Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ideas 20

Have pastel hair
Have two toned hair
Have a fringe

Have 5 pen pal friends
Have 20 pen pals
Have a pen pal & meet them in their country/state/province/etc.
Have a pen pal from 5 different countries
Have a pen pal from another country

Have a "Wish Upon a Shooting Star" Come TrueHave a "wreck this journal"
Have a "yes man" month
Have a “board” day - play board games all day!
Have a 10ft snake wrapped around my neck
Have a 1700 themed masquerade party and watch the sunrise in powdered wigs

Have a animal for its whole life
Hang out with a chimpanzee
Hand raise a cockatiel
Have a bird of prey sitting on my arm
Have a dog for it’s entire life
Have at least a dog & a cat
Have a pet
Have a pet lemur and name it King Julian
Have a pet rock
Have a pet starfish
Have a plant named Robert Plant
Have a turtle called Annie
Have a well trained rat that I can take to university
Hatch my own chickens
Have a wild deer eat out of my hand

Have a spooky/offbeat adventure in New Orleans

Have my picture in a newspaper

Have a black Christmas tree
Have a pink Christmas tree
Have a real Christmas tree
Have a white Christmas tree
Have an upside down Christmas Tree
Have An Australian Christmas On The Beach
Have A Very White Christmas in Yosemite Valley
Have a Christmas without gift-giving and not feel awkward or guilty about it

Have a collection of --- / 10 ---/ 50 ---/ 100 ---
Have a collection of postcards from different country's/places
Have a animal printed clothing collection
Have a classy box full of watches
Have a hot sauce collection from different countries
Have a shotglasses collection

Have a personal outing with my child once a month
Have children
Have enough money left for the grandchildren to enjoy
Have great-grandchildren
Have a healthy daughter
Have a healthy son
Have a daughter and name her after my mom

Have a large family
Have a family board game night
Have a family portrait dressed as superheroes
Have all my family together at least once a year
Have dinner with a family from a different culture
Have family rituals and traditions to celebrate holidays and important life events
Have my own family

Have fantastic sex
Have morning sex
Have sex / in a car / in a field / field of wild flowers / foreign country / park / public place / public place without getting caught / in a sex swing / in a twin bed / in my parents’ bed / in my parents-in-law’s bed / in the back of a van / in a lake / in rain / in the shower / on a pool table / on a ship / on a vibrating bed / on a water bed… you get the idea.
Have an orgasm
Have a quickie in a skirt

Have a computer games room/study in my house
Have a canopy bed
Have a valentine on valentine's day
Have a neon wall somewhere in my house
Have a one night stand
 Have a relationship longer than a year
Have a relationship which lasts over 5 years
Have a room in my house for relaxation/meditation
Have a room just for my high heels
Have a room with a world map wall
Have a skylight in my bedroom
Have a walk-in closet
Have a wardrobe like Mr. Big gives Carrie in Sex and the City
Have a well stocked pantry
Have a fan in my room
Have a fully glittered out floor in one of my rooms
Have a games room (sofa, pool table, air hockey, etc.)
Have a secret room in my house behind a bookcase
Have an epic room all to myself
Have a rose covered gazebo in my backyard
Have a round bed
Have an amazingly landscaped backyard
Have an aquarium coffee table
Have an authentic cheesesteak in Philadelphi
Have an epic vegetable garden
Have an amazingly landscaped backyard
Have an aquarium coffee table
Have an authentic cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Have an epic vegetable garden
Have a trailer covered in fairy lights
Have a trampoline in my yard
Have a full bar in my house
Have a hand painted mural in my house
Have a home gym
Have a home office
Have a huge wardrobe
Have a wood-burning fireplace
Have a glow-in-the-dark wall somewhere in my house
Hang beautiful fairy lights around my bath
Hang my own artwork in my house
Have a wild black cherry tree on my property
Have a weeping willow in my yard

Have a boys vs. girls water balloon fight
Have a flour fight
Have a food fight
Have a mud fight
Have a paint fight
Have a pillow fight
Have a pillow fight again
Have a pillow fight with feathers
Have a shaving cream fight
Have a silly string fight
Have a snow fight
Have a snowball fight with someone who has never seen snow
Have a snowball fight!
Have a water balloon fight as an adult
Have a water gun fight

Have a barbie BBQ with friends on the beach
Have a BBQ
Have a beachside candle light dinner
Have dinner with candlelight
Have dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the entire city
Have dinner at 'medieval times'
Have dinner in the sky
Have 'dinner in the sky'
Have dinner outside while watching the sunset
Have dinner overlooking the water
Have dinner with a celebrity
Have fancy dress Friday dinners every Friday
Have breakfast in a diner in my PJs
Have a picnic
Have a picnic on a cliff
Have a picnic on the beach
Have a piece of chocolate while visiting the chocolate hills in the Philippines
Have an elaborate picnic from a wicker basket
Have an old fashioned picnic
Have an Oreo milkshake
Have the perfect milkshake
Have gelato for breakfast
Have high tea - with a twist
Have ice cream sundaes
Have tea with an English person
Have afternoon tea
Have afternoon tea at a posh restaurant
Have afternoon tea in an expensive hotel
Have a Japanese tea ceremony
Have a crawfish boil
Have a clambake on the ocean

Have a hangover
Have a beer on a bicycle bar
Have a beer on Tap at Home
Have a beer with somebody I consider a hero
Have a Buttery Nipple shot
Have a cocktail named after me
Have a couple of drinks before watching a sports match where I don't know any of the rules
Have a drink at a hidden bar
Have a drink at a swim-up bar
Have a drink in a pub
Have a drink in an ice bar
Have a drink in the beer garden at Aussie world
Have a drink taped to my hand so I can’t put it down
Have a random guy buy me a drink
Have a shot-for-shot drinking contest
Have an all-night drinking session
Have an orgasm drink
Have cocktail drinks in a limo with friends
Have drinks at an ice bar
Have guy buy me drink
Have my first Jägerbomb

Have $10K in the bank
Have 1000 dollars in cash
Have 5 figure savings
Have a 3-Month Emergency Fund

Finish my tattooed sleeves
Get a half-sleeve tattoo
Get a manual needle tattoo
Get a tattoo by Cory Miller
Get an Avenged Sevenfold Death Bat Tattoo
Get my knuckles tattooed
Get my side(s) tattooed
Get tattooed by Kat Von D
Get the top of my hand(s) tattooed
Have the dark mark tattooed somewhere
Kiss a guy with a tattoo or piercing
See someone get a tattoo

Create a web site
Do a handbrake turn a car while traveling over 30 mph (50km/h)
Do a handstand pushup
Hand out $100 bills to total strangers
Hang a spoon off my nose
Hang my bare feet over the deck a sailboat
Hang out of a sunroof while someone is driving
Hang out with a rock band
Hang out with a shaman
Hang out with someone famous
Hang shoes from a telephone line
Harvest sea salt
Have 15 minutes of fame
Have a bake sale
Have a bar or cafe at which my friends and I are regulars
Have a Barbie cake for my birthday
Have a bonfire
Have a boy sing to me
Have a bra that is made out of only a chain and sparkling rhinestones or diamonds
Have a bubble bath by candlelight
Have a building named after me
Have a campfire on the beach
Have a candle-lit bath
Have a cast member scare me from behind on the haunted mansion
Have a contributor rank better than #500 on
Have a conversation in only candlelight
Have a conversation with a criminal (real one)
Have a cool nickname
Have a fake id
Have a favourite joke
Have a friend for at least 20 years
Have a friend for life
Have a friend on every continent
Have a full lazy weekend
Have a gallery exhibition
Have a game night
Have a gay friend
Have a girls weekend away with my mum
Have a go at paint drumming
Have a group hug with more than 50 people
Have a Halloween bonfire with hot apple cider
Have a headbanging competition
Have a holiday with friends from all over the world
Have a hot stone massage
Have a job that travels
Have a kiki (A party including good music and good friends, held for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress and generally fighting ennui.)
Have a lemonade stand
Have a library in my home
Have a local restaurant deliver breakfast in bed for two
Have a lolita closet
Have a lolly buffet at my next party
Have a longer marriage than Kim Kardashian did
Have a map of the world on the wall
Have a marshmallow mouth stuffing contest
Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
Have a meaningful conversation with at least one person from every country on earth
Have a moment with someone while The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" plays
Have a mud bath
Have a mushroom log
Have a Nyotaimori Experience, eat sushi from a naked person
Have a parade
Have a paranormal experience
Have a party where everyone I would ever like to meet is
Have a past life regression
Have a perfect sight (10/10)
Have a poker party. Use chips, candy and pretzels instead of money
Have a positive net worth
Have a positive outlook on life
Have a poster of Marilyn Monroe
Have a puppet show
Have a Red Dwarf marathon, while we eat vindaloo & drink larger
Have a roomie
Have a royal flush
Have a sculpture by a famous artist, such as Fernando Botero, in my backyard
Have a séance
Have a signature bear at a party that every one signs
Have a signature dish
Have a six foot long sub
Have a snow day in the summer
Have a solo trip and rent a cabin on a lake
Have a song written about me
Have a specialist read my aura
Have a star officially named for me as a gift
Have a stranger secretly pay for my meal
Have a street named after me
Have a summer Olympic Games Day
Have a tearful goodbye with somebody I’m not dating or related to
Have a tennis ball signed by my favourite tennis player
Have a toned tummy
Have a two finger ring
Have a vacation in a cottage or villa overlooking the sea
Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
Have all of the insurance that I need to protect myself from risk
Have an amazing night I can't remember
Have an article published in a magazine
Have an aura reading
Have an entire wardrobe that I actually like
Have an estate plan
Have an hourglass figure
Have an ice cream cake on my birthday
Have an indoor fireworks party
Have an insane impromptu night that becomes a great story
Have an item inspire many people and be on a featured list
Have an out-of-body experience
Have an RV of my very own
Have an unbirthday party
Have at least 5 real friends
Have buns of steel
Have clear porcelain skin
Have cosmetic surgery
Have deep dish pizza
Have dreads
Have eggs benedict
Have enough money to have a comfortable life style
Have fun at an indoor water park
Have fun at the batting cages
Have my “fifteen minutes of fame”
Have my 11:11 wish come true
Have my adventures read at my funeral
Have my dad walk me down the aisle
Have my fifteen minutes of fame
Have my first kiss
Have my heart broken
Have my home featured on architectural digest
Have my husband kiss my pregnant belly
Have my idea standing at great idea
Have my name in the credits of a movie/animation
Have my name on Wikipedia
Have my name printed on the front of my marathon shirt so people in the crowd can cheer for me
Have my name standing in a 3JS album
Have my name/picture on a billboard in Times Square
Have my own famous quote
Have my own greenhouse
Have my own home office
Have my own radio channel
Have my paintings exhibited in a gallery
Have my performance make someone cry
Have my picture in the newspaper
Have my portrait painted
Have my portrait painted
Have my portrait painted by a street artist
Have my song on the radio
Have my teeth whitened
Have my toes kissed
Have no enemies at time of death
Have no white walls in my home
Have one last adventure before I kick the bucket
Have one of my paintings hanging in a museum
Have one of the biggest parties of the year
Have popcorn movie day on a rainy day
Have random strangers write down what they wish for on a white board for a day
Have season tickets to the theater
Have sexy legs
Have somebody make up "Chuck Norris facts" about me
Have someone come dressed up as the grim reaper to my funeral
Have someone contact me to tell me that I’ve made a difference in their life
Have someone do one of those Rorschach tests done on me and see how crazy I really am
Have someone famous sign my breasts XD
Have someone give me flowers
Have someone paint my nude portrait
Have someone send me a post-a-plate postcard plate
Have someone send me a postcup
Have someone win me a giant stuffed animal
Have surgery
Have that moment that makes me feel infinite
Have the boss of my factory/store/park/job tell me I are the best at something
Have the guts to go through with major jaw surgery
Have the nerve to tell someone being noisy behind me to shut up
Have the whole movie theater to ourselves so we can make stupid comments throughout the movie :)
Have theme music follow me for a day like in a movie
Have unique signature items that will pass on to my kids and/or grandkids when I die

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