important” author who you missed in school, and read
Selfie in front of the 7 New Wonders of the World
Sell a million copies of my ebook
Sell Current House and Buy A New One
Sell my own art
Sell something
Sell something I made, online
Sell something to Pawn Stars
Sell the movie rights to my novel
Sell unwanted items at a car boot sale
Sell my original artwork
Sell my original artwork to a stranger
Send 5 Strangers Christmas Cards
Send a care package to a soldier
Send a Handmade Card to Someone
Send a letter to the post office thanking them
Send a lighthouse keeper a postcard
Send a lost wallet back to its owner
Send a message in a balloon, and receive a reply back
Send a message in a bottle
Send a Message in a Bottle and get a Response
Send a postcard / through Postcrossing / to a random soldier (of a certain nationalitet) / to a random person / to a stranger to brighten their day / to myself / to myself from a foreign country / to PostSecret / to someone in every US state / to 5 foreign countries  / a PostCup postcard / a Post-a-Plate
Send at least one care package a month to troops overseas
Send compliments to the chef
Send flowers anonymously to someone
Send Flowers to strangers
Send fun care packages to unsuspecting friends
Send my compliments to the chef
Send my parents on a vacation
Send out helium ballons with notes in them
Send paper cranes down a river/waterfall
Send shoes/Money to help with 'Jiggers' - Africa
Send someone an anonymous gift
Send something out of Earth’s atmosphere
Send spooky emails
Serve Jury Duty!
Serve My Country
Serve pancakes with hemlock branches
Set a car on fire via Molotov cocktail
Set a load of alarm clocks and hide them around someone's bedroom
Set a world record
Set all the kitchen timers in a store at the same time
Set Foot in Both the Atlantic and the Pacific
Set foot on each of the seven continents
Set my own agenda instead of being pulled into the agenda of others
Set something alight with a Molotov cocktail
Set up a snail race
Set Up New Business
Sew a corset
Sex in a Jacuzzi/hot tub
Shadow someone at a cool job
Shake hands with ---
Share a cab with a stranger
Share a horrible picture of myself to the world
Share an impressively successful and hugely gratifying high five with someone
Share Inspirational Quotes
Share my life story without sparing details
Share my most embarrassing moment
Shark Cage Diving
Shark dive in the Bahamas
Shave a coconut
Shave my head
Shear a sheep
Shoot a gun / a 40mm grenade launcher / a Barrett .50cal rifle/ a black powder rifle / a rifle / a shotgun / a longbow / bullseye with a longbow / a machine gun / a railgun / a sniper rifle / an assault rifle / an automatic shotgun  / an UZI / at a shooting range
Shoot my own Thanksgiving turkey
Shop at ---
Shop at a Farmer's Market
Shop for Gold at Gold Souk
Shop for souvenirs at Kingdom of souvernirs
Shop in Rodeo Drive
Shop in the grand bazaar in Turkey
Shop on --- street
Shop on Black Friday
Shop with no budget in a foreign supermarket
Shot a cannon from the 1800's
Shout "hey Pervert" and count how many people turn around
Shout ‘I object’ at a wedding
Shout drinks are on my in a bar
Shovel Snow for a Neighbor
Show a foreigner around my city
Show somebody around my city
Show my boobs to someone
Shower in a waterfall
Shower in the rain
Shower with a scenery
Shower with someone
Shower, feed and provide a change of clothing for the homeless
Shroom in the Forest
Sight see in New York
Sightseeing from helicopter
Sign a petition
Sign an Autograph
Sign up to become an organ donor
Sign up to postcrossing
Sign with a major league baseball team
Silently catch a plate while sneaking through a house using secret NinJA skillzz
Sing "I'm on a Boat" on a boat
Sing “What About Love” total karaoke style, complete with dramactions
Sing a great song in front of an audience
Sing a love song in a karaoke bar
Sing in a studio
Sing jazz in a black evening dress
Sing Jukebox Hero karaoke
Sing karaoke
Sing Karaoke in Tokyo
Sing my favorite song to an audience
Sing on the roof
Sing someone to sleep
Sing Sweet Home Alabama in Alabama
Sing the entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs wildly out of tune
Sing the national anthem in front of a large crowd
Singapore Flyer
Singita Mara River Tented Camp, Tanzania
Singita Sweni, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Sip a famous bourbon ginger at Victory Bar,Portland Oregon
Sip a martini in Jamaica
Sip champagne in the hot tub of a penthouse suite
Sip Margaritas on a Mexican Beach
Sip Mimosas at Sunday Brunch in America
Sit at the bench of 500 Days of Summer
Sit at the edge of a cliff or mountain
Sit behind a large waterfall
Sit behind a large waterfall
Sit down together and plan, in full detail, a fun trip
Sit Front Row at Fashion Week
Sit front row on a rollercoaster
Sit in a bath with no corners
Sit in a chair underwater
Sit in a chicken bus
Sit in a random college class
Sit in an Eurostar train first class
Sit in nature and just breathe
Sit in on an A.A. meeting
Sit in the front row at a concert
Sit in the seat of a dunking booth and get dunked
Sit on a heated toilet seat
Sit on a Japanese toilet
Sit on a jury
Sit on a roof
Sit on a Roof and Watch the Sunset
Sit on a swing over water
Sit on an elephant
Sit On Someone's Shoulders at a Concert
Sit on the Devils Chair in Florida
Sit on the edge at Preachers Rock, Preikestolen, Norway
Sit on the edge of a cliff and let my legs dangle
Sit on the edge of Hanging Rock in Oregon
Sit on the giant Jackalope at Wall Drug Store, South Dakota
Sit on the Hollywood Sign
Sit on the hood of a car in the middle of a field and look at the stars
Sit on the street holding a 'I'll talk to anyone about anything' sign
Sit on top of an active volcano
Sit on Waikiki Beach and watch the sun set
Sit quietly in a Tibetan monastery and meditate
Skate on a frozen pond
Skate the Venice beach park
Skeeler trough The Netherlands
Sketch a Siamese cat
Ski a black diamond trail
Ski a Double Black Diamond run
Ski at Sugarloaf
Ski down a Hill without Falling
Ski in Vail, Colorado
Ski Mt.Bachelor in Bend Oregon
Ski/snowboard a volcano
Ski/snowboard in another country
Skiing in a bikini
Skim a stone
Skinny dip / Swim naked / swim nude / at midnight / in a natural hot spring / in a waterfall / in an ocean / at some specific place / in some specific water / somewhere unexpected / on a hot summer’s night / at midnight in Rio
Skinny Dip at midnight
Skinny dip in a natural hot spring
Skip school
Skip school or a class
Skip town for a few days
Sky dive during the Winter
Sky dive naked
Sky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, Canada
Skydive - ALONE
Skydive on a beach
Skydive over Fraser island
Skydive Over Mt. Everest in Nepal
Skydiving (solo)
Skype With Someone For More Than an Hour
Skypoint observation deck
Slam Dunk a basketball
Slap someone in the face
Slap someone right into the face
Sleep 12 hours straight
Sleep as a Hobo at Sweden’s Homeless Experience Hotel
Sleep at a Historic Inn with a Ghost Story
Sleep in a bed store after closing time (secretly)
Sleep in a bounce house
Sleep in a bubble bed surrounded by nature
Sleep in a BubbleTree
Sleep in a castle
Sleep in a castle in England
Sleep in a cave
Sleep in a coffin
Sleep in a Hammock
Sleep in a hammock above the rainforest
Sleep in a hammock under the stars in a tree
Sleep in a haunted house
Sleep in a House with Oceanfront or Lakefront
Sleep in a King sized bed
Sleep in a King sized bed
Sleep in a log cabin
Sleep in a rainforest
Sleep in a sleeping bag
Sleep in a stable on a haystack
Sleep in a Swag
Sleep In A Waterbed
Sleep in an abandoned building
Sleep in an ancient castle
Sleep in an hammock near a river
Sleep in an igloo
Sleep in An Overnight Train
Sleep in many odd places!
Sleep in tent
Sleep in the back of a truck
Sleep in the bed of a pickup truck
Sleep in with the One you Love when you should be at Work
Sleep on a beach
Sleep on a bunk bed
Sleep on a rooftop
Sleep on a trampoline
Sleep on a water bed
Sleep on an air mattress floating in water
Sleep on satin sheets
Sleep on streets for a night
Sleep on the beach
Sleep on the beach under the stars in Key West
Sleep outdoors on a New York City rooftop
Sleep overnight in a boat that is floating on a lake, anchored in the ocean or in a harbor
Sleep under the Christmas tree
Sleep under the Northern Lights
Sleep under the stars
Sleep under the stars and among the bears in the Canadian Rockies
Sleep under the stars in the Sahara Desert
Sleep underneath the stars during a meteor shower
Sleep With Someone Famous
Slide across the hood of a car like in an action movie
Slide down "The Slide @ T3" (Changi Airport, Singapore)
Slide Down a Firehouse Pole
Slide down a firehouse pole
Slide down a giant sand dune
Slide down a grass hill on cardoard
Slide down a hill with a penguin
Slide down a slide in the rain
Slide down a slide in the rain
Slide on the world's longest waterslide in Mexico
Sling shot Gold Coast
Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark alabama
Slow dance with someone
Slow down and enjoy life
Slurp Chinese Snake Soup in Hong Kong
Smash a car window
Smash a guitar
Smash a guitar on stage Rock N' Roll style
Smash a machine that's infuriated me into pieces
Smash a pie in someone's face
Smash a watermelon with a sledge hammer
Smash open a full piggy bank
Smile at a stranger
Smoke a bowl from a gas mask hooked up to a bong
Smoke a cigarette
Smoke a dreamsicle flavoured cigar
Smoke a hookah
Smoke a Joint
Smoke a Joint on the roof of the white house
Smoke Alcohol
Smoke cuban cigar
Smoke from a gravity bong
Smoke from a sishaa in Egypt
Smoke hookah
Smoke kiss someone
Smoke Marijuana On A Hot Air Balloon
Smoke opium in the jungles of Thailand
Smoke Pot With A Rasta Man In Jamacia
Smoke Purple Haze while listening to Hendrix
Smoke somewhere exotic
Smoke weed for the rest of my life
Smoke weed in 3 different countries
Smoke weed in Amsterdam
Smoke weed in public
Smoke weed out of an apple
Sneak into a hotel for free breakfast
Sneak into a hotel just to go swimming
Sneak into a movie without paying for it
Sneak into an off limits area
Sneak out
Snorkel in a public fountain
Snorkel in the ocean
Snorkel Jellyfish Lake in Palau
Snorkel near barracudas
Snorkel Rowley Shoals Marine Park
Snorkel with the humpback whales in Tonga
Snorkle at Lady Musgrave island
Snort Ahoj Brause
Snort sweet tarts
Snowboard a Black Diamond Run
Snowboard a Double Black Diamond Run
Snowboard a Double Black Diamond Run with out totaling myself
Snowboard Blue Cow (NSW, Australia)
Snowboard Charlotte Pass (NSW, Australia)
Snowboard down Australia's longest Snow Trail - Supertrail (Thredbo, NSW)
Snowboard Guthega (NSW, Australia)
Snowboard in Alaska
Snowboard in fresh powder
Snowboard in fresh powder
Snowboard in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
Snowboard in Japan
Snowboard in New Zealand
Snowboard in super hero costumes
Snowboard Mt Selwyn (NSW, Australia)
Snowboard Perisher Valley (NSW, Australia)
Snowboard Smiggins Holes (NSW, Australia)
Snowboard Thredbo (NSW, Australia)
Snowboard/Ski at 10 different ski Resorts
Snuggle in a hammock
Soak in a hot spring
Soak in a Japanese onsen, a natural hot spring
Soak in a thermal hotspring
Soak in the Baths, British Virgin Islands
Soak up the Caribbean sun
Soak up the night sky away from the city lights
Solve a mystery
Solve a Rubik’s Cube
Speak about my extraordinary life to inspire others to live their own dream life
Spend $100 at a dollar store
Spend $100 at a dollar store
Spend 100 euro on candy
Spend 14 days exploring the entire great ocean road in Victoria
Spend 24 hours awake in LA or Vegas
Spend 24 hours naked
Spend 24 hours naked
Spend 30 days in the wilderness
Spend 72 hours "unplugged"
Spend 72 Hours in Complete Silence
Spend a big fight weekend in Vegas
Spend a birthday in another country
Spend a day at a festival
Spend a Day at a Health Center
Spend a day at Gilligan's island
Spend a day at Sky High in Portland Oregon
Spend a day at the beach with my best friend
Spend a day blowing bubbles in the countryside
Spend a day exploring Sumpter Oregon
Spend a day in a Cambodian village
Spend a day in a Spa
Spend a day in Oatman Arizona
Spend a day in the city with zero money and have fun
Spend a day off roading
Spend a day on a golf course with my sister
Spend a day walking through cemeteries
Spend a day with a baby
Spend a few days doing absolutely nothing with a lover
Spend a few months exploring Australia
Spend a holiday somewhere exotic
Spend a lazy sunny afternoon drinking beer by a river
Spend a Month at Sea
Spend a month biking, walking, or hitch-hiking my way around a country
Spend a month in California
Spend a month in paradise
Spend a night at a Mall
Spend a night at an Airport
Spend a night in a Bora Bora overwater bungalow
Spend a night in a hammock on the beach
Spend a night in a Mansion
Spend a night in a medieval castle
Spend a night in an aquarium
Spend a night in jail
Spend a night in the museum
Spend a night in the Stanley Hotel - watch the 'Shining' in my room & take a ghost tour
Spend a night on a 5-star hotel
Spend a night pub-hopping in London
Spend a Night Sleeping Under The Stars
Spend a romantic evening on a secluded beach as the sun sets
Spend a season in seclusion
Spend a Summer in a cottage in the Scottish Highlands
Spend a sunny Saturday touring Stellenbosch wine farms
Spend a thunderstorm outside while open to the wilderness
Spend a Valentine's Day in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Spend a week at a 5-star spa
Spend a week at a Silent Retreat
Spend a week camping and living off the land
Spend a week during summer at a lake
Spend a week hunting Ghosts in Savannah
Spend a week in a cabin without electricity
Spend A Week In A Meditation Retreat
Spend a week in a rustic resort in Oregon
Spend a Week in London Soaking Up the History, Architecture, and Culture
Spend a week in NYC
Spend a week in the jungle
Spend a week living in a tree house
Spend a week living in the wild west
Spend a week on Necker Island (Richard Branson's island)
Spend a week with friends at Burning Man in the Nevada desert
Spend a weekend at the world's most expensive hotel
Spend a weekend living like people did in a different time period
Spend a weekend on a country estate or mansion
Spend a Whole Day at the Natural History Museum
Spend a whole day barefoot
Spend a whole day barefoot
Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty
Spend a whole day eating junkfood
Spend a whole day floating on a lake in a small paddle boat
Spend a whole day hiking
Spend a whole day in nature smoking weed
Spend a whole day shopping
Spend a whole day smoking weed
Spend a whole day taking pictures of each other
Spend a whole day taking random pictures
Spend a whole summer at the beach
Spend a whole week with my best friend
Spend a winter holiday in Austria or Switzerland
Spend a year on the road
Spend all day and night on the beach
Spend an entire day in bed with someone
Spend an entire day talking in a fake accent
Spend an entire night sleeping in a hammock
Spend an entire thunderstorm outside
Spend an entire week in a good hotel
Spend at least 3 months in a foreign country doing charity work
Spend Christmas and New Year somewhere exotic
Spend Christmas Eve in front of the fire place with my family
Spend christmas in a cabin in the Mountains surrounded by snow
Spend Christmas in Leavenworth, Washington
Spend christmas in paris
Spend Christmas on a beach
Spend christmas on the gold coast
Spend Christmas somewhere snowy
Spend Christmas, with my family, in a Cabin, in the snow in the Mountains
Spend fourteen hours on a train from Budapest to Bucharest
Spend Halloween at Salem, Massachusetts
Spend Halloween at the Bell Witch cave
Spend Halloween in Salem Massachusetts
Spend Midsummers Day in Finland
Spend my birthday in 2 foriegn countries
Spend new year in an exotic location
Spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia
Spend new years eve in an igloo village
Spend New Year's Eve in New York City
Spend New Years Eve in Scotland
Spend new years eve on the gold coast
Spend New years eve some place exotic
Spend New Year's in another time zone
Spend one day taking pictures of everywhere I go
Spend one month in a Buddhism monastery in Nepal
Spend one month in a palm hut on a tropical island
Spend only notes and save all coins in a jar for one year, at the end of the year splurge on something great
Spend Queen’s Day (Kings Day) in Amsterdam
Spend several days with only what will fit in a backpack
Spend some time in a war-torn country
Spend some time living with a Native American Tribe
Spend some time on Glass Beach in MacKerricher State Park, California
Spend Spring Break somewhere cold
Spend St. Patrick's day in Ireland
Spend the 4th of July somewhere of historical importance
Spend the day as a different person
Spend the day at Redfish Lake Idaho
Spend the Day Baking Cookies
Spend the day BLIND
Spend the day doing things that don’t cost a cent
Spend the day in a cemetery reading headstones
Spend the day reading
Spend the entire day by myself
Spend the night at a historic hotel in Montana
Spend the night at a zoo
Spend the night in a car
Spend the night in a Castle
Spend the night in a ghost town
Spend the night in a Hostel
Spend the night in a lighthouse
Spend the night in a Tree house~ Out 'n' About, Takilma Oregon
Spend the night in a treehouse hotel
Spend the night looking at the stars in the deserts of Egypt
Spend the Night on a Pirate Ship
Spend the weekend at Andiron Seaside Inn-California
Spend the whole day with an older person, just talking to them about their youth and reminiscing
Spend the winter months in Australia
Spend three months in a Buddhist monastery
Spend time in the Amazon Rainforest
Spin a globe and catch a flight to wherever my finger stops it
Spin around on an escalator
Spin in circles 100 times then try to walk
Spit in the true centre of Edinburgh for good luck (Scotland)
Splash in the outdoor fountain at The Frog Pond in Boston Common
Splash my feet into a fountain
Splatter Paint a Room or House
Split my group of friends in half and engage in a weekend long prank war
Splurge at a Vegas buffet
Splurge On A Bottle Of Dom Perignon
Splurge on Christian Louboutin shoes
Splurge on Manolo Blahnik shoes
Sponsor a child
Sponsor a child's wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation
Sponsor someone who makes a big breakthrough in science or art
Spot 20 funny streetnames
Spot a --- at ---
Spot a weird sign
Stand at the edge of a Volcano
Stand at the end of a rainbow
Stand at the North or South Pole
Stand at the top of a light house
Stand at the top of an Aztec ruin
Stand at the top of Pic du Midi
Stand barefoot on a black sand beach
Stand in 2 Countries at the same time
Stand in 2 places at once
Stand in a prison cell in Alcatraz
Stand in a red phone box in England
Stand in every single ocean, up to my knees. Yes, even the Arctic
Stand in the back of a crowded elevator and randomly meow
Stand in the center of Seven Dials in London
Stand in the Crown of the Statue of Liberty
Stand in the middle of The rings of Moray in Peru
Stand in the middle of whorehouse meadow,Oregon
Stand in the mist of a big waterfall
Stand in the Oculus of the Pantheon
Stand in the place where my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies was filmed
Stand in Times Square
Stand naked under a full moon
Stand on (the supposed) Highest Glass Floor of the World
Stand on a busy corner. Gasp, look and point up. See how many people look
Stand on a glacier in Iceland
Stand on a Mountain above the clouds
Stand on a Moving Vehicle
Stand on an Alaskan Glacier
Stand on an ocean cliff and let the water spray my face
Stand on both sides of the Equator in Ecuador
Stand on floating iceberg in the middle of the ocean
Stand on Four Corners, USA
Stand on Kjeragbolten Rock in Norway
Stand on pegs on bike
Stand on pegs on bike
Stand on the abbeyroad zebra path
Stand on the back of a garbage truck when its being driven
Stand on the edge of a buffalo jump once used by Indians
Stand on the edge of Cliffs of Kerry, Ireland
Stand on the edge of 'The Cliffs of Mohor' in Ireland
Stand on the edge of the Sea Cliffs, Varadero, Cuba
Stand on The Equator
Stand on the Floating reed islands of the Uros people (Lake Titicaca, Peru & Bolivia)
Stand on the four corners
Stand on the Greenwich Meridian Line (0 degrees Longitude - London, England)
Stand on the most eastern point of Australia
Stand on the most northern point of Australia
Stand on the road side with a sign that says ‘honk if my sexy’
Stand on the side of a road with a sign that says “Honk if you love hugs”
Stand on the Stage of the Metropolitan Opera House - The Lincoln Center (New York City)
Stand on the Stage of the Sydney Opera House - Opera Theatre
Stand on the Stage of The War Memorial Opera House (San Francisco)
Stand on the top of The Nevado Mismi
Stand on the Tropic of Capricorn
Stand on top of a Mountain
Stand on top of a snowy Mountain
Stand on top of Big Cypress National Preserve, Colorado
Stand on top of Iron Mountain,Oregon
Stand on top of Mount Roraima - Venezuela
Stand on top of Sheep Mountain Table in the Badlands
Stand on top of the Eiffeltower
Stand under a waterfall
Stand where Lewis and Clark once camped at Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site
Star in a Rock Video
Stare evil in the eyes
Stare evil in the eyes
Stargaze at Great Basin National Park
Stargaze at the Atacama Desert in Chile
Stari Most, Bosnia
Start "the wave" at a public event
Start a bakery
Start a blog about one specific thing you love
Start a boutique hotel in the Mountains
Start a business in which kids get dropped off after school and teachers/tutors help them with their homework
Start a charity
Start a collection
Start a Family Cookbook
Start a fire without matches
Start a home-based catering business
Start a local running group
Start a memory jar
Start a Protest for Something You Don’t Care About
Start a scholarship fund for my alma mater
Start a slow clap
Start a small business
Start a travel savings account
Start a travel savings account
Start a weekly jazz stirfry tradition at home
Start a wish tree
Start eating breakfast everyday
Start learning biketrials
Start my own webshop
Start Paying In To A Pension Fund Again
Start paying off student loans
Start saving into a Trust Account for my future children
Start seeing a gynecologist
Start seeing an adult gastroenterologist
Start some kind of revolt
Start the Wave
Start up a Bed and Breakfast
Start up a charity
Start writing a book
Start my own business
Swing from a vine like George of the Jungle
Swing from a grapevine like Tarzan
Stay addiction-free
Stay and dip at the historic Chico Hot Springs in Pray, Montana
Stay at a beach house or a hotel on the beach in Southern California
Stay at a bed and breakfast
Stay at a cabin along the Appalachian Trail
Stay at a log cabin with hot tub for a week
Stay at a nice hotel at the beach
Stay at a nude resort
Stay at a posh hotel and jump on the bed!
Stay at a real Aussie pub
Stay at a romantic bed and breakfast in autumn in Vermont
Stay at an indoor waterpark resort
Stay at an old converted farmstead at Laikipia Plateau, Kenya
Stay at expensive hotels, be a hotel collector
Stay at least one night in a converted castle hotel
Stay at one of the manliest hotels in America
Stay at some kooky hotels!
Stay at the hotel shaped like a cruise ship (Suncruise Resort) in South Korea
Stay at the tree hotel that blends in with nature in Sweden
Stay awake for 48 hours
Stay in a bed & breakfast
Stay in a British cottage
Stay in a cabin during the winter in Garnet Montana
Stay in a cabin in the alps
Stay in a cabin in the mountains
Stay in a cabin on a lake
Stay in a cabin on the Metolius River, Oregon
Stay in a capsule hotel
Stay in a cocoon tree hanging tent
Stay in a fire lookout
Stay in a glass floor ocean cottage
Stay in a glass igloo (created so you can see the northern lights) at hotel Kakslauttanen - Finland
Stay in a graveyard overnight
Stay in a hammock tent
Stay in a honeymoon suite
Stay in a hotel / apartment on the beach
Stay in a hotel room with a private pool
Stay in a hotel with a doorman that wears a top hat
Stay in a lighthouse
Stay in a log cabin in mountains in Canada
Stay in a log cabin with a hot tub
Stay in a luxury lodge
Stay in a manor house
Stay in a mixed dorm room at a hostel
Stay in a teepee motel
Stay in a themed hotel room
Stay in a tipi at Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon
Stay in a tipi at Rimrock Inn Oregon
Stay in a traincar hotel
Stay in a tree house in Olympos
Stay in a youth hostel
Stay in an above-water bungalow in Tahiti
Stay in an extravagant 5 star + accommodation and pretend to be rich
Stay in an overwater bungalow
Stay in an overwater bungalow in bora bora
Stay in one of the world's best island villas
Stay in the amazon jungle for 3 days
Stay in the best 5 star hotel suite i can find for a week, and enjoy all the immensities
Stay in the best room in a nice hotel
Stay in the best suite in a 5 star hotel
Stay in the penthouse of a really amazing hotel
Stay in the prime ministers suite in a nice hotel
Stay at a bed & breakfast in Vermont
Stay in Volendam for a week
Stay off Facebook for 2 weeks
Stay on a private island
Stay on a strict budget and save for a goal
Stay on an Indian reservation
Stay on an outback (Australia) cattle station
Stay on an outback cattle station
Stay out past 4am
Stay overnight in monument valley
Stay the entire summer with my kids on an exotic island
Stay the night at a haunted hotel in New Mexico
Stay the night in a haunted house
Stay the night in a suite
Stay the night in an abandoned insane asylum
Stay the night on the Queen Mary
Stay the weekend at a casino in Vegas
Stay underground in Coober Pedy
Stay up 24 hours for a good cause
Stay up all night and watch the sun rise
Stay up all night having fun in Las Vegas
Stay up all night talking with someone special
Stay up for 24 hours straight
Stay up late and watch a movie
Stay up to watch the Perseid meteor shower
Steal a cop car
Steal a kiss under the Eiffel Tower
Steal a kiss underneath mistletoe
Steal a road sign
Steal a street sign
Steal second base
Step in the petrified tracks of a dinosaur
Step into a bikerbar
Stick my head out of a car window
Stick my head out of a train window
Stick my head through a hole at Hole-In-The-Wall Canyon, California
Stick my toes in every great lake
Stick on a diet
Stick to a new year’s resolution for an entire year
Stick to a yes man way of life for one whole year
Stomp grapes to make wine
Stop at a cathedral at night when it's empty
Stop at a crossroad in the middle of nowhere
Stop at a small town nobodies heard of before
Stop biting my nails
Stop caring about what anyone thinks
Stop eating fast food for a year
Stop kony
Stop swearing for a day
Stop worrying about money
Stop worrying about what other people think
Store some snow in my freezer and then throw a snowball at someone in July
Stormchase a tornado
Strap a rocket to a merry-go-round
Strawberry picking
Streak and get away with it
Streak on my 65th birthday
Street in Bonn, Germany
Stretch my ears to a 00 gauge
Stretch my second hole piercings in my ears
Strike up a conversation with an elderly person on a bench
Stroke a baby lion
Stroll along the boardwalk at noosa heads
Stroll down the most beautiful street in north America - savannah Georgia
Strut around Hollywood like you own the place
Study abroad
Study gorillas
Study indigenous/native spirituality
Study medicine
Study paganism / Taoism / Asatru / Wicca
Stuff my mouth with whipped cream
Subscribe to national geographic magazine
Successfully push (bump) start a motorcycle
Successfully climb a rope
Successfully create an optical illusion
Successfully give up something for lent
Successfully make a recipe off the internet
Successfully open champagne with the sabrage technique
Successfully poach an egg
Successfully ride on a T-bar with another snowboarder
Successfully use a fake id to get into a night club
Successfully use my new slow cooker
Successfully make scrambled hard boiled eggs
Summer road trip
Summit a mountain over 18000 ft
Summit diner, summit, nj
Summit mount Everest
Summon the courage to smoke salvia
Sumo fight in a sumo suit
Sun bathe in the maldives
Sunbake in santorini
Sunbath in the rain
Sunbathe topless
Super glue a quarter to the floor and count how many people try to pick it up
Surf a hawaiian wave
Surf in australia
Surf in costa rica
Surf in hawaii
Surf in rapa nui
Surf the oregon coast
Surprise a friend by showing up on their doorstep
Surprise my significant other with a weekend getaway
Surprise visit someone
Surprise my sweetie with tickets to an awesome concert
Survive "nightmares" in niagara falls
Survive 12-21-12
Survive a week on a deserted island
Survive something
Suspended capsule biking
Swap houses for a vacation
Swap places with someone for a day
Swap places with the person behind you in the queue
Swim a mile
Swim across a lake / a large lake
Swim against the current in a river
Swim alongside a sea turtle
Swim an entire length of olympic size pool
Swim at 10 different beaches around the world
Swim at night
Swim between tectonic plates in iceland
Swim during the sunrise
Swim from alcatraz prison to shore
Swim from asia to europe across the bosporus strait
Swim in --- / bioluminescent bay / pool on the 57th floor of the marina bay sands resort, singapore / in pouring rain / in a salt lake / in all the rivers, lakes, natural pools and special water areas of the world / in the longest, deepest etc. / in a river and lake on every continent / every ocean/sea / largest pool / highest pool / infinity pool / underwater cave, underground river / in the middle of an ocean unable to see land / under a waterfall / under the stars / on the moon bridge / with --- (doplhins, manta rays, sharks, sealions…)
Swim in a billabong
Swim in a fountain
Swim in a hanging pool
Swim in a jellyfish lake
Swim in a lagoon
Swim in a lake
Swim in a lake during the winter time
Swim in a lake with a waterfall
Swim in a lake with ice floating in it
Swim in a lava pool
Swim in a light blue sea
Swim in a rapid current in a river
Swim in a rooftop pool
Swim in a seaside pool
Swim in a swimming pool made to look like a pond
Swim in a transparent pool
Swim in a tropical secluded cove
Swim in a waterfall
Swim in all five oceans
Swim in an 50 degree lake
Swim in an iceland hot spring
Swim in an isolated canyon or gorge
Swim in an underground river
Swim in an underwater cave
Swim in bathing ship pool germany
Swim in clear water
Swim in the pacific ocean
Swim next to sea turtles
Swim while it rains
Swim with dolphins
Swim with manatees
Swing from a chandelier
Swing from a rope into a lake
Swing from rope into the ocean
Swing on a trapeeze
Swing on a trapeze
Swing on the worlds biggest swing set
Swing on the worlds largest rope swing
Switch a tire of a bike

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