Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ideas 32

Mail a painted coconut to someone
Mail a secret to postsecret
Maintain a positive attitude
Manage a staff
Manaka tapping treatment
Master a flip turn in a pool
Master a free-standing handstand
Master a headstand
Master lucid dreaming
Master pouching eggs
Master the scorpion yoga pose
Mattress hop
Meditate every day for two weeks
Meditate for 20 minutes a day, every day for a year
Meditate in a Buddhist temple
Meditate in a tranquil place
Meditate in the wilderness
Meet ¬¬¬---
Meet a 365er
Meet a bucketlister
Meet a celebrity /and ask them a tons of crazy questions
Meet a drag queen
Meet a famous band
Meet a famous writer
Meet a friend for life in a foreign country
Meet a gypsy
Meet a Hollywood A-lister
Meet a Jew
Meet a lot of bands
Meet a monk
Meet a parrot that can talk
Meet a person born on the same day as me
Meet a real cowboy
Meet a real live leprechaun
Meet a sasquatch
Meet a transgender
Meet a vampire
Meet a voodoo priest
Meet a war veteran / listen to their story / thank him or her
Meet an alien
Meet an astronaut
Meet an author of one of my favourite books
Meet an Eskimo
Meet an inspiring person and thank him/her
Meet and befriend a complete stranger
Meet at least one great-grandchild
Meet my pen pals
Meet real gypsies
Meet relatives you’ve never met
Meet someone famous for doing something intelligent
Meet someone who has changed my life
Meet someone who has had a near death experience
Meet someone with the initials PBJ and make a sandwich for them
Meet the double rainbow guy
Meet triplets
Meet villagers and watch ceremonies in papua new guinea
Meet my grandchildren
Melt crayons onto a canvas
Memorize a poem and pass it on
Memorize a Shakespeare soliloquy
Memorize at least three poems
Memorize every line in fight club
Memorize the name of every president of the U.S
Memorize the prime ministers in order
Mentor an at-risk child or teen
Mentor somebody
Mentor someone at work
Microwave a CD
Microwave a marshmallow
Microwave soap
Milk a cow
Milk a dangerous snake
Miss my plane
Mix random things and drink
Mock the many naked statues in Europe
Model for something well known
Moo at a cow
Moon an entire audience
Motorcycle across Nevada’s desert flats
Motorcycle in Isle of Man
Motorcycle through the desert
Move away from home to an unfamiliar place
Move back to ---
Move out
Move out of my parents' house
Move to a big city
Move to the beach and start a boat rental
Moved to a new city to start over
Mud festival
Mud wrestle someone
Mush a dog sled
Get my portrait done by CallowLily

Name a pet after a cartoon character
Natural bridge and glow worm night tour
Navigate by the stars

Never become a desperate housewife
Never become a materialistic person!
Never belong to an organized religion
Never change myself for anyone
Never get divorced
Never get plastic surgery to enhance my looks
Never smoke cigarettes
Never stop exploring
Never stop learning
Never stop traveling the world
Never use a tanning bed!
Never use the following again: not now, I’m too busy, maybe, some other time, later etc.

New Year’s Eve kiss in an incredible location
Noah’s ark
Noodle a fish
Not eat any take away for 7 days
Not eat anything with added sugar for 7 days
Not fall off a T-bar for an entire snow season
Not get sick for 6 months
Not stack an unload from a ski lift for an entire snow season
Not waste a single grocery item for at least 3 months

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