Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ideas 26

Hand feed a Pelican
Hand feed a rhino at Australia zoo Queensland
Hand feed wild dolphins at tangalooma island resort
Hang a spoon off my nose
Hang Glide
Hang out of a sunroof while someone is driving
Have a 50th Wedding AnniversaryHave a boy sing to me
Have a boys vs. girls water balloon fight
Have a Brown Bear lick my hand
Have a bubblebath by candlelight
Have a butterfly land on you
Have a cartoonist draw me
Have a cast member scare you from behind on the Haunted Mansion
Have a Christmas without gift-giving and not feel awkward or guilty about it
Have a conversation in only candlelight
Have a cool nickname
Have a couple of drinks before watching a sports match where you don't know any of the rules
Have a drink at a swim up bar
Have a flat stomach
Have a full lazy weekend
Have a girl's road trip
Have a go at "Riding the Bull" while white water rafting
Have a go on a Sling Shot Bungy Ball Ride at Night
Have a highest rated comment on a Youtube video
Have a mannequin made with my measurements
Have a one night stand
Have a Paranormal Experience
Have a Pen Pal from 5 different countries
Have a pen pal from another country
Have a picnic by a river or lake
Have a picture of myself dancing in the rain
Have a positive outlook on life
Have a relationship more than a year
Have a silly string fight
Have a snowball fight with someone I love
Have a Spa day
Have a two finger ring
Have a watergun fight
Have a wild deer eat out of my hand
Have an Amazing Night I Can't Remember
Have an elephant eat out of my hand
Have an encounter with a new animal
Have an hourglass figure
Have an insane impromptu night that becomes a great story
Have an upside down Christmas Tree
Have clear porcelain skin
Have dinner outside while watching the sunset
Have fun at the Batting cages
Have guy buy me drink
Have my picture taken with a llama
Have sea horses in my aquarium
Have the nerve to tell someone being noisy behind me to shut up
Headhunters' Trail, Sarawak, Borneo
Heal my past
Hear a lion roar
Hear a whale sing
Hear a wolf howl to a full moon
Hear Big Ben chime
Hear my echo in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
Hear the call to prayer in Istanbul
Hear The Singing Ringing Tree in England
Hear the sound of a humpback whale
Hear whale songs in the wild
Hear wild wolves howl
Heart Beat Nail Design
Heaviest Corner on Earth alabama
Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon
Helicopter ride over the grand canyon
Helicopter to the wettest spot in the world, Kauai
Helicopter tour
Helix Bridge, Singapore
Help a charity at christmas time
Help a Child Learn
Help a homeless person get a fresh start
Help a homeless person get back on his/her feet
Help a kid being bullied
Help a member of my family out when they really need it
Help build a home with habitat for humanity
Help build a house
Help clean up a neglected cemetery
Help out a random stranger in distress
Help Out a Random Stranger in Distress
Help People in Another Country
Help protect our country’s flora and fauna
Help raise money for a cause that will not benefit me in any way
Help run an event
Help Someone for Free
Help Someone Load or Unload their Groceries
Help Someone Move
Help Someone Whose Car is Broken Down
Help Someone with Yard Work
Help Someone Without Wanting Anything In Return
Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore
Henry Ford Museum Dearborn, MI
Herd cattle
Heritage Quay
Hervey bay
Hide $1,000 in cash in my house for an emergency
Hide a love note in my babe's pocket before they go to work
Hide behind the couch and scare someone
High Falls Gorge, New York
High Five a Seal/Walrus
High Five a Stranger
High five a walrus
High five someone famous
High Tea in England
Hijack an electronic road sign to say something funny
Hike 10 Mountains
Hike 3+ miles everyday for a week straight
Hike 5 different volcanoes
Hike a trail near Mt Rainier
Hike a Volcano
Hike Around a Volcano
Hike at every National Forest
Hike Batona Trail-Home of the Jersey Devil Legend
Hike Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park
Hike during a full moon
Hike during the night
Hike every trail at a state park
Hike everyday for a month straight
Hike for two weeks straight
Hike Griffith Park-Hollywood Sign
Hike in 5 National Forest
Hike in 5 National Parks
Hike in Las Vegas
Hike into an empty volcano
Hike on 10 new trails
Hike on 5 new trails
Hike on a glacier
Hike once a week for a year
Hike saddleback Mountain
Hike sweet creek falls oregon
Hike the continental divide trail
Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
Hike the Gorge Trail in Watkins Glen State Park, New York
Hike the GR 20
Hike the Grand Traverse and The Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand
Hike the Great Divide Trail
Hike the 'Great Eastern Trail'
Hike the Haiku Stairs, a.k.a. the Stairway to Heaven, on O'ahu, Hawaii
Hike the half dome
Hike the Half Dome, Yosemite National Park
Hike the Haute Route from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn
Hike the Headhunters Trail
Hike the Heaphy Track
Hike the inca trail
Hike The Inca trail in Peru
Hike the John Muir Trail
Hike the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii
Hike the Koko Trail in Hawaii
Hike the Larapinta Trail
Hike The Laurel Highlands Trail
Hike the Lewis River Trail in Southern Washington
Hike the Milford Track
Hike the Milford Track in New Zealand
Hike the Murray Valley Trail in Australia
Hike the Napali coast
Hike the Narrows in Zion National Park
Hike the new england national science trail
Hike the pacific crest trail
Hike through an Ice Cave!
Hike through Olympic National Park, Washington
Hike through the Devvetashka Cave in Bulgaria
Hike through the Dolomites in Switzerland
Hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge in China
Hike through 'Tollymore Forest Park' In Ireland
Hike through Umpqua Dunes in Oregon
Hike to the highest spot in town
Hike to the top of 5 different Volcanoes
Hike to Visit Inca Descendants
Hike Up a Mountain to a Bridge and Bungee Jump Off
Hike up a snowy Mountain
Hike up Lions Head in time to see the sun rise
Hike Zion Park
Hire a 4wd and explore the entire fraser island for 14 days
Hire a bouncing castle for myself and play all day on it :)
Hire a celebrity to sing at my birthday party
Hire a houseboat on the Hawkesbury
Hire a jet ski
Hire a jumping castle for 24 hours and play in it all day with the kids
Hire a personal shopper
Hire a van and drive around Tassie
Hire an accountant and a tax attorney to make sure you're taking advantage of all available tax breaks
Hire two private investigators and get them follow each other
Historic Antebellum Home and Gardens alabama
Historic Village Diner, Red Hook, NY
Historic Williamsburg, Virginia
Hit a ball in the batting cages
Hit a Bullseye in Archery
Hit a Galf ball at a Driving Range
Hit a Golf Ball out over Water
Hit a home run
Hit a Jackpot in Vegas
Hit A Pinata
Hit a piƱata with eyes covered
Hit a Royal Flush in Poker
Hit a Royal Flush in Poker
Hit a target at 1500 yards with a rifle
Hit bullseye on a dartboard
Hit Roswell for the Annual UFO Weekend
Hit someone over the head with a frying pan
Hit up a nude beach
Hitch a ride from a sea turtle
Hold $5,000 cash in my hand at one time
Hold $5,000 cash in my hand at one time
Hold a baby alligator / chick / leopard / monkey / owl / panda / tiger / white tiger / bald eagle / bear cub / butterfly / catfish / koala / ladybug / lamb / lemur / macaw / Madagascan hissing cockroach / monkey / praying mantis / python / a scary beast / sloth / snake / starfish…
Hold a Butterfly
Hold a butterfly in my hand
Hold a Christmas Party in July
Hold a garage sale
Hold a Glee marathon
Hold a Ladybug
Hold a note for at least 60 seconds
Hold a successful phone call for 2 hours
Hold a sword
Hold a tarantula
Hold an Academy Award
Hold an icing sugar fight
Hold Gallium in my hand
Hold hands and walk barefoot along the beach
Hold my breath under water for two minutes
Hold my breath under water for two minutes
Hold someones hand while driving
Hold someones hand while driving
Hold the door for people and see how many thank yous you get from people in a day
Hold the Door Open for Someone
Hold the Stanley Cup
Hold up a free hugs sign
Hollow out a book and put a flask in it
Hop on a driving train
Hop on and off a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus all around Cape Town
Horseback ride on the beach
Horse-drawn carriage through Central Park, New York
Host a big outdoor BBQ
Host a black and white party
Host a charity fundraiser
Host A Dinner Party
Host a dinner party and do a multi-course meal
Host a Halloween costume party
Host a Halloween party
Host a lemonade stand
Host a Mexican Fiesta complete with Cerveza
Host a thanksgiving dinner with only food that has weed in itHost a Toga Party
Hot Tamales
Hotbox my vehicle
Hot-tubbing while it’s snowing outside
House of Tiles (Casa de los Azulejos) mexico
House on the Rock, Dodgeville, WI
Howl at the full moon
Howl at the full moon
Hug A Koala Bear / a large cat (tiger, lion, leopard) / a monkey / a penguin / a pug / an orangutan
Hug a person with a "free hugs" sign
Hug a pug
Hug a Redwood
Hug a tree
Hug Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse
Hug someone for 5 minutes straight
Hug someone that is wearing a "free hugs" sign
Hug someone you don't normally hug
Hula hoop for a minute straight
Hunt for amazing books in a second hand book store
Hunt for bugs
Hunt for bugs on a nature walk
Hunt for fossils and bones
Hunt for four leaf clovers
Hunt For Meteorites on Antarctica
Hunt for Truffles
Hunt vampires in Romania

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