Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ideas 30

Make --- (food)

Make 10 different types of dip
Make 10 different types of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Make 10 different types of Pasta
Make 10 new recipes in a month

Make 10 Fall Themed Recipes
Make 10 Spring Themed Recipes
Make 10 Summer Themed Recipes
Make 10 Winter Themed Recipes

Make 25 different Christmas Recipes
Make 25 different Halloween Recipes
Make 25 different Thanksgiving Recipes

Make 10 vegan recipes
Make 100 different flavors of popsicles
Make 12 different shots recipes
Make 20 different crock pot recipes
Make 20 new recipes in a month
Make 25 new dessert recipes
Make 50 dishes from middle-earth
Make 50 new recipes
Make 7-layer bean dip
Make a --- cocktail
Make a 7lb cheese burger
Make a bread from 50 different countries
Make a checkerboard cake
Make a complete meal over a fire
Make a mud pie
Make a peach cobbler
Make a personal cookbook with 50 recipes
Make a piñata cake
Make a posh occasion cake
Make a pumpkin pie
Make a recipe book of my favorite recipes
Make a s’more
Make a sandcastle... Out of graham crackers!
Make a sandwich cake
Make a southwestern skillet
Make a strawberry almond layer cake
Make a subliminal seduction cocktail
Make a topsy turvy cake
Make a two-colored drink
Make a vegetable man
Make acorn doughnut holes
Make an eggnog pie
Make anchovy and parmesan wedges
Make anchovy crackers
Make armadillo eggs
Make au gratin potatoes
Make avocado chicken parmigiana
Make avocado cupcakes
Make avocado mac and cheese
Make avocado, cream cheese, and salsa pockets
Make bacon cheddar deviled eggs
Make bacon cups
Make bacon wrapped smokies with brown sugar and butter
Make bacon-wrapped potato bites
Make baileys marshmallows
Make billionaire bars
Make blonde brownies on national blonde brownie day, January 22
Make broccoli cheddar chicken braid
Make broccoli cheese twice baked potatoes
Make brownie batter dip
Make brownie mosaic cheesecake
Make Butterfinger puppy chow
Make butterscotch from scratch
Make cake pops
Make candy sleighs for Christmas
Make caramel apple cupcakes
Make cheesy bacon oven chips with chipotle ranch sauce
Make chicken avocado soup
Make chicken cordon bleu casserole
Make chicken enchilada roll ups
Make chicken yakisoba
Make chocolate chip cookie dough fudge
Make chocolate-vanilla swirl cookies
Make Christmas dinner for my family
Make cider battered oysters
Make cookie dough cupcakes
Make cookie dough ice cream pizza
Made cookies from scratch
Make Cookies 'n Cream cookies
Make copycat Nutter Butter cookies
Make cowboy casserole
Make cream cheese pound cake
Make creamsicle cake
Make creme brulee with a blow torch
Make every recipe in --- cookbook
Make french dip crescent rolls
Make french toast with cream cheese
Make fruit kebabs
Make fudge Oreo brownies
Make grilled coconut kale
Make Hershey’s kiss acorns
Make honey mustard pretzel chicken
Make jack-o'-lantern cookies
Make lasagna cups
Make loaded baked potato salad
Make mini caramel apples
Make my own bread
Make my own jam
Make oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread
Make oreo pops
Make owl cookies
Make passable macaroons
Make peach cobbler
Make pirate cupcakes
Make pumpkin bread
Make rainbow pancakes
Make rattlesnake bites
Make red, white and blue cheesecake for 4th of july
Make snickers fudge
Make snow cones in my blender
Make sour patch kid cupcakes
Make spinach lasagna roll ups
Make stuffed tilapia fillets
Make tamales
Make waffle cones
Make yeast bread

Make --- / in ---

Make $1,000,000

Make $5 all in a day, just from recycling cans and bottles
Make $10 all in a day, just from recycling cans and bottles

Make 10 crazy pictures and keep them forever

Make 1000 paper cranes and send them down a river
Make a balloon dress
Make a bird feeder
Make a 'bird is the word' shirt
Make a bonsai tree
Make a book with my 101 favorite quotes
Make a bow back top
Make a braid style scarf
Make a bullroarer of my own and use it
Make a calendar with my favorite photos
Make a candle
Make a canvas of mine and my kids footprints and our hands
Make a canvas picture with buttons
Make a cardboard cutout of a car and go through a drive thru
Make a "wall of inspiration" in my room
Make a band
Make a bucket list
Make a bucket list journal!
Make a child laugh uncontrollably
Make a coffee table book
Make a collage
Make a collective haul
Make a comic book
Make a complete stranger laugh at my joke
Make a cosmic shirt
Make a costume mask
Make a cute picture with a boy
Make a daisy chain
Make a daisy chain crown
Make a difference in at least one person's life
Make a difference to the world
Make a diorama
Make a dish which involves setting something on fire
Make a dish you’ve never made before
Make a documentary film
Make a donation
Make a donation to http://www.gofundme.com/hopeforkeeley to help a little girl walk
Make a dreamcatcher
Make a duct tape dress
Make a duct tape vest
Make a dugout canoe
Make a family flag
Make a fire circle in the back yard
Make a fishing themed birthday cake for a friend’s birthday
Make a flower headband
Make a fort
Make a friend at a sports stadium
Make a friendship bracelet
Make a galaxy shirt
Make a gigantic snowball
Make a goofy video of myself dancing
Make a grass trumpet
Make a gunpowder canvas
Make a half-court shot
Make a hand heart with my lover
Make a hidden doorway
Make a hole-in-one
Make a hollow book
Make a home for a wild animal
Make a porn video
Make a huge elastic band ball
Make a human ring around a redwood tree
Make a Jumanji board game replica
Make a kite and fly it
Make a lifelong friend in another country
Make a list "100 facts about me"
Make a list of 100 songs I could never get tired of listening to
Make a list of every book I read from now on
Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and then write them a letter
Make a list with more than 100 original band names
Make a massive scrap book
Make a maze
Make a memory jar for when I’m 55
Make a memory quilt
Make a message in the sand
Make a Molotov cocktail
Make a mosaic picture
Make a movie
Make a music video using my kids
Make a new recipe once a day for a month
Make a night bike that glows in the dark with phosphorescent paint
Make a parody of Justin Bieber’s baby
Make a piece of clothing
Make a pin hole box viewer and watch a solar eclipse
Make a playlist of my favorite songs
Make a plushie
Make a putt putt golf hole in one
Make a quilt
Make a quilt out of t-shirts of all 50 states
Make a quilt out of my old t-shirts and blankets
Make a rainbow rose
Make a reportage
Make a sad face for a photograph
Make a scrapbook full of memories
Make a secret stash of inappropriate pictures of my child and compile for their 18th birthday and graduation
Make a skittles dress
Make a skull tee
Make a snow angel
Make a snowman
Make a 'soundtrack of my life'
Make a spewing Halloween pumpkin
Make a story in the newspaper
Make a summer playlist
Make a surfboard
Make a Tardis book case
Make a tie-dye shirt
Make a trail with sticks
Make a travel playlist
Make a treasure hunt
Make a tutu
Make a video about my closet
Make a video about my jewelry collection
Make a video about my shoe collection
Make a video for dumb ways to die
Make a video for the dumb ways to die parody
Make a vision board
Make a vlog
Make a volcano with my daughter
Make a water balloon piñata
Make a website
Make a wish on a dandelion
Make a wish on a shooting star
Make a yarn balloon
Make amigurumi
Make an adventure book
Make an aging video for my funeral (for when I am old;)
Make an amazing Halloween pumpkin oozing dry ice smoke
Make a candle
Make an --- unboxing video
Make an important decision with a coin toss
Make an inspirational video
Make an ugly painting and sell it for more than a 50 dollars
Make an unboxing video
Make and enter a renaissance/Victorian costume into the fair
Make and fly a kite
Make and give out care packages to the homeless
Make and smoke a cross joint
Make at least $50 a day doing something other than my job
Make big homemade bubbles with my kids
Make blankets for the homeless
Make cards (birthday, thank you, etc.)
Make coffee art
Make colorful bubble snakes
Make compost
Make cups out of cans
Make enough money to stop living paycheck to paycheck
Make fire by rubbing to sticks together
Make fire without matches
Make friends all over the world
Make friends in 10 different countries
Make friends with a criminal
Make friends with a foreign person
Make friends with a local on public transport while traveling over seas
Make friends with people at a bar for one night
Make friendship bracelets
Make funny pictures in a library
Make galaxy shoes

Make glow in the dark bubbles / drink / flowers / ice / jello / paint /plants / powder / slime

Make glowing celestial mason jars
Make glow sticks
Make honeymoon reservations

Make it into first place / top 10 / top 20 / top 50 / top 100 on the leader board at ---

Make it through a whole lollypop without biting
Make jewelry
Make leaf prints
Make loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through www.kiva.com
Make mini ice boats and sail them down the river
Make money from a website or web business
Make money from being a landlord
Make money from bitcoin mining
Make money from my photography
Make money from my own entrepreneurial project/business
Make my decisions by a coin for a day
Make my own calendar with my own photos
Make my own Christmas cards
Make my own face mask
Make my own lip balm
Make my own makeup foundation
Make my own melted crayon art
Make my own patchwork quilt
Make my own piñata
Make my own pottery
Make my own pouch
Make my own 'professional garde' music video (?)
Make my own shoes
Make my own toothpaste
Make my own vest
Make new friends
Make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth
Make over $100 on one of my photos
Make paper
Make play dough
Make pottery
Make prank phone calls
Make rubbings of my ancestor's names at Ellis Island
Make shampoo
Make shower gel
Make snow angels naked
Make someone laugh
Make someone less fortunate smile on Christmas
Make someone speechless
Make something completely out of duct tape
Make something on a stick day on national something on a stick day, March 28
Make something with glow-in-the-dark graffiti
Make something with water light graffiti
Make stained glass
Make stink bombs
Make sure my kids have a childhood filled with laughter, fun and amazing memories
Make the front page of a newspaper
Make time for family and friends
Make up a funny skit and perform it for my friends
Make up a testament
Make yarn balloons
Make my own movie
Make my own pajama’s
Make my own skincare range
Make myself spend a half-day at a concentration camp and swear never to forget

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