Monday, February 3, 2014

Ideas 29

Learn 10 constellations, their names and stories
Learn 101 card tricks
Learn 5 different tricks on a dirt bike
Learn 20 new things by clicking the random articles button on Wikipedia
Learn 50 new things by clicking the random articles button on Wikipedia
Learn a burlesque routine
Learn a form of martial arts
Learn a new card game
Learn a new extreme sport
Learn a new instrument
Learn a new song
Learn a new word - try to use it as much as you can!
Learn a new word every day, for a year
Learn a swimming stroke
Learn about 10 new urban legends
Learn about an animal I know nothing about
Learn about Arizona’s mining history in Arizona
Learn about desert plants at the desert botanical garden in California
Learn about gelato at Italy’s gelato museum
Learn about glacier national park from an American Indian perspective with sun tours
Learn about my family history
Learn about native American Indians at the Heard Museum, Arizona
Learn about the night sky and find constellations
Learn aerial silks
Learn all moons of all planets in our solar system
Learn all the rules to ---
Learn all the words to ---
Learn archery
Learn calligraphy
Learn capoeira
Learn car maintenance
Learn chi running
Learn coin tricks
Learn CPR
Learn fire poi and perform in front of my friends
Learn first aid
Learn five songs on the guitar
Learn fly fishing
Learn graffiti art
Learn HDR photography
Learn how liqueurs, beer and wine are made
Learn how to blow smoke rings
Learn how to burnout
Learn how to can and preserve food
Learn how to clean and fillet fish
Learn how to cook a 4 course Italian meal
Learn how to crack an egg with one hand
Learn how to create the perfect "smoky eye"
Learn how to darn socks
Learn how to dive off a diving board
Learn how to do a back handspring
Learn how to do a backflip
Learn how to drive
Learn how to fold origami
Learn how to forage for mushrooms
Learn how to hack
Learn how to headspin
Learn how to ice skate
Learn how to ice-skate backwards
Learn how to ice-skate/rollerblade backwards
Learn how to identify edible, poisonous, helpful plants and herbs
Learn how to joint a chicken
Learn how to lucid dream
Learn how to make a national dish
Learn how to make an omelet
Learn how to make cranes from origami
Learn how to make exotic cocktails
Learn how to make hair bows
Learn how to make origami birds
Learn how to meditate
Learn how to navigate using the stars

Learn how to Ollie on a skateboard

Learn how to pitch a tent
Learn how to play first person shooter games - beat a game
Learn hoole dancew to pLearn how to reproduce a historic costume
Learn how to sew a button or do small mending
Learn how to shoulder hoop
Learn how to shuffle
Learn how to skateboard
Learn how to snowboard
Learn how to speak French
Learn how to surf
Learn how to take compliments
Learn how to take criticism
Learn how to trade currency
Learn how to use a butterfly knife
Learn how to use a fire stick
Learn how to use a kayak
Learn how to use a pogo stick
Learn how to use all the functions on my camera
Learn how to use chopsticks
Learn how to use Photoshop
Learn how to water ski
Learn how to waterfall braid
Learn how to whistle loud using my fingers
Learn how to write with both hands
Learn material arts / karate
Learn more about Africa / Australia / France / India
Learn more about Australian Aboriginal dream time
Learn more about butterflies / dolphins / koalas / sharks / snails / snakes
Learn more about me and my family tree
Learn more about my family history
Learn more about the 1940's-1950's of America
Learn not to say yes when you really mean no
Learn not to take what others do or say personally
Learn one thing about my favorite actor/actress that you didn't already know
Learn origami
Learn pirate history
Learn pottery
Learn programming
Learn proper power batting mechanics
Learn public speaking and enroll myself as a guest speaker at a conference/event

"Learn Shakespeare’s to be how to be out of my head"
Yes, this is an actual goal from a list from
I assume she means "Learn Hamlet's soliloquy (To Be, Or Not To Be) by heart"

Learn something unique about the history of my state/country
Learn the 50 us states in alphabetical order
Learn the alphabet backwards
Learn the art of dancing with fire
Learn the art of fire dancing
Learn the basics of tree and bird identification
Learn the capitals of all the countries in the world
Learn the command line
Learn the janitor's name at my work
Learn the lyrics to ---
Learn the myths and legends of my home town
Learn the national anthem of the USA
Learn the origins of 10 famous urban legends
Learn the origins of every major holiday we celebrate
Learn the proper running technique so I don’t get injured on runs
Learn the rules of baseball
Learn the secrets of fly fishing
Learn the sweet transvestite song from rocky horror picture show!
Learn the US Presidents in order
Learn time managementLearn to "sing" screamo
Learn to act within my sphere of influence and stop worrying about things which are not within my control
Learn to allow myself to make mistakes
Learn to bake bread
Learn to bartend
Learn to breathe in and out at the same time
Learn to brew beer
Learn to can food
Learn to communicate with animals
Learn to confidently drive a manual car
Learn to cook
Learn to cook at least three items of food from at least ten different cultures
Learn to crochet
Learn to develop photos in a dark room
Learn to distinguish the many accents of britain and australia
Learn to do a 360 spin on a snowboard
Learn to do a back flip
Learn to do a halo braid
Learn to do a handstand
Learn to do a proper dive into the pool
Learn to do a proper handstand
Learn to do a sleight-of-hand magic trick and get good at it
Learn to do a split
Learn to do a standing somersault
Learn to do a wall flip
Learn to do a wheelie on my skateboard
Learn to do the hula hoop
Learn to do three bike tricks
Learn to draw
Learn to drift
Learn to drive a motorcycle, really well
Learn to drive a stick shift
Learn to establish rapport with others
Learn to fence
Learn to flip pancakes with only the pan
Learn to fly a plane
Learn to forgive
Learn to glass blow
Learn to horse ride
Learn to hula hoop
Learn to hunt with a spearLearn to ice skate
Learn to identify constellations on sight
Learn to identify dog breeds
Learn to identify every country on a map
Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants in the wild
Learn to interpret body language
Learn to juggle
Learn to juggle with 3 balls
Learn to jump and run on power stilts
Learn to jump on a horse
Learn to jump start a car
Learn to knit
Learn to knit something other than a scarf
Learn to lampwork
Learn to live in the now
Learn to lockpick
Learn to love the reflection that you see in the mirror
Learn to make a 360
Learn to make a national dish from the country you are from
Learn to make balloon animals / make a balloon animal
Learn to make candles
Learn to make my granny's cheese scones
Learn to make natural beauty products
Learn to make one mixed cocktail like a pro bartender
Learn to make pizza crustLearn to make pottery
Learn to make shoes
Learn to make soap
Learn to make the best long island tea ever
Learn to master face reading
Learn to master survival skills
Learn to meditate
Learn to pick locks
Learn to pickpocket
Learn to planche

Learn to play --- on guitar / piano

Learn to play an instrument / blues piano / drums / guitar / jew harp / piano / piano with both hands / harmonica / saxophone / theremin / ukulele / giolin (as far as I know there is no such instrument as giolin, and the person means the violin, but I could be wrong :-D)

Learn to play at least 10 popular card games / backgammon / bridge / chess / gin rummy / poker / spades /

Learn to play badminton / golf / ping pong / table tennis / racquet ball / pool / squash / tennis /

Learn to prepare and to serve at least three alcoholic drinksLearn to read tarot cards
Learn to ride a bike efficiently and safely
Learn to ride a dirt bike
Learn to ride a horse
Learn to ride a motorcycle
Learn to ride a skateboard
Learn to ride and care for horses
Learn to ride my bike hands free
Learn to rollerblade
Learn to saddle and ride a horse
Learn to sail
Learn to say "no" without feeling guilty
Learn to say exactly what I mean
Learn to say the alphabet backwards really, really fast
Learn to shave with a straight razor
Learn to shoot a gun
Learn to shuck oysters
Learn to sing --- / rap --- 
Learn to skateboard on ramps
Learn to skip rocksLearn to slide into base
Learn to snowboard
Learn to surf
Learn to survive in the wildernessLearn to swim
Learn to swim properly
Learn to tell time by looking at the skies or paying attention to tides
Learn to throw a curveball
Learn to throw a fastball
Learn to throw a slider
Learn to throw knives
Learn to tie a tie
Learn to tie sailors’ knots
Learn to use a sewing machine
Learn to use a sword, katana, etc.
Learn to vogue
Learn to wakeboard
Learn to walk on my hands
Learn to whistle with two fingers
Learn to work a bull whip
Learn to write with my foot
Learn to write with my left hand
Learn to yodel
Learn ultimate Frisbee
Learn which bridges to cross and which to burn
Learn windsurfing
Learn yoga and meditation

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