Friday, February 7, 2014

Ideas 33

Observe an open heart surgery
Observe Saturn through a telescope
Obtain bachelor's degree in accounting
Obtain master's degree
Occasionally bark in a high-pitched voice
Of all the food experiences
Offer someone a piece of gum
Officially have dual nationality (two passports)
Ogle at the best of Barcelona’s architecture
Once a week, find somebody you don't know, and set out to make them laugh for a month
One armed pullup
Ontological-hysteric theater New York
Open a burger joint
Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever is on it
Open a fruit juice stand
Open a gourmet café
Open a taco stand
Open an antique shop
Open my own clothing boutique
Open/own a haunted hotel
Operate a fire extinguisher
Order a pizza
Order a taxi for a place right across the street
Order dessert first at a restaurant
Order diet water at a restaurant
Order every item on the menu at my favorite restaurant
Order from a Popbar in NYC
Order in total 100 things on (in multiple times )
Order off the in-n-out secret menu
Order personalized M&Ms
Order pizza and send it to a random house
Order random stuff on a subway sandwich and eat it
Order room service
Order room service to my camp site
Order the most expensive thing on the menu
O'Reilleys hot air ballooning
Organise a fundraiser for a charity of my choosing
Organise or be part of a charity fundraiser
Organize a valentine party
Overcome a fear
Overcome my social anxiety
Own --- (animal/animals)
Own a --- (can be a piece of clothing, a musical instrument, an animal, an item seen on a video or in a movie or mentioned in a book, a fantasy item, a luxury item, something really expensive or rare, some specific scent or make-up or food preparation item, a gadget or a machine, a dream house or cottage, a restaurant… the range is free.)
Own a --- (vehicle)
Own a (CD/DVD/video/record/book/etc.) / signed
Own a 1948 meteor Cadillac hearse
Own a blood lamp
Own a coffin couch
Own a Desert Eagle .50
Own a pair of brass knuckles
Own a signed instrument
Own a spiral staircase the leads to my own personal library
Own all ---
Own all 14 'Wizard of Oz' books (Oz books)
Own an autograph from ---
Own an original work of art
Own an unusual pet/animal
Own every --- album
Own my dream home
Own my own star/named for me (star registry)
Own something from ---
Own something made by ---
Own something made of ---
Own something with ---s

Pack a thermos full of hot cocoa and go for a long walk in the wintry woods
Pack my own suitcase
Pack someone else's suite case for an overseas trip of 3 + weeks
Paddle board a river
Paddle board in Hawaii
Paddle board in the Bahamas
Paddle board into the sunset
Paddle boarding
Paddle through a medieval town
Paint a ceiling
Paint a flowerpot
Paint a layer on the world's largest ball of paint
Paint a mural on the bottom of a pool
Paint a picture
Paint a room
Paint a room in the house
Paint a self portrait
Paint a self-portrait
Paint a zebra print feature wall in my bedroom
Paint all my Warhammer
Paint an anarchy symbol somewhere
Paint an optical illusion
Paint cups and saucers and sell them
Paint each of my toe nails a different colour at one time
Paint Easter eggs
Paint monster high pictures on my daughters wall
Paint my dog's toenails
Paint my front door red
Paint on Car Stonehenge - Texas
Paint one wall an outrageous color
Paint something on canvas
Paint white roses red
Paint with balloons and darts
Paint with rocks with my kids
Paintballing in the woods
Palazzo Radomiri Montenegro
Palm a basketball
Palm beach, Barbuda
Pamper or be pamper...
Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey
Pan for diamonds at crater of diamonds state park in Arkansas
Pan for gold
Pan for gold / in ---
Paraglide / in --- / over ---
Parasail / in --- / over ---
Park in a elevator garage in japan

Participate in ---
Participate in --- (festival, parade, event)
Participate in --- (sporting event, competition, run, race)
Participate in a contest on TV
Participate in a flash mob
Participate in a Japanese tea ceremony
Participate in a new adventure that i didn’t even know existed
Participate in a roller derby
Participate in a soapbox derby
Participate in an anti-government protest
Participate in an archaeological dig
Participate in an impromptu snowball fight with complete strangers
Participate in an open-mike night
Participate in nanowrimo
Participate in the 50 best festivals worldwide
Participate in the world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s new year’s festivities

Party at a tropical beach bar
Party at the castle in London
Party in Cancun Mexico
Party in Ibiza
Party like a rock star in Dubai
Party on a beach in Hawaii
Party on a cruise ship
Party on a New York rooftop
Party on a Wednesday
Party with gypsies
Pass a first aid course
Pass a shoe box to future generations with this list, a pic of you, and a video
Pass driving test
Pass on a family heirloom
Pass on a family heirloom to my child
Pass out candy to trick-or-treaters
Pass out cookies at nursing home
Pass the finals
Pay for a child's cleft lip surgery
Pay for a stranger's groceries
Pay for someone else's drink at a pub
Pay for someone else's flight ticket so they can come and visit
Pay off all credit card debt
Pay off all debts
Pay off my student loan
Pay off my student loans before I’m 30
Pay the tab for the person behind you
Pay the toll booth for someone behind me
Pedal through a bike tour of Portland’s 40 microbreweries
Pee in a urinal
Pee in every ocean
Pee in public and don't get caught
Pee my name in the snow
Pee off something tall
Pee outdoors
Peel an orange in one piece
Perfect the Kayako sound
Perfect my backhand in tennis
Perfect my serve in tennis
Perform 5 random acts of kindness
Perform a cartwheel for an uninterested giraffe in the desert
Perform a karaoke duet with a significant other
Perform a kind deed to 5 strangers
Perform a kind deed to at least 10 people with no expectations
Perform a random act of kindness every day, for a year
Perform a striptease for my boyfriend ^.^
Perform acrobatic moves while free-falling from an airplane
Perform an original song
Perform at an open mic
Perform at the MACC awards for the second time
Perform in a burlesque show
Perform in an orchestra
Perform in front of an audience
Perform my role at work for a full cycle without needing to refer to written guides
Perform on the sixth of December on the volunteer night
Perform onstage
Perform something on stage in front of others
Performing solo (singing)
Performing solo (singing) once again
Pet a --- / in ---
Pet a living starfish
Pet a sting ray
Phone someone at a call centre and tell them they're doing a good job
Photobomb someone
Photobomb strangers at a major attraction
Photocopy my butt with the office copier

Phrases to say before you die : ---Pick a bouquet of wildflowers
Pick a flower in another country
Pick a mango off a tree
Pick a name from the 'Angel Tree'
Pick a new book series and finish it
Pick an animal (something cool like a wolverine). Go see it in the wild
Pick an official “summer song of the year”; play it until you’re sick of it (or until my neighbors threaten to call the police)
Pick and eat an orange fresh off an orange tree
Pick and eat on site fruit
Pick blackberries growing in the wild
Pick cotton in Louisiana
Pick fresh fruit from an orchard
Pick fresh huckleberries
Pick fresh huckleberries in Montana
Pick my own oranges
Pick my own strawberries
Pick oranges in Florida
Pick peaches in Georgia
Pick strawberries and make my own jam
Pick up a piece of road kill with a stick and chase someone with it
Pick up hitch hikers
Pick up trash
Pick wildflowers and appreciate nature’s beauty
Pick my own sweet cherries from an orchard in Montana's Flathead Valley
Picnic at sunset
Picnic near a waterfall with someone i love
Picnic on an abandoned rooftop
Picnic on the Great Wall of China
Pie floater, Adelaide, Australia
Pierce my ears
Pig out on delicious food in New Orleans
Pin my town on a map at visitor center
Pinball hall of fame Las Vegas
Plan a romantic picnic for two
Plan a vacation around a race
Plan an entire solo weekend
Plan an outdoor cookout/keg party in the summer
Plank on something weird
Plant a community garden
Plant a flower day on national plant a flower day, March 12
Plant a garden
Plant a gnome in my neighbor’s garden
Plant a mimosa silk tree
Plant a tree
Plant a tree and name it after someone you love
Plant a tree and paint it pink
Plant a tree on earth day
Plant an avocado tree
Plant and grow sunflowers
Plant and harvest a tree that produces fruit
Plant it, grow it, eat it
Plant some flowers
Play 10 different zombie video games
Play 150 board games
Play 1on1 vs Michael Jordan
Play 2 up on Anzac day
Play a game of basketball
Play a game of battle shots
Play a game of blackjack
Play a game of horseshoes
Play a game of poker (and bluff a hand)
Play a grand piano
Play a new outdoor game
Play a round of mini golf at Platypus Ponds Mini Golf Aussie World
Play a sport with a child or teen
Play a tennis match against Andre Agassi
Play all levels of Bubble Witch
Play an accordian
Play an elaborate practical joke on someone (or the world)
Play an instrument
Play at a playground... When you're over 20 years old
Play at the pinball hall of fame in Las Vegas
Play Barry Mundy's remote boats at Aussie World
Play beach volleyball
Play beer pong
Play beerpong
Play bike polo
Play bingo
Play bingo at a bingo hall
Play Bob Marley on the guitar
Play bongos at 4am in a smoky nightclub
Play bossaball
Play castle crashers
Play chess against the old men in the park
Play chicken with a train and lose
Play cluedo
Play conkers (a game played using the seeds of horse-chestnut trees)
Play cornhole game
Play croquet
Play curling
Play DDR
Play ding dong ditch at a hotel
Play Finnish basketball
Play flute
Play foot tag
Play football in the snow
Play Frisbee
Play Frisbee golf
Play fruit baseball
Play glow in the dark mini golf
Play glow in the dark mini golf!
Play grow cube
Play guitar for one hour on a city street in a foreign country
Play half-Life 2: Episode One
Play hide and go seek
Play hide and seek
Play hide and seek at night in a cornfield
Play hide and seek in "haunted" Fort Morgan at night
Play hide and seek in a cornfield
Play hide and seek in a shopping mall
Play hide and seek in the mall
Play hide and seek with my kids
Play hide n seek in toys r us in times square
Play hooky and take my kids somewhere cool
Play hopscotch
Play hot potato with a real hot potato
Play in a movie
Play in a public fountain
Play in a waterfall
Play in Galactic Circus Melbourne
Play in the game zone at Aussie World
Play in the mad jungle jam area at Dreamworld
Play in the mud
Play in the mud at the Boryeong mud festival
Play in the rain
Play in the side show alley at Aussie World
Play in the snow
Play innuendo bingo!
Play instant regret chili chocolate roulette
Play just dance
Play kickball
Play knytt
Play laser tag
Play lemmings
Play living monopoly
Play marco polo in the ocean
Play messy twister
Play mini golf
Play monopoly in the park
Play on a bouncy volleyball court
Play on a giant chess board
Play on the world highest tennis court Dubai
Play on wibit sports park
Play outdoor laser tag
Play pac-man
Play pac-man on an old school arcade machine
Play peggle
Play pick up sticks
Play ping-pong competitively
Play polo
Play pooh sticks
Play Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time
Play Quake III Arena
Play rainbow islands
Play real life monopoly
Play red rover
Play rise of nations
Play roulette at an online casino
Play sepak takraw
Play skeeball
Play skirmish at Aussie World Queensland
Play snap
Play spin the bottle
Play squash
Play squash on a regular basis
Play Star Fox 64
Play Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic
Play tag
Play tag in IKEA
Play tag in the rain
Play Tekken 3
Play tennis on all three main surfaces, grass, clay and hard courts
Play the didgeridoo
Play the game S.K.A.T.E
Play the movies
Play the ocarina
Play the original space invaders arcade game
Play the ouija board
Play the 'penis game' in a very public place
Play the piano professionally
Play the same numbers in the lottery every week for a year
Play the saxophone
Play the secret of monkey island
Play tropico
Play truth or dare
Play tug-of-war with a tiger in Florida
Play tug-o-war in the mud with a huge group of people
Play various board games from my childhood and turn them into a drinking game
Play water wars at Aussie World
Play wii
Play with a baby tapir / Japanese deer (shika) / penguins / the horses on Noordhoek beach
Play with a sims family until the original sims die
Play with glitter
Play with led moonhoops
Play with monkeys
Play with my shadow
Play worms Armageddon
Play, feed, bathe, and walk tigers in Thailand!
Poets House, New York
Point at someone and shout "you're one of them!" and run
Poke the Great Wall of China
Poop in the woods
Pootle down the Murray on a paddleboat
Pose like Christ the Redeemer in BrazilPose with a figure at a wax museum
Pose with the naked cowboy
Post a post card from a green mail box in Ireland
Post a post card from a red mail box in England
Post a postcard from the world’s only underwater post office (Port Villa, Vanuatu)
Pour bubble bath into a water fountain
Pour my soul into a project
Power walk for half an hour, 5 days a week
Practice BJJ in Brazil
Practice gratitude for 21 days. Write in a gratitude journal
Practice yoga in India
Prague, Czech republic
Pray at the western wall
Prepare a lobster dinner
Prepare a whole meal for my family
Prepare dinner
Pretend to be a clairvoyant for a day
Pretend to be a Jedi warrior for a day
Pretend to be a tourist in my home town
Pretend to be a window mannequin
Pretend to be rich in Monaco
Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Martin
Project raptorProtest about something I really care about
Protest something important
Proudly wear a bikini
Proudly wear a bikini again
Provide the police with an anonymous tip
Pub crawl along long street (ending at the Dubliner, of course)
Publish a book
Publish a book of poetry
Publish an article about my travelsPublish an autobiography
Pull a fire alarm
Pull an all-nighter playing video-games
Pull an all-nighter
Pull an all-nighter outdoors
Pull the car spinning prank on a drunk person
Pull the snipe hunt trick on someone
Pump my own gas
Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes
Punch a jerk in the face
Punch a shark on the nose
Punch a stupid, famous person in the face
Punch someone in the face
Purchase 5 vacations from Groupon
Purchase a pair of ruby slippers
Purchase bonds
Push a slinky down an escalator
Push someone into a pool
Push someone’s face into a cake
Put $100 on “red” with roulette
Put $100 on black (or red?)
Put a bag over my head and try to get out of my house without banging anything
Put a candle out with two fingers
Put a Dora doll in the middle of a shop and when someone tries to pick it up yell "swiper no swiping"
Put a dummy in an elevator and send it up so somebody finds it
Put a fish in a fountain and fish it out
Put a flower on every tombstone in a cemetery
Put a letter in the post box addressed to "Mr. Postman" thanking him for all his hard work
Put a message in a bottle and toss it in the ocean
Put a mirror on the stairs, scare the crap out of everyone
Put a pair of my shoes on a shoe tree
Put a peep in the microwave and watch it explode
Put a piece of bubble gum on the Market Theater Gum wall in Seattle
Put a piece of gum in bubble gum alley, San Luis Obispo, CA
Put a secret in a balloon and let it fly away
Put a stapler in Jell-O
Put a stick note on a drive thru microphone that says "speaker broken. Please yell."
Put a tip in a street musicians jar
Put a walkie talkie in my mailbox and when the mailman comes scream
Put a walkie-talkie in a gnome and shout at people when they walk by
Put a yellow ribbon on my dog’s leash
Put alcohol in a camelback
Put all the lights out at earth hour
Put both legs behind my head
Put bubbles in a public fountain
Put change in someone's expired parking meter
Put coins in expired parking meters
Put daisies on my eyes and nap in a field
Put flowers on Marilyn Monroe’s grave
Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming
Put house on the market
Put Mentos in Diet Coke
Put my feet in the light blue river in Costa Rica
Put my feet in the ocean
Put my hand print into wet concrete
Put my hands on the tiles of Sydney Opera House
Put on a complete army suit
Put on an accent and convince a stranger I’m from that place
Put on socks and run and slide on my hard wood floors
Put on sunglasses when it’s raining
Put on my dog's collar and have my friend walk you in public
Put plastic spiders in ice cubes for Halloween
Put subwoofers in my car
Put three dollars away every single day for a year. At the end of the year, invest the money in the stock market or buy bonds
Put together a jump rope routine
Put together a modeling portfolio and go on go-sees to try and land a modeling job
Put up Christmas lights in my bedroom
Put vanilla pudding in mayo container and eat it in public
Put waterslide outside bedroom window
Put my name down to be a passenger on the first tourist shuttle to the moon
Putt Putt Mermaid Beach

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