Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ideas 28

Karaoke in Japan
Kayak / across / among / between / down / in --- / through / with
Keep a $100 bill in my wallet and let it act as my “money magnet”
Keep a collection of stones from camping trips with memories written on them
Keep a dream journal under my pillow
Keep a highlight of the day journal for a whole year
Keep a photograph in a locket
Keep at least one friend for life
Keep bees
Keep both of my English worksbook good for the whole year
Keep chickens
Keep chickens
Kick negative habits
Kick someone in the back of the head from the front
Kill a Barbie
King tutts putt putt

Kiss a celebrity / an animal (dolphin, sea lion…)/ a girl/ a boy/ a total stranger / at sunrise / at the top of --- / in --- / --- / under the mistletoe / in rain / underwater / while skydiving / etc. etc.

Kiss at sunrise
Kiss under a waterfall
Kiss underwater
Kite surf  / in ---
Knit a Traditional Icelandic Jumper

Knit an Amigurumi / a scarf / a pair of socks / a hat / a blanket
Knit and donate 100 scarves for the homeless
Know if I get accepted at the police academy
Know the Alphabet Backwards

Know the Name, Location and Capital of each Country of the World
Visit every capital of each country of the world

Land a flip on a wakeboard
Land a no footer on a dirt bike
Land on and take off from an aircraft carrier
Lasso the moon
Laugh until i cry
Launch a pumpkin from a cannon
Launch a sky lantern
Lay down in a field of daises
Lay down on a railroad track
Lay flowers on a lonely grave
Lay flowers on a roadside memorial
Lay in a hammock
Lay in a rowing boat with someone i love and just look into the sky in silence
Lay in the road in the middle of the night
Lay on a bed of nails
Lay on the grass and watch the clouds
Lay under a starlit sky and pick out the constellations with my lover
Lead an extraordinarily creative life
Lean into the wind

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